Note To Phyllis Schlafly: There Is No “Plan B”….

Phyllis Schlafly posts an Op-Ed in the Investors Business Daily (not coincidentally the delivery vehicle for the only recent poll {377 voters selected} showing Donald Trump under 30% in the past five days) presenting a proposition that the GOPe is looking for a “Plan B” to the current abysmal republican failure known commonly as Jeb Bush.

The Republican establishment designed the process to deliver the 2016 presidential nomination to a business-friendly moderate who avoids so-called social issues. The consultants who rewrote the party rules after 2012 are now trying to explain to their patrons what went wrong and how to fix it.

Plan A, of course, was to assure the nomination of Jeb Bush, whose views are the perfect reflection of the Republican donor class.

But despite many months of campaigning, $114 million of political funds raised through June 30, and two presidential debates watched by a record-setting average of 24 million people, Jeb Bush has dropped to sixth place, registering only 4% in the latest Pew poll. (more)

Agree on all of it, except, well, there isn’t a “plan B” per se’.  Plan-A is the successful nomination, by the apparatus known as “the establishment”, of Jeb Bush.  All subsequent plans B through Z are to insure Plan-A.  Period.

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Candidate Jeb Bush attends Chamber of Commerce dinner with Fox’s Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett (December 2014)

Eggs, meet basket.

The GOPe road map is so heavily contingent on Jeb Bush that no alternate plan was even considered, thought about, discussed or generally presented as plausible.

Every Wall Street luncheon since October 2013; every K-Street breakfast; every Chamber of Commerce dinner; every RNC national and regional rules meeting – ALL OF IT; has been built up based on a cornerstone and central tenet that Jeb would fulfill all of the handshake agreements contained within ALL of those meetings over the past 23 months.

There simply is no other option.  Period.

jeb bush whatThat is why not a single member of the 0-4% club (Huckabee, Christie, Kasich, Jindal, Graham, Pataki, and some mysterious figment named Gilmore) are still patiently in a holding pattern awaiting an outcome from RNC/GOPe “Operation Hummingbird“.

None of the aforementioned, sans Jindal, are permitted exit until released by their leadership, Jeb Bush.

Good grief, the last thing Team Jeb wants is to be the only one left standing on the right side of the tracks.

Jeb needs company lest he find himself strolling through an airport en-route to a granite state locale, and *gasp* carrying his own luggage; or heaven forbid he of such pedigree might have to rent a car, or something similar.  Not.Going.To.Happen.

That’s entirely the point behind “Operation Hummingbird” and the necessary fight with the vulgarian, Donald Trump.  Pushing a laughable but splendidly plausible Hans Christian Anderson narrative, and using Rubio and Fiorina to remove that pesky undesirable who is dug in amid the summit of mount Trumpet.

carly fiorina 2Karl Rovemarco_rubio_hires

Karl Rove “Between Two Ferns”

Carly Fiorina is currently a re-purposed Romney Spox intent on fulfilling her latest assignment within the scheme.   It’s not her fault she has to lean so heavily on a Super-Pac to prop her up.  The RNC should have thought of that back in the design phase, 2014.

And it’s no wonder Rubio is sweating bullets.  Rubio is like the little dog trying to pull Grinch’s sled up mount Trumpet; only his sled is filled with Eight Gangs of baggage from his seemingly oblivious past two years in service to McConnell.

Tom Donohue et al promised young master Rubio a chamber filled with golden lucky smarms after he helped deliver Florida’s 99 electoral votes.  During the sales pitch no-one said anything about having to actually lead a charge against a conservative insurgency.

Good grief, if boy Rubio had known that was going to be needed he could have at least made some adjustments to his burdensome positions allowing at least an appearance of such electable intent.  No, it’s not his fault either.

Someone amid all of those breakfasts, luncheons and linen laden dinners, should have thought about what might happen if Donald Trump actually mounted a campaign.

The blame lies squarely in the lap dogs of the RNC/GOPe assembly who traveled gleefully from table to table yet  apparently had nothing but Schmidt-for-brains.

Haley Barbour could have put out that cigar, or refrained from one of those warmed brandy snifter swirls, long enough to lean in and say: “hey y’all, what if“…..

But noooo, Boss Hog didn’t do that either.  Nope, the entire apparatus of the RNC/GOPe was so sure of themselves, there’s nothing even remotely plausible for a “Plan B”.

Instead the objective goes directly from Plan A, elect Jeb, to the nuclear option, help elect Hillary Clinton, there is nothing in between.

