Jeb Bush Wants You To Leave The Republican Party….

Mark Levin isn’t talking about it.  Sean Hannity isn’t talking about it.  Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are not talking about it, yet it remains one of the biggest structural benefits to Team Jeb Bush in the 2016 primary presidential race:

Frustrated Conservatives Leaving The Republican Party

Reince-Priebustrump vs bush

Independent political registration is the fastest growing base of electoral voters, and that plays nicely into the hands of the GOPe who are working diligently to avoid accountability for their progressive agenda.

Multiple states have what’s called “closed primary” races.  Meaning only those voters registered with a party, who has a candidate on the ballot, are allowed to vote in the Presidential Primary Election, or PPE.   Those state voters only get to vote for the candidate registered with the same party of their affiliation.

Even more states have “Modified primary” races.  Meaning voters registered independent are allowed to vote on either party ballot they select at the polling station (along with those who are registered within the party on primary ballot).

A few states are “Open Primary” races.  Meaning voters can select “any ballot” from “any party” at their polling station.  However, truly “open primary states” are actually quite rare, and many people make a mistake in misidentifying if their state is actually “Open”.

This is because in several states, even within “open primary elections”, the “open” only pertains to off year elections and NOT the Presidential Primary, or PPE.   Several “open” states are only “open election” for non-presidential primary elections.

What this creates is a situation where frustrated GOP voters denounce the activity of the GOPe party and drop their Republican Registration.  Sound familiar?  It should, there are hundreds of thousands -perhaps millions- of conservatives who have changed party affiliation to “independent” or “other” because they are angry with the progressive big government advocacy of the modern Republican Party.

This plays directly into the hands of the power-brokers within the Republican party, because in most states those frustrated conservatives are now blocked from voting.  As a consequence Team Bush and the Establishment Republican team don’t have to worry about your influence in their primary.

The RNC/GOPe progressives, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove types are thrilled when the frustrated conservative base of voters drop their party affiliation.  In essence it means their opposition has just locked themselves out of the building/discussion.

Do you ever wonder why the progressive Republicans are so confident in their own re-election efforts?  Do you ever wonder why they are so in-your-face with policy maneuvers (TPA Fast-Track, TPP, Iran Nuclear Deal approval, Amnesty, ObamaCare etc.) that are diametrically opposed to your position?

The fact is – the more they anger us the more people drop their Republican party affiliation, they less accountable they become.

This is by design.

The state party apparatus is also in alignment with this DC construct.   Their are state Republican Party rules, schemes and maneuvers created specifically to take advantage of this sense of angst.

mcconnell-cornynWho cares if you are angry, when those inside the comfy confines of the GOPe network know you can’t touch them because your vote doesn’t impact them.

Consider the recent conversation about Arizona.  Arizona is one of those states with an open primary…. well, open that is, until a presidential primary comes along, and in the PPE you can only vote for a candidate within your registration.   That’s right, if you are “independent” in Arizona – you get to vote for the “independent” presidential candidates; you do not get to vote for the “republican primary presidential candidate”.

It doesn’t do any good to look up “closed” primary election,  “open” primary election, or “modified” primary election, to find out.  You have to go several steps further than that.  You have to find out which one pertains to the “PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY” specifically.

Voters should also be forewarned about calling your local elections office to find out, because we have also identified several elections offices giving out mistaken, accidental, and factually false information.

There are simply too many variables and contingencies by state, and by state party apparatus.  AND nothing between now and the day of the election itself, stops legislatures from changing election rules.  We have already seen numerous rule changes happening in the past weeks and months.  That is one of the reasons we are adverse to compiling a list – any list could be obsolete within days, weeks of compiling it.

oh yes we have open elections” they say.  Or: “yes, we have open primary elections” is another example, which, in a general sense may be true but is not accurate when it comes time for a “Presidential Primary“.

There’s nothing worse than showing up for the “open primary” only to discover it doesn’t pertain to presidential races.  And/Or the “modified open primary” doesn’t pertain to a presidential primary.

Regardless of which candidate you support, everyone who wants to defeat the Progressive Republican agenda needs to make sure they are able to vote in the Republican Primary Election of 2016.

Do your own homework with great specificity, then tell your friends, family and relatives.

Otherwise you’ll be staring at this screen in February, March, April, May of 2016 and saying to yourself – DAMN, THAT’S WHY JEB BUSH DIDN’T DROP OUT !

trump lion

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186 Responses to Jeb Bush Wants You To Leave The Republican Party….

  1. JoeS says:

    I hope that Donald Trump’s ground teams in every state are working on this as part of a grass roots campaign. I hope that he is taking advantage of the big crowds that he is getting at his VERY LARGE RALLYS to build voter lists with contact information, so that they can be prompted to meet the specific state standards in every state before voting takes place.

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  2. coltlending says:

    Well, as ineffective and slow moving as the progressive GOPe has been to addressing our concerns, I won’t be surprised if they don’t move post haste in complicating even more or in some way prohibiting changing registering Republican in the PPE.

