“Black Lives Matter” Began As Fraud From Both The “Movement” and The Media…


Frances Robles - legal collectionIronically were it not for Frances Robles writing a Miami Herald article on March 26th 2012 an entire chain of events would not have taken place.

It was that Robles article, and the outlining of the Miami-Dade School Police Department’s report on a Trayvon Martin incident from October 2011, that kicked off an internal investigation by M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley against his own officers to find out who leaked the police report.

[Note: The Miami-Dade Public School System has its own Police force, and Chief, who report to the School Board and Superintendent – Not the Police Dept. The Police Chief is appointed by the School Superintendent, in this example, Alberto Carvalho]

October 2011

It was that M-DSPD internal affairs investigation which revealed in October 2011 Trayvon Martin was searched by School Resource Officer, Darryl Dunn. The search of Trayvon Martin’s backpack turned up at least 12 pcs of ladies jewelry, and a man’s watch, in addition to a flat head screwdriver described as “a burglary tool”.

When Trayvon was questioned about who owned the jewelry and where it came from, he claimed he was just holding it for a “friend”. A “friend” he would not name.

Later, after the police report was outlined in the Robles article, and despite Trayvon being suspended for the second time in a new school year, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, said Trayvon’s dad, Tracy Martin, and Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, did not know anything about the jewelry case.

It was only as a consequence of the M-DSPD internal affairs investigation that “why” they may not have known came to light.

Martin Clan 2

On October 21st 2011 a burglary took place a few blocks from Krop Senior High School where Trayvon Martin attended. The stolen property outlined in the Miami-Dade Police Report (PD111021-422483) matches the descriptive presented by SRO Dunn in his School Police report 2011-11477.

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin

However, there was ONE big issue. SRO Dunn never filed a criminal report, nor opened a criminal investigation, surrounding the stolen jewelry. Instead, and as a result of pressure from M-DSPD Chief Hurley to avoid criminal reports for black male students, Dunn wrote up the jewelry as “found items”, and transferred them, along with the burglary tool, to the Miami-Dade Police property room where they sat on a shelf unassigned to anyone for investigation.

A separate report of “criminal Mischief” (T-08809) was filed for the additional issue of writing “WTF” on a school locker. [It was the search for the marker used to write the graffiti that led to the backpack search].

The school discipline, “suspension”, was attached to the graffiti and not the stolen jewelry.

oCTOBER 2011 - 1

The connections between the Police Burglary report and the School Report of “found items” were never made because the regular police detective in charge of the Burglary case had no idea the School Police Dept. had filed a “found items” report.

Two differing police departments, and the School Officer, Dunn, intentionally took the criminal element out of the equation – instead preferring “school discipline” and not “criminal adjudication”.

It was only when the M-DSPD Internal Affairs investigation kicked in, and six officers gave sworn affidavits, the manipulative scheme to improve criminal statistics within the School System were identified openly.

School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho gave his hire, Police Chief Hurley, instructions to reduce the criminal behavior of young black males. The chosen strategy between them, to insure optical success, was to stop using the Criminal Justice System to punish black student behavior. Instead they instructed the School Resource Officers to use school discipline in place of criminal justice.


Former M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley with son and wife

Another approach was the use of The Baker Act, to quantify behaviors under health HIPPA law secrecy by assigning the students with psychological problems. This allowed them to again use school discipline and work around criminal reports.

Without the reports, the statistics would improve immensely; And improve they did.

M-DSPD Media Advisory - Copy

The final approach, to insure no-one would find out about the manipulation, was to change the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for inter-agency information sharing.

This new SOP was outlined by a communications directive in 2010 forbidding the sharing of Miami-Dade School Police reports to outside agencies without redaction. Officers had to send any and all requests through the public information officer.

Hence, the furor of Chief Hurley when the Robles article hit the press and cited police reports – Hurley smelled a leaker and launched an investigation.

Ultimately the internal affairs investigation initiated by Hurley led to his own firing, because the officers questioned told the internal affairs investigators the truth of what was going on and outed the scheme.

One of the examples of this in action was the jewelry incident and Trayvon Martin – as accidentally outlined in the Herald report. But the Herald never knew their reporting had launched an internal affairs investigation which led to the collapse of the scheme.

Meanwhile the stolen jewelry from the burglary (PD111021-422483) was sitting on a shelf in the Property Room listed as (2011-11477 “found items) gathering dust.

