Breaking Through The MSM “Gaslighting” – CBS Poll of Democrats Show They Fear Trump The Most…

The professional punditry amid the Main Stream Media -on both sides of the political continuum- continue selling a narrative that Donald Trump is the easiest candidate for Hillary Clinton to beat.   This pitch is based on their gaslighting claims and “opinion” and not reality.

Poll after poll shows exactly the opposite. In addition to recent polling showing Donald Trump beating Hillary in NC, FL, SC, VA, MN, OH, TX and NV – Democrats, by a wide margin, fear Donald Trump more than any other Republican candidate.

Another just released CBS poll of 418 Democrat Primary Voters reveals:

FNB debate 6

cbs poll of democrats 11-12-15

31% Of Democrats View Trump As Greatest Threat

Donald Trump has a massive base across the entire spectrum of America.  All demographic polling show him attracting higher percentages of minorities and young age groups than any other historic republican candidate.

Trump’s base is wider and deeper than any other candidate and includes growing numbers of Democrats and Independents who are changing party registration solely to support a Trump presidential campaign.

trump hard hat

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65 Responses to Breaking Through The MSM “Gaslighting” – CBS Poll of Democrats Show They Fear Trump The Most…

  1. beaujest says:

    The Donald and a rafter of turkeys !

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  2. Bill says:

    The astroturfing and gaslighting is pissing me off.

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    • JRD says:

      It’s making me laugh.

      Change your perspective.

      Even my grandmother is voting for Trump. America loves The Donald. Everybody with a brain is voting for Trump.

      The Uni-Party is so screwed, and they know it.

      The Donald is going to take back the party that Reagan built and Bush decimated.

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      • Doodahdaze says:

        The GOP/RNC might use “The Doomsday Option.” Romney. The splitter of last resort. He would run is some of the winner take all states at the last minute to prevent Sir Donald from taking 8 of them. Then play the rule 40 card. Romney is the RINO doomsday splitter.

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        • Garrison Hall says:

          Romney is dramatically unpopular. His sudden candidacy might shift a few percentage point but, if Trump can generate the kind of demographic Democrat/Republican shift he appears to be trying for, a couple of points won’t matter. I just don’t think Romney has the kind of stroke to offset the kind of Trump juggernaut that’s building. Of course, if that new constituency goes away all bets are off. GO TRUMP!!

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        • Barefoot Journey says:

          They can bring Romney in but who is he going to take votes from? Good luck getting him above 10% from Trump or Carson supporters, otherwise he will simply take votes from Jeb!, Rubio, etc.


        • yy4u says:

          That was the plan when the RNC set up the primary system — to be able to get the Establishment candidate nominated. That’s why there are SO MANY candidates. Who is keeping Graham, Jindal, Huckabee, Pataki et al in the race? Where is their money coming from? What have they been promised if the Establishment candidate is the nominee? When it started, the plan was to to sideline Ted Cruz and secure the nomination for Jebbush. But he turned out to be a miserable candidate, so they’re turned their hopes onto Marco Romeo (sic), boy wonder. (Does anyone else think he was fed the questions before the Fox Business Debate so he could shine with his canned answers?) Henninger in the WSJ wrote an article yesterday saying since there were so many candidates, the nomination would be decided in Cleveland (at the convention). Duh. As Monty Python says, “nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition”. The Establishment didn’t expect Donald Trump. But more than that, they didn’t expect We the People would wake up. We’ve been silent for so long, they thought we were dead.


  3. smartaleck says:

    But its CBS. They would not let this information see the light of day unless the opposite was true. I just don’t know what to believe, honestly.


  4. Serpentor says:

    It’s simple math. In a 50/50 proposition which is almost what a presidential election is, how can one side win if a fifth of their voters defect?

    They simply can’t win if a large swath of union and black folk vote for Trump (which it looks like they will).

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    • flyanddive says:

      It’s more than just that, if Trump gets the nomination, the establishment’s only move at that point is to run Jeb third party. This will immediately set of alarm bells in everyone’s head including the democrats. The GOPe have to move on a brokered convention, and Paul Ryan in.

      Note, there is no path to the White House for Hillary. Obama can’t control himself, and he hates Hillary.

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      • Sentient says:

        Hillary could beat Ryan, Jeb, Cruz, Carson and Lazio, er, Rubio. Trump would wallop her.

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        • flyanddive says:

          I would agree if the election was two months from now, Hillary could have a shot, however, in a year, no way. It started when Jerry Seinfeld said he would no longer perform on college campus. If you look at recent events at Mizzou etc, the left is consuming itself at a geometric rate. Even Bill Maher is making pro Trump statements, here and there more often. #BLM was burning US flags today.

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          • phil fan says:

            Fascism is a tough sell in America. This is approaching Peak Fascism for the gullible youth. The counter-reaction is commencing with MSM beginning to think an adult should step forward. TPTB will not tolerate another stretch of counter culture baloney such as the 60s.scared the TPTB with.

            In the middle of this mindless commie rot steps Donald Trump. The Sheriff. .Away with the fascist-racist horde. Down with them!.


      • john says:

        people know that don trump will go to washington dc and say………YOU’RE FIRED!
        thats what people want………..they know the foxes are watching the henhouse.

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      • flawesttexas says:

        Yes…never rule out GOPe running Jeb, or Marxo Rubio, as 3d Party


  5. RINOKiller says:

    sampling an epic landslide

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  6. JustSomeInputFromAz says:

    Mr. Trump speaks USA, that scares them.

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  7. Bill Bower says:

    I love this guy

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  8. SharonKinDC says:

    Translation: 31% think Trump hardest to beat. Another 31% will vote for Trump. The rest will be huddling in a safe space.

