Seeking Distance – Jeb Bush Spokesman on Audience Plant: “Lauren Is Not A Staffer”…

The discovery that an antagonistic female questioner, Ms. Lauren Batchelder, (during a “No Labels” event yesterday) is actually a campaign worker for Jeb Bush, has created a rather embarrassing political situation for candidate Bush.

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In an effort to draw distance from the brutally obvious set-up, Governor Jeb Bush lead spokesman Tim Miller is now claiming Batchelder is not a campaign staffer:

nh 16 bush spoxThe Washington Post reports another Bush campaign spokesperson is also seeking to distance the campaign from the profoundly odd, seemingly planted, remarks made during the event:

(WaPo) […]  Allie Brandenburger, a spokeswoman for Bush’s campaign, said Batchelder is not a paid staff member and attended the convention on her own.

“While this question was not sanctioned by the campaign,” Brandenburger said in an e-mail Tuesday morning, “we can’t help but notice Mr. Trump does seem to be very sensitive about being challenged by women.”  (link)


Meanwhile Ms. Batchelder has gone into hiding, is scrubbing her profiles, and is not responding to additional inquiry.

WAS SHE A PLANT ? – Many people are specifically questioning why she would frame questions about abortion rights and women’s health issues while working for two republican candidates, Senator Kelly Ayotte and Governor Jeb Bush, who hold identical pro-life positions as candidate Trump.

It would appear the line of questioning chosen by Batchelder required her to act “as if” she was presenting herself on the opposite side of her own beliefs, taunting and challenging candidate Donald Trump.  Indeed, from that perspective and accepting the goal was of taunting Trump, it would appear Batchelder held an ulterior motive beyond asking an honest question as an audience participant.

While it may well be that Bush campaign worker Lauren Batchelder took it upon herself to try and elevate her boss, Jeb Bush, by taunting candidate Trump, it looks entirely pathetic for the Bush team to now attempt to distance themselves from their own campaign intern.

Talk-show-host Rush Limbaugh discussed the issue on his radio broadcast today, and the story has also been noted in international publications such as the Daily Mail and dozens of other U.S. media entities.

In addition to the photographs of Ms. Lauren Batchelder with candidate Jeb Bush, both are also pictured together at rallies and marches as she worked earnestly on behalf of the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign:

NH 11

nh 9

It seems more than a little disingenuous for the Jeb campaign -and various spokespeople- to be attempting distance between themselves and one of their own campaign staff, workers, interns or whatever title would customarily assigned to a political operative working on the candidate’s behalf.

The issue was also discussed today during a Fox News Broadcast (@3:34 video):

Beyond the controversy, whether or not Batchelder was planted by the Bush campaign, or whether on her own she just thought it would be cute to try and create an antagonistic moment for Trump (to the benefit the Bush campaign), is a larger part of the storyline.

The bigger, perhaps more concerning, aspect to the entire matter is how quickly CNN was willing to produce a narrative using the Batchelder controversy.

Did CNN even make any inquiry into who the lady within their story was?  Or did CNN producers just inherently jump at the opportunity to create a narrative that fits their own desires and yet needs a particular willful blindness in production?

It took CNN less than two hours (from the time of the questioning) for CNN to broadcast a Jeanne Moos segment amid all of their network media.  It can only be reasonably assumed that the majority of the following production was canned, cued and ready for an opportunity to use it.

Here’s what CNN did with the assembled product:


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198 Responses to Seeking Distance – Jeb Bush Spokesman on Audience Plant: “Lauren Is Not A Staffer”…

  1. LiveFreeOrDie1776 says:

    By the looks of the photos, Batchelder is often in close proximity to the governor. That’s not a lowly staffer. I’ve worked on campaigns where I barely even saw the candidate.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Hi, Melania.

