November 13th – 2016 Presidential Election Open Thread

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”.   Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

GOP candidates 2 mashup

This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.  

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440 Responses to November 13th – 2016 Presidential Election Open Thread

  1. Here is something I find VERY ODD: the latest Arizona poll, in Trump country Carson is leading?:

    Behavior Research Center 10/24 – 11/5
    Carson 23%
    Trump 21%

    Gravis Marketing Poll 8/13 – 8/16
    Trump 33%
    Carson 16%

    We all know Carson has somewhat of an evangelical base in Iowa and perhaps other states. In all fairness Trump also has many evangelical votes as well.


    ARIZONA? I live here and it is not really considered much of an “evangelical state,” and not even have many of what they call those “Midwestern Nice” folks. Arizona is called “The Outlaw State,” we are rather independent type folks, not really churchy like in Iowa. It’s sort of a cowboyish place, still in some areas. I live in an mid to upper income area, my neighbors are 95% retirees. Two of them in their late 70s and 80s have guns they keep right there on their table in the living room. The 80 year old is nicknamed “shotgun Loretta,” because she is known to come outside with HER SHOTGUN. The lower income areas the same.

    We are a border state too, and have horrific illegal alien problem at our border. Our jails and prisons are full of illegals, some up to 20%.

    If any state was pro Trump it would be Arizona. He was leading @ 33% in mid August, Carson trailing in double digits.

    So how is it that Carson is leading over Trump in Arizona?

    I’m really thinking this has to do with GOPe, in the same strange way that McCain has been able to keep his job when I have never once in my life met anyone who likes him, although they did plug their nose and vote for him when he ran against Obama for obvious reasons. AZ is a red state.

    I think this new AZ poll should be scrutinized fully. I think they are just giving us fake or skewed polls in such an aggressive way now!

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    • mollyp1776 says:

      This IS strange. Trump was one of the loudest supporters of AZ’s Immigration law.

      Trump’s AZ rally, in July of this year, attracted thousands. Carson would be lucky to fill half of a bookstore.

      What gives?

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    • shelleybear66 says:

      Agree! Overt manipulation of these polls!

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    • AghastInFL says:

      Quote: “This Rocky Mountain Poll – Arizona (2015-IV-02), is based on 700 interviews with heads of household statewide, including 226 registered Republican voters, conducted between October 24 and November 5, 2015.”
      So, a poll of 226 (R) with a MOE measured @6.7% yields an agenda poll whose headline is Trump pulls only 11% of the hispanic vote! then follows that up with an aside that 44% of the hispanics polled are undecided. A year ago you couldn’t make this stuff up.
      Compare that sample to the Gravis poll you mentioned: 1433 Registered Voters and a MOE 2.6%.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Carson is a very big danger and it isn’t good to sweep his threat to the nation away. Carson’s campaign playbook is following Barack Obama’s facebook and grassroots methodology. Trump is going to have to study this methodology and hit right back – which he can do. He’s the only person able to outsmart the Barack Obama playbook and nip it in the bud quickly. It has to be done. Everything Carson is doing, Obama did. Carson has attracted Obama’s sponsors especially since he is so malleable and actually only surface Christian. He espouses Christian fakery to the point of quackery talking about miracles, God giving him answers to chemistry tests without study, being the anointed one because money (wine) appears out of water for him. Selling fake nutritional drinks and probably billing for fake surgeries is not wine out of water miraculous. It’s scamming tax money and gullibility. The reason I say he may have scammed the government is most of his surgeries were difficult and may have fallen under Medicare, his best buddy a dentist practiced this scam too, and Carson average higher than average surgeries compared to other neurosurgeons. Brain surgery is time intensive, one has to progress slowly or you risk damaging very fragile microscopic tissue. Either he did the surgeries far too fast or he was over billing. I don’t know, but now I wonder if this aspect should be investigated.

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      • bonnie says:

        don’t know what you believe, but the Bible talks about miracles and says they still happen. God still works miracles whether you believe in them or not. I still support
        Trump, but low blow occurred whether by accident or otherwise. He needs to be careful in his speech and also to talk to someone who really knows what the Bible says.

        The Bible would be good for him to start . It might even be good for you to do. ( …He espouses Christian fakery to the point of quackery talking about miracles, God giving him answers to chemistry..)


