“Their Guy”…

Nail Meet Hammer – Further RNC/GOPe Road Map Evidence – During CNBC debate the RNC complaining Jeb Bush not getting enough debate air time.  This is not Jeb’s campaign complaining, it’s THE RNC:

bush seriousness

Via Politico […]  In the middle of the CNBC-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer and chief of staff Katie Walsh approached CNBC officials. According to a source familiar with the encounter, the two had a complaint: Jeb Bush wasn’t getting enough questions.  (link)

–> Exactly As Predicted <–

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  1. Jett Black says:

    RNC is under pressure to show that it can negotiate appropriate terms with networks for the debates or words to that effect–so once again, we see that not only our current gummint officialdom, but those who select candidates and dole out support within the GOP are naifs at best and most probably idiots when it comes to negotiation. Ergo, Trump!


  2. Nessie509 says:

    Jeb! Has a new slogan:
    Jeb Can Fix It.
    Say, shouldn’t that be:
    Jeb! The Fix Is In.

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  3. Great Kabuki says:

    The Flying Wedge was first used by the Greeks and Romans as a way to smash through their opponents lines. Of course, it’s a tactic still used by police. In the world of politics we would normally think that this means the RNC/GOPe deploying it against Democrats and their willing accomplices in the media. In this case, of course, the RNC hacks are flying their wedge for Jebula to try to hammer Trump, Carson, and now Rubio (although that’s a misdirection). Funny thing is that it’s all backfired! The best they could do is get the CNBC producers to throw him a question about Fantasy Football! He couldn’t even spike that back in their face…Christie had to do it. Weak.

    Turn out the lights Jeb, this party’s over.

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    3 Strikes, You Are Out!

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  5. NHVoter says:

    How cozy.

    New pre debate Florida poll: Trump leads with 26% followed by Rubio at 22%. Jeb has 10%.


  6. Sharon says:

    from the Politico article linked in the post:

    The RNC is under pressure to show that it has teeth and can seriously negotiate on behalf of the campaigns.

    Really, Politico?

    The RNC has no teeth and is certainly not in a position to negotiate (seriously or not) “on behalf of the campaigns”. The RNC has already done their best work — it was on display Wednesday night.

    I guess they don’t know that we know that.

    The only pressure the RNC is under is to remain relevant in their own minds.

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  7. Lea says:

    RNC keeps coming back to get smacked again and again and….

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  8. TwoLaine says:

    TRUMP Stumps the RNC! 😉

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  9. R-C says:

    How can the RNC run a crooked campaign to install their “Chosen One” if the left-wing media won’t go along with “The Plan”?

    It must be very frustrating for the RNC. They truly are “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”. What a bunch of hapless political hacks.


    • Mike says:

      I think CNBC may have acted in good faith with RNC and Jeb. Any more time and Jeb would have more thoroughly incinerated himself.

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      • Sentient says:

        LOL. Yeah, RNC. Be careful what you wish for. Jeb can’t even get indignant without messing up his lines. Listen again to the clip where he says “vote for Trump”. He’d obviously tried to memorize his lines and failed.

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        • jello333 says:

          Nah, they can’t take down Jeb. He’s like that old saying in Tennessee, or Texas… no, probably in Tennessee, that goes, “Fool me once, shame on, shame on you, fool me, you can’t get fooled again.”

          Jeb’s got this!


  10. Annie says:

    Just to interject here: Went to the post office today and purchased 25 postcards today (just a start) to hand out to family and friends. So, if maybe 50 other people did the same as I did and also did it on a regular basis( which I intend to do among other things) does giving Jebbie more air time really matter? He hasn’t effectively used what he had been given, and the RNC don’t see a lost cause when it hits them squarely in their respective faces.

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  11. rodney says:

    You can’t fix Special Ed Jeb. He’s just a dud. You watch the donors start to drop him. The Bush family doesn’t own the RNC , the CofC does. They will abandon Jeb and the Bushs in order to protect their interests.

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  12. Dora says:

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  13. NHVoter says:

    Very interesting article over at Hot Air about how Team Jeb despises Rubio

    A couple of thoughts:
    Before Jeb can really challenge Trump or Carson he has to take his crown as the anointed one from his protégé. Trump was right that Jeb & Rubio hate each other – he even said it during the Jeb/Rubio exchange at Wednesday’s debate.

