On Benghazi Intelligence Briefing – Speaker John Boehner: “I don’t recall”… (Important Video)

 ~ Must Watch Video Below ~

“I don’t recall” – In a world where journalists were in-tune with events and stories, and in a world where journalists were driven to tell the truth behind events, those three words from Speaker of the House John Boehner would have caused every DC reporter to grab their steno pads and head immediately to his offices.

Alas, few people beyond the inhabitants of the “new media world” (internet) have an understanding of how consequential those three intentionally obtuse words actually are.

“I don’t recall”…

Boehner and Pelosi KissThose words are massive when contrast against a March 2011 President Obama finding memo which authorized a covert State Dept./CIA operation in Libya.  That operation ultimately culminated 18 months later in the Benghazi attack, Sept. 11th 2012.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is, as a consequence of his position, a member of what’s called the “Intelligence Gang of Eight”.  The finding memo would begin a process where then CIA head, Leon Panetta, would have briefed the “Gang of Eight” because specific congressional leadership would have the automatic position of oversight for the operation.

Key word “OVERSIGHT” !

In 2011 the Congressional Gang of Eight was:

♦ Speaker – John Boehner, ♦ Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi; ♦ House Permanent Select Committee on Intel Chairman – Mike Rogers, and his Democrat counterpart ♦ Charles Ruppersberger; Senate Minority Leader ♦ Mitch McConnell, and Senate Majority ♦ Leader Harry Reid; along with Senate Intel Chair ♦ Diane Feinstein and her Republican counterpart, ♦  Saxby Chambliss.

Look at those names closely.  Note how all of the congressional leadership is consequentially attached to the Libyan operation spearheaded by Hillary Clinton (State Dept.) and Leon Panetta (CIA) later known as “Operation Zero Footprint”.

Now watch the video of Speaker today as he is blindsided by Brett Baier’s question which seemed to come out of left field.  (Video prompted to 09:35):

Does it look like Boehner is being truthful?  Of course not.

Boehner is quickly considering what he can and what he cannot say given the nature of the secrecy behind the information.   In addition, Boehner is evaluating his own risk and that of three years of avoidance, deflection and denial.

The report Boehner is referencing, and ultimately hiding behind, by Mike Rogers and Charles Ruppersberger, is proof of what we outlined when that report was published.

Because this is so fundamentally critical here is that Rogers/Ruppersberger outline again in full (originally presented in 2014):

Those of you familiar with the Benghazi Brief will note the alignment and expectation of the Rogers/Ruppersberger report. Their report is exactly as we anticipated it would be.

With a House Select Committee (Trey Gowdy) already in place, you might rightly ask yourself why did Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger even produce a report? As you read their House Intelligence Panel Report on Benghazi it is important to note a few key aspects:

• Both Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger are members of the Congressional Gang of Eight. They are the ONLY authors.

This is not a House Intelligence “Committee” report on Benghazi. This is only two committee members writing a report based on prior information.

• Both Rogers and Ruppersberger would have been briefed on the CIA operations in Benghazi during 2011/2012 as the covert operation began.

• President Obama signed a finding memo in 2011 permitting Operation Zero Footprint to begin. The congressional “gang of eight” held oversight responsibilities.

• Rogers, Ruppersberger along with Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Saxby Chambliss and Diane Feinstein would have been notified of the presidential authorization. In 2011 they were the congressional Gang of Eight. Their lack of oversight reflected a willful blindness to the operation.

• In addition to the covert Zero Footprint Operation, the Benghazi CIA annex served as a rendition site. [We find this out in 2013 from Paula Broadwell, who was the pillow-talk recipient of information from 2012 CIA Director General David Petraeus. Broadwell and Petraeus had an extramarital affair.]

The Rogers/Ruppersberger Report is specifically designed, by wording, to provide political cover to both parties – Republicans and Democrats within the Gang of Eight particularly included, and protected.

It is professional obfuscation in structure, content and wording. Here’s an example:

Page #2

rogers-ruppersberger 1

This is an excellent paragraph to show how the entire 37 page document is strategically worded.

