CNBC Republican Presidential Debate – Live Stream Video Link and Open Discussion….

The third debate is being broadcast on CNBC and being held at the Coors Events Center at the University of Colorado Boulder  – Live Broadcast CNBC Stations at 8pm/EST.

Here’s a Live Stream Link:


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1,224 Responses to CNBC Republican Presidential Debate – Live Stream Video Link and Open Discussion….

  1. Alice says:

    Carly: pls don’t mention the secretary to fired CEO again.
    Trump keep going…

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  2. Piper says:

    Trump wins tonight just for showing up and wasting his time!
    Trump 2016!!!!

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      That debate was not worth the price of fuel for the jet.

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    • moogey says:

      Piper, ‘m waiting to see if the Republican National Committee come down on CNBC for a political attack on Republican candidates instead of offering them a national media forum.

      IMO, the RNC could gain a large amount of power if they stood up to these politicized propaganda “debates, but if the RNC/GOPe remain silent about a media that is now a nationalized political weapon, then Trump wins a huge advantage and there will be negotiations about future involvement in debacles such as this.

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  3. TheTorch says:

    TRUMP being interviewed by Hannity in about 2 minutes… after break I think

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  4. Mr.Right says:

    Small comment. But reviewing the intro. Bush look very uncomfortable, Rubio smile looked fake, Fiorina had both trait. Carson also seem like he wasn’t looking forward to this night.

    This was my first impression just looking at facial expressions.

    I wonder if other viewer got the same energy, right from the get go, from those 4 candidates?

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  5. These morons at cnbc just can’t help themselves. I swear it’s a DNA issue at work here. They just had to spew the lie, based on the fraudulent poll based on double sampling and tossing out undesired responses. “Carson is leading national polls”. This is what we are up against – Marxist freedom-haters.

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  6. liberty2828 says:

    Melania was there. So pretty.

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  7. Stinky-Inky says:

    My impressions:
    Kasich: blah, blah, blah, Ohio, blah, blah blah
    Huckabee: funny lines, but not going anywhere
    Bush: The biggest loser
    Mario: Don’t hurt my mommy
    Trump: Still in charge
    Carson: Asleep at the wheel
    Carly: The angry wife, only thing missing is the rolling pin
    Cruz: Hey, he’s friends with Paul
    Christie: Still a bully
    Paul: Selling his filibuster hard
    Did I miss anyone?

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  8. Ivehadit says:

    Trump on Hannity now!

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  9. NJF says:

    Loved trumps conceal and carry answer as well, especially when he seemed to be checking if it was at his waist LOL. And the unpredictable aspect as well.

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  10. Steele81 says:

    Thanks to all the treepers who took one for the team and watched. I know I learned more from yalls great commentary than I could have from watching.

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  11. Electric Head says:

    Trump. Deal with it.

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  12. Plain Jane says:

    I got really upset with the constant commenting on the debate by the guys from InfoWars. Jones and his staff have more to offer than smart alec commenting. That said, I do appreciate that it was live streamed for those of us who don’t have cable that supports the station that aired the debate.

    Also, I’d love to see 3 -5 women libs ask the candidates questions. Can you imagine the potential for cat-fighting among the moderators. Could be hysterical comedy fighting.

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  13. wyntre says:

    So Trump was right on about the unfairness of the debate. Harwood should be demoted.

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    • manickernel says:

      It was so unfair it was parody. And a number of the candidates did a GREAT job of pointing that out. At least to pretty much everyone except the type of audience that flocks to MSNBC or HuffPo, and a lesser extent CNN. Those poor souls are beyond help. Believe me, I watch the comments there just to remind myself how truly brainwashed some people can get. (Not that there are not some on the right, but they are more a curiosity than a threat )

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  14. lovely says:

    Anyone else hear the snide Jeburrito ask Huckabee if his Trump tie was made in Mexico or China. What a small petty jealous dope.

