Ben Carson Takes Two Week Break – Candidate Campaign Finances Released – GOP Candidates Discuss CNBC Debate Rules…

Multiple political stories breaking today (consider this an open discussion thread):

Ben carson♦  Dr. Ben Carson is taking a 2 week break from campaigning to focus on his book tour –  […] According to ABC News, the next time Carson will publicly campaign will be Oct. 28, the day of the GOP debate, which will take place in Colorado. The last time Carson did a public campaign event was Oct. 2.

Carson will also catch up on fundraising events over the next two weeks. He has 20 events scheduled. In the third quarter of this year, Carson raised $20 million.

To comply with campaign finance law, Carson’s staff will not travel with him for book events.  (link)

GOP candidates 2 mashup

♦  Several Campaigns Announce 3rd Quarter Fundraising:

Jeb Bush  (Currently Polling 6% Reuters Average)
Raised: $13,384,832
Cash on hand: $10,271,229

Ben Carson  (Currently Polling 20% Average)
Raised: About $20 million

Ted Cruz (Currently Polling 6% Average)
Raised: $12.2 million
Spent: $7.2 million
Cash on hand: $13.5 million.

Marco Rubio (Currently Polling 6.5% Average)
Raised: About $6 million
Cash on hand: $10,975,988.78

Carly Fiorina (Currently Polling 4.7% Average)
Raised: $6.8 million
Spent: $2.2 million
Cash on hand: $5.5 million


Chris Christie (Currently Polling 2.3% Average)
Raised: $4.2 million

Rand Paul (Currently Polling 3.1% Average)
Raised: $2.5 million
Cash on hand: $2 million

Bobby Jindal (Currently Polling .06% Average)
Raised: $579,438.39
Spent: $832,214.02
Cash on hand: $260,939.01


♦  Several Campaigns are concerned about the upcoming CNBC debate:

debate journalists[…]  A day earlier, the RNC and CNBC held a conference call to discuss logistics that turned heated — with CNBC saying it wouldn’t allow opening and closing statements, and several campaigns saying they wanted them.

On Thursday’s call — which the RNC abruptly scheduled earlier in the morning — Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, said that if the debate does not include opening or closing statements and is longer than two hours total, including commercial breaks, the real estate mogul would have to drop out of the debate.

Neither Lewandowski nor Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, responded to a request for comment. But in a Thursday afternoon tweet, Trump — who has been vocal about his unhappiness with how the two previous Republican debates were formatted — said that, “@CNBC is pushing the @GOP around by asking for extra time (and no criteria) in order to sell more commercials.”

After the call was finished, aides to Trump and another Republican candidate, Ben Carson, submitted a letter to CNBC stating their opposition to the debate criteria. “Neither Mr. Trump or Dr. Carson will participate in your debate if it is longer than 120 minutes including commercials and does not include opening and closing statements,” said the letter, which was written by Michael Glassner of Trump’s campaign and Ed Brookover of Carson’s.  (read more)

Trump and Carson

GOP primary 2

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186 Responses to Ben Carson Takes Two Week Break – Candidate Campaign Finances Released – GOP Candidates Discuss CNBC Debate Rules…

  1. Concerned says:

    If Trump’s not in the debate then I’m not watching. Period.

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  2. TheTorch says:

    This is just fantastic fun! people ask how do you beat the media ! Well this is how you do it!

    Two ront runners boycott the CNBC debate unless it is on terms they agree with.

    If CNBC capitulates win win for outsiders and slap for the media.

    If CNBC won’t back down, they have a debate without the two front runners! ratings will tank and debate will be pointless.

    Meanwhile Donald Trump and Ben Carson have an exclusive live interview at Trump Towers on another channel for the entirety of the debate on CNBC.

    Too funny for words…

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    • TheTorch says:

      Honestly this is just amazing. I have been following politics for years, I have never ever seen anything like this. Trump is running rings around the media and GOPe, they are completely clueless, they have never come across anything like this.

      He is like a constant, tornado, just whipping everything up and throwing it all over the place, and they have not got the slightest idea what to do.

      I LOVE THIS GUY. 🙂 🙂

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    • lovely says:

      Trump should have a fireside chat with Carl Icahn at the same time as the debate.

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    • facebkwallflower says:

      So, let’s negotiate! Donald and Ben will consider an hour and half total if last half hour of add revenue is donated to veterans. Go to twitter and find out if people want them to go for an extra whole hour for the veterans. This could get fun!