Jeb Bush pedigree

Plan “B” is Plan “A”…

….and when you understand that, you are able to reconcile why Jeb Bush is campaigning as lazily and out-of-touch as he is.  Jeb’s just waiting his turn!

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239 Responses to Note To Phyllis Schlafly: There Is No “Plan B”….

  1. John Galt says:

    Jeb 4%
    Trump 34%

    Lame Stream Media: When is Trump dropping out?

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  2. ssupsky says:

    Mr. Trump has information that we do not. Remember, he was an insider within the political all his life. He saw the machinations, the pulling of the strings, what made the establishment tick.

    He knows of this plan, he saw it in action the last two elections, he knows what side the bread is buttered on. He knows that the establishment is predictable. He has been saying that in an oblique way such as referencing articles about him being unpredictable.

    Methinks Mr. Trump has analyzed the entire scheme and has contingency plans to counter anything that they may come up. Especially with the road-map that Sundance laid out, that is more ammunition for Mr. Trump.

    As someone stated earlier in the comments, I think that Mr. Trump reads these articles and comments (if not him, then someone on his team) and gains insight from here. A smart person likes to get information from as many sources as possible.

    Will Mr. Trump win the nomination and ultimately the general election? I certainly hope so as we need a leader that has the intelligence, training and background to be able to fight the darker forces out to destroy this country and enslave the world.

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    • Lars says:

      When Trump was right on with Russia entering jihad spaces, I began to think his intel is better than “our” governments’.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      As the tax ads say, “our team is made up of ex-IRS agents”. You want somebody from the inside who knows how the game is played. Trump is, admittedly, EX-establishment. He knows what they’re gonna do before they do.

      Go Trump!

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      • Prothonotary Warbler says:

        Yes, Trump is indeed an ex-establishment guy. He was one of them, until he raised questions about Obama’s birth and, therefore, eligibility to serve as President.

        Oh, Hillary was happy to have him on her side of that debate, until Obama sealed the Dem nomination, and then none of the establishment types wanted anything to do with Trump apart from asking him for money for their campaigns.

        Us vs. Them is indeed a driving force in today’s American politics, and Trump has switched side from Team Them to Team Us. This is clear from how Team Them attacks him now.

        You can talk to me all day about how Trump’s previously stated positions disagree with my own views, but I don’t expect to agree with anyone on everything. I certainly agree with Trump more generally than I agree with Jeb, especially when you include that Us vs. Them factor. I’m more than happy to side with the guy who was burned by Them and now sides with Us.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Great post, great content.

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    • flova says:

      Club for Growth now pushing Carson–Treehouse focusing on Jeb not Carson-mistake.


      • Athena the Warrior says:

        Splitter to pull support from Trump. It’s ALWAYS about Jeb!

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      • Smarty says:

        I agree. Carson has risen up on Trump’s coattails, and I admit I like some of what he is saying very much. I would really like to see him as VP. He brings evangelicals with him to the ticket.
        I hope he is not part of the trip wire….

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        • marierogers says:

          lets not forget when a prez dies in ofc the vp becomes prez…can you envision carson handling putin, iran, isis? i hope TRUMP lives to be 100…

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        • auscitizenmom says:

          I saw Dr. Carson and his wife on Fox and Friends this morning. They were absolutely delightful. I would love to sit down and visit with them.

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        • spacette55 says:

          Carson is job-shadowing Trump. Trump was first to go to the Texas border. Within a week, Carson was on the Arizona border, talking tough. Issue after issue, Trump decisively jumps in and shortly after Carson is dipping his toe into the same issue.

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        • Sharon says:

          He doesn’t bring this evangelical anywhere. I will never understand why somebody has designed a two-group “political entity” made up of evangelicals and Ben Carson.

          Makes absolutely no sense. Evangelicals who support Ben Carson because they think he’s like them are theologically confused. I doubt very much that Ben Carson actually identifies that much with “evangelicals” either.

          I appreciate that he’s a man of faith and willing to speak openly and effectively about it. That has nothing to do with whether I am inclined (I am not) to support his bid for POTUS.

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          • justfactsplz says:

            I am an Evangelical and I don’t support Carson for POTUS or VP. God gave us a brain to use. Using facts and logic I choose to support Trump because he will fight for our Republic and he can’t be bought by special interests. I like how you pointed out in an earlier article that Jimmy Carter was Christian but that didn’t make him a good president. I forget the exact words you used. Carson wouldn’t make a good president either.

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  3. lilbirdee'12 says:

    I agree with Stella in above comment. Phyllis Schlafly is no idiot. I have always greatly admired her though not agreeing with her on some issues. We should all pray to live as long and be as strong as she is. She is a respected voice for conservative women.