        • keebler AC says:

          Sorry miracles don’t happen in that way. Miracles happen like luck happens, you have to put a lot, a lot, a lot of work into it……


      • Next stop on the Carson Twilight Zone: THE RACE CARD

        It really will be the only play left for him, as white evangelicals he’s got will not be enough for a win anywhere outside Iowa and his hammer knife & lying has been exposed (remember Trump shares in the evangelical vote as well). He’s going for the black vote as seen with his silly rap ad. Which may not work for him like it did with Obama, but…

        In any case the GOPe is enjoying Carson now to get at Trump, but if Carson gets too strong they will take him down so fast his head will spin.

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    • AghastInFL says:

      The Reuters rolling 5 day poll had Trump ahead of Carson by just 4.1 points on November 7th. Today Trump is ahead by 14.4 points in that same poll.
      BTW – Rubio (3rd place) over 22 points behind Trump now.

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      • Oh thank you. Good to see the Reuters before and after for comparison. Ok, so Trump went up. Could be that poor performance at the debate AND the knife wheeling hammer slinging without witnesses lying WEIGHT hanging around Carson’s neck. I just really don’t see how he can get that off of him outside of certain evangelicals, not all just certain ones. The ones he gets, not the evangelicals that Trump gets.

        I saw the Rasmussen poll with Trump ahead, but not see a previous one to compare if Trump had went up or down.

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    • WSB says:

      Rush just announced the Reuters Daily Tracking Poll – Trump 34%, Carson 19.6%. This includes November 12th.!poll/TR130/type/smallest/filters/PARTY_ID_:2/dates/20150823-20151113/collapsed/false/spotlight/1

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    • 1american1st says:

      MoniQueMoniCat –

      Be VERY, VERY, VERY suspicious of these BS polls, and that’s what a lot of them are…BS Polls to try to knock Trump out.

      The Liberal Main Stream Media AND Fox News are on a mission to convince to vote for ANYONE BUT TRUMP! They use these piddly polls of 200, 648 & 1144 ?voters?, but when you see larger polls of 2,000+ Donald Trump is running away with the election.
      SCROLL DOWN to see Trump’s 513,056 votes.
      The news media is trying to manipulate the election. Shame on them AGAIN!
      And shame on Rupert Murdock & Fox News for doing the same.
      The only person on Fox who is being Fair & Balanced and telling the truth about Trump’s successful campaign is Shawn Hannity.

      In a Republican presidential primary, who would you prefer as the GOP nominee?

      Gov. Bobby Jindal 5,184(0%)

      Gov. Jeb Bush 32,825(3%)

      Gov. John Kasich 14,049(1%)

      Sen. Marco Rubio 27,174(2%)

      Gov. Mike Huckabee 15,601(1%)

      Sen. Rand Paul 18,306(2%)

      Sen. Ted Cruz 41,271(4%)

      Donald Trump 513,056(56%)

      Sen. Rick Santorum 2,330(0%)

      Carly Fiorina 14,865(1%)

      Lindsey Graham 2,722(0%)

      George Pataki 2,161(0%)

      Dr. Ben Carson 80,800(8%)

      Gov. Chris Christie 3,970(0%)

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  2. jackphatz says:

    Found this on twitter, so many posts here I couldn’t tell if this had been posted yet.

    Smart move to name a Woman!
    Meet Donald Trump’s new national spokeswoman

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  3. Ziiggii says:

    Clever use of the MSM spin that everyone knew would have been out today re: Trump IA rally last night.

    For their part, Carson and his allies are mostly staying above the fray. His campaign had no response to Trump’s comments. “Dr. Carson told me to pray for Mr. Trump,” his longtime business adviser, Armstrong Williams, said. “Mr. Trump should go to confession,” said John Philip Sousa IV of the pro-Carson super-PAC 2016 Committee. The super-PAC won’t be fundraising off Trump’s attack, Sousa said. “Our people don’t want us going negative. We’ve heard from them repeatedly to stick with the Carson way of doing things.”

    And that includes the questions Carson took at the Press Conference this morning with Tim Scott (SC) in Greenville, SC where he turned the question into yet another opportunity to swoon the Evangelical base even more by saying he was “delivered from his pathology [sic]”.

    I have to ask (it’s been gnawing at me for the past 2-3 days) whether or not there is a chance that Trump and Carson are working together? Are there any reports that place Carson meeting, at any point, with Trump back in the early days (March-May) of the primary?