    If Jeb sinks most of his money into going scorched earth on Rubio then I think Trump is closer to winning the nomination. In Jeb doing this the GOPe will cripple itself. I say sit back & watch Jeb & Rubio destroy each other.

    I’ve long said that only Jeb can truly take Rubio down since he is the one who brought him up in the political world – he knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. While he didn’t do such a great job of following through on his attack at the debate his super PAC can buy ad after ad reminding voters of Rubio’s Gang of 8 bill, his coziness with donors etc. I’ve also noticed that Jeb has been unrelenting since the debate in his attack about Rubio’s Senate attendance. Remember that Jeb has much deeper networks of loyalists than Rubio does.

    Am I off base? What do you all think?

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    • JRD says:

      I refuse to give HotGaslighting and clicks. They are part of Salem Communications and nothing but propaganda.

      Ed and Allah are RINOs to the max.

      Rubio and Jeb don’t hate each other. It’s all drama queen political theater.
      Rubio is running for governor of Florida in 2018.

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    • Yeoman says:

      I don’t think Jeb has the credibility to successfully attack Rubio on his Gang of 8 position. Trump has the credibility and would take out Rubio like he took out Kasich. Cruz may have the credibility to take out Rubio as well; however, I really think Cruz and Rubio would wind up in a wrestling match with both taking damage.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      The only thing Jeb! can take down is his cereal off the pantry shelf. I’m not a Rubio fan but I loved the way he smacked down ole Jebby!!! The GOPe/ruling/professional conservative/pundit class had their strategy all planned. No one was supposed to challenge their chosen candidate. We were supposed to throw minor “temper tantrums” throughout the primaries, but in the end their candidate would get the nomination. Then we’d be told we absolutely must vote for the republican candidate, we must not stay home or vote third party. That would guarantee a demonrat win, and we can’t have that. “Its time to unite for the sake of the party” and all the drivel Karl and his merry band of kingmakers throw out at election time.
      Their smug, little, lyin cheatin world is crumbling on their heads and I for one am glad to see them go down in flames. Enough is enough.


  14. peachteachr says:

    The chairman/president of CNBC says that you shouldn’t run for the presidency if you can’t answer difficult questions. I guess since the hardest questions that NBC and the MSM ever asked Obama was how he filled out his playoff brackets, CNBC thought the Fantasy Football question was presidential.

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    • R-C says:

      The chairman/president of CNBC has to say something like that, in a vain attempt to save face. But really, there is a difference between “hard” questions and “stupid” questions. That difference is relevant here.

      I read the article on Drudge, where the CNBC debate team sat on their chartered jet in “stunned silence”–they KNOW they blew it, BIG TIME. No amount of manufactured hubris on the part of CNBC’s leader will change that.

      And as for Priebus’ actions? The honorable thing for Priebus to do is resign in shame–he brought these leftist hacks into the debate process in the first place and promised that the debates would be straight. He utterly failed in that, and in so much more.

      Priebus ought to resign in disgrace.

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      • Doodahdaze says:

        Hillary hit the reset key with Russia. The RNC, with the leak (on purpose) of the Jeburrito campaign strategery, and the subsequent resignation of the COO, is trying to hit the UNDO key. it is as plain as day and as stupid as can be.


      • Lea says:

        Any honor in Priebus DNA was left on the sheets back in 1971.


  15. joecollins says:

    Behind the scenes, RNC to CNBC “Give Jebbie more questions.” Publically, this weekend Trump invites campaigns to discuss new debate formats. . . does NOT invite RNC. Trump is already the campaign leader.

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    • R-C says:

      You’re right, and it’s a toss-up whether or not the RNC gets it yet.

      Trump is the ONLY candidate on either side of the aisle who is a true leader, the archtypical “Alpha Male”, and the ONLY such being in the race. The others dither and complain, while Trump acts decisively. BIG difference!

      Trump won that CNBC debate weeks before it took place–he hammered them into shortening the format against their will, something the idiot moderator couldn’t admit in public but KNOWS is true.

      And now, Trump is proactively working to fix the broken format, dragging Carson along with him.

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  16. How sad the RNC does not have the brains to have their own stopwatch and intern. Don’t send them a buck.


  17. mscynlynn says:

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  18. stringy theory says:

    I’d say Yebbie Bushito got more than enough time to demonstrate he’s a listless jerk who thought his friends (GOPe/RNC/PACs) would ensure his cakewalk to the nomination. Anyone with a grain of intelligence knows this doofus is done.

