Whoopsie – Apparently The Entire Mizzou Protest Was Based On a Grand Hoax…


(Via Fox News) The first column I wrote on the Mizzou controversy analyzed the allegations and pointed out that firing a president had zero connection to any of the allegations or the demands for the protesters.

In that column I accepted the protester’s allegations as true. But as the week has gone on and the protesters have been exposed as anti-first amendment, selectively racist, and, last night, willing to perpetrate actual lies to get more attention, isn’t it time to examine whether these incidents are actually real?

That is, what if there’s actually zero basis for the strike in the first place? What if these alleged incidents never happened and the media just accepted them without asking any questions at all? The entire protest is based on three things, none of which have been independently verified, a poopswastika, an off-campus racial slur, and an on campus racial slur.

So let’s examine each of them in order.

1. There is no evidence of the poopswastika.

In this modern era, when college kids take photos of everything, when video emerges of virtually everything that takes place on campus, how is that there is no eye witness who can say that a poopswastika ever even existed?

Not one person. (read more)

And, go figure…. the Mizzou Leadership shows up on the White House logs again:

white house mizzou

(click to enlarge)

The Anger Games

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275 Responses to Whoopsie – Apparently The Entire Mizzou Protest Was Based On a Grand Hoax…

  1. FiestyBuddha says:

    here’s the link to one of the more prominent of these leaders. Mizzou announced when wolfe stepped down that they would create one of these positions. Could be something bigger there and link to whats happening on other campuses. This is organized all the way


    • nimrodman says:

      Ah yes, creation of yet another multi-six-figure vice-chancellor-for-equity-diversity-and-inclusion position. At around $200k, probably.

      Any wonder where the national hand-wringing about the cost of higher education originates?

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    • The entire black segment of the football team that took part in this travesty should be expelled from Mizzou.


      • Matt Musson says:

        PREDICTION: The Next College Football Strike will be for $$$$$$$. Players will see how quickly the University caved and will demand to be paid.


    • Did Mr. Payton Head (elected openly gay, openly black, student body president) have “contact” with the: National Guard, the State Trooper, and MUPD? Was his only “contact” (lawyer parse so he can’t be called a liar) to spread his rumors to: the National Guard, the State Trooper and MUPD?


  2. Sandra says:

    The latest black racist stunt is to boycott black Friday. I guess they’re offended by the name or something, and white shopper privilege. Normally I do not shop on black Friday but since so many idiots are planning to boycott I guess I’ll buy something. The way young people are so heavily addicted to shopping, especially electronic gadgets, I suspect that most of the idiots who say they are boycotting will actually be buying things on the sly.

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  3. Artist says:

    It’s hard to believe this nonsense is really happening…and that it is spreading to other colleges.
    I was thinking about this supposed horribly offensive “poop swastika”….I didn’t really understand the point, who made it, who it was supposed to offend, it sounded so stupid… but I was thinking about a portrait of the Madonna, a black Madonna, created in 1996, partially of elephant dung…a “poop madonna”, if you will and other than some outrage from religious people who were offended, generally it was hailed as Outsider Art and exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum.
    There are actually things that are happening in the world that deserve outrage, these spoiled brats at Mizzou should train their attention there and stop acting like ignorant fools.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Yes it is happening. I came across a twitter feed tonight, or this a.m. It will be one to keep an eye on. This kid is in in CA, but some familiar names are on his thread.


      • Southern Son says:

        Thanks MomaTea. Summary of tweets of wisdom I gathered; Brother B says, Integration ain’t workin’. I hear ya bro. Expell American companies from Africa. I agree. That way bro “b” can go home. They channel Black Panthers, and call US racists. I prefer to admire George Washington Carver. They don’t know him. He invented Peanut Butter@Tuskegee Institute. He also called out sorry ass black men, for being sorry ass black men. Character not Color.

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    • squid2112 says:

      We won’t be hiring anyone from Mizzou in our engineering group any time soon .. I can grant you that! … Hope they don’t mind spending the next decade or so in their mother’s basement.