    The Birther connections and that Carson’s campaign seems to be nothing more than an extended “book tour” all about raising money (a lot of $) as fast as possible just seem a bit to…. IDK, strange! Remember it was just last month that there were reports out that Carson was taking a break for “fundraising push/book tour”…

    This man is in second place nationally, and tied for first if you believe a few recent polls. He’s steadily gained momentum and ground on Donald Trump, and now he’s going to capitalize on his momentum by…stepping away from the campaign trail for two weeks for a hybrid fundraising push/book tour.

    And the Campaign statement to refute the rumor did not clear things up all that well… from same Townhall link:

    UPDATE – The Carson campaign issues a quasi-denial, strongly refuting the notion that he’s “suspended” his campaign, while conceding that he is actively involved in book events this month. This development mitigates some of the concerns discussed below, but the decision to maintain to book promotion schedule while running for president still raises questions of judgment and priorities.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Carson is a Christian scam artist from Day One, long before he ran for President. Always question one who smiles and beatifies far too often. Even Pope John Paul my fav never smiled and beatified himself for public consumption. He was a very concerned and serious Pope, there was nothing for him to smile about on the world’s situation.

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    • I’m an evangelical and I find it extremely out of line for Carson camp to be turning this into a contest of who is more religious than the other and frankly into some type of church squabble. “Tell Mr. Trump I’ll be praying for him.”

      You know this is exactly what the pope recently said to Salvini, the leader in North Italy party who are against migration. But it didn’t work, and Salvini called him out on that too. “Tell Salvini I am praying for him.” It’s a ploy used to get what they want and their agenda pushed, hoping to appeal to the ignorant.

      More disingenuous talk and using the sacred privilege of praying to God for political purposes.


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    • 1american1st says:

      BEWARE! Tim Scott (S.C.) turned out to be a closet RACIST! Oh, he presented himself to be for ALL people… just like Gov Haley….until the first RACIST issue came along, when out-of-state agitators, Soros backed agitators, local Democrats, the NAACP, Rev Al Sharpless showed up with their RACIST lies to convince America that we are a bunch of RACISTS in SC for flying the Confederate flag. PURE BS!

      Libs & Racists are the ones who won’t let go of “slavery”….. that was abolished 150 years ago! That Confederate flag just means “The South” to us…. and Scott & Haley KNOW IT!

      We WERE big time Scott & Haley supporters & voted for Haley twice. After the election THEY showed their true colors…. we would never vote for either one of them again EVER, along with any other RACIST who supported the RACIST agenda!

      Tourists came to South Carolina to see “The South”, but now that the RACISTS have removed the statues, the flags & everything that remotely resembles “The South”, turning it into Commie GRAY, they might just as well visit Chicago.

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  4. dizzymissl says:

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  5. mollyp1776 says:

    Is it just me, or is Levin’s Conservative Review doing a bang up job of promoting Cruz?

    Take a look at their Candidate comparison page….Cruz is almost solid green dots (green = good, yellow = mixed, red = BAD)…only one yellow dot.

    (Scroll down page, to see comparison chart.)

    How does Trump score “bad” on civil liberties, free markets and healthcare?? I don’t agree with, or understand, some of the issues they’ve used to justify their reasoning.

    Also, there’s a section on each candidate titled ‘What you might not know about….’. Once again, Cruz gets a GLOWING review, while Trump gets bashed.

    If this is supposed to be a fair and balanced assessment of the candidates, I’m not getting it. It just seems a bit lopsided, to me. CR loves CRuz, that’s for sure 😉

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    • amjean says:

      Don’t trust any of them is my motto.

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    • cc feig says:

      Agree! I expected Trumps ratings to be corrected and become GREAT after Mark Levin became an “Editor” of Conservative Review…. Levin himself stated on air that he intended to make sure the ratings were correct.

      By now, these initial faulty assessments should have been removed and Trump should have superb ratings…the BEST!

      I now have doubts about Levin and CR.

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      • keebler AC says:

        Levin and other Conservative media assume because Trump is doing so well in past polls that it’d be okay to accept ad revenue and promote other candidates. My guess.

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      • WSB says:

        Levin has said all along that he is not quite sure what to make of Trump yet. His interview with Trump this week, though, was quite positive. Maybe he is slowly changing his thoughts.

        With Trump, you really have to look at his record of success and give him benefit of the in getting projects built in left wing territory.

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    • BenY says:

      Levin has always been pro Cruz and keeps pushing him by saying he is most conservative candidate we have. Levin’s track record on picks has been dismal.

