Hot Commodities…

If you purchase Trump signs and rally gear, watch out – Everyone Wants It !!

trump stealing swagger

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trump campaign gear

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34 Responses to Hot Commodities…

  1. kallibella says:

    Caught red handed! Good for the Trump supporter to demand her sign back and an apology from the girl and her parents!
    Don’t mess with Trump signs!!! LOL 😀

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  2. dizzymissl says:

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  3. hocuspocus13 says:

    🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸

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  4. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Not surprised kids would take the sign. They are indoctrinated by the schools and their parents. Some of the kids are even more insane of the thought of Trump than their parents.

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  5. joshua says:

    By Damn Do NOT mess with TEXAS TRUMP SIGNS….

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  6. Backspin says:


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  7. oldschool64 says:

    I just ordered my Trump gear a couple of nights ago.

    Those who attempt to steal my camo “Make America Great Again” hat from the top of my head will be shot!

    As for those who attempt to steal the Trump bumper sticker attached to my ’95 Nissan Sentra?? ENJOY YOUR NEW CAR!!

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    • justfactsplz says:

      I was so excited to see the Trump camo hat. I was going to get the red one for my husband for Christmas but he is a hunter and will absolutely love the camo one.

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  8. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    I rub my campaign signs with Poison Ivy, then watch to see which neighbor’s kid is covered in Calamine Lotion!

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  9. irvingtwosmokes says:

    Just run and wire a 220 power cord out to the sign

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  10. We here in Texas have a big problem now with loons fleeing the mess they made of California.

    Frisco, Coppell, the area along Hwy 121, just west of Plano all have gone liberal loon of late.

    The locals to busy making excuses for the Cowboy team’s losses.


  11. boutis says:

    I’m glad they put the little casual thief/trespasser’s face all over the tv and now the internet.

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  12. Praxeology says:

    Where is the Halloween mask or just Halloween Hair? They are selling like hotcakes everywhere. We know we can’t wear an Obama mask since that would be racist. So The Donald is fair game. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I hope everyone caught the ESPN skit today on Trump, pretty good.


  13. Sandra says:

    My theory: the thief is the daughter of a pair of lib dummies who have brainwashed her into thinking that Republicans are bad. And since, in her mind, Republicans are bad, it’s OK to steal the sign. Like Deray’s justification of looting.

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  14. jello333 says:

    Back in about 2003, I had a yard sign that kept getting stolen. It wasn’t a campaign sign, but more of a “message” about my opinions of some things that were going on in the world at the time. After the first time it was taken, I just put up another one. But then after it happened again a few days later, I decided to put up TWO signs. The first one was the same as the others, but the second one was a smaller one stuck to the top of the first. On it I wrote something like, “I realize how embarrassing it must be to be a supporter of A, B, C*, but do you really have to take it out on an innocent little yard sign? What did he ever do to you? I just hope you’re taking good care of him, because he’s not very old and gets scared of the dark sometimes.” Anyway, for whatever reason, the sign never got stolen again. 😉

    (* The sign didn’t actually say “A, B, C”, it stated the issue that the first sign was condemning. I’m just leaving it out here to avoid going off on a tangent. 😉 )


  15. William Verwey says:

    Tried to purchase some ball caps but refused at sign out. Looks like as a Canadian I am not allowed to for in filling out address information there were no options. Well just the same I wish him well for America needs him.


  16. bob e says:

    i theen de’ name o’ de’ girl eez consuelo ortiz ..

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  17. Phooey says:

    The sign-owner shouldn’t be too shocked. Kids may not have a clue about the issues, but once they hit a certain age, they’re pretty aware of who mommy and daddy like or don’t like for President. That’s why classroom “polls” of elementary kids often end up being surprisingly accurate.

    However, you can’t necessarily read too much into the parents’ political leanings in this case. These two are at prime age to do the opposite of what their parents say, to be influenced by mass media, and to go along with the vocal minority. Whatever is perceived by their peer group to be “cool.”


  18. stephen says:

    call me at 2146752997 I know the girls who stole the sign


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