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  3. hnlbeach says:

    Jeb Bush will be gone by Thanksgiving, only 10 mil in the till. LOL.. surprise Allen West aligns himself with Establishment Carly,,, pass now on Allen

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  4. Dan Schwartz says:

    Carson’s campaign denied he’s taking a break — See


    • Nanny G says:

      CNN says it is not true, also:

      “”Dr. Carson does have a book out that he’s talking about on the campaign trail, but he’s also talking about issues. He’s talking about his policies. It’s a very delicate situation but Dr. Carson has not suspended (his campaign),” said Armstrong Williams, Carson’s business manager.”

      I was happy to see both Trump and Carson telling CNBC to keep the debate under 2 hours.

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      • I don’t understand all the hullabaloo in regards to Carson’s book tour, since his staff clearly explained that all Carson is doing is keeping his campaign staff away from events that are mainly geared towards the promotion of his book. And it’s being done to avoid even the slightest appearance that he’s using campaign funds/donations to sell his book, which would be a violation of the public trust, and possibly a violation of the law. I give him kudos for having that kind of “savvy”.


  5. Artist says:

    Carson creeps me out

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    • Concerned says:

      I know he’s a very intelligent man but his manner of communicating, his speech and facial movements, make me feel like he’s got some kind of mental disability. It’s so distracting I have to exert extra effort to focus on the actual words to convince myself that the lights are on and someone is actually home.

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  6. kallibella says:

    Love the way Trump is taking it to the media. Bunch of losers!

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  7. Trump’s giving a clinic on “how to negotiate” via Twitter. Brilliant!

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    • stella says:

      He says he will be on with Greta at 7:00 pm.

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    • kallibella says:

      The guy is super impressive. Extraordinary negotiator. He has said that is what he does best! He is schooling them all!


    • ZurichMike says:

      Indeed. And remember, Trump is a good negotiator and has said he knows even better negotiators — imagine that kind of savvy in a trade negotiation?


      • jello333 says:

        I suspect that’s something Trump will push more and more as this goes on: That he has an almost limitless number of “connections” in every segment of this country’s industries/economy, NOT just political connections as most other pols have. (Actually his connections are more like all around the world, not just here.)

        As we speak, he’s probably got literally thousands of offers coming in to help in the campaign and beyond, from experts in many varied fields.

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  8. MfM says:

    I wonder what Trump’s donations look like. I’d like to see him be getting millions, but $10-100 at a time.

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    • Patrick P says:

      Trump got $3.9 million in donations for the 3rd Quarter. All from THE PEOPLE.

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      • fran says:

        Just think what a hoot it is to write out a check to Donald Trump and then have the cancelled check to show, “here is when I helped Donald out financially”. They had hundreds of thousand of people from the Should Trump Run effort four years ago. If each of them sent a few bucks, it would be impressive…..


      • Trust No One says:

        My calculations said that about $51.00 per person. 3.8 million 74,000 donations.
        Right? That’s little people money. lol


    • dizzymissl says:

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      • Ziiggii says:

        Trump’s $100k is only 2.7% of the total raised by the campaign. He’s not even self funding now! All he’s doing is balancing the ledgers with his own money.

        $3 million in unsolicited donations. Just think how much the campaign would have if 20% of the American population (voting age 18+) gave $50 to his campaign. (TIP: we’re talking over a $ Billion with a B)

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  9. Hey CNBC & GOP:

    the first problem is you got way too many candidates on the stage. No one should be allowed to participate on the top tier stage with less than 5% and I don’t mean 4.5% rounded up, but a FULL 5% or higher. Put the rest in the smaller tier.

    second problem put on a fair debate, otherwise Trump & Carson walk and they can wait for the extra baggage candidates to drop more in the polls so the next debate in November will have 6 candidates.

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  10. sundance says:

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    • be says:

      LOLOL @ Trumps twitter post on that thread!


      • Meyer says:

        Trump supporter here, but I find that twitter post absolutely disgusting.

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        • Meyer says:

          Just couldn’t believe Trump would post something so disgusting, so I went back to check. It was posted by a Donald T. Trump ‏@reaDonaldTrump – – – – someone’s playing a nasty game.

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          • Deb says:

            That is a parody account, you need to look for the blue check mark next to the name to verify its the authentic account.