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    • Murse says:

      Remember that Levin called Trump stupid in 2011 and basically stated that he wasn’t fit to be president. I like Levin, but I suspect he has some kind of a purity test he uses to size up conservative candidates. Cruz is for TPPA and Trump is not. Cruz is secretly an amnesty proponent and Trump is not. So, you tell me why Levin likes Cruz, other then Cruz talks like more of a conservative.

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  6. Trump getting a little help from Morning Joe?

    Carol Costello speaks with Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump organization, and CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein about Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

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    • corky84 says:

      Joe Scarborough, seems like a huge Trump fan.
      Morning Joe is the only MSNBC program I watch.
      Must better than the silly “Fox and Friends”
      Very sorry Joe wasn’t on this morning..would have loved to hear his comments on Trump last night. I’m guessing he will address it on Monday.
      Joe is always the loudest voice at the table. Rino or not..I like that he seems to really like Trump.

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  7. Raffaella says:

    For those who do not know what Trump was doing during hid speech in Iowa last night, you must read this blog by Scott Adams:

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    • AghastInFL says:

      Loved it! For the life of me I can not understand the faux outrage this morning… Trump said the same thing on Sunday, was no one listening?

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    • yohio says:

      I think Mr. Adams is spot on with his points, but the question is will the people see it that way or will they be gullible and believe the MSMs fake outrage.

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      • Raffaella says:

        That does not matter. As far as Trump is concerned, mission accomplished.

        Trump wants the media outrage. Over the next week, it will be replayed a 1000 times.

        Either Carson is a liar or has pathological violent disease – take your choice. Carson will go down in polls. Give it 1-2 weeks for it to work.

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    • Betty says:

      Thank you for the link. I was feeling worried, but I told my self the last time Donald Trump took us on a wild ride that I would not worry, just watch and enjoy. What is the good of a wild ride if it isn’t scary sometimes?

      I think Donald Trump knows how strong he really is in the polls and so he risked some currency to put a dent in Carson. I read somewhere today, maybe up stream here, that Ben Carson seemed to be using Obama’s template and that Mr. Trump should take him seriously – Perhaps he has.

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  8. georgiafl says:

    Revelations of Dr. Carson’s dishonesty continues – his book may be pulled due to plagiarism –

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  9. Autumn says:

    A few days ago some were lamenting that the media/GOPe were now trying to make Trump go away by ignoring him. The focus being on Rubio/Cruz as the up and coming leaders. Now, they are all talking about Trump again. As I see the Iowa event, free publicity, without Trump spending money once again.
    Trump 2016!

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  10. nyetneetot says:

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the first nonresponse from the audience at the rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa that I noticed was when Trump stated there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


  11. Ziiggii says:

    LJP made a comment yesterday questioning the Sister’s motives or positions on the other issues (honestly, I agree with his concerns…. in part), but I think they are an example of the blinders finally falling off of the black community. They have had a “come to Jesus” moment over the last 4 years of our current POTUS and slowly things are becoming clearer for them.
    MMMM, she is a mad black lady!

    I not sure I understand the “Bill Clinton – Mass Incarceration” example they are referencing.

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  12. Pentheus says:

    Haven’t heard anything about tomorrow’s Dem debate until I got an email from Bill Clinton (I signed up for H’s emails to see what’s going on on that end). 9pm on a Saturday? WTH?

    Would love to hear your opinions.

    Loving SNL’s mockery of the dems so far!


    • dizzymissl says:

      The timing is interesting isn’t it? Dems are such a freaking joke.

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    • Ziiggii says:

      Couple thoughts:

      1) LOLOLOLOL
      2) The DEMs are so old they think self deprecation is hip/funny and that they are gonna be seen as “cool”. (I’m guessing that is the reason for your WTH, why is this coming from Hildabeast’s Campaign)
      3) I intend to follow Bernie’s plea and “go home, turn my vacuum cleaner upside down and send him all my vacuum cleaner pennies”.

      The “Vacuum Cleaner Pennies for Bernie” Campaign should be something we all do as part of the #ColdAnger Campaign! It would be grand

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  13. craigusc says:

    Ben’s turn to get hammered.

    Reuters-Ipsos post debate poll
    Trump 42 (+10)
    Carson 23 (-2)
    Rubio 9.6 (+0.2)
    Cruz 7.4 (- 3.5)
    Bush 4.2 (+0.5),PARTY_ID_:2/dates/20151107-20151113/type/day

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  14. Rffaella says:

    Scott Adams’s Blog: Trump on Carson

    Posted November 13th, 2015 @ 8:52am in #Trump carson #iowa

    If you have nine minutes, and you want to see the most interesting political speech of all time, watch Donald Trump compare Ben Carson to other “pathological” folks such as pedophiles.