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  15. Maggie says:

    Megyn Kelly set the template for these disgraceful “debates” also, I think that Trump, in a way, liberated the candidates to speak freely for once in their lives by his own honest responses in his campaign.

    Imagine if Romney had responded in this manner with Crowley?

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  16. mscynlynn says:

    This woman is in the tank for Jeb and claims that Trump voters are uneducated. She tweeted this tonight about Trump.

    Trump had to shut down his SuperPAC. I went on the record with the Post that his campaign manager discussed their SuperPAC in 2 mtgs with me— Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus) October 29, 2015



    • JRD says:

      She is a gopE political “insultant” because is PO’d she isn’t making any money.

      It’s okay for the American Middle Class to be out of work but these paid political prostitutes, who rake in a fortune every campaign and don’t give a damn about winning, now that their purse is hurting, it’s a crime.

      I believe the gopE dope worked from Romney last time.

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      • mscynlynn says:

        I didn’t know she was “somebody” and someone retweeted one of her tweets that was link to a Conservative website bashing Trump supporters. I said something to the effect of not understanding why conservatives are turn on their own. She blocked me! LOL I then looked her up and realized that she was GOPe hack.

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    • Concerned says:

      It’s lovely to see the GOPe squirm but try to hide it.


  17. wyntre says:

    Newsbusters weighs in:

    “The CNBC moderators acted less like journalists and more like Clinton campaign operatives. What was supposed to be a serious debate about the many issues plaguing our economy was given up for one Democratic talking point after another served up by the so-call ‘moderators.’ They clearly war-gamed this thinking that a relentless series of personal attacks on the candidates would somehow drive their ratings and help Hillary Clinton.

    The CNBC debate will go down in history as an encyclopedic example of liberal media bias on stage. The audience roared its disdain for these so-called ‘journalists,’ and all of America heard it. CNBC should be embarrassed for their pitiful display of partisan liberal media bias and apologize to the GOP candidates and the American people.”

    See more at:

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  18. Just_me says:

    Seeing comments that Cruz did well. Yes Cruz slammed the media and moderators and he slammed them hard. Other than that, I was not impressed with his answers. He just can’t seem to communicate in a way that makes him ‘relatable’. Just me or do others get the same impression? That being said, Ted is perfect for the SCOTUS.

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    • Rene says:

      I have a problem with him. Someone mentioned his odd pauses between words make him seem phoney. I know he Is a fighter, but he never seems to accomplish anything. So I wonder if most of it is just for show.


      • Wiggy says:

        When you or your friends speak, how many times do you or them say “and uh” or “uh” or “like” or some other utterance? In Toastmasters you learn to pause silently rather than use those lazy phrases in public speaking. I know, I got the “Ah Master” award for a 6th month period for using those too often in my speeches. The trophy was a little guy with a big open mouth. When you get an award like that among all your friends it teaches you to use the silent pauses. Perhaps Cruz learned that lesson too. So did he do this because of training or because he had a problem thinking of what he would say? Be fair.

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    • conservalicious says:

      I think it must be said that Cruz has mad debate skills, no wonder Alan Dershowitz said he was brilliant. He is not my candidate, but come on..he was great tonight.

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    • manickernel says:

      Actually he is more “relateable” to me than Trump, but he is encumbered by his “evangelical” following. The two of them together would be awesome.

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    • amjean says:

      He talks down to people.

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    • 4 brutaltruth says:

      Agree, he did an awesome job of slamming the media, but the talk of his dad is old. Scouts or veep would be great for him, or attorney general


  19. justfactsplz says:

    Man, oh man, I couldn’t switch channels fast enough when this fiasco finally ended. Trump doing good now on Hannity. He won the debate. Cruz was second.

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  20. Raffaella says:

    Any one know besides Drug what are other on line polls this evening?. I want to vote for Trump.

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  21. R-C says:

    CNBC Poll: Trump.
    Right Scoop Poll: Trump
    Drudge Poll: Trump.

    Guess that settles that.


