Donald Trump Oklahoma Rally 9/25/15 (Video)…

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  1. joanfoster says:

    Trump is resonating with the young crowd. My son who celebrated a birthday this week was reluctant to ask for a present – he is a hard working independent, free thinking kid with a great education. He clearly doesn’t want to ask for anything significant. Finally, two days ago he said, “how about getting me Trump’s The Art of the Deal. I immediately said, you got it buddy, it’s on the way. Hope other young voters are beginning to see the light. The old ideas have failed us. It’s time to turn a new leaf in the pages of our history. Let’s give Mr. Trump a chance!

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    • Pedro says:

      I just wrote a similar message on Facebook. This man is a billionaire who could be home with his family. Instead he spends his own money traveling the country sweating with the common man. We just gave a whimp 8 years why can’t this man a proven success be given a chance. I appaud you for raising a smart kid.

      By the way, I have read on Breitbart site comments from parents who said their kids who never engaged in politics before are registering for the first time just to vote for Trump

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      • regedit says:

        My daughter is freshman in college-she said there is Trumpmania on her campus
        So glad to see young people getting it

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      • Athena the Warrior says:

        The GOPe likes to mock “The Apprentice ” but that show was a marketing stroke of genius. He moved beyond a real estate developer into a pop culture icon.

        This is why you know Greg Gutfeld is in the tank for the GOPe. Trump is doing the very thing he used to complain that conservatives needed to to connect to a wider audience.

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    • lecombatblog says:


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  2. BillDes says:

    The more liberal idiots attack Trump, the more I want to vote for him.

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    Trump is a profound reminder of the massive discrepancy of talent between the industrious class, and the political class. Not even close. It’s like they speak two different languages. Competency is the new sexxy.

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  4. Honest Abbey says:

    Bill O’Reilly said to Fiorina “When Scott Walker dropped out, he said YOU have to stop Trump, so how do you plan on doing that?”
    I never heard Scott Walker say anything remotely close to that, but anyway, Fiorina said “I think he [Walker] is a great governor blah, blah, blah” and O’Reilly then said “You’re skirting the question. How do you plan on stopping Trump?” and she said “I am going to beat him” and O’Reilly said “GOOD ANSWER!! THAT WILL STOP HIM!!”
    I was sitting here saying to myself ……. You can’t be serious!!

    When asked about Trump’s comments about Rubio today at the rally,
    Frank Luntz told Megyn Kelly that he’s convinced Donald Trump doesn’t even know how to spell the word Humble let alone possess that quality.

    A few weeks ago I read on my Facebook news feed that Ted Cruz is actually The Church Lady from SNL ….. That bell cannot be unrung and I listened to his entire speech today laughing until it hurt.


    • lecombatblog says:

      I like Cruz, but he sounds like a lawyer & I voted for him here in Texas – he’s a great lawyer – but – when he gave his speech he had a tv evangelist tone when he spoke. I like Cruz – he’s a fighter, he sounded forced but not in a good way – yes – I can see why you would think of SNL’s church lady.

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      • Honestly, Cruz needs a speech coach. BAD. Listening to him drives me nuts. Don’t get me wrong; I like what he says. It’s just so very laborious to listen to his unanimated monotone – always that micro pause, like I have to wait for something to sink in when I already know from the context of the statement what comes next.


    • FRANK LUNTZ AGREES WITH TRUMP: this just in from frank luntz: Frank Lunz also came out in support of Trump NOT being booed about Rubio at the Value Voters speech, Lunz said they were booing Rubio. click here to read Trump’s and Frank’s twitter:


      • Honest Abbey says:

        That’s quite different than what he said to Megyn Kelly tonight. She even said “Donald Trump was booed today” and Luntz said something like “Yes he was” or “I know” but he did not offer up what he just tweeted. He led us to believe he thinks the boos were for Trump, not for Rubio.