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  9. Nessie509 says:

    It’s impossible to know what is certain. Based on past elections, you can be certain that the MSM thinks all Republicans are nutty and it is their duty to make sure only a moderate Republican is nominated. All you can do is make sure you are registered to vote in the Republican primary and vote.

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  10. Doug says:

    This poll also reinforces the narrative that Cruz cant win against Hillary.


  11. Millwright says:

    Polls are like winds. Check a weather map’s highs and Lows and you can predict with some certainty what direction the winds will blow and how hard.

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  12. willvecchio says:

    Next door neighbor, retired Union carpenter, switched registration to GOP first time in his life…to vote for Trump. Friend’s girlfriend, hates Repubs., switched registration to GOP…to vote for Trump. This is a movement. The crowds at the rallies prove it. It’s the Globalists vs us. We want the wall and legal immigration, we want industrial jobs, we want fair trade, we want a stronger America less engaged in reckless adventures, and common sense applied by an upbeat, energetic patriot to make America Great Again!

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  13. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    The economy isn’t good and people know it. They fear that Trump might be able to get people off the democrat reservation. They also fear he might be able to get the people that have stayed home in prior elections, to show up and vote for him.

    Then again maybe the country is too far gone for a republican to win. If that is the case, at least Trump will go down fighting.

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  14. Venus says:

    I’m becoming more convinced by the day that not only is Trump wining the nomination outright by Super Tuesday, he’s winning the GE in a landslide.

    The American people are the kindest, most generous in the world (and I’ve lived in other countries– I can vouch for that), but they are getting tired of being told that caring about their own interests (i.e., securing the boarding, deporting illegals, upholding the rule of law for everyone) makes them racist, uncaring, etc.

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    • allhail2 says:

      While some are finally getting tired of it, many, many, many of us have been over it for a looooong time.

      When the lib crowd labels me racist and uncaring, I give a little chuckle and then agree with them in a “damn right” type of attitude. They vapor lock every time because they flat out do not jknow how to handle someone with confidence when their “A” game is fifth grade name calling.

      Not only do I eat their lunch right out of their own little brown bag, I drop the horse they rode in on at Elmer’s on my way out of town.

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  15. furtiveadmirer says:


    Clinton insider Larry Nichols speaks about the plan to destroy both Donald Trump and Ben Carson which would allow Jeb Bush to win the 2016 election.


  16. keebler AC says:

    I came across this person’s avatar “Uncle Benadryl” and thought it was hilarious especially now reading that Carson is best buddies with an over-charging, double counting dentist. How can you be such close friends with a thief and not be similar in morals? Charging the government for work you never did as a doctor or medical professional is an absolute travesty! This is never done among good doctors. Never.

    I’m crazy! I tried to kill my ma with a hammer!

    The other thing is Carson’s twitter is way behind and doesn’t match his Facebook right? Back in September, Carson was already falsely claiming that he had exceeded Trump’s facebook likes and was now the new chief in town. It was on Mediaite and I don’t want to link them.

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  17. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    In my local travels in Cleveland, Ohio I find support for Trump in all areas including the minorities and even some older Democrats that never voted for anyone but a Democrat. This election is Trumps to lose, and so far he has out smarted all the opposition.


  18. MissV says:

    Only 31%? My, those folks aren’t too bright, are they?


  19. mpmp2015 says:

    Hillary spoke twice about her wanting to go up against Trump in a debate, that it and of itself demonstrates she probably doesn’t. She has a reputation of being a liar and dishonest, when she says that, it’s good for MSM consumption, but pretty much everyone knows she doesn’t really want to go up against Trump. The simple question a Democratic voter has to ask themselves is: Do YOU personally want to go up against Trump in a debate? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    Liberals rather have Hillary go up against a soft spoken candidate like Carson, a similar career politician like Bush or Kasich or a relatively young and inexperience politician like Rubio. Hillary will definitely have trouble debating Cruz and Fiorina, but neither has a chance of winning the nomination for that to happen. It only leaves Trump as the only top tier candidate with a real chance of winning his party’s nomination to debate her on the main stage and she will be on the defensive for all debates.

    Trump is not going to let up on her because she is a woman, he would go right at her. History has shown that Hillary is NOT a great debater, Obama ran rough shod over her. The first Dem debate was a show debate and the strongest candidate Bernie purposely didn’t go at her, so she was protected and it made it look like she was a good debater when in fact she is actually below average.


    • keebler AC says:

      The lamestream debate mods will set it up for her to lob, just like they did for Barack against Mitt Romney in the Candy scenario – you can bet on it. I agree tho, Trump will not back down because he is highly aware of the danger that Hillary poses to America. Contrary to what people say, Trump is very agile. He’s not what one would call a debater in the sense of lawyer and political speak.


    • lorac says:

      History has shown that Hillary is NOT a great debater, Obama ran rough shod over her.

      I strongly disagree. She is a policy wonk, and a very good debater. Those 2008 debates were a sham, the moderators were all trying to help Obama. She even famously asked the moderators at one debate if they wanted to get Obama a pillow to sit on, it was so ridiculous. And they most often had her answer questions first, and he got to basically say “what she said”. I’m not a Hillary2016 supporter – she has morphed into Obama – or maybe this was her true self all along, I don’t know. Trump is on the right side of the issues, and I sure hope he doesn’t dismiss her capabilities as you have. He needs to be prepared so he can win.


  20. manickernel says:

    GOPe have come right out and pretty much said they would prefer Hillary, worried she might step on a banana peel. Once Trump starts paying attention to her she is going to feel like a banana peel.


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