CNBC Republican Debate – Full Debate Video…

Here’s the debate video. Will be back with more thoughts and analysis, but wanted to get the video up for those who may have missed all or part:

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202 Responses to CNBC Republican Debate – Full Debate Video…

  1. sam says:

    Trump took the time in Nevada Rally to address and clear up H1B visa, take was quick. It probably pre planned by Trump teams to quell the misunderstanding and move on before it got out of hand. Good Job Mr. Trump.


  2. Rebel Mope says:

    Video is now down, citing NBC News content Copyright. Huh. Wonder why that is, aren’t these debates supposed to be like a public service?


    • tuesdayschild15 says:

      Well hell, I watched a small part of the debate last night but had to get some sleep before it was over. I was going to finish watching here, but those a holes took it down. Why? I’m sure they realize that their machinations are too obvious? Are they so far gone that they think they can still hide things after the fact?

      Is there another place where I can watch the debate?


  3. jetstream says:

    You can still watch the whole debate here:

    I believe Alex Jones got around the CNBC copyright protection by using the fair use exception. They formatted their video coverage as commentary on the news. That permitted them to record their commentary while also capturing the whole debate. Clever, but legally debatable. In any case their video is still up.

    Kasich segment begins at 30:22
    Trump attacks at 32:22
    Kasich’s floundering defense at 33:12
    Trump slowly and deliberately turns to Carson and winks at 33:19
    Carson responds to Kasich at 33:57

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  4. JImm Hoorowoitz says:

    These videos are ALL down or inactive. CNBC is trying to censor this. Kindly upload and spread this video.


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