Until we started digging, and the FOIA requests revealed not only the scheme, but the fact a victim was never made whole with the return of their items.

That is, until now.

[In 2013] we contacted Detective Manresa, assigned to the burglary case, of the Miami-Dade Police Department to notify him some of his victims’ stolen items were actually in the Miami-Dade property room:

Subject: Attn: Detective Omar Manresa [RE: PD111021-422483 Burglary at XXXX XX XXXXX]

Dear Detective Manresa,

Per phone conversation of 4/30/13 @ 10:20am regarding burglary incident #PD111021-422483

During the course of research surrounding an internal affairs M-DSPD investigation in March/April of 2012 it coincidentally came to our attention that School Resource Officer Darryl Dunn (Dr. Krop Senior High School) filled out a report of items from a student’s backpack without criminal attachment.

The internal documentation used by SRO Dunn only listed the contents of the backpack as “found items” and a burglary tool. He was trying to avoid subjecting the student [Trayvon Martin] to a criminal investigation, therefore no criminal report, nor investigation was initiated.

This action by SRO Dunn was taken at the direction and request of former M-DSPD Police Chief Hurley who had advised his officers to avoid writing criminal reports on student offenders; Apparently in an attempt to artificially improve the recorded criminal student statistics.

The internal report #2011-11477 never attached the stolen property to the student who was carrying it when searched. The property was taken to the custody of Carmen Gonzalez, Property Specialist, where it was held, and still should be located.

The details surrounding this event are outlined in the following sworn affidavits completed by members of the Miami-Dade School Police Department. (they are extensive)







As mentioned, if you contact the victim of Miami-Dade burglary #PD111021-422483, and review with them the property confiscated by M-DSPD SRO Dunn listed under #2011-11477, we believe you will be able to return at least a portion of the stolen merchandise.

Perhaps some of the items returned may have sentimental, as well as obvious financial, value.

Right is Right Even If Nobody Does it; and Wrong is Wrong, even if Everybody Does it…

Martin Clan

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60 Responses to “Black Lives Matter” Began As Fraud From Both The “Movement” and The Media…

  1. joshua says:

    is this what they mean by “pigs in a blanket?” in the BLM chants


  2. Jett Black says:

    Was the property ever ID’d/returned to the burglary victim(s), or did it just end up in the Miami-Dade evidence and property slush fund?

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  3. Josh says:

    Because of you and your research, sundance, the victim gets their stuff back? Kudos!

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  4. Backspin says:

    And Fake the Nation on Sunday was still pushing the BLM – Mike Brown was ” murdered ” LIE.
    All facts and independent investigations , Ignored ! ( Push the narrative John DICKerson )

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  5. be says:

    The e’s GOP and Rat will not be happy until they have a national police force and unrest .. thus martial law

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    • Backspin says:

      DICKersons bio on wikipedia shows he is a beltway creature from Waaayyy back.

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    • Someone on Breitbart pointed me to this article. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up:



      • nimrodman says:

        And here’s an example from that article of what police have to deal with these days:

        “Law enforcement agencies should implement training for officers that covers policies for interactions with the LGBTQ population, including issues such as determining gender identity for arrest placement …”

        Uhhh … yeah … o…………kay.

        “We got ‘cher LGBTQBLTSLFKT but we only got holding cells marked “men” and “women”. Which one do you choose?”

        Doesn’t seem to require a lot of “training” to me.

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        • nimrodman says:

          But then I guess my approach doesn’t allow you to field an army of “diversity trainers” at six-figure salaries each … at taxpayer expense, of course.

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        • lorac says:

          No penises in women’s bathrooms or jail cells. There are straight men who like dressing up as women so they would be a threat to the women. And even those who don’t normally do it, could do it specifically to get access to a woman’s space to find victims. This is just putting women at risk – 52% of the population at risk to benefit what tiny percentage of the population? Just.not.right.

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          • nimrodman says:

            So Caitlyn will have to put her makeup on in the Mens’ room, I guess


            • lorac says:

              Yes! 52% of the population are women – it’s ridiculous that we should be put in potential danger to make a teeny tiny percentage of the population feel bad having to go in the men’s room.