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  19. BobNoxious says:

    Apparently Politico has edited the article (w/out correction) after Spicer let them know the comment was 100% false & untrue.

    Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) tweeted at 3:47pm – 30 Oct 15:

    Update: twitter.com/seanspicer/sta… (https://twitter.com/NoahCRothman/status/660196333714841602?s=17)

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    • Concerned says:

      I was just going to post that the article no longer matches Sundance’s quote. But Politico makes no mention of the edit at the bottom of the article, where these things are typically disclosed. Shame on them.

      Sundance’s quote:

      In the middle of the CNBC-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer and chief of staff Katie Walsh approached CNBC officials. According to a source familiar with the encounter, the two had a complaint: Jeb Bush wasn’t getting enough questions.

      Updated Political article:

      In the middle of the CNBC-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer and chief of staff Katie Walsh approached CNBC officials about the amount of speaking time candidates were getting.

      “Several campaigns had a concern about time allotments, we approached CNBC on multiple occasions to give us a read out of times as they promised and they refused,” Spicer said in a statement.

      A CNBC employee who was involved in putting on the debate and with direct knowledge of the conversations, said Spicer and Walsh approached CNBC during the debate, saying they were concerned about time allotments, but that Bush was the only campaign mentioned by name.

      How weird. Spicer says several campaigns had a concern, but the CNBC employee says that only Bush was mentioned by name.

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    • chili palmer says:

      I read the Politico updated version and it doesn’t match with Noah Rothman’s statement at all, ie that the claim was “false.” First, the original claim still remains in the article, ie that RNC intervened during the live debate and only on behalf of Bush. Second, the quote added from RNC’s Spicer doesn’t deny anything. It merely says the RNC spoke to CNBC multiple times on behalf of several campaigns and concerns about allotted speaking times. The quote completely fails to address the worst aspect, which is that intervention was made during the live telecast. It was a non-denial denial. In any case, Noah Rothman is an establishment cheerleader.


  20. phil fan says:

    RNC is the least of our/Trumps worries. They’re done whatever agreement is reached re: “debate” format. Power behind the RNC likely CoC and here’s where the next battles will be fought = the US branch of Globalist cabal with fingers deep in US political system. Our movement aims to root them out and return sovereignty to Americans.

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  21. Doodahdaze says:

    Rinse Pubis spotted.

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  22. Doodahdaze says:

    Once in a lifetime some american comes along that lacks something. I think we have that man in Donald. There is one thing he does not have any of.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      They were hoping they would have Donny on the floor in a fetal position by the weekend.
      Instead he is looking at them in his rearview mirror, twirlin’ his Flippo with Billion $ Grin!

      I feel an SNL Skit coming on…


  23. NHVoter says:


    • Backspin says:

      Courage Is Contagious ,…… ain’t that right jebby ? jeeeebbeee ??


    • Concerned says:

      “For the past 43 years I have strongly supported both pro-life and pro-choice Republicans. I have been honest about my personal position on this issue and deeply respect the views of those who disagree with me,” Duprey wrote.

      I think the Republican Party platform is clear. They are anti-abortion. If individual constituents support legal abortions that’s one thing, but every Party worker should oppose.

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    • three by one says:

      Hopefully their association with the Jeb! debacle will put an end to their careers as political parasites

      “Months before announcing his candidacy, Bush was personally fundraising for his super PAC “Right to Rise,” a move Bush advisers said was legal — despite rules prohibiting coordination between super PACs and official campaigns — because he still had not determined if he would be running for office. But expense information filed with the Federal Election Commission show that much of his campaign’s senior staff were drawing regular checks from “Right to Rise PAC,” an identically named leadership PAC founded by Bush, months before the formal launch of his campaign. Other necessary campaign infrastructure, like media and polling consultants also drew large checks.

      Christine Ciccone has been the chief operating officer for the Jeb Bush campaign since April, according to her LinkedIn profile, though campaign finance records show that Right to Rise PAC paid her more than $40,000 over the same period. On June 22, one week after Jeb Bush officially declared his candidacy, she even received a $1,630 check from Right to Rise PAC as well as a $1,332 check from the official campaign.

