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Donald Trump In New Hampshire Today – Update: Video Added…

Still looking for video of the rally/speech, but looks like a very enthusiastic audience: UPDATE: Thanks Jackntx for the video link: The scene as Donald Trump entered Keene High School. #nhpolitics #FITN pic.twitter.com/FcfxXwUKNd — Kailani Koenig (@kailanikm) October 1, 2015 … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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DNC Highlights Party Values – Wasserman-Schultz Threatens To Ban Candidates Who Participate in Non-Sanctioned Debates…

Any Democrat Presidential Candidate found to be in non-compliance with the party speech edict will find themselves subject to the enforcement mechanisms ! (Via The Hill) Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has issued an edict that sells short … Continue reading

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Dear GOP, It’s Too Late To Apologize Now….

….There will be NO QUARTER !! SEE HERE

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The Vulgarian Effect – Congressional Republicans Trying To Trump Up Their Conservative Credentials…

At the beginning of last month we shared – There is an expression: “I will leave you naked before your enemies”… A proactive assertion essentially stating: if you chose to engage in war with me – not only do I … Continue reading

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Mark Levin Was Right – Kevin McCarthy Is an Idiot….

After it was announced that Speaker John Boehner was retiring, conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin said don’t elect Kevin McCarthy to the speakership because McCarthy is just like Eric Cantor except 10 IQ points lower.  Last night McCarthy … Continue reading

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USA Today Poll: Donald Trump Gains 6 More Points Widens Lead…

Boy howdy the media are doing everything they can to avoid recognizing/broadcasting the obvious.  By using small poll sample sizes and trying to manipulate the data outcome the legacy media are trying desperately to play down the growing support for … Continue reading

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Russia Begins Air Campaign In Syria – Air Strikes, Bombing, In Homs and Damascus-Aleppo Corridor…

Russia only gave the United States an hour’s warning ahead of the strikes and did not specify where they would occur, riling many in the Pentagon who had been hoping for clearer and more detailed lines of communication. A Russian … Continue reading

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Fiscal Year 2015 Ends Today – With It, Our Patience…

Today is September 30th, the final day of fiscal year 2015 for the federal government. Tomorrow, October 1st, begins the first day of Fiscal Year 2016. Despite the Republicans controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate, there is … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Fox News Appearance….

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