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          • Melania for 1st Lady says:

            Two can play at that nasty game. How’s about some Vulgarians make fake !Yeb twitter accounts to spread disinformation among the folks. Actually, we wouldn’t need “disinformation” – we could just tweet some of the dumb crap that Bushy boy has actually said (I’m thinking “act of love” with picture of illegal alien rapists meme). The Little Rube would also be a good target as he is the establishment’s new favorite boy-toy.

            I say fight fire with fire. What do you all think? Too harsh?


      • sundance says:

        THAT’S NOT DONALD TRUMP !! Look at the name again? Missing the “L”. It’s a bogus account.

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        • Dora says:

          Thanks. I’ve seen phony tweets like that before, usually substituting a different letter for J. It’s good to stay on the lookout.


        • Forrest says:

          I made a Twitter account to report that bogus account for abuse and impersonation. I don’t see how these kind of disgusting posts, which may be carelessly attributed to the Donald by those who don’t take the time to check the username and details, can do anything positive for the campaign.

          I agree that some of the content is humorous, but nobody should be so attempting to impersonate and thereby slander a public figure. Agree?


      • nyetneetot says:

        Just wow.


      • El Torito says:

        I don’t think it was Trump check the name:Donald T Trump – I believe wrong middle initial AND it was #rea, not #real. Still excruciatingly funny!


      • Deb says:

        It’s a parody account, it’s not Trump’s actual account.


    • kallibella says:

      Megyn is hyping that interview like there is no tomorrow!


    • Deb says:

      Except that the Koch’s actually do make things, here in America, and they pay Americans do make them. Americans like my husband, who is watching manufacturing die. Even toilet paper is being made in China now.


  11. TheTorch says:

    Someone just posted on another site, beyond funny!:

    If Trump and Carson boycott, that will mean it will just be a democrat debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  12. FireAm 85 says:

    Trump …like a BOSS!

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  13. TheTorch says:


    Charles Gasparino ‏@CGasparino · 27m27 minutes ago
    @realDonaldTrump wins again: ppl inside @CNBC say network will cave to his debate demands because ads sold based on Trumped-up audience size

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  14. NJF says:

    I’m freaking loving Trump’s maneuvers. They should definitely cut the field to the top 5 or 6.

    I think fairly soon Trump will start to incorporate the finances into his speeches. For example: “why are people like Linda Graham & Christie Cream still in the race? Who is funding them & why?”

    It won’t take much for the masses to connect the dots.

    Given the recent poll #s, the GOPe will go all in backing Shillary. And when that happens, the same strategy works in Trump’s favor. “Why has Yeb et al’s SuperPac $$ now going toward backing Hillary? Why isn’t the money coming to the GOPs front runner?”


    lol FOX is still pushing their poll #s….

    Cackling like Shillary.

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  15. moogey says:

    After seeing the donation figures, this makes sense: Today on Fox Business Judge Napalitano reported that Michael Bloomberg is considering entering the Presidential race.

    Anytime I see them float up a balloon such as this, I wait for the rest of the media to jump on board. And if Biden determines that he’s not going to run, sounds like Bloomberg will be the next Democratic ploy. Uni-Party must not allow Donald Trump to win the nomination.


  16. mjalbaine says:

    the RNC shouldn’t be bothering with MSM debate formats to begin with! Trump, Carson and Cruz should go to websites and other forms of media that are more honest to hold REAL debates where they come together, discuss differing ideas and actually unify has conservatives on the great many issues.

    btw, TRUMP 2016.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      that is an awesome idea!

      hold a series of discussions more like the civil sunday morning talking head news discussion shows. commit to civility, and to merely discussing pros and cons of different policy options.

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  17. jeans2nd says:

    RE: RNC/CNBC conference call – CNN radio news via local Cumulus Media station – Christie’s rep refused to commit to anything, saying they would not discuss this on an open conference call.


  18. dizzymissl says:

    Trump SC is looking for volunteers:

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  19. It is strange that Carson is not campaigning at all this month. Some say health problems in the family. He isn’t really campaigning much at all, except interveiws. He is relying on his reputation for now and not being like the rest. I really feel his support is shallow.
    As far as the CNBC debate goes if they allow 10 candidates on the stage and each say 6 minutes for opening and closing comments, 20 minutes for commercials, you are left with just 40 minutes for question. You would be lucky is each candidate gets no more that 1 or 2 questions. They would have to cut the number of candidates on the stage to 8, and have 6 on the kiddie table. It might force some more to drop out Halloween.