…” no evidence […] wrongly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement

This wording intimates that none were signed. Not correct. We know nondisclosures were required. This phrasing simply says none were “wrongly forced“. Where the intelligence community/committee determines rightly and wrongly.

…”or polygraphed because of their presence in Benghazi

Again, this doesn’t say that intelligence officials were not polygraphed, only that the auspices for their polygraphs was not a result of their knowledge in Benghazi. Again where the intelligence community (IC) determines the valid auspices.

…”The committee also found no evidence that the CIA conducted unauthorized activities in Benghazi”…

Parseltongue. The word emphasized is “unauthorized“, meaning all of the activity was known, active, and authorized. As expected and outlined within The Brief.

…”and no evidence that the IC shipped arms to Syria“.

BIG parseltongue. Note the absence of the word “direct” or “directly“. Of course we sent arms to Syria, the administration admitted to sending arms to Syria, just not “directly”, which is the keen distinction within the paragraph. This aspect was also critical to include because Hillary Clinton testified to a Rand Paul question about it.

The entire Rogers/Ruppersberger “Panel Report”, which is not to say the report was done by the entire House Intelligence Committee – because it was not, is similarly worded.

Mike Rogers and Dutch Ruppersberger together, and alone, pulled data from all of the various committee reports and assembled their own “panel report”. This key aspect seems to be lost in the conversation, only Rogers and Ruppersberger authored this report.

The reason for that key aspect of authorship missing, within analytical discussion of the content therein, begins the conversation of motive.

With Senate committees about to come under Republican leadership, Rogers and Ruppersberger have a motivation to put out a report which can be used by their party allies to avoid scrutiny.

In addition, with Rep Trey Gowdy’s Chairmanship of a Select Committee on Benghazi anticipated to start up again in January, and with House Intel Chair Rogers exiting from congress, the authors of this report hold a motive to undercut Gowdy’s investigation into missing oversight that would normally be part of Rogers/Ruppersberger’s responsibility.

For the Democrats Hillary Clinton now has a talking point shield she can utilize for her future political ambitions; and boy howdy will she use it. In exchange, and for Republicans, House and Senate leadership now have a shield of avoidance from sunlight upon their own complicit knowledge.

In addition, it is reported that Mike Rogers has ambitions to launch a talk radio show – this report allows him to retain credibility and avoid sunlight upon his own complicity as a member of the “Gang of Eight”, and chair of the House Intelligence Committee during the State/CIA Benghazi operation.

In short: Mike Rogers is trying to hide his willful blindness.

After you read the report again we invite you to look at the factual constructs of The Full Benghazi Brief. Within the brief you will see the fully connected dots which explain the risks, liabilities and willful blindness, trying to be hidden by publication of this recent report.

We predicted this outcome at the end of the brief:

Operation Zero Footprint

The Benghazi Brief – Ghosts Beyond the Wire

*footnote: Because of the controversy within the brief, it has been vetted by some very well regarded institutions, intellectuals and think tanks. All of them with an objective to deconstruct the content. It withstood all scrutiny.


Why the Trey Gowdy Benghazi Hearings will go nowhere

The Full Benghazi Brief

The Motives behind the Rogers/Ruppersberger report

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110 Responses to On Benghazi Intelligence Briefing – Speaker John Boehner: “I don’t recall”… (Important Video)

  1. Sharon says:

    “…..certainly it had nothing to do with the attack…..” at 10:10 (“Even if we were briefed…….”)

    Pretty poor recovery.

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    • John Galt says:

      “arms operation run by the US government”

      aided, abetted, funded, approved – but not “run”

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      • Sentient says:

        Run by NATO, funded by UAE, as I recall.


      • ctdar says:

        “Mike Rogers debunked that” oh you mean the Mike Rogers whose wife was CEO of intelligence/security company contracted by State Department?

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      • archer52 says:

        We like sausage, we don’t like watching sausage being made.

        That is why the leaders assume they have to hide things from us. Truth is, they are partially right.

        Most citizens today can’t be trusted to see the big picture, and often react after the first input from some other source with an agenda. (Think Pearl Harbor and the HUGE amount of data FDR had beforehand and didn’t act- imagine what would have happened if that got out in 1941? Wasn’t simpler to say surprise attack? Especially if you need a rallying cry to get in the war?)