      In my opinion, this is gossip. I don’t really see value in posting this, and as a Christian in a setting where I perceive that I can speak from my Christian worldview, I will say that for some Christians, spreading gossip is considered an act that hurts God’s feelings. It may fit your sensibilities to spread gossip for whatever reason, but there are a lot of fairly serious and devout Christians at this site.


    • three by one says:

      Even if they did have an affair, something 15 years ago is far less relevant than Jeb’s current stated positions on where America should be headed.

      In short, he’s a crummy candidate running on his name and the support of interests that are destructive to the fabric of the nation (Amnesty, US Chamber of Commerce, I’m looking at you)

      As rumors do persist, a cursory search of the former bunny turned lobbyist turns up something of a train wreck and lobbyist with an unusually high number of clients:

      Most lobbyists have a couple of clients, she has 100?

      What people do in their bedroom is their business.

      What lobbyists who buy politicians do is EVERYONE’S business.

      If nothing else, Jeb’s appointing her underscores questionable judgment. The last thing we need is yet another President who is comfortable with influence-peddling lobbyists.

      Personally, I’d prefer to concentrate on the here and now rather than the what may have been. YMMV


      • Amen. Let Bush drown himself, we don’t need old gossip. It rarely works. Look at what they did to TRUMP, old gossip only made him better. If the TRUMP ladies can put it behind them, we should be as much Ladies as they. We don’t smear dirt, we sprinkle dust.


  2. stobberdobber says:

    Who is the staffer handling the microphone and why did he create the lapse by holding the microphone away from Batchelder for trump to jump in and make a statement before she actually asked a question?


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  4. zig says:

    I don’t care if she acted on her own or not. Someone else could have put her up to it without Jeb’s knowing. The problem is it shows us the kind of deceitful and manipulative people Jeb surrounds himself with. A pre-cursor to his Administration? We’ve got an administration like this already, and not many here like it.


  5. MfM says:

    What’s in her bucket? If it’s buttons or the like, then she was selected to do that… because not everyone has one.


  6. I never said she was a paid Bush staffer. She self-identified herself as a Bush intern which I assume is unpaid.

    How would Bush have responded differently to what Trump had said? She asked questions that would sound quite natural from a Democrat, but quite rare from a Republican. Would her own candidate Bush take any stands different from Trump? Is Trump known to pay women and men in unequal ways? Aren’t there already well-established laws about that matter anyway?

    Is abortion an important value as her question indicated? Then what is she doing supporting Jeb Bush who considers himself to be “the most pro-life governor in modern times”? So why is she taunting Trump and not Bush?

    While the Bush campaign may not have put her up to it, there is a lot about this that does not smell right. If it is the folly of an immature over-enthusiastic youth who does not even realize that her questions would indict her own candidate, let her admit that.


  7. Today there’s a huge article in EU TIMES about this Jeb Bush plant and in the article, which includes much of Sundance’s breaking news article BUT WHAT CAUGHT MY EYE is this EU TIMES article talks specifically about the JebMap AND links directly to ConservativeTreehouse article COLD ANGER in regards to how the GOP candidates are in cahoots to get Jeb in. SO THE WORD ABOUT THE SPLITTER CANDIDATES IS OUT!!!!
    SNIPET from EU TIMES article 10-15-2015:
    “However, it is also further evidence of the entire construct of the Jeb Bush alliance. There are eight candidates remaining in the race specifically to assist Jeb Bush and help him win the nomination. They are:

    Jeb Bush
    Marco Rubio (FL)
    Carly Fiorina (VA)
    Chris Christie (NJ)
    John Kasich (OH)
    Lindsey Graham (SC)
    Mike Huckabee (AR)
    George Pataki (NY)
    Jim Gilmore (VA)

    A vote for any of these fraud candidates will only result in a later endorsement of Jeb Bush and the transference of delegates to assist his nomination efforts. This was/is the original design of the road map created to help Jeb win in 2016. [ Much More Here ]



  8. LKZ says:

    It continues…

    The plot against Donald Trump


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