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    • PreNanny says:

      The less exposure Carson has the longer the myth can carry water.
      Outsider my ass has 20 scheduled fund raisers but no public events in next few weeks.


      • ThankYou,Treepers says:

        Carson raised sharia and taqiyya and the vast immanent dangers posed by each.

        No other presidential candidate since 9/11, the event that made islam relevant in America.
        So Carson is so far ahead with the informed counter-jihad portion of the electorate he can stop now and the cowardly will never catch him.

        Trump of ignorance effectively endorsed compliance with sharia law by criticizing Pamela Geller for her Garland, TX, event which was held to display the unwillingness to comply with sharia.

        By continuing to ban me and you help keep America ignorant in your zest to promote Trump. If you let my posts appear the long run benefit is an improvement in Trump’s position by moving him from weak to strong in protecting US against the treason cult of islam.


        • I agree with your criticism of Trump’s response in regards to Pamela Geller. She’s a fearless stalwart who fights to make the public aware of the pernicious threat posed by the steady Islamification of America. I hope that Trump’s position on this issue evolves to the same degree as his positions regarding the threats posed by illegal immigration and our disastrous international trade agreements. .

          Liked by 2 people

          • ThankYou,Treepers says:

            Appreciate beyond words, letjusticeprevail2014, your reasoned support for Pamela Geller who, along with Robert Spencer and now joined by Bosch Fawstin, has been the pioneering courageous expert specialist leading the critically needed counter-jihad initiative nationally. When candidates stray from the positions of these brilliantly insightful, let alone speak out in opposition to them, it’s instantly a sign of candidate error and the need to reassess. These people are literally the brains who can save the free world which is in peril of the treasonous murder cult islam.

            Also thankful as always for posting privileges as allowed. Disagreement here is not intended as disrespect but to sharpen positions to precision. The other issue of disagreement that led to the suspension can’t be muted of duty to the Divine Redeemer Jesus, but it doesn’t relate to Carson.


        • chbailey says:

          I hope Pamela Geller votes Trump if she hasn’t already decided to. So Trump did not “endorse” the Art Contest. A superficial search shows that Trump’s foreign policy regarding terrorists and his domestic policy to stop up our porous borders to prevent terrorists coming in is designed to halt the Islamization of America. Trump’s direct business dealings with Islam States as well (Carson’s experience pales in comparison) give him a superior competency factor to sort out the problems Muslims bring to our Christian country. As in:
          “The fact is, it was so insensitive when they announced the mosque in that location,” he said. “Don’t forget, that’s my territory — Manhattan. When they announced the mosque in that location, I couldn’t believe it.” Trump said although there is a world Muslim problem, it does not reflect on all Muslims. “And that’s the sad part about life, because you have fabulous Muslims — I know many Muslims, and they are fabulous people, they’re smart, they’re industrious,” he said. “Unfortunately, at this moment in time, there is a Muslim problem in the world.”

          “[ISIS] has a philosophy and we have to end it.”
          “Within our military, I will find the General Patton, or I will find General MacArthur, I will find the right guy. I will find the guy that’s going to take that military and make it really work. Nobody, nobody will be pushing us around.”
          He said that he would be “so tough” with ISIS, “I don’t know if they’d be around to come to the table.” Specifically, he wants to “attack the various oil sites… controlled by ISIS.”


  20. regedit says:

    Agree -Trump doesnt need these debates neither does he need to appear on Cnn or Fox (especially shows like BOR or the Cuomo guy)- i would consider occasional appearance on 60 minutes or Fox news Sunday and thats about it
    His campaign stops all over the country and his tweets would suffice i would throw in couple townhall meetings here and there and thats it.


    • Wrong. By appearing on these shows Trump has nearly eliminated any need to pay for campaign ads, but keeps his mug (and fabled ‘do) streaming into the homes of millions of Americans on a daily basis. IMO, he has absolutely zero intention of skipping the debate even if it does go longer than 120 minutes. He’s just taking control of the situation in a very “Donald-like” fashion.

      TV execs might now be faced with a decision to “Trim the Field” just to keep the debate “substantive” (CNBC’s term, not mine) and stay within the 2 hours requested by Trump and Carson.