  6. Optimus Maximus says:

    Makes one wonder exactly how many criminal incidents are never “solved” due to misreporting in this fashion. You would think the police, whose salaries and retirement are paid for by the taxpayer, would have as their first loyalty, solving taxpayer reported crimes. Instead, we get this “social justice” numbers game designed not to solve crimes, but to “improve” the statistics on crime at our already failing schools. Hey, here’s an idea, bring back discipline in the schools, teach the three “Rs” (reading, writing, & arithmetic), expel the misbehaving, and let the chips fall where they may.

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    • realitycheck6 says:

      “bring back discipline in the schools, teach the three “Rs” (reading, writing, & arithmetic), expel the misbehaving,’ … most classrom teachers believe in exactly this.


    • Jett Black says:

      A ton. If it’s not to white wash a school, it’s to improve a city, department, or even a particular police unit’s stats. Sometimes, it’s just laziness–a lot of rapes went uninvestigated in my town, due to cops just being too lazy to bother to take the vics to the local trauma unit er to get rape kits done. Unless the vic could give them a solid ID on the perp, they’d just mark it as a “call for service,” “NAT,” and gone. Citizens busted that by monitoring dispatch. Had to have a degree in ebonics to catch most of what dispatch said. Thankfully, that sunlight changed things for the better–still a long way to go, but better.

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  7. Terry in GA says:

    This video is the FBI Director speech today about hashtag crimes.

    My comment was similar to yours, but without all the backup evidence. 😦

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  8. Anubis says:

    Marine recruitment center shooting. Comments say black gunman.


    • Donald Joy says:

      I read all the Disqus comments below that article, none said black male gunman. One said black male driving a car past. The article described white male gunman at scene who shot himself in the head.


  9. Donald Joy says:

    Trayvon would probably be alive if he’d been prosecuted for his crimes and confined to a detention facility instead of out casing homes and polar bear hunting.

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      That is what is so sad about most of the deaths of these young blacks. Their parents and their parent’s parents have been too busy making excuses for why they should be able to do what they do, instead of doing something about their illegal and immortal actions.
      Instead of teaching their children love and good morals, most of them have been teaching them hate, and to take what ever they want from others.
      What makes it all even worse is that we now have a man that sits in the White House that condones the actions of these people, even defending them to America and the world. Along with condoning these thugs, he has pretty much taken away the rights of legal upright Americans and is going for all the Constitutional rights of Legal upright Americans. Then to top it of this man is breaking the financial back of our country and its legal citizens. (If you have noticed I have done my best to not use his name).

      Trump 2016–

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      • ThankYou,Treepers says:

        “That is what is so sad about most of the deaths of these young blacks. Their parents and their parent’s parents have been too busy making excuses for why they should be able to do what they do, instead of doing something about their illegal and immortal actions.”

        Black parents traumatize their children by their own promiscuous immorality which is the farthest thing from the parents’ stable union each child needs, then they blame whitey when their children act out self-destructively.

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    • Josh says:

      Exactly. Train up a child in the way he should go.

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  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    Our country is so VERY screwed up. We are supposed to bow down and kiss the A$$es of criminals and thugs due to something that they created for themselves over 200 years ago back in their own homeland. It doesn’t matter how immoral they get or what laws they break we are somehow supposed to look the other way while they do whatever they want. Then to top it of we are also supposed to support this ethnic group’s every need with all our taxes.
    Then there are all the Illegals (criminals) and Muslim refugees that Obama has pretty much been bringing into our country. These Illegals/Criminals and Muslim Refugees are costing American taxpayers way over 1/2 a trillion dollars year in governmental payouts. (Actually if you look at the stipends that refugees get on top of the special training and welfare, its more like a trillion dollars we are spending on Illegals/Criminals and Refugees.).
    Then on top of the money these people (blacks, Illegals & Muslim Refugees) are costing us, they have NO respect for America, Americans or decent morals.
    Actually if you look at what is happening to all the European countries, it’s looking very much like its more than just our country that is screwed. The Muslim refugees going into the other countries are not families but male Muslim invaders that have other plans for the European countries they have entered,. Sadly it’s only just recently that the citizens of these countries have realized that these refugees are not there for safety but to destroy their country and its people. H3LL their governments don’t seem to care what happens to their people or finances.
    Look at the Welfare stats guys. Over 75% of blacks and 75% of Illegals are on welfare. Way over 2/3s of our welfare rolls are Illegals and blacks. I
    Then look are the murder rates in our country. Over 50% of murders are committed by blacks who barely 13% of the population.
    If they actually did the demographics right we probably find that true legal American Caucasians make up for way less than 1/4 of the murder stats and people on welfare in our country.
    So when the H3LL do we start using our American taxes paid for by Americans to take care of our country and good law abiding Americans. (Rant over for now).
    May the good Lord help and protect our country and all good upright legal American citizens.
    Trump 2016 (praying it’s not too late.).