    I do pray for Mr. Trump every day. His battle will not be easy. I believe the gope deceivers still have several things they are holding back since it is so early in the RACE. I take advantage of each time I meet someone new to let them know what I feel about this most important election we are experiencing. One day, one person at a time. WE CAN DO THIS ! BE STRONG !

    TRUMP 2016

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    OK, we capitalize on the ability of animals in movies to make the star more appealing and the simian/politico references – we have Jeb make a couple of quick movies with a chimp! Oh wait – focus groups say chimp becomes more electable….have to get back with ya on this one…


  5. tychesd says:

    I don’t know what the story is with IBD and their polling IBD/TIPP. They were the most accurate pollster in predicting the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. I posted the link above. Nate Silver gives IBD a B in his rankings of pollsters. However, as dizzymissl mentions above, Silver was HIGHLY critical of this pollster in 2009 regarding a poll of some doctors. In that poll, IBD/TIPP used mail-in results??

    Anyway, this poll from Friday is suspicious for two reasons: 1) It has Trump and Carson positions reversed with basically the same numbers as the NBC/WSJ poll and is an outlier, in that Trump lead all polls at the RCP average website prior to that point; and 2) Fox was apparently talking up this poll on the Megyn Kelly show, though I didn’t see the show. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rove was somehow involved in this polling.

    Polls not only measure opinion, they influence it. For instance, right now the MSM is promoting the meme that Trump is declining in polls and this slide is probably irreversible. So, any poll that has his lead reduced is being broadcast. Certainly, him losing to Carson in a poll would confirm that narrative.

    I noticed something strange in the 2012 election. Nate Silver consistently predicted that Obama was going to win the election, despite doubts raised by Republicans that polls were not showing this result. I sensed at the time that Silver was attempting to influence public opinion that Obama was winning, and it was pretty much all over for Romney. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but Silver has become VERY influential in the area of polling, so what he says often is treated as Gospel.

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  6. trapper says:

    I suspect Romney is being teed up not for entry into the Republican primary, but as part of the nuclear option, a Romney third party run if Mr. Trump wins the Republican nomination, the idea being to bleed off enough moderate R votes for a Hillary win. However, it still does not account for old line Dem voters and disaffected union members who have been abandoned by the DSA democrats and may cross over for Trump. All in all, an interesting election. We may be witnessing an ideological realignment of political parties in America. A political polar shift.

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    • R-C says:

      And if you’re right–and you make a compelling case–then it’s “so much for the vaunted ‘Loyalty Pledge’, which we all KNEW was a load of horse dung when the RNC brought it up in the first place.

      IF the RNC does this–foists Romney on us as a 3rd Party candidate, they are playing the short game and sealing the party’s doom. –How would anybody ever trust the RNC again? –Their “word” would be totally worthless on any issue forevermore.

      In the end, the RNC will be loyal to…the RNC. They must destroy Trump to keep their cushy seats…and preserving their cushy seats are MUCH more important than preserving our republic.


      • trapper says:

        Existential battles are often existential for both sides. If the GOPe wins (Hillary/Biden/Jeb, same thing) then between unchecked immigration and TPP (citizen disarmament following under international regulations) they figure America is finished as an independent country, along with those pesky rights and liberties she protects. On the other hand, if Trump wins the globalists will be set back at least half a century in their quest for a single world government. They may even be finished. A Trump presidency may craft a new 21st Century realpolitik (hints of it already in the air) to replace the leftover 60’s globalism and the interventionist wars and nation building adventures it generated. Masks are coming down and real loyalties being disclosed all over the place, and it increasingly appears as if the globalists are playing this as their all-in hand. But as smart as they think they are, and they think they are REALLY smart, they didn’t figure on Trump. Go T!

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  7. Masterdeviance says:

    Great article on Trump and how he’s bucking the Wall Street donor crowd (and they don’t like it one bit).

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  8. jackntx says:

    Full combative Trump interview with Cuomo:

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    • TheTorch says:

      Excellent interview, Trump in top form all fired up, sure of his facts and really great to listen to! If this Trump turns up at the next debate god help them…


  9. Sorry for the multiple posts but what does this mean?!


    • Masterdeviance says:

      He seems to think Trump’s campaign is a farce…that poor guy is a Rubio supporter, so I wouldn’t spend much time wondering what a tool like that thinks lol.