        Most of today’s citizens (not here of course) are uneducated, disinterested, and frankly intellectually lazy. A bumper sticker attention span. For example, “Bush lied, people died”.

        Inside that is the elites like Boehner choosing to lie about what he knows because if he told the truth, he’d spend another generation trying to explain it, justify it, excuse it. And he would fail at it because once the narrative is set by your enemies, it is set in cement. Again, I point to GWB and the “no WMDs found” argument that has been repeatedly documented as not be true. Yet, ask the average citizen and that person would not know it.

        Why do you think when JFK was killed the facts were hidden for so long? Even back then, the “smarter than us” cabal feared telling us the truth. Same with half of the stupid “greater good” actions by our government or any government.

        And further inside that is the twisted, corrupt leaders, like Obama and HRC, who think that if this is the normal way of doing things, they’ll just take advantage of it and hide their malfeasance too.

        It is the “why” you hide things that are important.

        In WW2 the public had no idea about D day or the landing plans. Even though it was a huge risk to the sons of the citizens in the U.S. Yet nobody complained because that secret was a “good” secret.

        In Obama’s case- their desire to run a private war for no good reason, HRC’s side business for Sydney are their reasons for not telling us. Not the greater good.

        On a local level I can attest to this being true. As a police officer, it was expected by the citizens I served to make sure they were protected. How I made that happen they did not bother to concern themselves with, UNLESS what I did looked bad and was caught on video and splashed all over the place. Then suddenly our department would be besieged by outraged citizens filled with righteous indignation. This is not what they wanted to happen they would scream in their collective voice.

        But in truth yes it was, they just didn’t want to deal with it. Secretly they didn’t care what we did, as long as it didn’t cause them heartburn. I can’t tell you how many times I had people come up to me when I was looking for a violent felon and whisper something like “If he doesn’t make it to the jail, we would understand.” along with a wink-wink, nudge- nudge.

        I thought to myself “Right, and the minute he didn’t make it, somebody would be complaining, an investigation would be demanded, and my rear end would be cooked, by you! Especially if there was video of me tossing him from a roof.”

        The current leaders in our screwed up political environment are mostly corrupt. Those who aren’t seem like lonely homeless men shuffling around, looking confused. Like Jim Webb. His look reminds me of the look Bob Dole had when he was losing to Clinton. He complained “Where is the outrage?”

        Boehner is a go along to get along half functioning drunk. He’ll get his post Congress pay in some cushy lobbying job and never tell the truth- convinced he did it for the greater good and to keep the sheep content.

        When the truth of the matter is, he did it because he is weak.

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        • Thanks Archer, a lot of truth in what you say. I was talking with my son last night in regards to us (the public) constantly being lied too. And yes, there are appropriate circumstances to do so.
          But to line your own pockets, rip off the multitudes and further your own agenda, sadly seems to be standard operating procedure of our elected representatives. Sickening.
          And they wonder why anger is brewing.


    • jim says:

      blah, blah, blah, …”mistakes were made…” blah, blah, blah


    • truthandjustice says:

      More great investigative factual info at the site below – which has many knowledgeable, people there. Check out “The Betrayal Papers”, showing how Obama and crew, Muslim Brotherhood and how all this is intertwined………



  2. Dan Schwartz says:

    It’s an open secret around DC that Speaker John Boehner is an alcoholic.

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  3. Dixie says:

    And though you didn’t mention it again here, earlier you posted that the report published by Elijah Cummings was so obviously similar to the Rogers/Ruppersberger’s report. IMHO, it is also strange that just about all the gang of eight is leaving one way or another.

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    • archer52 says:

      First people out of a building fire are the arsonists who set the fire. Rule.

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    • joan says:

      They all decide to either leave or retire when the shiz is about to hit the fan. They seem to think that because they are not there anymore that nothing will happen to them. They should all be in jail for what they have done. Karma is a big bitch.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Gowdy must be replaced by Sundance so the country can know the truth !

