Saint Louis / Ferguson Church Arsonist Arrested…

Because the church fires were amid black churches, various media including CNN had previously attached a racial component to the arson attacks…

saint louis arsonist 2ST. LOUIS • David Lopez Jackson, 35, was charged Friday afternoon with two in a string of seven church fires this month but authorities say they don’t yet know the motive.

The charges, two counts of second-degree arson, list his address as in the 200 block of Presley Road in the Glasgow Village area of unincorporated St. Louis County. He was held in lieu of $75,000 bail, according to court documents.

Forensic evidence and video of his car link Jackson to the fires, Police Chief Sam Dotson said. A container of gasoline and a Thermos bottle that smelled of gasoline were found in his car, Dotson said.

Asked about a motive, Dotson said, “We’re still trying to understand that.”

Dotson did not specifically accuse Jackson of the other church fires but said he is a suspect, and suggested that further investigation may result in additional charges for additional crimes.

Although the locations of the fires in predominantly African American neighborhoods gave rise to speculation that the motive might be race-related, Jackson is black.  (read more)

saint louis arsonist

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65 Responses to Saint Louis / Ferguson Church Arsonist Arrested…

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Is he a gang member? With all those tattoos


  2. True Colors says:

    Although the locations of the fires in predominantly African American neighborhoods gave rise to speculation that the motive might be race-related

    So sick of this.

    Why is it that any time that anything bad happens to any black person, it is automatically assumed that the motive must have been skin color?

    If a black person beat up another black person and stole his wallet, then the motive will be deemed to be money.

    If a white person beat up a black person and stole his wallet, then the it will be deemed a racially motivated hate crime.


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    • haypa2haypa2 says:

      It may be race related, Jackson may be a self-hating black man, or he hates God/church.

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    • hebejg says:

      well put TC.

      “…authorities say they don’t yet know the motive.”
      it’s about skin color, stupid!
      while evil enough to hatch a scheme to create even more civil unrest in that area by burning black churches, he was not quite smart enough to grasp the concept that security cameras are all over the place now.
      also not smart enough to ditch the damning evidence found in his car.
      this ginger actually figured he could burn his own peoples churches knowing that the press would finish his job for him by creating a “racial” component.
      i saw the story on ABC news thurs. night that said they had a suspect in custody. nothing further.
      i told my wife then “thank God it wasn’t a white dude.”
      no perp description or mugshot?
      i think most everybody here knows what that means.
      i bet the talking heads were really dissappointed when they found out it was black on black.
      kinda like back in the 70s when they discovered it was wayne williams and not a krakker what killed all those poor children around Atlanta.
      gosh, i SURE wouldn’t wanna be him come judgement day.

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  3. Backspin says:

    A Reichstag historian ?

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  4. ScruffyLeon says:

    IMO, It’s still racist…he wanted whites to get blamed for the fire(s). Then again, maybe he didn’t have a motive…he’s just evil.

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  5. You mean it wasn’t some evil white racist asserting his white male privilege and putting those uppity ni66er untermenschen in their place by burning their churches? I’m shocked!

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    • progpoker says:

      Having fun going through all the #WhoIsBurningBlackChurches tweets from the last couple of weeks. #BlackLivesMatter folks casting aspersions on whites for the burnings. Trolling for apologies from the perpetually aggrieved is hilarious!! They are a hateful bunch!!

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      • peachteachr says:

        I saw an article by that pretender Shaun King who claimed to be black, maybe in the NY Daily News today, where he criticized 2 white school girls for wearing the lyrics of a Drake song. No I don’t know who Drake is other than a black rapper and I have never heard the song. It was so ironic to see a pretend black man ask if it was “right” for 2 white girls, 13 or 14, to like a rapper. In what world is this OK for a faux black man to pick on 2 silly teenage girls being silly on Halloween?


  6. angie says:

    If Jackson set the fires so that the White community would get the blame, is that not a race crime? If by setting these fires, animosity arose between Blacks and Whites, is that not a race crime?

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  7. I wonder if Oblamo will come on TV and rap about this?


  8. socabill says:

    Weasel Zippers had this on his radar a few days ago as suspicious.

    Another hate-hoax by a dindu.

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  9. sundance says:


  10. Hetter SteelStroke says:

    Thug deserves a .240grJHP migraine.

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  11. Made in USA says:

    Wonder if this Son of Obama will get an invitation to The White House. I assume he’ll soon be enrolled in the St. Louis Fire Academy NOT to learn how to extinguish blazes but how to successfully ignite conflagrations that destroy entire city blocks (think Philly’s MOVE house).

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  12. froggielegs says:

    LOL Black Thugs Matter seems to be having a rough day. What with this being a black guy who set the fires and hundreds of Spring Valley Students, walking out in support of officer Fields.

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  13. Zhytamyr says:

    All of the neighborhoods that these church burnings took place in, a white could not safely enter & exit at the times that the arsons took place. Moreover, a black not from the neighborhood would a fair chance of getting dead. Anyone from STL could have told the media as much.