    Yeah, that happened yesterday.

    For those interested in my Master Persuader Filter, look for the following elements of persuasion in Trump’s performance:

    Repetition. Lots and lots.
    Visual imagery. Watch how visual he gets. You see movies in your head when Trump talks.
    Trump so often referred to Carson being in second place that you think it must be true. (Depends what polls you look at.)
    Association. Trump never calls Carson a pedophile. But he does say pedophiles are incurable, just like “pathological” Carson. You can’t unhear that association.
    Trump finally showed a card he has been holding back. The most frequent criticism I hear about Trump is that he might be a risky choice to handle the nuclear codes. But evidently he has a 69-year history of never being out of control. (Otherwise you would have heard about it by now.) Compare that to Gentle Ben the serial attacker (according to Carson’s autobiography).
    Trump is holding off (for now) on the final kill shot. As I already blogged, Carson claims he cured his prostate cancer with a food supplement but went ahead with prostate surgery anyway just to be a role model. At this point in the race I assume Trump prefers Carson to be “crippled” but not killed, to keep the damper on the other challengers in the pack.
    Presentation skills. Holy cow. Trump has always been good at this game, but he took it up a level with the Iowa speech. I’m a professional speaker, and I was in awe. Watch his body language, his intonations, and his humor. He owned that audience. And he wasn’t reading a teleprompter. I believe this speech will be replayed in college classrooms for years as an example of best practices in persuasion.
    Trump asks “How stupid are the people of Iowa that they would believe this crap?” or words to that effect. Influencers do not say, “The data is inaccurate.” Influencers say, “Do you want to be a gullible loser?”

    Influence is about you, not data.

    Remember the famous story about Steve Jobs convincing John Sculley to come work for Apple? Jobs did not describe the pay or the job benefits. He simply asked if Sculley wanted to be a person who changes the world or a person who sells sugar water.

    Read more:

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  15. Gosh, and to think: it’s only mid November! There’s two and a half more months of campaigning before Iowa. Fasten your seat belts!! This is war! And anything can happen. Who would’ve thought 2 months ago we’d be talking about Ben Carson trying to hit his own mother with a HAMMER and stab someone with a knife?

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  16. flyanddive says:

    Carson’s response today was: “pray for [Donald Trump]”. That’s his comeback, is that going to be his comeback when Hillary attacks him. Yes, I will pray for Donald, pray that he wins…..

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  17. Nessie509 says:

    The only polls that count are coming when the primary begins. After Trump is nominated, every poll will have him behind Hillary until the only poll that counts takes place the first Tuesday in November.

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  18. Doodahdaze says:

    The Cruz immigration discombobulation. Yada, Yada, Yada. Starts with the same old tired scam. “Secure the border.” What a bunch of BS. But many fools will fall for it.

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  19. yohio says:

    This is great for Trump, the ISIS oil fields being bombed. Who looks great on this for foreign policy Mr. Trump.

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  20. Betty says:

    Can’t get it to work: Donald tweeted that he was inducted into the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame last night. And adds: Thank you, timing could not have been better !

    Oh, My Gosh, I hope I don’t bust anything laughing.

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  21. Ivehadit says:

    Donald coming on now on Cspan!

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  22. TheTorch says:


    Woman in crowd has a banner which reads, Trump Loves Legal Immigrants He Married One!!


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  23. Ivehadit says:

    “I want the Dream Act to be for OUR children!” Yes!!

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  24. Juan says:

    Not real happy with Trump’s performance last night, but hopefully it will blow over soon. Anytime you mention something vile in conjunction with another candidate, you open the door for the pundits & media to attack you relentlessly. Even though he never compared Carson to a child molester, the MSM will run with that angle & stupid people everywhere will swallow that as gospel. Probably worse was asking how stupid Iowa people are. Many of those that are not stupid probably took offense to that. The truth is many Iowa voters are stupid, but I wouldn’t say that without this caveat … Mike Dukakis carried Iowa as did Al Gore, Bill Clinton (twice) & Barry Obama also twice.

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  25. dizzymissl says:

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  26. Marie Rogers says:

    gotta read todays rush ..he’s laying out a great plan for TRUMP to get rid of the illegals.
    IT CAN BE DONE!!!.