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  5. 2bn3mr says:

    I’d love to play against Boehner in a game of high stakes poker. He’s a terrible bluffer.
    When he sputtered out his “I don’t recall” line, his tongue and his fingers started going

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    • nimrodman says:

      You said it, 2bn

      Boy, talk about’cher “Pregnant Pause” …

      … pause … pause continues … pause continues even longer … [better check my watch] …

      … “I don’t recall”

      Yeah, John, we really believe you after that performance.


    • Sam says:

      Yup. Those are obvious “tell” signs of lying. It means Boehner still knows the difference between truth and lies.


  6. Millwright says:

    I would like it to de rigueur all interviewees – and interviewers FTM – be shown in full profile in open chairs. I’d love to have seen Boehner’s feet at that time ! I note he did shield his eyes from the cameras during his answer.

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    • Piper says:

      Politicians should ALL be required to be hooked up to a lie detector during interviews, with the register shown to us at the bottom of the screen, ALONG WITH the talking heads. Liars, Liars, and d@mn liars!

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  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    Too many lies on this event for too many weeks and months.


  8. bofh says:

    So forget about Hillary, when is anyone going to grill Boehner and no-longer-a-congressman Rogers? If Hillary doesn’t get to skate, why are the rest of the gang above investigation? (Actually a self-defeating question since Hillary will get to skate, and no one will question the others.)

    Plenty of blood to go around for everyone’s hands.

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    • lorac says:

      How come OBAMA isn’t under fire? He was the boss, the final approver – and still no one knows what he was doing that evening (I vote for coked up and watching ESPN with bleary eyes and stinky socks)..


  9. Doodahdaze says:

    Us to the RINO and the Obammunists. NO! You can’t do that! We will leave you flat you BOZO’S.


  10. snaggletooths says:

    Boehner sounded like he was slurring his words in the interview.


  11. preppin247 says:

    A seven hour firefight with support chomping at the bit to help their brothers …who told who to stand down? Americans don’t let other Americans die to save face .. One of this gang of eight needs to come clean..I have little hope they are all D.C. pukes.

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  12. Doodahdaze says:

    For Speaker. Gomert.


    • fred says:

      strange… Louie was on Hannity regularly…suddenly I have not heard a word from him. Did he go underground. In fact I’ve seen no Freedom guys on Hannitys radio show. I won’t watch Fox news. Does Sean still have the hots for that Tamara woman…..


  13. Truthfilter says:

    I didn’t know anything about Benghazi before coming to the Treehouse. I’ve been reading everything I can find in the last couple of days on this subject and nothing disputes the Benghazi Brief with any amount of solidity. Our leaders really ARE stupid. Trump is right. I was inclined to look for corruption or conspiracy as a motive for their complicity but couldn’t find one. They’re just downright stupid. Did none of them ever even consider that those weapons might be used against our national interests? Did any of these educated idiots ever look into the fact that Islam, the Koran, and Sharia law is incompatible with western ideas of freedom and democracy? What did these fools expect the “Arab Spring” to accomplish?

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    • WeeWeed says:

      Depressing to find out that we’re “led” by the 536+ most-stupid-people-in-the-world, huh?

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      • Doodahdaze says:

        Obama is going to soon import 200,000 Muslim fighters and pay all their expense. This is why impeachment was invented. A traitor president can be impeached for “misdemeanor”, this does not mean a crime called a misdemeanor. This is a little known fact. It means bad behavior. An emergency impeachment is called for.

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      • ctdar says:

        Stupid & Corrupt

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      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        Like a hot knife through butter! Ms.WeeWeed cuts them down. Like I have said before, Gowdy is an honorable man, he will buried this mess in a whole deeper than the Gran Canyon.
        That why Obola has the leadership of the House/Senate by the short hairs. Imagine if the White Hut releases the briefing notes, briefers, and attendees. This is legal treason, and that POS McCain is up too his neck in this mess. And don’t forget, Bill “BJ” Clinton, who started the Rendition Program.


