Why Was Hillary Clinton Transferring Secret Historical State Department Documents To Her Private Server?…

An interesting, and perhaps bigger, story within a Daily Mail article which outlines previously unknown communication between Secretary of State Colin Powell and the White House regarding British support for specific action in Iraq.

The essence of the Daily Mail article is to query whether or not Prime Minister Tony Blair had agreed to Iraqi intervention a full year prior to the operation to overthrow Saddam Hussein (read the entire article here – including the emails).

While it is certainly a controversy within the U.K. if Prime Minister Blair was willing to provide blanket support for the U.S. engagement therein; the buried lead -for current political contexts- surrounds this paragraph:

obama and hillary

[…] The documents, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, are part of a batch of secret emails held on the private server of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which U.S. courts have forced her to reveal.

[…] Why have these memos come out now?

The U.S. courts have ruled that 30,000 emails received by Hillary Clinton when she was U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013 should be released.  (link)

Why was Hillary Clinton transferring/extracting data from secure, and monitored, classified State Department data bases, into her non-secure private email server?

What else was data-mined and extracted from government accounts, that could/would be discovered with a thorough forensics investigation into the private server?

She wasn’t just reading them, she was extracting them.  Why would she be doing this, if not to build a shadow file for use at a later date?

Hillary - orange is the new black

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199 Responses to Why Was Hillary Clinton Transferring Secret Historical State Department Documents To Her Private Server?…

  1. kallibella says:

    Y’all remember Aldrich Ames and his Colombian-born wife who were imprisoned in the 1980’s or 1990’s for espionage. Ames was a double agent during the Cold War and sold information to the USSR. He is still in prison and his wife after serving her sentence was deported to Colombia where the couple’s only-child was living after the arrests. The CIA meticulously built the case against Ames and they got him!

    I really hope the FBI, in similar fashion, doesn’t relent and let this case go on unpunished. I am sure they are building a case that is air tight against her. For the time being she may delude herself, making light and joking and laugh…I mean cackling about her emails and servers.
    She has already received absolution from the Maniac Communist aka Bernie Sanders and from Oevil as well, but I hope and pray that the FBI presents a case where all will see how implicated she is.

    The next step would be to convince the current Oevil-appointed DOJ front woman to follow suit with the appropriate charges as prescribed by law.

    Remember the women Bill sexually abused??!!! I read the Ms. Flowers is aiming her guns at Hillary when she moves her campaign forward against Trump. The women of Bill’s past are not done and have not reason to be moderate about their cases against the couple.

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  2. Backspin says:

    Who Will be charged with obstruction and failure to give equal protection under the law if Hillary is NOT Prosecuted ?? Ignoring her crimes is a CRIME !!!

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  3. This is Hillary’s modus operandus.since the Arkansas days. In the White House it was the purloined FBI files which gave her power. Now she has all of this State Department intel to add to her capacious files. Leverage.

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  4. Lea says:

    Like I said in a long ago post “Look under the grand-baby’s mattress”.

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  5. daughnworks247 says:

    Point of clarification, please. Is she extracting data as a Sec. of State, then does the “copy” remain…. or is she altering the record a la Sandy Berger?


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