Donald Trump Interview on CNN With Erin Burnett – Tax Plan, Putin, ISIS, Etc…

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56 Responses to Donald Trump Interview on CNN With Erin Burnett – Tax Plan, Putin, ISIS, Etc…

  1. PremAmerica says:

    Trump was brilliant on Outfront. I think Erin softballed it, but hey that’s so rare for Trump!

    It was surreal to watch Bill Kristol and David Gergen be so positive on Trump. Quite a rare treat!

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    • Janie M. says:

      PA, for whatever reason, the segment with Bill Kristol and David Gergen is not showing up. I see Erin turn and say “David Gergin.” The next thing I see, the video freezes and then Erin is resuming her interview of Trump. What the heck?


  2. sundance says:

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    • ZurichMike says:

      I don’t watch TV at all, and of course do not have access to US TV shows, but it seems to me that The Donald is being asked more about his policies, and asked to show more “substance” than the other candidates — or am I missing something?

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      • SharonKinDC says:

        ZurichMike, you are not wrong. It’s a tactic, imo. They whine ‘not enough specifics’ then when he provides them they whine and pick them apart, often w/o merit… or in the case of the 60 Minutes interview, Fox and other outlets are saying, ‘Trump is calling for Universal Health Care’ in a way that is very deceptive from what Trump actually has spoken about.

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        • The Boss says:

          ZM – short answer is you’re not missing anything. Trump knows he’s being held to a different standard. And that IS unfair. While Hillary and Jeb! skate through, he takes fire. For example, his recent tax policy outline is just that – an outline. Just enough to satisfy the whiners SharonKinDC describes above. But not enough to cause an out of control reaction. As I opined in another post here today, Trump is looking at this whole political process as one long negotiation. He won’t show all his cards, and he knows how to play the cards he does show. His milestones are clear (nomination first, general campaign & debates next, Make America Great Again last) and his tactical game has establishment types and establishment wannabes befuddled and frightened. It’s been fun to watch…

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  3. Rick Stans says:

    I too got a kick out of ole Bill Kristol choking on his words. Erin is a lot more pleasant to look at than the bleached blondy. Now, Donald will be back on Billo tomorrow night. I wish he would stay off their shows at least more than a 5 day boycott!


  4. sundance says:

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  5. sheila says:

    I just looked at cable news ratings and saw CNN not all that far behind Fox News. Having checked the ratings occasionally for the last couple of years, I have never seen CNN so close to Fox. Let’s hope all networks are realizing there is a huge silent majority unwilling to put up with their dishonesty. And let the silent majority realize boycotts work – let’s do more of it.

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  6. sundance says:

    Back up version in case of deletion:

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  7. conservalicious says:

    Mr Trump is getting better and better at this. He’s a quick learner!

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  8. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    I stopped watching FOX more than a year ago, almost 2 years now, and don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.
    And since I cancelled our cable tv nearly 4 months ago, and now subscribe to Sling TV, I watch CNN for cable news as that is the only cable news channel carried by Sling. And I can NOT stand CNN, so I watch very little national news on tv.

    Amazing how much better I feel, both physically and emotionally, after having turned away from the national tv news.

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  9. sundance says:

    Tonight wasn’t Erin’s first time interviewing Trump (2009) check this out:

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  10. I hope the naysayers will shut up now about Trump not having any plans. I caught just a minute or so of Levin and he was talking about Trump’s tax plan and how it would grow the economy.

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  11. jackphatz says:

    FOX is just an extension of the Republican Party. Do as I say ,aka, vote for who I say to vote for. We had already had enough of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC so what was one more deceiver to that list. Trump has helped us open our eyes to all the media even though we should have known better.

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  12. sundance says:

    fyi, here’s the NBC/WSJ Agenda Poll. Small sample size + massive assumptions = Agenda Poll

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    • myrightpenguin says:

      NBC appears to be upto quite a few tricks with its national polls. In this case a small sample with a huge error margin, and yet the media is pushing it as if it is rock solid.

      Meanwhile state primary polls are all showing healthy leads for Trump, most with leads growing. One would think the state polls would be the most important but the corporatist media networks are not mentioning them.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Adults, not “likely voters”

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    • Voltaire's Crack says:

      Posted this on another thread, but it is more apt here:

      Delving a bit more into the NBC/WSJ poll, there are a number of oddities in the responses throughout. Take a look at the example below and tell me if something seems odd.