      Also, looks like the Club For Growth/Extortion has a poll out today that put Carson ahead of Trump. How anyone could take these ppl and the jokers from IBD seriously is beyond me, but I’m sure Faux News and all the other cuck news sources will start announcing that poll as gospel.

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      • TheTorch says:

        They really are desperate. Also Club For Growth has pulled ADs from Iowa apparently… That tells me they didn’t work, Trump is still holding on to a comfortable lead, and so now you get the crappy push poll from them! What a joke these people are.

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    • truthseekerr says:

      People will say anything to remove Trump. All cards will be shown. Even Ben Carson.


  10. Jett Black says:

    I disagree that there is not a plan B. We shouldn’t think the GOPe scum won’t come up with something. I would assume they’re ready and willing to roll their PACs to Rubio and/or Fiorina, if Heb completely fails. The question is how long can they wait to make such a move. In the meantime, I’m just glad these idjits are dumping cash into the economy–no one deserves a good fleecing more than the scum who think they’re buying our gubmint.

    Of course, none of these GOPe choices has a chance of winning against any half-decent Demonrat candidate. They will, if selected by a fraudulent convention, so alienate the true conservative electorate, they’ll stay home again, as with Romney and McCain. So Trump remains the choice. The damage done to GOPe is greater, seems to me, if they decide they have to abandon Heb, roll to Rubio/Fiorina, then still get slaughtered by Trump. That’s my goal here–hurt those who have hurt this nation. Getting a “builder” into 1600 Pa Ave. is bonus.

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  11. Juan says:

    No doubt the architect of Plan is none other than Mr Whiteboard ….

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  12. The question might have to be asked is if Trump can win the GOP Nomination, what does the GOPe do. Sd seems to say that would endorse Hillary or Biden. Would there be a walk out at the convention of commitee chairmen? Would we see the likes of Graham, McCain, Romney, Christie, Rubio, Carly, large number of Senators, maybe even Jeb, calling on the party to reject its nominee for Clinton or Biden. Would they call for a Unity Party of the two parties to elect Clinton or Biden? Or would the party just shut up and let the CoC and Wall Street just flood money into the Democrat coffers and hope that would be enough to assure a Clinton win. Maybe they will roll out old Bob Dole to call on the party to just this one time to pull the lever for Clinton over Trump.


  13. dizzymissl says:


    • TheTorch says:

      This is a respected polling outfit and with a pretty good rating. Many years ago I did think they tended to have a democratic bias, but I know Nate Silver I think gives these the thumbs up overall (yes I know he is a democrat, but he also has a reputation to maintain, so he seems to put any bias on the back burner). This is a very good headline poll for Trump, so obviously will not be mentioned on Fox News!! Take special note of where Failorina is, that ship has been beached. I thought the next PPP poll would be good for Trump because they always give some hints in their twitter feed, and there was no negative from what I remember, but there was for Failorina!

      Now some details:

      Trump continues to lead with every subgroup of the GOP electorate. He’s at 29% with voters most concerned about electability, and 29% with voters most concerned about having a candidate who’s sufficiently conservative. He’s at 35% with Tea Party voters, and 27% with non-Tea Party voters. He’s at 25% with Evangelicals, and 29% with non-Evangelicals. He’s at 29% with moderates, 27% with ‘somewhat conservative’ voters, and 26% with ‘very conservative’ ones. He’s at 31% with men, and 23% with women. And he’s at 32% with young voters and 26% with seniors.

      But of course Fox News will not tell us any of that – and will run with he is at 27% which is 2% lower than the last PPP poll. To continue to push the narrative they want. I will tune in tonight to see what they do. I actually tune in now purely to LOL.

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    • PremAmerica says:

      This is a very good quality poll, over 630 republican primary voters (that’s likely, not just registered)…..

      This would understate Trump’s support to the extent that registered independents and libertarians like me are switching party ID to vote for Trump.

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  14. I can’t imagine reps switching to Hill to stop Trump. Most are die hard Hillary haters and most would be terrified of her spending attempts and broadening the welfare rolls. There would never be a walk out of convention like what was done to Goldwater.


    • TheTorch says:

      Agreed that will never happen. I think we do have to remember as well when push comes to shove, they are weak and pretty much scared of their own shadow! If the last 8 years has told us anything it has told us that. Also tends to explain why they bully so much, get so defensive, and generally attack attack attack. It is not out of strength they do that but out of great weakness.

      So If it is Trump, they will just cry a river !


    • sundance says:

      “I can’t imagine reps switching to Hill to stop Trump”…

      Who said anything about “reps”. It is the RNC/GOPe who will support Hillary Clinton if they lose their party nomination to Trump, not “reps”.