      The pattern extends to many of Bush’s senior campaign team, who collected checks from Right to Rise PAC for months until joining the official campaign after his June 15 announcement, including his current director of digital content, head of voter engagement, Hispanic communications director and body man.”

      These bozos always wind up with appointments in DC, where they do even more damage.

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  24. Ziiggii says:

    Jeb Bush’s Chief Operating Officer Quits Campaign Job

    Kabuki Theater 3000 rolls on


  25. NHVoter says:

    David Brooks has become a Rubio fanboy I see, says there aren’t enough white working class voters to elect Trump. Uh…



  26. tz says:

    No, please! please!, give Jeb more airtime. With Rubio he had a really bad self-inflicted wound, which he is going to have trouble recovering from as it is. If he had double the air time his campaign would have gone the way of Rick Perry’s by today.


  27. Bluto says:

    Rove could be the only Moderator.
    Jeb! could be the only candidate.
    Nobody would watch and his poll numbers would still suck.

    They don’t get it. WE. DON’T. WANT. BUSH.

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  28. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    From what I see of the numbers, Jeb was in the middle of the pack in time given. So even if it were his campaign complaining I don’t see what the beef is.


    • Concerned says:

      Right. And he had the same ability to break in and demand time as the others did. It’s his fault for not doing that. And I want to mention that he wasted nearly a minute talking about his “football team” instead of saying something important.


      • keebler AC says:

        Picking basketball brackets worked for Barack so Jeb thought he’d mimic the “successful strategy”. Jeb has much in common with Barack…..which is to say……both are bought for and paid by rich sponsors, both dangerous because of it, both were and are still pot heads, and married to “race card trophy wives” as another common strategy. Conservatives don’t need this kind of “leader”.


        • ThankYou,Treepers says:

          Worthwhile observations here stating one truth after provoking thoughts of another.

          “Picking basketball brackets worked for Barack” because for the last half century in this country we have applauded any black for doing anything less hostile that verbal or physical assault. Our attitude has been “he’s not attacking me or calling me ‘mofo’ so he’s wonderfully delightful compared to how others like him have behaved!”

          Correct plus about “race card trophy wives”. Barky was a little gay white boy until his established him as a black metrosexual and Yeb seems to hope to be seen as both white and brown.


  29. NHVoter says:


  30. sam says:

    The thing about bush is he’s a nice guy and show hesitation when on the attack. Compare to Rubio, this guy will not hesitate to stab anyone in the back to climb up the ladder. You can see how convicted he attack bush and his fist drawn. Rubio is pure evil.


    • Mike says:

      Rubio’s hyperambition doesn’t make Jeb “a nice guy” or victim.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Bush does not give off a “nice guy” vibe at all. He was remembered as a bully by at least two classmates who were smaller build students of 99 lbs. Jeb was a giant and more than the two victims stated that Jeb enjoyed throwing his height around. It makes sense now why Jeb attempts tip toeing and wearing boot heels, and taking up arm space at the debates. Jeb is a dumb bully type. Rubio is smaller and there was a reason he was put next to Jeb probably, but he is a pit bull. He wasn’t going to quietly take flack from his “mentor” and oh, what a lousy mentor Jeb is! It’s lol, irony. It’s almost a domestic fight in public and has an off-putting non-desirable air.


  31. Juan says:

    Their guy’s guy ….

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  32. Ivehadit says:

    From Rasmussen article; “..national telephone survey finds that 31% of Likely Republican Voters think Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee in 2016. Dr. Ben Carson is a distant second at 20%. ”

    Love that “postcard”, Juan!


  33. Mr.Right says:

    Might have been mentioned… but my take after seeing the Bush/Rubio ‘rehearsed’ banter is that Bush is bowing out and giving Rubio a bone.

    Bush is now relegated to be a sacrificial cow for Rubio…
    What I wonder now, can Jeb even stand to be a VP, or even care to be… he does have “better things to do” after all.

    But if Bush is not VP material and Rubio is now the front man… who is the #2 ? Fiorina?

    On that train of thought… Carson does make an attractive VP for Trump because of his numbers, But he is cryptonite for voters outside of the die hard ‘evangelical’ Republican party.
    Cruz might be to ‘big’ for Trump.. but I think Trump would be lucky to have him as VP.


  34. aximand88 says:

    When is the RNC going to learn that no matter how much glitter you put on a turd, it’s still obviously a turd?


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