      Poll question

      Now I am going to ask you a few questions for statistical purposes only.
      QF1b/c A lot of people are unable to get out and vote for many reasons. Did you happen to vote in the November
      2012 election for president? (IF “YES,” ASK:) For whom did you vote––Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or
      someone else?+
      Voted for Barack Obama …………………………. 44
      Voted for Mitt Romney …………………………….. 32
      Voted for someone else …………………………… 9
      Not sure ………………………………………………… 2
      No, Did Not Vote …………………………………….. 13
      Not sure ………………………………………………. –
      + Results shown reflect responses among registered voters


      The actual 2012 election results were something like approximately 51% Obama, 47% Romney, with less than 2% voting for someone else.

      If I take the results from the poll question above. eliminate those that are not sure(2) or didn’t vote(13) and put it back on a 100 point scale so percentages make sense, we get this:

      Obama 51.8%
      Romney 37.6%
      Someone else 10.6%

      Obama’s number is pretty close to the actual results. But Romney and “someone else” look compared to the actual results, don’t they?

      It’s almost like the poll picked up a bunch of people that voted Libertarian or Green Party or something else. This seems like a very unusual occurrence.

      I’m no polling expert so I couldn’t state that as fact, but to my amateur eyes it looks quite odd.

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  13. Serpentor says:

    Erin Burnett did a fine job interviewing him. She asked obvious and intelligent questions. I may not agree with her politically, but Trump is perhaps her perfect interviewee. Trump came off great here. All around worth the watch.

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    • Buck Weaver says:

      Yes, I agree, well worth watching. I have never seen an Erin Burnett interview before, and I was pleasantly surprised. She asked questions, she let him answer, she delved a little deeper, and as a result the audience gained a better understanding of Donald Trump.
      I loved how he tied the endorsements of Carl Icahn and Tom Brady together … “I like winners!”

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  14. dizzymissl says:

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    • jackphatz says:

      I believe this will all change soon.


    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      Very interesting.
      Please continue speaking truth to power Mr Cruz.


    • georgiafl says:

      The speech was a State of the Republican Party address that put on record all the crimes and sins of the party.


    • Buck Weaver says:

      I hope he gets the chance to use that statement in a speech that more people will hear it in, such as the debates. That really cuts right to the root of the problem. One thing I’d change in the wording, and I wish I could cut and paste from what dizzy posted, is that those are not questions he receives from Republican billionaire donors, they are demands! Maybe it’s time to name names. I can’t believe how much the onion is being peeled away during this campaign, thanks to Trump and Cruz.

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  15. Rick Stans says:

    FOX Executives have to be cringing. One full hour of all Trump on CNN (Erin interview and panel) probably has old Skinhead Roger AllLies counting viewers flipping away from FOX like lemmings over a cliff.

    Donald should only do Hannity and say screw the rest of FOX RINO team.

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    • wullfe says:

      He’s appearing on O’Reilly Tuesday evening at 8:00 pm. Wish he held out longer than a few days.


      • Betty says:

        I look forward to seeing a chastened O’Reilly eating crow, band be as deferential to Donald Trump as he has been to Obama. Then I will never tune in again.


      • IntoTheFray says:

        With Fox losing viewership and CNN gaining ground, Fox calling for a meeting to smooth things over, I think Mr. Trump has made his point. No need to continue punishing Fox. Mr. Trump is a uniter, as long as people/entities play fair.
        I think it is telling that the interview is with BOR and NOT MK, who has been unrepentant for her obvious bias at the debate.
        I will DVR BOR tonight to see how it goes and make my decision as to whether or not I will watch Fox News in the future.
        I thought the Erin Burnett interview above was excellent. No need for gross interruptions and I don’t need the interviewer trying to determine what the interviewee should say. Believe it or not, I am smart enough to figure it out.


  16. Glen Sprigg says:

    I have another Trump song tonight.

    TAX PLAN (Taxman, the Beatles)

    Let me tell you how it will be
    The rates for you are less than me
    This is my tax plan, yeah, it’s my tax plan.

    Should your income be deemed too low
    Will you pay income tax? Oh no.
    This is my tax plan, yeah, it’s my tax plan.