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  4. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Sounds like it’s time to pave some new lanes on the highway to he!! .


  5. jim says:

    It’s hard to know if this is mass delusion or mass hysteria. Perhaps a whole lot of both. It all reminds me of the alleged child sex abuse cases in Florida, California, and Washington a few decades back that sent dozens of people to prison. A very good book, “Satan’s Silence,” was written concerning the California (McMartin) case and one of the prime takeaways of the book was that the more wild, crazy, or impossible the allegations were against the supposed perps the more likely they were to have been believed. In this case it seems that the more insignificant the allegations are the more likely that the snowflakes will be aggrieved or offended. The left seems to know this and knows just how to stir up the snow. Sad.


  6. e.g.g. says:

    Another internet news site investigated (because something did nit smell right) and came to same conclusions. It also said that the white house is suspect and that these protests were well planned and orchestrated.

    Also the black person who went on a supposed hunger strike, last name of Butler, has been at Mizzou for seven years, and his father made over $8 billion last year; his parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives all educated with Bachelor’s degress and higher degrees, and some are ministers; his parents started a Christian church. What good representative / spokesperson for the black underprivileged class that is kept down by the White man…..a billionaire’s spoiled child.

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    • Daniel says:

      You realize you’re describing just about every Marxist/Socialist/Communist revolutionary there has ever been? They ALL come from “good backgrounds” and inexplicably turn against it al.

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    • Mentalist says:

      It was the Omaha World-Herald, his hometown newspaper that did a story about his background. As I wrote yesterday on another thread, we are beginning to see the reason why they wanted to keep the press (not so-called journalists with an agenda) at arms length – because they would expose the truth, just like they did with the Duke Lacrosse and the UVa-Roling Stone cases.

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  7. e.g.g. says:

    Apologies for another post. Forgot to add: another site said half of the football team DID NOT support the boycott, including some black players and these players have to stay silent so their lives will not be ruined.

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  8. e.g.g. says:

    Need to make correction!

    I put that father of Mizzou hunger striker Jonathan Butler, made $8 billion…….father made $8 MILLION. Family is worth about $20 million.

    Thank you.


  9. Doodahdaze says:

    The left is failing. These traitors are hitting the wall. The wall is the Bill of Rights itself. Free speech.

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  10. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    Fecal Fascism was a fairy tale?!?!?! Sufferin’ succotash, color me surprised!

    Kinda makes you wonder what it was all for…..

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  11. moe ham head says:

    we all know its a big lie but the lame stream media will never question anything until the harm is done

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  12. Just as everyone predicted, the more these BGI, BLM, FTP, etc. groups are pandered to, the more outrageous and visible they will be and the more demands we’re going to see. NOTHING will be enough for them.

    As I write this, one of the attorneys in my office is preparing to travel to N. Louisiana today to meet with the City Attorney and Mayor due to their refusal to grant a permit to a group called “Sons of Confederate Veterans” for the annual Nachitoches, LA Christmas Parade. Anyone who knows about the Nachitoches Christmas Parade knows this and their Christmas Lights are huge and a big tourist attraction. SCV has had a float in the parades for decades. They offered to have no flags, etc. on the float and were still denied a permit – their very existence is not in line with the PC hysteria infecting our nation. Better to just erase history in the name of racial justice. It’s sickening that these “squeaky wheels” are getting so much grease.

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  13. jim says:

    The Mizzou fiasco will soon be forgotten now that the left will actually have something real to complain about. Apparently a Chicago cop recently took down a black teen with one shot and then emptied the clip as the kid writhed on the ground. Sure to get ugly. Via Town Hall:


  14. Just Sayin says:

    Not wait a second. “Hoax” is such a strong word to describe a made-up, fictitious event that never happened, which is then used to advance a particular agenda. I prefer “narrative.” Oh, and black lives matter, so …


  15. Just Sayin says:

    By the way, has anything like this ever happened before? This seems awfully unprecedented to just start slinging around the “hoax” accusation. I mean, aside from Tawana Brawley. And Duke Lacrosse. And the professor from Claremont McKenna who defaced her own car and then claimed she was a victim of racism or sexism or lesbianism or some kind of ism. Or the former Nebraska women’s basketball player who faked her own lesbian hate crime. I mean, besides those (and others like them), has this ever happened before?

