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Reminder: Why Trump Battles The Fox News Machine…

Anyone who is viewing the battle between Donald Trump and Fox News as a representative battle of thin-skinned ego is entirely missing the point. Trump is not just taking on the construct of progressive ideology that has undermined the essence … Continue reading

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Was CNN Providing Cover For Hillary Clinton On September 21st ?…

We suspected, heck, anyone could see it was brutally obvious, that CNN was running cover to protect the optics of Bernie Sanders getting a same venue audience last weekend TEN TIMES greater than Hillary Clinton. Both Clinton and Sanders held … Continue reading

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Donald Trump MSNBC and CNN Interviews September 24th…

HatTip – Trumpgasm Via Twitter

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CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Poll – Donald Trump Gains 15 Points, Leads Field With 26%…

CNN / WMUR have produced yet another New Hampshire primary poll (again, full pdf below).  CNN Media apparently desperate to find some glimmer of hope, something, anything, to support the Vulgarian Trump being eliminated. Alas, the gnashing of teeth commences, … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Naysayers Beware – Jeb Bush Just Hired The Offset For Losing Texas Splitter Rick Perry…

As if there was any remaining doubt about the RNC/GOPe road map.  Well here ya go.  Jeb Bush just hired Ray Sullivan who was previously working with Austin and Henry Barbour on Rick Perry’s campaign efforts. The Barbours’ were the … Continue reading

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Battle Of The Brands – Donald Trump and Fox President Roger Ailes Schedule A Meeting…

I doubt Trump needs any advice, he is the master of the deal and he knows these creatures like you know your own friends and family.  However, that said – a part of me wants him to just keep on … Continue reading

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MAJOR TRIPWIRE ALERT – New Florida Poll Reveals There Are Only FIVE Currently Viable Candidates…

This is a really interesting poll from Jacksonville University (full pdf also included below).  It is interesting for several reasons: The poll shows the absolute importance/benefit of the original GOPe road map. The poll shows there are only FIVE viable … Continue reading

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New Quinnipiac National Poll – Despite Blistering Attacks Trump Maintaining Comfortable Lead….

The Charge of The Vulgarians Continues The latest Quinnipiac Poll is released today (full pdf format below).  Despite a well coordinated RNC/GOPe strategy, “Operation Hummingbird“, Donald Trump continues to maintain a sizable lead. Obviously the non-Trump coalition of Establishment Republican … Continue reading

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The UniParty Evidenced – Another Missing Federal Budget, This Time With Republicans In Full Control…

It was September of 2007 when George W Bush sat behind his oval office desk and signed into law the Fiscal Year 2008 Federal Budget. Exactly eight years ago. It has now been eight consecutive years without a federal budget. … Continue reading

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