    See there’s seven levels; I’ll do four.
    Simplify the system, you’ll keep more.
    If you make a lot, please don’t feel sore,
    But we’re closing loopholes by the score.

    Tax plan!
    This is my tax plan, yeah, it’s my tax plan.

    At the start I said I’d build a wall. (Aaah, screamed the RINOs)
    Then I said, ‘give guns to soldiers all’ (Aaah, screamed the left)
    Now here’s my tax plan, yeah, it’s my tax plan.

    As for those who shall rest in peace,
    No longer with your heirs be fleeced.
    This is my tax plan, yeah, it’s my tax plan.

    And you’re voting for no one but me!
    Tax plan!

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  17. MrE says:

    WOW – that was a surprisingly well-conducted interview. Erin asked excellent questions, and Trump hit them out of the ballpark. Donald just keeps going!

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  18. zephyrbreeze says:

    Notice how Trump is training the media to treat him respectfully, and they are starting to do so. You know Trump lives inside Megyn Kelly’s head now as he cavorts with CNN “info-babes” as Rush calls them.

    All in all it’s a great time to be alive and witness a master at work.

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    • NYGuy54 says:

      Well Erin Burnett acted like a journalist and asked great questions and let the candidate speak. The Megyn Kelly way is to lead the candidate into a corner and then play gotcha. Roger Ailes should watch that interview over and over again and tell his people that this is the way we want to conduct our business.


      • Betty says:

        Megyn Kelly’s boss is Brit Hume, he and Tim Russert patented that “lead … in to a corner and then play gotcha.” technique. Then Tim died, and Hume was left high and dry for years. Then the GOPe/MSM said “Get Trump” and Hume believing his glory days were at hand, and he would soon be seen as an empire builder and the second coming of Tim Russert, led them all into a corner and we all said “Gotcha”.


      • IntoTheFray says:

        “Well Erin Burnett acted like a journalist and asked great questions and let the candidate speak.”

        Totally agree. I found it very refreshing. The people at Fox seem to want to attack the interviewee, cutting them off, talking over them in a confrontational manner, like I necessarily care what the interviewer thinks. Sorry Fox, but this is NOT good journalism, nor is it a good style for a moderator at a debate.

        The “journalists” at Fox should be made to watch the Erin Burnett interview with Trump over and over until they “get it”.


  19. wondering999 says:

    realitycheck posted a link on another thread about a British anchorwoman who has crossed swords with Donald Trump (Selina Scott). I followed the links and found some interesting articles about her experience with Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) — apparently the cleaning services at the hospital were unsatisfactory (Scott describes an incontinent patient leaving a trail on the floor behind her while walking, and the trail remained uncleaned for a remarkably long time).

    Just thought it was an interesting article and perspective to pull up for later when healthcare discussions start.


  20. Jett Black says:

    Whether intended or not, Trump’s tactic of boycotting Fox probably gave him more cred with independents and “moderate libs” who detest Fox and consider it a pure GOP/Tea Party mouthpiece (shows how ignorant they are about the real GOPe agenda). So he gets to devote the majority of his time to the outlets with wider distribution and undeservedly better cred with voters he might not otherwise reach. Conservatives who watch Fox while holding our noses and with many grains of salt at the ready are already supporting Trump. If it ain’t genius or dumb luck, it’s divine guidance.


  21. Mr.Right says:

    We need a tax code that make ALL American participate equally.

    Because time is money, everyone is equally rich.

    Also since we all have equal voting rights, it corrupt a democracy when the people that benefit the most from taxes are the one not participating in it because of monetary income.

    And taxes should solely based on an approved balanced budget.

    1) Defined a balance budget by December 31st (use prior year is none is approved)
    2) Calculate a flat rate from the projected income (prior year +-5%), adjusted from past year surplus/deficit
    3) If rate is below 20%, set to 20% and use surplus to repay debt
    4) if rate is above 20%, go back to 1)

    So come Jan 1, each tax payer would know the tax rate for the year.
    And any surplus/deficit (aprox max of 5% of the budget) is only carried over a 12 month period.

    If you have no income, you have to enroll in a public service program for the duration of the tax rate. So if the rate is 20%, you have to provide 10 weeks of your time for civil service during the year.

    Fair, just and balanced… and thats why a fair tax code will never be allowed to exist by politicians, because ultimately it unite ALL citizen (even the homeless) into the goal of lower taxes.


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