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  16. Mentalist says:

    Sports writer and columnist Jason Whitlock (who happens to be black), let them have it with both barrels…


    Crying Wolfe Exposes Real Problem

    Chicago buried nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee on Tuesday. Police allege gang members lured the boy into an alley and executed him in a revenge killing aimed at his father.

    Father Michael Pfleger, a white minister in a predominantly black Chicago community, eulogized Lee and castigated our society, blaming the boy’s death on our “lost conscience.”

    How can we argue?

    The execution of an innocent black boy draws the attention of a handful of local dignitaries while the death of a black teenager foolish enough to wrestle a cop for control of a gun helps foment unrest on a nearby college campus seven months after then-attorney general Eric Holder destroyed the fallacy of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”

    Lies stacked on top of lies create the bulls–t we’re witnessing in Columbia, Missouri. Clever faculty members, in my opinion, baited a small group of misguided black students into stirring a racial sh-tstorm strong enough to attract Twitter-addicted journalists looking for their next relevancy hit off the Black Lives Matter crack pipe.

    The absurdity of the past week at Mizzou couldn’t be duplicated on South Park.

    A 25-year-old, “Fresh Prince” black grad student threatened to starve himself to death under the pretense that the school president hadn’t done enough to stop unidentified white men from uttering the N-word when passing by in trucks and carving swastikas with poop.

    The white liberal, Ta-Nehisi Coates-quoting mafia declared Mizzou an unsafe space and a hostile killing field for blacks and opened their media platforms to any person willing to share a story about hearing the N-word while in Columbia the past 50 years….”

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    • haypa2haypa2 says:

      the 14th amendment allows a woman to kill her unborn baby, so it must allow a person to not eat if he so chooses. If his friends want to convince him to eat, let them. It is freedom of choice and we all like choice.


  17. johnstoirvin says:

    If you don’t claim to be offended, then it follows, you can not claim to be a victim.

    Political correctness is the best tool false victim-hood ever had and, at the same time, a perfect weapon for those who would control everything you say and do.

    The mindset of the PC crowd, who will punish you for any perceived slight, is really not much different than the mindset of those who will kill you over a cartoon. It’s just that the PC crowd is a little less violent, but both seek to eliminate your 1st amendment rights.

    Here’s a question to ponder: What good is free speech anyway, if PC makes you too afraid of punishment to use it? (Therein lies the purpose of PC.)


  18. Jill says:

    Missouri student files complaint against professor who called for ‘muscle’
    http://usat.ly/1NN7fFE via @usatoday

    This is oppression…from the Mizzou website:


  19. dmi60ex says:

    Question If lone white gentleman accosted a group of minority men and uttered racial slurs where is the beatdown, surely there would be blood evidence


  20. Mentalist says:

    Donald Trump blasts ‘disgraceful’ Mizzou protests: ‘Trump should have been the chancellor’


    Real-estate mogul Donald Trump blasted the recent University of Missouri protests, which he called “disgraceful,” during a Thursday-morning interview on Fox Business Network.
    “I think it’s disgusting. I think it’s disgusting,” the Republican presidential candidate began when asked about the university.

    Weeks of protests over racial tensions have rocked the campus, leading University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe to announce his resignation on Monday. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also said he would step down at the end of the year.

    But Trump argued that it was a “weak” move for the two leaders to step aside.

    “I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people,” he said. “I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that’s going to be a disaster for the next long period of time. They were weak, ineffective people.”

    Trump added: “Trump should have been the chancellor of that university. Believe me, there would have been no resignations.”

    He also slammed the “crazy” demands of the leading student-protest group, Concerned Student 1950, which, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune, are a list of sweeping actions to address racial tensions at the school.

    Those included that the university increase its percentage of black faculty and staff on campus to 10%, a handwritten apology, and a mandatory “comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion curriculum” overseen by students and faculty of color.

