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Progressive Republican Caucus (GOPe) Prepare To Force Rep. Paul Ryan Upon House of Representatives…

As if on cue the Salem Media machine starts singing the praises of Representative Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House.   ~ GOOD TIME TO REMEMBER THIS ~ If two weeks of upheaval brought us @RepPaulRyan as Speaker, well … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Campaign Rally Las Vegas (10/08/15) Video…

Interestingly both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are in Las Vegas today.

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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$400,000,000.00 (Four Hundred Million) So Far – Who’s Buying Who…

Through the first half of 2015 $400,000,000.00 spent by Billionaires and Millionaires on presidential candidates.  Mostly through SuperPacs. See Who’s Paying For Who HERE The 3rd Quarter contributions are not yet included.  However, you might want to bookmark the donor … Continue reading

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“The Calling”…

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Benghazi Committee Will Question Clinton About Libyan Business Deals For Blumenthal….

According to information gleaned within a letter sent from Benghazi Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Rep Trey Gowdy, to minority Co-Chair Rep Elijah Cummings, there is substantive information now proving Secretary Hillary Clinton took specific actions in Libya to benefit … Continue reading

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Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Race For Speaker of House…

Yesterday Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina asked any SoH candidate to drop out of the race if they had any embarrassing skeletons in their closet. Today, unable to find enough supportive votes, Kevin McCarthy dropped out. There were three … Continue reading

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