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Whoopsie – Federal Elections Commission Opens Inquiry….

The FEC has opened an inquiry (see pdf below) into Ted Cruz Super-PAC (KtP) and Carly Fiorina Super-PAC (CfA).   I’ll just drop this here as a reminder to what we previously said was going to happen; when you know the … Continue reading

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White House Using Screens To Stop Chinese Delegation From Witnessing Protests…

What does one shallow dictator do when another delicate dictator visits a land of freedom? The @WhiteHouse puts up screens to block #Xi's view of protestors during visit. Bad move. Insult to American values. pic.twitter.com/ktz6HERJnz — Marion Smith (@smithmarion) September … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Oklahoma Rally 9/25/15 (Video)…

HatTip Twitter

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Rut Roh – Hillary Clinton Lied and New Email Revelations Prove It…

There are a few different versions of various Clinton email scandals surfacing today within the Friday news dump.  Here’s the first: (Via Reuters) The U.S. Defense Department has found an email chain that Hillary Clinton did not give to the … Continue reading

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Major Tripwire Alert – North Carolina GOPe Change Primary – Join FL, OH, IL March 15th…

While everyone is busy chasing “shiny things”, and Karl Rove keeps feeding the media for “Operation Hummingbird” the GOPe apparatus is working behind the scenes to usurp the conservative electorate and assist, now modify, their GOPe road map to nominate … Continue reading

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Candidate Donald Trump Speech To Value Voters Summit…

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Senator Ted Cruz Speech At Value Voters Summit 2015…

I hear rumors (little birdies) telling me that Ted Cruz spoke of the GOPe “splitter strategy”.  Dunno.  I haven’t watched the speech.  You decide…. I’m a little busy today

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No Budget Boehner Resigns A Week Before Fiscal Year Begins…..

In advance of Cold Anger the enemy flees ! Speaker John Boehner Quits You’ll notice not a single reporter is questioning Speaker John Boehner over the missing Federal Budget.  A budget for a fiscal year that starts in SIX DAYS, … Continue reading

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Roger Stone Discussing Donald Trump During Fox Broadcast With Murdoch’s Princess…

Video is prompted to begin at 06:45 for Roger Stone interview:

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