    If that’s not doable, I’m sure we will see ballot shenanigans, like precincts not reporting ballot results waaaaay late, so like here in Chicago, they’ll know how many dead people they need to wake up and vote.

    Wasn’t it in the last Iowa Primary something like that happened. It took forever for some precincts to report?

    Another great post SD, thanks! You really are a wealth of info. Be safe Be well.

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  3. karenkln says:

    This happened to me in NY. I am registered independent. I called a couple weeks ago to find out the cutoff date to change my party to vote in repub pres primary and it had passed already!! It was early October. She said if I change now I couldn’t vote in primary till 2017. I was so mad. I figured it was on purpose.

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    • whuptdue says:

      Same here. Frustrated, in Nov. 2014 I filed to change from Republican to Independent. It wasn’t until Feb. 2015 that I received a letter with a new form to sign and return. In March, 2015 I was notified of receipt of change of party enrollment and was instructed that my Republican party enrollment “must” remain the same according to NYS election law until AFTER the 2015 General Election. My new party enrollment would only change AFTER the 2015 General Election 11/3/2015. I will check on Monday to see if this can be altered before the primaries again. Ugh.

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  4. JoeS says:

    I think the tendency for Republicans to drop/change their party ID from Republican to something else, usually as a protest, is harming Donald Trump’s poll numbers. When a voter drops a party ID and potentially does not vote in successive primaries, that means that individual is no longer considered a LIKELY PRIMARY VOTER.

    Did you ever notice how polls usually include three sets of voters who are likely Republican voters, likely Democrat voters, and registered voters? In the Republican primary season, only voters who are LIKELY REPUBLICAN VOTERS are included in a poll, often regardless of the intensity level of the voter. This is determined by the POLLSTER and it is based on some predetermined model the pollster uses, influenced heavily by PRIOR ELECTION data.

    Pollsters decide whose responses are included in a poll based on the likelihood they will ACTUALLY VOTE in a primary. When pollsters ask questions, they consider likely primary voters based on party ID, how a person “leans,” if Independent, and IMPORTANTLY, whether the respondent participated in a recent primary or general election.

    If you are a registered Republican and have participated in a the last general election but did not vote in the last primary, then you may be considered a likely primary voter. If you are an independent voter and you voted in the last general election, and TELL THE POLLSTER that you intend to vote in the upcoming primary, you still may be “screened out” of the poll results simply because the pollster is relying on previous voter patterns. All of the pollster’s criteria are different.

    So the phenomena of driving conservatives of the party that is described in the above article actually helps the GOPe drive or “push” its narrative by influencing the polls. The polls shape public opinion. It is a never ending cycle that becomes self-perpetuating, leaving in it’s wake waves of disillusionment.

    The following is my opinion based on purely anecdotal evidence that I see. When I see the Trump crowds and notice the unyielding intensity of the TRUMP VOTER, specifically, I believe that Donald Trump CAN shatter previous polling models if he can get his vote out. It is also likely that a lot of Trumps voters are EXACTLY the types of disaffected voters who were formerly registered Republicans.

    This intensity level began with the TEA Party movement and has been growing successively from 2010-2012. I believe Trump is not only pulling a good portion of TEA Party movement voters, but more. This is the crescendo year of the anti-establishment movement.

    I think that Trump’s intensity CAN CAUSE a higher turnout of his vote than other candidates can cause for their voters, especially GOPe candidates. A ground effort is necessary to make this happen.

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    • Everett Tolton says:

      It also doesn’t poll Democrats that will vote for Trump. I believe that he may get a sizeable portion of Democrats who are unhappy with Hillary and agree with Trump on the Keystone Pipeline and his disapproval of the TPP treaty and of his tax plan and bringing some of that offshore money and businesses back home. A lot of his ideas have been seconded by a lot of Dems, including Elizabeth Warren.


  5. georgiafl says:

    Jeb is just repeating the same sentiment that George Will and others spoke at the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign: “It’s our way or the highway” or (we elites make the rules and you will do as we say, you vulgarians.)

    This has been the attitude of the GOP from the beginning.

    This is why they gave money to Democrats to defeat a conservative in Mississippi, campaigned against conservatives and did other dirty tricks around the country.

    They are power-mongering, socialists and globalists.

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  6. JoeS says:

    The most insulting thing the Republican party does in all elections is tell us that they do not attack opposition candidates because it will “scare off” or cause “disillusionment” amongst the independent voters. I remember thinking to myself in 2008 and 2012, “why isn’t McCain and Romney going after Barack Obama?” Of course so many said this including Rush Limbaugh and more.

    This is such a lie because they know full well that most of the independents are former frustrated Republicans and some former democrats who are mostly SUCH LOONS that they will never get their votes anyway.

