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Understanding Karl Rove’s “Operation Hummingbird”…

“Operation Hummingbird” an identifier given (by me) to describe a very strategic approach of Karl Rove in getting Jeb Bush the republican nomination.  “Hummingbird” describes a very a specific strategy to overcome a hurdle currently blocking Rove’s path, Donald Trump.  … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…


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Mainstreet Trump -VS- The Professionally GOPe…

Interesting metaphor via American Thinker today.  Watch this clip first: Then read the article HERE

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U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power: “De-Conflict” ?

Our favorite ideological cabinet member appeared on CBS this morning replete with new linguistic skills.  Listen to question at 01:58, and within the answer: “de-conflict” … it reappears a few minutes later in another retort.

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Afraid of The Bern – Hillary Clinton Says She Does Not Support Keystone Pipeline…

Transparently predictable political maneuvering.  With Joe Biden about to enter race and Bernie Sanders dominating from the left – Hillary throws elbows: “I was in a unique position as secretary of State at the start of this process. And not … Continue reading

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The Latest PPP Iowa Poll and How Second Choices Reflect GOPe Alliances…

Public Policy Polling released another poll today (full pdf below) reflecting the status of the IOWA GOP primary race.  According to the poll Donald Trump retains the lead with 24%, while Ben Carson carries 17% and Carly Fiorina holding 13%. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Leads Latest National Poll With 32% – Carson 12%, Bush 11%….

(Via Morning Consult) A strong performance in last week’s Republican presidential debate has raised former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s public profile, but not nearly enough to cut into real estate mogul Donald Trump’s lead over the rest of the GOP … Continue reading

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Hot Dog! It’s A Brand New Day!

    This morning, my heart overflowing with happiness and gratitude, I began my day wondering how I might adequately express my gratitude to God. I quickly came back to reality and knew of course that we can only inadequately … Continue reading

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Update, Praying For Baby Conner….

Here is the latest news, just received (Tuesday morning) from Menagerie: Listen up you guys! Keep the prayers coming. Conner is getting sprung from PICU back to a room. He is doing so well that he goes to a room … Continue reading

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Politics, Islam and The Question No-One Will Dare Ask Hillary…

After an entire media cycle filled with the insufferable professional punditry waxing on about how Muslims must be allowed to be President; the entire common sense electorate can sense the disconnect between reality and the professionally political. Here’s a strong … Continue reading

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