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  22. deqwik2 says:

    Frank Luntz focus group dials hits 98 with Ted Cruz’s attack on media bias & said
    “That’s the highest score we’ve ever measured. EVER. #GOPDebate”. He also said group broke out in applause for Cruz.
    The second highest was Rubio’s remark about media being Super Pac.


  23. lovemyAmerica says:

    Overall….I gotta say everyone did a good job…they left the moderators in the dust…loved it.
    Wish Mr. trump had some more time to speak..and the question to him about bankruptcies was stupid….
    Trump is talking right now about corporations bringing money back into the country..just dawned on me that Mr trump KNOWS these people personally that own the corporations he’s talking about…heh heh…..

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  24. sandraopines says:

    My take

    Trump: Wins… He did everything Trumptastic. He was himself and said what needed to be said. He was nice and even helped Carson and winked at him. Very nice

    Carson: stumbled some.. very hard to follow but perhaps my feeble mind is unable to follow. Whateva

    Cruz: Did very well

    Lots of cool Zings

    Losers of the night: MEDIA… they were blasted by I think every candidate. YAY The media sux! Also the moderators who I thought were ridiculous at best.

    Thank God that is over. I will await the spin from the media braincells… that I could care less about. I have low expectations for their “opinions”

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  25. rashamon says:

    For the viewer, death by a billion tiny cuts.

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  26. wyntre says:

    At the Republican debate hosted by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado Wednesday night, presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted the moderators, particularly John Harwood of The New York Times, and the media for their treatment and characterization of himself and his competitors.

    “The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Cruz at Wednesday’s Republican debate. “Everyone home tonight knows that the moderators have no intention of voting in a Republican primary.”

    Cruz later went tete-a-tete with Harwood, a CNBC contributor, for cutting him off and wanting to move on.

    “Congressional Republicans, Democrats and the White House are about to strike a compromise that would raise the debt limit, prevent a government shutdown, and calm financial markets of the fear that a Washington crisis is on the way. Does your opposition to it show you’re not the kind of problem-solver that American voters want?” CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla asked the presidential candidate.

    “Let me say something at the outset,” the Senator from Texas said. “The questions asked in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media.”

    “This is not a cage match. And you look at the questions — Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson, can you do math? John Kasich, will you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues,” Cruz said to commanding applause from the audience.

    “Do we get credit for this one,” Quintanilla asked Cruz?

    “And Carl, I’m not finished yet. The contrast with the Democratic debate, where every thought and question from the media was, which of you is more handsome and why?” Cruz asked and then paused to cough.

    “You have 30 seconds left to answer should you choose to do so,” Quintanilla told the candidate.

    “Let me be clear,” Cruz said. “The men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense, than ever participant in the Democratic debate. That debate reflected a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.”

    “Nobody believes that the moderators have any intention of voting in a Republican primary,” Cruz said.

    “The questions being asked shouldn’t be trying to get people to tear into each other, it should be what are your substantive solutions to people at home,” Cruz said before getting cut off.

    “I asked you about the debt limit and got no answer,” Quintanilla said.

    “You want an answer to that question?” Cruz asked. “I’d be happy to answer your question.”

    Cruz was interrupted this time by John Harwood who said “we’re moving on.”

    “Senator [Rand] Paul, I’ve got a question for you,” Harwood said in his attempt to move on.

    “So you don’t actually want to hear the answer, John?” Cruz called out the anchor. “You don’t want to hear the answer, you just want to incite insults.”

    “You used your time on something else,” a dismissive Harwood said.

    “You’re not interested in an answer,” Cruz scolded.

    “I’m interested in an answer from Senator Paul,” Harwood retorted.

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    • nimrodman says:

      Thanks for that transcript, appreciate not having to search for nor listen to that exchange – plus, I can save the text to a file.