      Think about it like this: WHY would someone who is flying around the country to make appearances on a near-daily basis quibble over an extra 60 minutes of “debate” time?

      It ain’t about the “time”, folks. It’s about using his substantial box-office appeal (read CLOUT) to control the Networks and get them to trim the field. Pretty clever of him, eh?

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      • NJF says:

        He’s schooling these guys in a big way.

        It’s also not lost on the electorate that not only is Trump willing to go on all the shows–even the hostile ones–he also answers every question put forth to him. No pre-approved script necessary. Makes quite the comparison to Shillary don’t it? I use her as the example bc that’s who the networks would love tohave pimp for!

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      • sundance says:

        Exceptional comment LJP, right on the money.

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    • jello333 says:

      For any townhalls he does from now on, he needs to get a life-size cardboard cutout of Lauren (with her hands on her hips, of course) and stand it up on the stage next to him.

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  21. Cameraman says:

    According to CNBC spokesman Brian Steel:

    “Our goal is to host the most substantive debate possible. Our practice in the past has been to forego opening statements to allow more time to address the critical issues that matter most to the American people,”

    OK, so the questions will be on the following topics won’t they?

    Government Disatisfaction
    Economy (general)
    Illegal immigration
    Race Relations
    The Deficit

    Those are the “issues that matter most to the American people” according to a recent gallup Survey.

    Of course, we all know that Brian Steel is a liar, so in fact the debate will have the following topics of discussion:

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump (only if they have time at the end).

    Incidentally, for comparison, in 2011 the CNBC Republican debate (with 8 candidates) ran for 1 hour 37 minutes excluding commercials and it was stated at the beginning that “in the interests of time” the candidates AGREED to forego opening and closing statements.

    So, if CNBC don’t have an agreement from all the candidates (which they clearly don’t) then the discussion is over. There will be opening and closing statements – or there will be no debate.

    Steel said. “We started a dialogue yesterday with all of the campaigns involved and we will certainly take the candidate’s views on the format into consideration as we finalize the debate structure.”

    Looks like Brian hasn’t read ‘The Art Of The Deal’ either and isn’t aware the negotiations have, in fact, ended.

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    • TheTorch says:

      Indeed Art Of The Deal. But they have to save some face. So understandable they put something out like this.


    • liberty2828 says:

      In Art of the Deal…. Trump always asks for more than he could live with and loves to negotiate. It may be that they have opening OR closing statements and maybe go 2 1/2 hrs with commercials but part of the advertising income goes to charity or GOP.
      He is very interesting to watch.


  22. Headline two months ago:
    Trump Likely to be BANNED from Future Republican Debates

    Headline Today:

    Trump threatens to boycott debate if it’s not limited to 120 minutes…

    LOL Don’t threaten HIM with a good time! What a difference a few weeks can make.


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  23. TheTorch says:

    Fox News – were just discussing fund raising / donations:

    Krauthammer just said something interesting he pointed out that Donald Trump raised 3.9 million dollars and has not been seeking any donations as such, as he is self funded. Then stated that they must be very dedicated people supporting Trump…

    Thing is he said it, almost as if he was surprised, this feeds into exactly what Rush was saying on Radio earlier, all these pundits are disconnected from real people to such an extent, they simply can’t read what is going on.

    We already know this, but still it is a very revealing statement.

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  24. Voltaire's Crack says:

    An open thread seems like a great place to say that I’ve been reading and commenting for about 2 months here. To Sundance and the other contributors, thanks for the thought-provoking analysis that draws me back again and again.

    And to the many commenters, you are a great bunch of people.

    This site is a great antidote to these times.

    Liked by 10 people

    • Raffaella says:

      I feel exactly the same. I discovered this site by accident and could not stop reading well into the night. I have been here ever since and my only source of accurate information is this site. I also love Dilbert’s blog (his hypothesis is that Trump is a master wizard and will win the nomination and presidency. His articles are very interesting regarding Trump’s skill as a master persuader and negotiator).

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  25. kallibella says:

    Trump on Greta now.


    • kallibella says:

      Wow!!! Trump reiterated that if he were a democrat he’d have SS protection and added that his people have been talking to the SS people. Security still not forthcoming. Wow! He’s calling them on it. SS another of Oevil’s agencies mired in scandals. Not sure Trump would want to be protected by people who can’t stop intruders into the WH and its gardens!!!!