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  7. Betty says:

    My son wondered about using a lion, he thought some animal indigious to North America might be better. So I showed him this :

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  8. mrscribbler says:

    I’m registered “unaffiliated,” which in MA means you vote in whichever primary you choose. Works fine for me, and it is one (rare) thing this state does I agree with!

    Haven’t been a “Republican” for years and, frankly, probably never will be again. That party has made it clear they have nothing to offer me, which puts them on a par with the Democrats. Why should I support a party that coughs up pandering, ideologically inconsistent retreads like Heb!, Paul Ryan and Mutt Romney?

    I’ll leave worrying about the machinations of a useless and (IMO) unsalvageable political party to Sundance. As far as I’m concerned, the two sides of the current political party can smooch my posterior. If/when a new one comes along — a group that prizes patriotism and consistent adherence to common sense and the rule of law — we can talk.

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  10. kallibella says:

    I am so glad my husband and I are registered as “Republican” and will be voting for Trump!!! 🙂

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  11. Backspin says:

    Rush , the man sitting on half his brain , Hannity , Savage , Levin , and the rest make a living by ranting about the status quo , they NEVER will challenge it. They WILL keep you chasing your tail , about the meaningless stuff. ( Their REAL JOB ) see what Huxley had to say about Distraction.

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  12. Athena the Warrior says:

    If you want Trump register as a Republican to be safe.

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  13. Kathy says:

    The reason the Republican Party lose each president race? We definey have one party system.

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  14. ImpeachEmAll says:

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  15. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Wording is important.

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  16. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Those in power or those that control those in power will do everything possible to maintain the power legal or not!

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  17. Cruz is a much greater threat to the GOPe than Trump could ever be. Trump they know how to deal with. Cruz actually BELIEVES in limited government, and understands the Constitution. So he’s an enemy to their sinecures to an extent Trump just isn’t. They figure they’ll just negotiate with Trump. He doesn’t really want to die on hills like Planned Parenthood butchering babies, the 10th Amendment being eviscerated, etc.

    You watch. If the choice comes down to Trump and Cruz, they’ll support Trump.


  18. czarowniczy says:

    Hey Jeb, I see it more as ‘the Republican Party left us’. Sorry we’re just mouth-breathing members of The Great Unwashed, sorry we still believe in a dead Ronald Reagan as an ideal of what a Republican president should be, sorry we don’t have summer family compounds in Kennebunkport and own thousands of acres in Texas – but we’re Republicans, not the Republican elites’ bitches (can I say that?).
    Just remember RINOs, without us you’re going to be on the political outside and hungry RATS looking for an entitlement will be looking to bleed you – better get stronger locks for those compound and farm gates.

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  19. Chish says:

    I’m gonna die laughing if, and when Jeb is relegated to the kiddie table. Of course Rinse Prewash will never allow it but it would be priceless to watch that debate.


  20. Steve says:

    SNL Donald Trump – Opening Monologue – Gets Heckled ‘Trump’s a Racist!’


  21. Doodahdaze says:

    Nothing can stop the tide.


  22. Mudbug says:

    I don’t know, Sundance. This link was updated in July of this year and seems to show due diligence for accuracy on Congressional and Presidential primaries:


  23. Gary says:

    Nowhere in the article did i see a quote from J. Bush wishing for or asking Republican voters to leave the party. However, the article contained a lot of truth. Party ‘leaders’ have set the rules that give advantage to their party’s candidates. The Party ‘leaders’ i’m discussing are not candidates or public officials but are party officials. Both major parties are all in on this. Party officials want to insure that “their” candidate gets the nomination. And this happens from every level . The very purpose of Primary elections to protect the parties and their membership from party “leader” dominance. Primaries should remain ‘closed’ and open to party enrollees only. This way, the enrollees can define their party. ‘Open’ primaries obscure party identities and render those identities meaningless. Failures occur when voters fail or decline to participate in primary elections. Therefore, ALL subject failures are the fault of the enrollees of a party and of the voters in general. Stop trying to blame someone else for your failure.


  24. formyliberty says:

    Happened to me….Left the GOP after Ovomit was elected, Couldn’t vote in the Primary to oust McConnell…


  25. Breathing and Smiling Still says:

    So, should those of us who have quit the Republican Party in disgust switch back quick? I’d do it to support Trump. Could we coordinate the timing somehow, to make a splash?


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  27. TwoLaine says:

    Sundance, this might not qualify as a Tripwire Alert, but once again, YOU CALLED IT!

    Keystone Cops: GOP Consultant Class Heroes Publicly Panhandling in Desperate Bid to Derail Donald Trump
    by DAN RIEHL
    20 Nov 2015

    “In fact, so arrogant is the establishment, they want to encourage their own voters to stay home. In what political realm, other than the D.C.-based Republican establishment’s, which nearly always surrenders presidential elections, as well as to Barack Obama, does that make sense? Make no mistake, what they are saying to their own voters here is, we think you’re so dumb you’ll still come out to support us in the general, even after we spend millions of dollars insulting you and your presumed candidate of choice during the primary.”


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