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  14. Lea says:

    I like to see race baiters spitting crow feathers! Kindda warms your cockles.

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  15. Arkindole says:

    These are also some real strange arson events. The fires were small (insufficient accelerant or accelerant type), and placed at the bottom of exterior doors near thresholds. Not a lot of damage for most. Cold burning with soot. It’s a message, but for what purpose.

    Good earmark of race hustlers at work.

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  16. e.g.g. says:

    On MSNBC about two Sunday’s ago Melissa hyphen Perry and a Black guest came out and said these arsons were probably White supremacists. Then the bombings were brought up from the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

    Like all the police shootings people make claims before the facts are in.

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  17. Let me help you out with the motive, Mr. Dotson… Ask Al Sharpton and Crystal Magnum.

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  18. So the race hustlers found this Black Hispanic gangster who is no kid to light up a few mini-Reichstags as part of their plan to get whitey? I suppose it’s possible but a weird way to go about it.

    This Dave L. Jackson has been around awhile. What’s his rap sheet? Has he bred a bunch of mini-thugs?


    • jello333 says:

      No, I don’t think Sharpton and his ilk put this guy up to it. I think he decided it on his own, in his warped little mind, that this would be a way to help the BLM types. Of course getting caught (while being black) was not part of his race-baiting plan.


  19. Nanny G says:

    Another phony race crime.
    All that was missing was the ”Helter Skelter” on the wall.

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  20. peachteachr says:

    It is a sad commentary on life today that I read the article and was so relieved it was a black man. Having seen signs that said “Whites Only” as a young girl, I really am surprised to find that in my later life, the strife between the races is the worst I have ever known.


  21. ZurichMike says:

    Black Churches Matter.

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  22. flitetym says:

    “agent provocateur”

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  23. cali says:

    In hoping to blame ‘whitey’ for the black churches burning this black ‘latin king and gang member’ convinced himself that his deed would succeed,
    Framing white americans was his intent all along, although he got caught. If the shoe were on the other foot – a white person would be charged with a ‘hate crime’. He miscalculated badly because he was caught as the culprit which should be highly embarrassing.
    They have no shame and while white americans are the target throughout the US – this time one of their own did the deed.
    There won’t be a Sharpton, Jackson or any of the remaining race hustlers showing up in support of this lunatic although I wouldn’t be surprised if his criminal actions were turned into the usual hate fest while accusing ‘whitey’ causing these problems.
    When black americans go ‘haywire’ during their attempt to frame white americans – it never mounts a hate crime. Black americans can never do any wrong in liberal circles as long as they allow them to be “tools” carrying out their agenda.


  24. John Ross says:

    This is nothing new. On April 16, 1979, a KKK-style cross was burned on the lawn in front of an all-black dorm at Amherst College. This event immediately led to a coalition of student organizations asking that students, staff, and faculty spend an entire day discussing racism on campus and in the area, istead of covering course material in whatever subject was being taught.

    The campus and local police quickly discovered the truth: The cross was constructed IN THE BASEMENT of the all-black dorm, Charles Drew House, by two all-black residents of the dorm, Rob Ellis and Charles Ferrell. The facts of this false-flag plot, including the names of the perpetrators, were reported in major newspapers as far away as Seattle. A Google search for Amherst College Black Residence Hall Cross Burning will turn this up in a few seconds, for those who want more details.

    The facts of these kinds of incidents make the case for an editorial that might be titled “Why Bull Connor Was Right”…

    John Ross
    Amherst ’79


  25. Jeff says:

    Click to access weather%5B1%5D.pdf

    Imagine one day you made up a story where the White House was working together with Marxist radical community organizers, unions (SEIU example ) , funding sources ( Soros @ Tides Foundation ), democrat/ socialists /communists (same thing ) , and the complicit media to recreate the scenario in History by the Wiemar Republic .

    A situation where a plan of “TOP DOWN BOTTOM UP and INSIDE OUT ” such as we saw with Hitler’s BROWN SHIRTS .

    Bringing CRISIS and manufactured CHAO to the people . People would say …” YOUR A WACK-O-BIRD ” or “hobbit ” by the same people furthering this transformation agenda

    and yet if you read the Bill Ayres manifesto from 1969 that the commies are following ,,,you will read it in black and white !! oh the names are not there for the OBTUSE to cast doubts on in full Alinsky mode …..but the tactics and basic plan are what we are seeing today .

    We can add in the gays , illegals , LGBGT , and muslims to their push for revolution behind the mask of civil rights !!

    THIS is even better than the PATRIOTS taping the other teams ..Imagine if they could just READ the game plan ….no need to inflate /deflate your BALLS …you can GROW A SET of your own and read the link !!

    ( note : I think inflate gate and all the attacks on the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS are symbolic of their namesake ( REDSKIN-esq.) and the fact that the owner is a conservative . just like Dan Snyder )


  26. It’s obvious that he is a racist trying to frame conservatives–just like all these other racist hoaxes that make headlines but when they are shown to be a lie, the retractions are buried. When your entire narrative is a lie you have to resort to framing your opponent to try and make the lie fly!!


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