    • Sentient says:

      People who don’t believe their own putative religion don’t think anyone else could really believe theirs. That’s why American liberals (mostly nominal “Christians” and “Jews”) are so dismissive of apprehension about Islam. They figure nobody really believes that resurrection stuff, so the Muslims probably don’t really believe that stuff about convert or die, death for apostates, death for gays, etc. True believers in their own Christian religion understand that true Muslims will always be a threat because their “scripture” calls them to wage violence to convert the world.

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    • Backspin says:

      Fear Not… The Elite Still Fly , Place to Place.. The Man-Pads missiles they have sent into the wild WILL find them. .. and boy will they be Suprised.


    • Piper says:

      No they aren’t stupid, just have an evil agenda to fulfill. While we’re all watching Benghazi and Trump look what the other hand is doing…
      It’s gonna be a bloodbath- Trump is a sweet, sweet dream for an American patriot, but I have a feeling we are all going to jarred awake very soon. These corrupt people have done TOO MUCH to let it be revealed, they will never let us have our freedom from their corruption without a death match!

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      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        Agree 100 pct.

        They have the monies, the armies, the weaponry, and the technologies at their disposal.

        The non-elites will take heavy losses.


    • RP says:

      Don’t for a second think these people are stupid. No one in DC works in a vacuum – they all have experts, staff, advisors, consultants, donors and blackmailers who ‘guide’ their actions.

      Imagine, if you will, that many of these people are globalists & communists who feel it is necessary for the US to lose their culture, history and strength as a sovereign nation. There are also others who are crony capitalist parasites who have a blood lust feeding on the richest people on this earth, so consumed in filling their belly they no longer care that they are destroying their host.


    • Josh says:

      I thank the Lord you made it to TCH, Truthfilter. We’re going to need knowledgeable people if we’re going to save our great nation.


  14. kallibella says:

    He was lying. He does recall but won’t answer because it might incriminate himself. Now he wants to get out of town as fast as possible.
    These people are giving such heartburn…
    And besides Cubs down 5 -2 bottom of 8th….


  15. SharonKinDC says:

    Another part of the puzzle: the very quiet turn over of management of Port Canaveral to a UAE entity, Gulftainer. Operations in …. Libya… Remember the big hullaballo about Dubai ports taking over a Cali port? It didn’t go through. This was done fast and quiet: http://www.independentsentinel.com/secret-deal-for-uae-based-company-to-operate-port-terminal-in-florida/

    Ping to @Sundance

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    • Backspin says:

      Coast Guard / INS – Inspections told to STAND DOWN .. in ..3… 2 …1..

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Chinese already have the old Long Beach shipyard complex and are building a huge port in Baja and another in ‘mainland’ Mexico that should dwarf Long Beach. Oh yeah, Chinese intel folks have set up shop in the old Lourdes complex in Cuba and are also looking to drill for oil in northern Cuban waters. The US space program’s in the toilet thanks to You Know Who so unless the Arabs start poaching gaters in the marshes in the area I don’t see too much of a downside. Not as if the POtuS is going to rekindle our space effort and prevent the Chinese from claiming the moon, or most of it, as theirs.

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  16. JoeS says:

    Wow Sundance-you caught em! Hillary Clinton made the answer “I do not recall that” famous when Ken Starr deposed her a long time ago. Rush Limbaugh has a famous parity about this! When someone says, “I do not recall,” that can mean I do not recall or I will answer I do not recall so that no one can use the truth (the accurate answer) against me. It is better than taking the fifth. It is akin to saying I would rather you call me a stupid moron (or worse) than be able to indict me for perjury or worse. It is like in the movie “Animal House” when the frat boys wreck Flounder’s brother car an concoct a story for Flounder to tell the cops and his brother about how the car got wrecked. The disillusioned Flounder says, “will that work?” The frat boys say, “Its better than the truth!”


  17. JoeS says:

    There is SIMPLY NO WAY that John Boehner cannot recall an initial briefing on an issue SO CENTRAL to the entire Libya/Benghazi fiasco-for lack of a better word ( and it is hard to find one based on the four dead patriots). How can someone not remember a briefing on the INITIAL situation and then REMEMBER PERFECTLY that Rogers and Ruppersberger debunked the idea that the US government conducted directly a weapons transfer to Syrian rebels? And then he says that with CLARITY that he was not briefed on THAT ISSUE (apparently referring to the Syrian weapons transfer?) when he just said that he was briefed on SO MANY things that he cannot remember specifics a moment ago. HE HAS AN INCREDIBLY SELECTIVE MEMORY!