    “By the way, did you look at their demands?” Trump said on Fox Business. “Their demands are like crazy. The things that they are asking for, many of those things are like crazy. So it just disgraceful.”

    Trump’s animosity to the group doesn’t come as a surprise. The mogul said in September that the broader Black Lives Matter movement was “looking for trouble.”

    “I looked at a couple of the people that were interviewed from the group,” he said then during a Fox News interview. “I saw them with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police, and what should be done to them. And that was not good. And I think it’s a disgrace that they’re getting away with it.”

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  21. Elmer T. Jones says:

    This whole thing is likely about their failing grades. Academic inferiority, not racism is to blame. They just can’t compete with better prepared white students. Instead of doubling down on their studies they invent race hoaxes so they can have a public meltdown. How very convenient.

    In the next few weeks you will hear a lot of angry talk demanding grade amnesty for those traumatized by recent events.


  22. cohibadad says:

    Apparently the Mizzou student president Peyton Head had spread a fake KKK report before



  23. Lulu says:

    Here’s the new interim leader of the Missouri university system. Does this sound like part of a plan to you?

    Missouri Enlists Former Protester to Lead University System


    He was just conveniently standing around, doing nothing, waiting…….?

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    • nimrodman says:

      Ethnic cleansing. Make noise, muscle in, take the best and highest-paying jobs for those of your race.

      Kristallnacht on the back burner for now, maybe later.


  24. archer52 says:

    Never about truth. Always about chaos and driving up the student/young person/ minority vote for HRC or whoever Obama chooses.

    Mao time.

    HRC couldn’t excite a 6 month old terrier. A little less makeup and she could sub for the extras in TWD! So to get her across the finish line, they will need to cheat and get the subgroups that voted for Obama to vote for her. They want free everything, she’ll promise free everything.

    It is a very corrupt and dangerous period of time in America.


  25. John Galt says:

    So basically what we have here is a graduate student that got mad when he learned Affordable Care Act prohibits universities from supplying health insurance for grad students. This guy interned in Chicago for Rahm Emmanuel. So he comes well versed in “community organizing.”

    He claims someone called him a name. No proof, just a claim. That is horrible crime #1

    Then some drunk freshman, maybe a neo-nazi, maybe a redneck, who knows, played in his own poop one night at around 2am and reportedly drew a poopswatstka on the wall of the bathroom. Now I’m pretty fluent in the nuances of history, so I get that symbol is offensive to some. Like Jewish people perhaps. This is horrible crime #2.

    So the professional organizer, and very affluent one at that, uses this solitary act of vandalism (or explosive diarheraa, who really knows) as an affront against black people. Wait. Huh?

    Then he organizes (got to have a credible pulpit to write demands from) and then jumps the Homecoming Parade for an illegal protest. I mean aren’t parades about waving, team spirit, a chance to go relive the glory days for the alum?

    Not anymore. Its a chance to show off your new matching T’s, hot off the press. Oh, and test those new loudspeakers the professional protestors that swooped into Ferguson gave you.

    Out come the loudspeakers. Stop the parade. Walk up to the admin’s car (Nice Chevelle SS, BTW). The car tries to back up, Then it tries to go around. All avenues are blocked. Punk buts his body against the front bumper and then tweeted for DAYS about how he was HIT BY THE CAR.

    Its a lie. It’s all based on lies or random unrelated events.

    Throw in a fake hunger strike for attention.

    This, and the total folding of the school and the appeasement of it all is just sickening.

    Fight against real wrongs, not manufactured ones.



  26. michellc says:

    It seems the school will get one small payback, they have lost a recruit and I say the school because the school was stupid.



  27. Meyer says:

    Uh Oh . . . . my posts to the Mizzou Alumni LinkedIn group are now being sent into moderation after beingn flagged as spam or irrelevant by other(s) on the site.

    I made two posts with links to two Breitbart articles and one to a Fox Sports article without personal opinion statements – just benign headers, ‘Mizzou’s National Embarrassment’ and ‘Mizzou Announces New Interim President.’

    Interesting, don’t you think?


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