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  11. Clc says:

    I wonder why the school officer didn’t inquire with the local police if a burglary hadn’t been reported near the school. you can tell them what you found the student with and if it matches any open case then charges would come from local police and not the school. you can go around the chief without him ever knowing.

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  12. jello333 says:

    To those of you who weren’t here at the Treehouse during the GZ/TM case, this post by Sundance is but a small part of the amazing, IMPORTANT research he has done on that case… research that actually had a real impact on the case itself (and more broadly, understanding of the BGI and BLM). When you have time, I suggest you go back and at least skim through some of the many posts (and comments) to get an idea of why the Pulitzer Prize emblem should, by all rights, be on the Treehouse front page.

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    • beth60497 says:

      I tried doing this when I first landed here during the Mike Brown investigation. I’m in STL and have people directly impacted in that case.
      It is very overwhelming.. the amount of posts to read thru. Can you point me to a post that discusses the connection that DIwannaman (sp?) found. I have hear Sundance reference that finding but don’t know it.


    • kinthenorthwest says:

      GZ/TM is what brought me in..

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  13. If we still had the draft alot of these kids would not be in prison or dead

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    • nimrodman says:

      I’m not sure you want to try and staff a modern army with surly, uncooperative, racist miscreants. Unless you’re gonna cure them of all that in basic.


  14. czarowniczy says:

    Fraud…realistic news-fiction…fraud…realistic news-fiction..potayto…potahto. News isn’t just reporting it’s taking a situation that the public doesn’t realize is important and adjusting the narrative so that it becomes more….palatable, sorta like how they make (they do?) tofu edible.
    Again, pub;lic doesn’t want reality – it can’t handle reality – it wants easily digested, prechewed entertainment. If the public really wanted to be informed they’d bloody well be storming the gates at the networks’ Hqs demanding INFORMATION!!!!! Perhaps we’d have gotten farther on the Benghazi hearings had they been scored by Andrew Lloyd Webber and choreographed by Bob Fossee: “Come, on now Gowdy, one…two…three…KICK, one…two…three…KICK! Hillary, a little more throat, please, you can do falsetto better than that!”

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  15. kallibella says:

    It is such a shame to cheat children of the benefits of disciplines and consequences. The lack of accountability leads to irresponsible, immoral and criminal behavior in many cases.
    Thank you Sundance for another great article!


  16. tz says:

    What really bothers me is that Trayvon Martin was a thug and was shot while beating George Zimmerman, and it had nothing to do with race.
    The evil is we aren’t taking things on their merits. There are bad cops. Racism might or might not be a factor. But BLM is split where there are two teams who don’t care what happened, don’t want justice, but only care if B stands for black or blue.


    • jello333 says:

      Oh, it had something to do with race all right… just not from the direction the MSM and others portrayed. Look at Trayvon’s social media, look at his family’s social media, look at their friends’ social media… what do you notice? That’s right, virtually ZERO non-black people. In this country that’s nearly impossible to do by sheer chance, so it must be by choice. And there’s a word for that, for making sure all your friends and acquaintances are of only one race.

      What’s that word again?

      Trayvon attacked George for many reasons, but maybe the top one was that George was (perceived to be) white.

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  17. Just Sayin says:

    So, one of the big complaints you hear these days is that black kids are subjected to disproportionate amounts of school discipline and that the answer must be white racism among teachers and administrators (and anyone will tell you if you’re trying to find a bunch of right-wing racists, public school teachers unions are the place to look /sarcasm).

    Based on this report, is it possible that one of the causes of disproportionate school discipline for black students is that administrators are trying to conceal criminal behavior by blacks and labeling it as school discipline instead? I wonder how much that throws off the statistics on discipline?

    I have a solution to the disparate impact of school discipline problem! Stop classifying black criminal behavior as school misbehavior! See, problem solved. Damn, I’m good. Next, I’ll solve the problem of childhood obesity.