    What nonsense!

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  18. Emblematic says:

    “…no evidence that the IC shipped arms to Syria.”

    Unless they intend to argue about the meaning of the word “shipped”, that sentence seems like an outright lie. The weapons may have gone via Turkey but their intended end destination was always Syria.


    • greenmirror says:

      It just doesn’t seem good seeing TOW Launches followed by allah akbars…operation Unknown Footprint II


    • your tour guide says:

      “….no evidence that the IC shipped arms to Syria.”

                     Why are they answering the question when most people won't recall
            someone answering it?    The essence of spotting a lie.
                   A cop pulls over a speeder. The first words out of the guy's mouth:
                 " Hey, why ya pulling me over. I don't know about that gas station robbery."
                      Wouldn't you be radioing back and finding out what stores had just
          been held up?  
                     Why's the question being answered before it was asked?


  19. czarowniczy says:

    Nothin’ un-ushul heuh, same old DC BS


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Czar, good song!! That’s what I said when I over revved those turbines on my last ’64. Smoke, pieces of turbines scattered all over Campbell…………I think those engine mechanics are still looking for me…….


  20. RyanB says:

    Great intuitive journalism. You are spot on and the whole MSM missed it (ignored it).

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  21. PatOne says:

    “I DON”T RECALL”….he’s a LYING POS. He might as well have said…. “I was drunk that day and just don’t recall, even if I did recall”. He and the Gang of 8 , ALL belong on a chain gang with Hitlery & Obeyme.

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  22. John says:

    Well, that explains the two republicans (Mccarthy and the other one) claiming the committee was a political operation. They were running interference. Elijah joined in as well with his press release. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary throws them the entire gang of eight under the bus and gets her campaign back on track.


  23. TheTorch says:

    Morning All

    Good Poll for Trump – ABC/Washington Post
    Donald Trump Leads in Expectations, Shows Strength on Attributes (POLL)
    Trump 32%

    A red flag though – Best Personality Bush 15, Trump 19 ? Seriously 4 points difference?
    That makes no sense to me! So I wonder what the makeup of this poll is. I could not read the pdf with the details as the link was not available on the pollster website yet, even though there was a link in the article.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kallibella says:

      Depending on internals the personality issue may very well be another ploy and some meat for GOPe Jeb! to continue to hang in there. The MSM be saying,” Jeb!’s dynamic personality may make his numbers soar!!!!! ” He may be making good on his SS code name, “energizer bunny!” 😀 LOL


  24. juniornatural says:

    at this point, what difference does it make?
    i’m afraid the ship of state has become too large to stop, slow down or change direction at all


  25. JoeS says:

    One of the big questions that I have is why did the attack take place in the first place. Sundance mentions that there was a conflict in Turkey between the “Free Syrian Army” and an Al Qaeda group over who got the weapons at one point. Presumably, the CIA facility in Libya must be where they were stockpiling weapons prior to “redistributing them.” The Turkey ambassador had just left the Benghazi compound. Was Ansar Al Sharia trying to intercept the weapons before they could be distributed through the CIA channel? What was taken from that very large CIA facility? As I remember, the US did not send teams in until WAY after the attack-Why?. Was it to make sure everything got cleaned out? If the US had sent in teams to support the CIA facility that night and successfully defended it, the obvious question would have been what is going on here with all of these weapons. That would have been scandalous. Sundance points to the fact that this operation did not exist. Was Ansar Al Sharia just trying to break up the CIA efforts to collect the weapons? Did the Muslim Brotherhood cross Obama? If not, then who did?

    I also heard that not only were there weapons that were given to the Libyan rebels from US stockpiles, but there were a whole lot of Gaddafi’s weapons still in Libya. What happened to them?

    What a mess.