  27. lovely says:

    I finally watched the Iowa speech. My opinion is that Trump is tired and sad. I think the weight of what he is doing is sitting squarely on his soul.

    I personally thought it was a very sound speech, no pomp and circumstance, a simple laying out of the reality of what ails our country and the fact that the RNC/DNC/GOP/MSM and PTB are complicit in the destruction of America. Trump IMO has realized this is not a campaign, it is a war and the opposition is bound by no moral conventions.

    As a business man Trump is used to dealing with people where facts matter, where reality outweighs nonsense, he is used to boardrooms, balance sheets, and bottom lines.

    I think Trump simply coming to the realization that he must wrap his head around the fact that sometimes reality does not matter. The press who Trump calls “terrible,” “garbage,” “unbelievable” “dishonest” scum, are directing the narrative, and I think Trump is in new waters and that he realizes he is in new waters for the first time in the campaign..

    Trump has realized how ludicrous, deep-rooted and corrupt the “sleaze bag” force is that he is fighting against. He is also aghast at the ignorance that is out there.

    I think Trump has finally figured out how dumbed down the general American population is and that just speaking the truth is not enough. He sounds like a father who gave good direction to his son for many years and then the son totally goes off the rails. Trump is expressing his dismay.

    “My life has been about victories” Donald Trump. The corrupt incompetent stupid self destructive powers have made the path to the White House so difficult by their imperialistic self serving behavior that it should be apparent to every single person within our borders. I believe Trump has come to the realization that this is the fight of his life and it is for the very breath of our nation.

    I share Trumps amazement that Ben Carson is still considered a viable candidate. Imagine if a potential employee of yours presented two options 1) a pathologically violent youth, and as an adult decided to redirect a gunman’s attention to another target to save himself or 2) a pathological liar, would you hire him?

    Personally I saw a somber realistic Trump who is deeply troubled that people do not share the simple truth of his vision. Listen to him, “We gave 150 billion dollars to terrorists.” Trump is IMO was basically saying “We as a nation are committing suicide and so many of you seem to be ok with that, I just don’t understand.”

    ”How stupid are the people of Iowa. How stupid are the people of America to believe this crap. I don’t understand it I really don’t understand.”

    ”What have we come to?”

    I believe that Trump was addressing more than the issue of Ben Carson when he spoke those words.

    We have all been exasperated, welcome to exasperated Trump.

    “Give me a break.” I agree whole heartedly.

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    • Rick says:

      Lovely, well written and I agree with your comments whole-heartedly!
      I just believe that Trump knows that the attack against him will never end up to the convention. Even then, the GOPe would work behind him to secretly support Hillary.

      Like Sundance says: “Trillions are at risk. The Globalist Elite will not go down easy. Our only hope is that Trump can hang on through the holidays and picks up some early wins.
      That would energize him. I think he hates these interviews with such dumb talking heads.
      Its hard for him to stay motivated talking to dummies.

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      • lovely says:

        Hi Rick. I was writing that while Trump was talking and then when he said at the very end that “it is sad” I knew I was on the right track. It is terribly sad. It really broke my heart watching this speech.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Amen! Amen!!!

      And this was all addressed very early on in this thread. Can’t believe it is still going on.

      Put your big boy/girl pants on please everyone. This ain’t your grandma’s politics! TRUMP doesn’t have 92 year old women signing up to vote for the 1st time in their lives, just for him, for nothing!

      More Pansies in OUR White House is not what this country needs.
      And we don’t need PC Police.

      I Repeat: Just because you don’t see the attack ads on TRUMP by everyone else does not mean they aren’t there! ALMOST EVERY HEADLINE & accompanying “story” is an attack on TRUMP, By EVERY CANDIDATE (or on their behalf)! GET A CLUE!

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  28. judyw says:

    The State of TX files charges against a non-citizen for vote fraud. Rosa Maria Ortega of Grand Prairie, has been indicted by a Tarrant County Grand Jury for voting illegally in regional elections.
    Dallas County records show that Ortega has voted in multiple elections in that county, starting in 2004, and most recently in the 2014 Republican primary runoff.

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  29. Full Speech: Donald Trump at the 2015 Sunshine Summit (11-13-15)

    Video Credit: C-SPAN. November 13, 2015: Donald Trump delivered remarks at the 2015 Sunshine Summit hosted by Florida’s Republican Party in Orlando, FL

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