  18. lovely says:

    But Gentle Ben Carson relates to Trayvon….

    An excerpt from his book;


    “I can remember times when I would be walking in a white neighborhood and in short order a police car would show up, undoubtedly summoned by a concerned onlooker.”


  19. Shaun Dolezal King is at it again, stirring up more unrest about a white school resource who had to physically remove a disruptive student who simply refused to obey the officer. She arrogantly tried to ignore him by clinging to her seat, so he turned the seat/desk over and drug her out of it.

    Just another example of an unruly student who thinks she’s above the rules and can do whatever she pleases, but expects no consequences what so ever. Naturally, Shaun King has the slanted viewpoint of the Black Lies Matter crowd:

    The video shows the officer removing a student who was disruptive and refused to leave class, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott told multiple media outlets.

    “The video then shows the student resisting and being arrested by the” officer, Lott said.



  20. justfactsplz says:

    I’m glad you posted this Sundace. It helps people to see how deep this evil is rooted with the BLM movement.

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  21. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    This is exactly what happens in most school systems all across the country today. Certain groups are not held accountable for anything they do and so they end up later as criminals — for the simple fact that no mater what they did they got away with it. If this bad behavior is stopped when you are young then there is an excellent chance you will grow up right!

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  22. Sentient says:

    Interestingly, I heard today on NPR (I listen to it so you guys don’t have to) a clip of this FBI director saying that cops finding themselves wading into a crowd of (black) youths videoing with their cell phones while taunting the cops is causing police to rethink even getting out of their cars, thereby causing the recent increase in crime. The clip above is much more PC and carefully crafted. The one they played on NPR was more candid. It made me wonder who this FBI Director is. He maybe getting a good talking-to by Obama.


  23. mickie says:

    I am amazed that someone gave shaun king a job. What a joke he is! Makes me sick.


    • jello333 says:

      Shaun “Am too!” King is like a superhero at Daily Kos. Whether you like the place or not, at one time it truly had some influence. Now though… it’s pretty much a laughing stock, even among some of the old-timers who are still there. (And no, you couldn’t pay me enough to go back there. 😉 )


  24. Jessie Turner says he understands the black lives matter expression vs all lives matter conflict; but he says if blacks are trying to make a statement about black lives, they should be also concerned about ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER because millions of black babies being murdered and body parts sold by Planned Parenthood. Says BLM is a fraud and comes straight out of the Dem socialist agenda.


  25. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Excellent sustained coverage.
    If anyone digs deep, you find out the origin. Marxists do not like our prevailing society. They want to bring it down however they can. They went to, and continue to go to, the Black community with the intention of fomenting dissention in society. They point out racism and slavery, then advocate that society is “against” the black community, and each and every member of the black community is “owed” something.

    The Marxists then go to the overall society, point to some black protesters, and claim: “see your legacy? You need to make amends, or else you are the same as the slave-holders and the KKK.”

    Many of us know that this game falls on deaf ears in the Black community. It seems that Black citizens end up having the full spectrum of views, from being absolutely American with family Values and Work Ethic (our society, hated) to holding little bits of this “oppression/legacy/owed” story, to outright being counter-cultural.

    I encourage people to keep exploring various lines of Marxist thought and influence in the U.S. When I finally got around to reading Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” from the 1950s, I was surprised to see this process reflected so well in a piece of fiction.

    Black lives do matter. But this focused social movement is just a cover for the steady, 100+ year campaign, consistently documented from their side, to bring down our society, and you will see this only if you grasp the concept and begin looking for it, across history.

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  26. During a February 2014 on-air discussion about “Gangsta Culture” with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett (Google search discussion), Bill O’Reilly intelligently and compassionately talks about America’s expanding and shameful National Epidemic of Child Abuse & Neglect, aka “Poverty”, that for decades has deprived countless children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    Besides O’Reilly and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, how many Americans are addressing this topic that is at the core of most all the issues and social problems many Americans of African descent are today experiencing?

    Speaking At The Eulogy For The Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney, President Barack Obama said:

    “Perhaps it causes us to examine what we’re doing to cause some of our children to hate.” (Applause.)