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  26. TexasRanger says:

    Radical Muslims – Do The Math and

    It Is Time We Take Political Correctness and Throw It In The Garbage Where It Belongs.!

    Brigitte Gabriel Benghazi Panel Video:

    Islam Islamic Muslim Extremist Benghazi Attack

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  27. crazy says:

    A less obvious reason for Boehner’s failed memory is the likelihood that the sources, methods and activities involved in “Zero Footprint” remain in play. Acknowledging them would likely unravel the last remnants of US influence that haven’t yet been destroyed by our own incompetence.

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  28. truthandjustice says:

    Here is great info regarding the video fiasco by someone who should know (ex-Muslim) with many contacts, proofs, etc. — (in short, Obama & crew wanted to use it to help get laws made to protect Muslim Brotherhood who have infiltrated everywhere and part of their agenda for us and globally)


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  29. czarowniczy says:

    “The finding memo would begin a process where then CIA head, Leon Panetta, would have briefed the “Gang of Eight” because specific congressional leadership would have the automatic position of oversight for the operation.” Yes…and ‘no’. The sentence brings the image to mind of Panetta personally sitting down with The Gang and briefing them on what’s going on. the image the entire Congress would like the public to believe is that each and every Congressperson’s sitting on his/her tuffet, smoking a hookah (not ‘smokin’ a hooker, a different proclivity altogether) and omnisciently overseeing the governing of the people. Nope, I’m betting that the staffers specifically hired to deal with the intel matters and report back to The Big Guy with CliffNotes (Black Ops for Dummies) were being briefed by Company and State Congressional go-betweens. There’s no need to drag the Boss in from lunch with fat campaign donors for the ash-and-trash stuff and it keeps him/her out of the loop just in case anything goes south – then the Boss can say ‘I know nothing…’.
    When you look at CSPAN during regular non-newsworthy business hours for Congress you may see a few Reps/Senators on the floor blathering on about something for the cameras back home but unless it’s a major newsworthy event they have other stuff to do and have professional mostly non-political staffers who do the grunt work. The notes to the ‘briefings’ would be most likely classified but if one could get them and look at the list of those present I don’t think you’d see any names of The Gang there with any regularity.


  30. Juan says:

    It’s all a moot point now. With Biden on the sideline, there will be no take down of Hillary. They may as well forget about the committees investigating her role in Benghazi or her email scandal. Obama will see to it that no charges go forward & will be enabled by the GOPe.

    This clinches the first half of the equation for the 2016 election … Hillary is in. The supreme rulers of the Uniparty are pleased, but still have their work cut out for them in anointing YEB! to complete the deal.

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    • Ace says:

      The all out attack on Trump coming up. I wonder if they have something on him, waiting for the proper timing…they sure act like the front runner is a non entity.


      • Cameraman says:

        They have nothing. What you are seeing is the irrational, erratic behavior of terrified people.

        If they had anything on Trump it would have been deployed months ago. Why would they wait until the chosen one – Jeb! – had been so badly beaten that he has become unelectable. The answer is that they would not wait. That is how you know that all these nonsensical statements are just what they appear to be. Nonsense.


    • angryduc says:

      Few people in the country are hated at the core worse than Hillary Clinton. It would make for a polarizing campaign if Trump pledged to indict her for the high treason of providing aide and comfort to the enemy. Nobody likes a traitor. Obama would have to indict her and pardon her to avoid her going to prison and pointing the finger at him.

      … herein lies my only objection to Trump I have doubts he would be willing to do so given his daughters relationship to Web Hubble’s daughter. What Hillary did is not a forgive and forget crime.


  31. TwoLaine says:

    Coming soon… 😉

    Judicial Watch: New State Documents Show Quick White House Effort to Link Benghazi to Internet Video
    OCTOBER 20, 2015


    Liked by 1 person

    • nimrodman says:


      “The attack timeline also includes a section labeled “Causes and Responsibility,” which is redacted completely.”


  32. angryduc says:

    They are all war criminals and should be treated as such. Each and everyone of these politicians who had knowledge of this illegal arms trade. We are either a country of laws or we aren’t. Delivering weapons and arms to the named enemy of the United States is an act of Treason.


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