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Globalist Republican Senators (GOPe) Who Voted For Unlimited Spending Bill…

#ColdAnger Here’s the list of “Republican” Senators who voted for an unlimited spending bill through March 2017:

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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“Black Lives Matter” Grievance Activists Take Over Hillary Clinton Rally – “FOR 30 MINUTES”….

Ten to twelve Black Lives Matter protestors took over a Hillary Clinton rally today for almost 30 minutes as event organizers, DNC operatives, and Team Hillary struggled to figure out what to do. CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux is traveling with … Continue reading

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Saint Louis / Ferguson Church Arsonist Arrested…

Because the church fires were amid black churches, various media including CNN had previously attached a racial component to the arson attacks… ST. LOUIS • David Lopez Jackson, 35, was charged Friday afternoon with two in a string of seven … Continue reading

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Trying To Retain Relevance RNC Cancels Future NBC Debates…

With the Carson and Trump campaigns organizing a meeting to discuss future GOP debate issues, the RNC is apoplectic about being cut out of the conversation.  After dropping the candidates into the media meat grinder RNC Chairman Reince Prebius now … Continue reading

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“Their Guy”…

Nail Meet Hammer – Further RNC/GOPe Road Map Evidence – During CNBC debate the RNC complaining Jeb Bush not getting enough debate air time.  This is not Jeb’s campaign complaining, it’s THE RNC: Via Politico […]  In the middle of … Continue reading

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Budgetary Scheme Passes Senate at 3am – Two Year Continuing Resolution With Unlimited Debt Ceiling…

I refuse to call this a “budget deal”, it’s a scheme to extend federal spending until March of 2017 when the next President’s (whoever gets elected next year) legally required federal budget (for fiscal year 2018) is due. 3:00am? …Jackasses! … Continue reading

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