  27. TheTorch says:

    Trump won the CNBC Instant Poll by quite a margin, I know its not a real poll, but still interesting…

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  28. R-C says:

    CNBC Poll: Trump 46%; Carson 7.2%
    Right Scoop Poll: Trump 48%; Carson 2.7%
    Drudge Poll: Trump 66%; Carson 3%.

    So much for the so-called “Carson Surge”.

    (Back to the old White Board, Rove.)

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    • NJF says:

      Rove must be freaking… time we see him he’ll be guzzling Malox a la Rubio and his water bottle, and there will be noticeable red patches on his head from where he’s pulled his hair out.

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      • Piper says:

        NJF- hahahahahah! I hope that fat pile of dog poo chokes on it!!! I sent that wanker an email and told him exactly what I thought of him- and it FELT GREAT!

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  29. Trust No One says:

    I just saw this picture. Dang, he WAS wearing lifts! Hope link works

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  30. videoviewer says:

    Tonight a number of candidates admirably said that any of their fellow candidates would be better than a Dem, and specifically Hillary, in the presidential elections. Did Jeb say this? Would Jeb say this? He should be asked repeatedly this question and it should dog him everywhere he goes.

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  31. JoeS says:

    Anyone want to speculate on what Trump’s tweets will be?

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  32. wyntre says:

    Here’s my spread:
    1 -Cruz
    2 -Trump
    3 -Christie
    4 – Rubio
    5 – Huckabee
    6 – Paul
    7 – Carson
    8 – Fioriana
    9 -Jeb
    10 – Kasich

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  33. G. Robert says:

    I thought Rubio won the debate tonight and he did pretty well. Ted Cruz is second. Trump did okay but not great. No offense Trump supporters. And like everybody said “Better luck next time”.

    Bush and Kasich are dead last!


    • Mike says:

      Oratically Rubio did pretty well, but his positions suck and he cut Senate votes that Cruz made. Cruz didn’t have the baggage while delivering standout performance. Trump had strategic wins by his presence and calmer demeanor with well timed statements. Good leadership involves timing and presence, not having to fight each word, too.


  34. wyntre says:

    A furious Reince Priebus came out right after the CNBC debate was over for the sole purpose of blasting the moderators in a statement to the media, for giving what he called ‘one gotcha question, one personal low blow after the other.’

    Priebus said he is proud of the candidates for sticking together tonight in a hostile environment but he’s very disappointed in the moderators and the CNBC network.

    Read more:

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  35. Mollie says:

    Best debate ever. Candidates wiped the floors with the commentators. Nice to see a republican stand up for themselves for a change. Wonder how many pinnochios the commentators told tonight.


  36. sam says:

    Trump did answer wrong regarding H1B visa contradicting his immigration plan. In his immigration plan he say he was in favor of reducing or adding top line wages to H1B to make it more competitive with local wages and maybe have requirement to hire people in USA first.

    He probably confuse with VISA for top student from Harvard and Yale that wanted to stay here etc. His speech always state that he wanted top foreign student and professional have expedited immigration process if they wanted to stay.

    I feel like Jeb is done after today’s debate after Rubio bashed him. This will be dangerous because Rubio might take Jeb supporters.

    Cruz also did good bashing the moderators and after that the audience BOO any questions that was unfair other candidates start refusing to answer some questions also.

    CNBC Loss and Jeb Bush Loss. Trump probably would stay the same..


  37. sam says:

    As for the bankruptcy questions, they keep bringing this up when it’s not personal bankruptcy. Fox brought it up the first time and CNBC still bringing this up again. Normal people that are uneducated will not understand between personal and corporate bankruptcy.

    Seem they want to sway voters that don’t understand

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  38. SharonKinDC says:

    Hehehehe. TeamCarson trying to trump Trump and make demands… Good luck w/ that. Trump is the alpha, he sets the pace.


    • Mike says:

      What ? From “low energy” to a “no show” against Trump, Cruz and Rubio (whom I don’t like policy-wise)? It would be a poor communication choice.

      “Carson, who ?”

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