      • Honest Abbey says:

        If you read through the tweets, you’ll see that Luntz has two different versions.
        Here’s an example:
        Mickie ‏@MickeyW1776 1h1 hour ago
        @adeleshiv @FrankLuntz frank lutz just admitted on #KellyFile that he was wrong. He just said the crowd “was booing Trump”


        • thanks for that info. do you know which one was the most recent? the one he agreed with Trump, or the one he said his audience was booing trump? meanwhile i will go look online. ok just looked and with the time zones being different i cannot figure out which one came first, the good boos against rubio — or the audience booing at Trump.

          i wonder if rubio spoke before trump, that would lend to them booing trump for dissing rubio. but if rubio spoke after could be booing with trump.

          however, i understand the audience was the exact same for all the candidates and if that is the case then maybe could be booing to hear trump call him a clown, not sure. in any case didn’t last long and Trump went on to talk and they were ok with him.


        • Megyn Kelly has to go. She is truly where the portal is from hell, a dark soul in a red dress for sure. she is always at the heart of angst for all things, fake sexist debate questions, rich lowry on her show, her “they haven’t been in my bed” giggle giggle comments with Roger Stone, her soft porn, Stern show, and vaginal open leg shot on FOX, and now this. and tons of small shrapnel along the way.

          she has to go!

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        • That’s what Luntz gets for telling the truth without checking first with his masters at Fox. After that tweet, I’m thinking he “got the memo” and quickly changed course.

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    Thanks Sundance for posting Trump’s speeches. I never tire listening to him. He gets better all of the time. He is at ease with us and that resonates with his audience. Having read Phil Robertson’s books and having a feel for what he believes about politics it didn’t surprise me to see Willie Robertson there. We’re all ready to Make America Great Again. We have our work cut out for us but it will be worth it. It’s Trump all the way to the White House. But first the primaries. Get out the vote. I hope True The Vote is on standby and ready to go.

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  6. Thefarmersalmanac says:

    Did you happen to catch the Steve Mazberg show today on Newsmax? He excoriated The Donald for characterizing Marco Rubio as a ” clown”. He incredulously asked his guest, Larry Elder, if this insult might be the beginning of the end for the combative, loose canon. With his day in the sunshine Mr. Elder, of course, agreed.

    Steve Malzberg used to be a courageous, stalwart pursuer of truth in the ongoing Barry Sotoro (aka Barak Obama) identity theft saga. He was eventually fired from his radio host position at WOR presumably for his refusal to stop seeking the truth about the duplicitous, deceptive forger.

    I guess he’s learned his lesson.Newsmax appears to have no interest in learning the truth about Obama’s identity nor in honestly assessing the underlying support for Trump’s continuing poll leadership. The truth is – we’ve had enough. To hell with the lies and deceit of the Republican Party and its media allies. This must be what it felt like to be American colonists when they reached the breaking point with British contempt and disregard to their American subjects.

    I’ m reminding of Rush Limbaugh’s advice – follow the money, always follow the money to understand people’s – and parties’ – behavior (the sane advice preached by Sundance!). It appears this also holds true for Mr. Malzberg and Newsmax. Evidently they believe the greater marketing opportunity lies in pretense and denial.

    What Malzberg, Newsmax, Fox and other “conservative” organizations fail to realize is – we’ve had it! No more! As The Who sang “We’re not gonna take it”. This farce is OVER,

    I – and I suspect many millions more – didn’t raise an eyebrow at The Don’s remarks. Of course Rubio is a clown a farce, a joker. Donald’s remarks simply reinforce an already settled paradigm – the fix is in, we!re being gamed by all of these “clowns” and we are fed up. No more! Our support for Donald is rock solid – and he understands it. His Rubio remark was not a shoot from the hip ill-tempered slip but rather a message, a code to millions that he fully understands and stands with us in this epic battle for the soul of America.


  7. Millwright says:

    Mr. Trump has been doing so well I’m hesitant to suggest anything, but his “pan moment” might have been an ideal opportunity for him to acknowledge his supporters .

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  8. mpmp2015 says:

    Here’s the link to the full 50 minute speech.

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    • Eskyman says:

      Thanks for posting that! I watched the earlier version, but that had lost the last 15 min. or so.

      The last part of the speech was really worth watching! He was on fire! Go Donald!