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  26. dizzymissl says:

    Liked by 4 people

    • NJF says:

      And there you go. Shillary et al admitting they will spend up to $2 billion is absolutely outrageous.

      Liked by 1 person

    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      were they all from the middle east, like Bronco Bama’s?

      Liked by 1 person

    • jello333 says:

      I just had an idea how Trump should handle any such donations. Of course he’s gonna be mostly “self-funded”, and he probably won’t actively seek donations, but he’s bound to get some anyway. And assuming it’s like this, with a whole bunch of small ($50 or so) donations, I’d like to see him use them for something special. I mean regardless of what other ads he might run, have one or two completely separate ads that are funded SOLELY by these small donations… and explicitly state that’s how they were funded.

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  27. Southern Son says:

    If the elites don’t have bricks in drawers by now, they should.DT has ’em covered ya’ll! Donors…we don’t need no stinkin’ donors. DT don’t participate to lose. And he don’t suffer Fools. In my humble opinion, DT’s family is the Trump Card! His family makes me pine for the America I grew up in, and BELIEVE we can “Make America Great Again”.Proud to be American again. Truly, there is no competition!

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  28. Ursula says:

    SD, thank you for ripping off the masks of a few people I trusted.

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  29. snaggletooths says:

    Watching Trump negotiate with the media can not wait till 2017 and he is negotiating with other countries as our President.

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  30. ediegrey says:

    The Hill
    ✔ ‎@thehill
    Major GOP donor switches from Jeb to Carson:

    4:33 PM – 15 Oct 2015

    27 27 Retweets

    18 18 favorites ????


    • SharonKinDC says:

      If people were fooled Carson was different than Jeb on the key issue: immigration, this information should correct the false perception.

      Hope Carson or his people get the word out far and wide, thinking it’s a good thing…


  31. Sandra says:

    Mr. Trump, don’t forget to demand better air conditioning!


  32. dizzymissl says:

    Not sure if this one was posted here. Somehow I missed it.


    • Dixie says:

      Before all this, I use to like Neil Cavuto and watch his show almost daily. This video with Eric Trump was the most aggravating interview I’ve tried to listen to in a long time. I wound up pounding the desk repeatedly. Neil did not allow Eric to finish one single sentence he started. That raspy voice, the interruptions, the whining about Trump not coming on his show, the lack of respect he was displaying towards his guest was more than I could tolerate so I cut it off. And of course, I began to watch as a pi$$ed off person already because playback was only allowed on certain sites.

      Bravo to Eric Trump, who did the best he could under terrible circumstances.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Sandra says:

      Eric Trump handled Cavuto’s antagonism very well. Trump kept it light and didn’t get flustered or upset by Cavuto’s incessant interruptions, yet managed to make numerous important statements about his father and his father’s policies.

      Has Cavuto ever interviewed Ben Carson? If he used that same antagonistic interviewing style Carson wouldn’t be able to say a single word.


  33. dizzymissl says:


  34. three by one says:

    The 3-hour debate is designed solely to wear candidates out and hope they slip up.

    The “under 5%” club needs to go to the undercard debate. Now.

    The under 5 percenters have had plenty of time to make an impact, and they have failed. Miserably.

    Now they serve only to clog the process.

    Trump and Carson have every right to tell the RNC to shove it. Two hours and a smaller field, or the RNC can have 3 hours of their second-string losers bore a much smaller TV audience to death.

    If they boycott it, their numbers will go up again. Everybody hates the stuck up moderators anyway. Let em play patty cake with Jeb and whoever.

    By the way, Trump AND Carson should both have Secret Service protection by now. No excuses, especially compared to other recent elections.

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  35. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Donald Trump always WINS ! He wouldn’t be doing it if he couldn’t !

    TRUMP 2016


  36. Israeli Newspaper Haaretz Comes Out in Support of Donald Trump
    Posted by EU Times on Oct 15th, 2015

    The Israeli news website has come out in support of Donald Trump’s recent claim that the Middle East would be a lot more stable, had Iraq’s and Libya’s leaders remained in power and President Assad was stronger.
    Read more:



  37. Just an FYI, Carson has been doing the same for the past few weeks already even tho the originating article didn’t mention it. His whole month of October is set up this way but despite that his polling has been very good and obviously his fundraising.


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