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      • Jett Black says:

        It’s the loser, scumbag PAC donors who’ll switch, but that’s essentially the same thing as RNC/GOPe. What I really wonder is whether any of the big PAC donors will suddenly wise up that it’s better for business short and near-term to have a strong, prosperous USA; ergo, switch their support to Trump for the general. Not holding my breath–their devotion to evil exploitation of the people is probably too ingrained, but a guy can hope.


    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      The GOPe would most certainly support Hillary over Trump if it came right down to it.

      It won’t, though; if the GOPe proves unable to keep Trump from winning the nomination, Mitt Romney is waiting in the wings to run third-party. The same people who demand that we support the GOP candidate, no matter how he talks trash about us, will jump ship to support Romney rather than stay in the party to support Trump.


  15. R-C says:

    Cuomo had his hat handed to him. “Mr. Trump, is that the best answer that you can give?” What a loser.

    Cuomo says that Chicago is “under-policed”??? Wow…he threw the ballerina under the bus, along with the ENTIRE democrat philosophy.

    News flash for Cuomo: If Chicago is “under-policed”, the blame for that falls nowhere but at the feet of YOUR party, dimbulb. The democrat party OWNS Chicago and has for decades.

    “I’m not going anywhere, Chris. I’m leading every poll. I’m going to WIN, and I’m going to make our country great again.”
    “But there IS ‘contraction’.” (He must have beaten that drum 10 times.)
    “There is ‘contraction’ in YOUR mind, Chris.”
    “I’m not getting out–I’m going ‘all the way’. Simple answer.”

    Final analysis: Trump walked all over Cuomo. Cuomo is a lightweight and made it easy.

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  16. R-C says:

    Peeling back the onion a little further: Cuomo did his level best to diminish Trump and elevate other GOPe candidates, mostly Rubio, in this case.

    The democrats will always tell you who they fear the most. ALWAYS. And it isn’t Rubio. They fear Trump, and nobody more than Trump.

    The democrat attack machine is aligned with the GOPe attack machine–the “UniParty” at work to defeat the reformer.

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  17. TheTorch says:

    Just a reminder – The Donald will be on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier at 6PM ET.


  18. NJF says:

    Trump is coming up next on Cavuto. 🇺🇸🇺🇸


  19. Sassy says:

    ” Rubio is like the little dog trying to pull Grinch’s sled up mount Trumpet.”

    OMG! Kudos for that one. The mental image is perfect. Genius!

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  20. Paco Loco says:

    We all need to look at the big picture. The Democrats have packed the courts and the courts are all rejecting voter ID and by rejecting State laws (TX and AZ) are setting the stage for illegals to vote uncontested in any of the 2016 elections. It won’t matter if Trump is the nominee, the dirty Democrats will have the votes they need for Biden to be the next president. This is their numeruno plan to kill the Republicans. How does Cold Anger address this huge problem?


    • Prothonotary Warbler says:

      I have to find fault with one aspect of your analysis… Despite all their bluster to the contrary, Democrats do NOT want to destroy the Republican Party. Dems want to keep the GOP around as a harmless boogeyman to run against.

      This was proven in Colorado in 2010. Under the Colorado Constitution, the state recognizes two major parties. If a candidate for Governor from one one of those two parties comes in third and gets less than 10% of the vote, his party ceases to be a major party and becomes a minor party, unless the state legislature votes to keep that loser party in its major party role.

      That was the year Tom Tancredo decided he couldn’t support either of the two Republican candidates for the party nomination for Governor, and went third-party to run as the Constitutional Party candidate.

      Dan Maes won the GOP nomination for that office, and for a while it looked like he would not get 10% of the vote with Tom Tancredo and John Hickenlooper as his opponents. So, the Democrat-controlled state legislature held a vote to confirm the GOP as a major party regardless of the results of the election.

      That vote was unanimous, in favor of keeping the oh-so-scary Republicans in their “major party” position. Republicans really wanted to keep their major party status, and Democrats really wanted to keep these feckless feckers who have no feck as their primary opponents.

      In the end, Dan Maes did manage to pull in 10% of the final vote. But the two major parties still exposed themselves as running a game of three-card monte together against the electorate.


  21. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    Phyllis Schlafly is a national treasure. She pretty much single-handedly defeated the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70s. Nice-looking gal, too, back in the day; were she closer to my age, I would be honored to invite her to join me for a nice hamburger and a chocolate malt with two straws.


  22. Steve D says:

    Donald Trump is plan B.


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