    • Sharon says:

      How can you not love Willie – when he says “..we’re both successful businessmen….” and it makes total sense, him standing there in his head-tie and beard, and Trump dressed for a speech. They are both comfortable in their skin, showing mutual respect, and — by the way — both showing joy.

      Trump has a capacity for authentic joy. It’s a relief to see a genuine man with a capacity for joy on the national stage.


  9. R-C says:

    Trump’s ability to connect with his audience is amazing. If I had to identify just ONE quality to sum up his performance, I’d have to say “authenticity”.

    Trump is being totally honest with his supporters. Unvarnished truth. For the supporters’ part, they appreciate a straight-shooter when they hear one.

    Trump has that rare ability to talk TO his audience, not talk AT them. He isn’t making speeches; he’s taking part in conversations. He connects with his audience, as though each and every one of them is a friend, and they’re all together for a few beers and laughs. Quite simply, there is NO other candidate on the rosters of either party who come anywhere close to this skill level.

    The GOPe and the MSM ridicule this man at their peril. Trump is formidable, and it seems he’s just getting warmed up.

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    • Eskyman says:

      That’s right! Everybody is his friend, and he does love everybody; until they attack, and then it’s all-out war, which he wins!

      I wish he’d point out in his speeches more often that he’s flying without teleprompter. It’s such a great contrast to the Prevaricator in Chief, who’s supposed to be the Best Speaker Ever, but who can’t muster more than two words without his teleprompter. I just love the freedom that Trump has in his speaking, he makes it look effortless!

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      • R-C says:

        When you speak from the heart with passion, it is much easier.

        As you say, compare Trump’s style with any off-TelePrompter Obama remarks: “Let me be clear…err…make no mistake…umm…I have been crystal clear on this in the past…err…and uhhh…” (Obama HAS to stammer–he’s trying to manufacture so many lies that he has to take time to remember the lies he has previously lied about.)

        Forget it–there is NO comparison.

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  10. BigMamaTEA says:

    Well, I just got home from the Trump rally at the Oklahoma State Fair. The energy in the crowd was rockin’ even before Trump arrived. Unofficial numbers 12,000 people, of course the media, as Trump said, won’t report that number. But, when you have wall to wall people roughly 1/2 mile deep just going strait south in line with our little bandstand (I had multiple family members with pedometers pacing the crowd. Then there were crowds wrapped around on either side, and even back behind the bandshell (they had speakers behind him.)

    I was once again, just like when I saw Trump in Dallas, thrilled to check out the demographics of the audience. Here as in Dallas, I saw and visited a LOT of 20-30 year olds, all the way through to the silver haired gang. Black, yellow, red( Indian, feather, not dot) white, and certainly around here legal Mexicans. Great mix of the heartland, and I visited with a lot of them over the course of the afternoon before the speech. So he’s really appealing to all.

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  11. BigMamaTEA says:

    Sd, mission accomplished. {grin}

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  12. BigMamaTEA says:

    I am watching it now, thanks gang. I was the one who reminded him he was leading in Oklahoma.

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  13. BigMamaTEA says:

    When he asked the cameras to pan the crowd, he was correct. All they did was pull back their zoom to where the press was on a riser. That roughly half a mile I spoke of…it was behind where the press riser was. {LSM azzhats!)

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  14. Piper says:

    Best speech he’s given yet! Loved every word, and he’s so fun to watch! C A N N O T W A I T
    T O V O T E!! (oh, and I signed the pledge at!)

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    • Doug says:

      Changed my registration from Independent to republican this week so that I can vote in the primary in Louisiana. real easy to change affiliation here. Did it all online and am ready to vote for him in March. Then Ill probably change it back to Independent.


  15. e.g.g. says:

    I read online Fox News that said Trump was in South Carolina and the stadium was half empty. I can’t find anything to verify this information. Is it possibly a false report to show Trump is losing ground?

    I signed up with the Trump camp as a campaign volunteer. I have never, ever done any campaign work for any candidates at any government level because no one ever impressed me enough to do so. Until Trump.


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