    Video Excerpt from Obama Remarks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T_GwYI7MnQ

    With all due respect to my American neighbors supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, I believe your cause would better serve all Americans if your organization were to honestly, openly and compassionately address our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect, aka Poverty, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of depressed children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    I strongly suggest members of the Black Lives Matter target communities that for decades have embraced The Street Culture Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham desperately struggled to keep her young teen son from embracing.

    In his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance titled “I”, Kendrick Lamar writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”

    During a January 20, 2011 LAWeekly interview (Google search) Kendrick, born in 1987, the same year songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and VICTIM DENIAL that was nominated for a Grammy award, he told the interviewer:

    “Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. “My mom’s one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says.”

    “I’m 6 years old, seein’ my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin’ dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.'”

    It seems evident to me Kendrick identified the source of his depression, the roots of poverty, the child abuse/maltreatment that prevented him, his brothers, sisters, cousins, neighborhood friends, elementary and JHS classmates from enjoying a fairly happy, safe Average Joe and Josie American kid childhood.

    Seems the adults responsible for raising the children in Kendrick’s immediate and extended family placed obstacles in their children’s way, causing their kids to deal with challenges and stresses young minds are not prepared to deal with…nor should they or any other children be exposed to and have to deal with.

    It seems evident to me these PARENTAL INTRODUCED obstacles and challenges cause some developing children’s minds to become tormented and go haywire, not knowing OR NOT CARING ABOUT right from wrong…because as they mature, young victims of child abuse realize their parents introduced them to a life of pain and struggle, totally unlike the mostly safe, happy life the media showed them many American kids were enjoying. RESENTMENT

    I cannot speak for anyone else, but if I was raised in Kendrick’s family I would most likely be silently peeved at my parents for being immature irresponsible “living wild” adults who deprived me of a safe, happy childhood.

    Though like many victims of child abuse, most likely I would deny my parents harmed me, seeking to blame others for the pain my parents caused to me.

    I wonder how little Kendrick and his classmates reacted when their elementary school teacher introduced the DARE presenter and they learned about the real dangers of drugs and how they harm people, including their parents? Cognitive Dissonance

    Growing up during the 60-70s I listened to virtually ALL American music artists of African descent writing songs admiring, praising, respecting and loving the maternal half of our population.

    I am curious to know if members and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have wondered why for the past three decades, many popular American music performers of African descent have been characterizing the maternal half of our population as *itches and *hores…essentially less than human creatures or people not worthy of respect?

    Honestly, I have a feeling most BLM supporters don’t have the strength or will to face the truth about who is responsible for filling our prisons with depressed, angry, frustrated, sometimes suicidal teens and young men who were victims of early childhood abuse and neglect at the hands of immature teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring the skills, PATIENCE and means to properly raise a fairly happy American kid who enjoys a Safe Fun Street to play in.

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke offers sound advice to all Americans, “Fix the ghetto!”

    I’m with Sheriff Clarke. I believe we also need to re-examine society’s child protection and welfare laws.

    I am hoping when camera technology proves its worth in protecting police officers, as well as identifying officers who require further training or officers who have no business serving the public in a LE capacity, we will use that same technology to protect children by monitoring the common area of homes in which caregivers have established a track record for failing to properly raise, nurture and/or supervise their children.

    If we do not take affirmative action to protect children, “the ghetto” will continue to thrive, fueled by poor parenting, resulting with depressed kids maturing into depressed, sometimes suicidal teens and adults who often vent their angers and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors, instead of the person(s) responsible for introducing them to a life of hardship, pain and struggle.

    This is a recorded act of criminal child abuse, maltreatment and violence against…”A little girl, catching a cool breeze..” | Written By Amanda Shea

    This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace the criminal, anti-social ‘Street Culture’ Baltimore Mom of The Year failed to protect her teen son from…not to mention representing the fear peaceful people living and WORKING in the community experience knowing depressed, angry, unpredictable, sometimes suicidal teens and young adults need to vent their angers and frustrations for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by irresponsible, “living wild” single moms and/or dads.

    NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers

    Quoting the NYT article, “The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, surpassing the rate for white children, a new study has found.”


    Who or what is responsible for traumatizing, abusing, neglecting, maltreating children to the point where depressed young kids believe their lives are not worth living?

    With all due respect to my American neighbors of African descent, the oppression of humans that led to racism and slavery has largely been replaced with a new form of human oppression that impedes and deprives many American children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.



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