CNN GOP Prime Time Debate – THE MAIN EVENT – Open Discussion Thread

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” !!

The Second GOP Debate “Top Tier” Begins at 8:00pm – All pundits expect the lower supported field to pile-on primary frontrunner Donald Trump.

The future of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden hang in the balance.  If Trump does well, Wall Street will demand Biden enter the race within a week.  The GOPe machine wants a Hillary Clinton VS Jeb Bush 2016 General Election – Live Stream HERE:

cnn debate lineupTrump banner 2


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1,438 Responses to CNN GOP Prime Time Debate – THE MAIN EVENT – Open Discussion Thread

  1. nwtex says:

    Per Drudge pool anyway —>

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  2. John Galt says:

    August 7, Trump wins with 38% of 190,000 votes

    Right now, Trump has 59% of 308,000 votes

    This is YUGE.

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    • nwtex says:

      I just posted more of the numbers one page back.


    • keebler AC says:

      Trump was at 63% not long right after the debate. This of course cannot stand according to establishment supporters so his ratings dropped about 4% immediately after the Drudge link was posted. A lot of Trump haters here. They claim to support Trump but beware it’s just another way to slip in constant and consistent negative remarks about Trump’s speeches, debate and everything they can pretend to innocently slide in. Trump doesn’t just get attacked in the debate by the entire hoard of moderators and candidates, he gets it here too. On guard!

      Having said that, 60% is YUGE! Yes it is!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I would have canceled on those idiots knowing exactly it would occur as SD described. But Trump showed up. He must have been annoyed CNN ratings would be so high, ad earnings thru the roof due to his presence and yet no money going to the Vets as Trump requested. There’s time.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I too have noticed the wolves in sheeps’ clothing.


        • keebler AC says:

          Hey, JFP! I’m glad Cnn debate #2 is over!!! Trump came out winning especially his closing remark. Kind of summed up the entire 3 hour debate travesty. Lol. And people putting our shields all around him at the debate and everywhere we go so the clunky arrows kinda bounce off him. Clatter. Clatter. Doink.

          The running thread reminds me of the Zimmerman days, we’d all be here a ‘reading, a ‘laughing and a’gettin’ mad sometimes at the screen as events unfold. 🙂 Treehouse!

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          • justfactsplz says:

            You know with the Zimmerman case we were fighting for justice and an innocent man’s life. Today the stakes are even higher. We are fighting for the very lives of all Americans. Trump is our chance to save our nation and stop Iran.


      • Mike says:

        Wow! Trump did much better than I thought he’d do, with nearly EVERYONE dumping on him. I also thought Jake Tapper was much more professional than Megyn Kelly ever even thought of being.


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      YUGE indeed.

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  3. mazziflol says:

    Another perspective…

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    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      Unfair W just took over, and was in fact going to have a strategy meeting with his staff the next day on how to battle terrorism.

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      • JB from SoCal says:

        8 months into GWB’s first term — EIGHT MONTHS —


        • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

          Eight months is not much time to undo the damage Clinton did in eight years. Hell you first have to figure out how he messed up the place.

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          • JB from SoCal says:

            Right. Blame it on Clinton instead of the guy who owned it — George W. Bush. C’mon, man, get real. GWB was President when this sh*t happened to us. Period.

            Kind of reminds me of what Barry Obama’s defenders give us: The W.O.R.M. explanation.
            “See, What Obama Really Meant was . . . bla, bla bla “


            • jameswlee2014 says:

              The terrorists had been in San Diego training for 2 years before Bush because president. They first hit the towers in 1993. 9/11 is on Bill Clinton who had bin Laden offer to him free of charge and he turned it down.

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      • JB from SoCal says:

        (cont.) 8 months and this is “unfair?” Sorry, Mouse. I don’t think so.


      • Okay, If 9/11 happened on Obama’s watch – 8 months in, and Obama said “it was Bush’s fault”. … would we buy it? NO WAY.

        9/11 happened on Bush’s watch. Period.


  4. littlered says:

    I was surprised at how well everyone did!

    I am a Trumpeteer!

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  5. keebler AC says:

    CNN staff along with Dana, Carly and her that-hair-is-so-yesterday “friends” continuing the post-debate hoax by voting for her. I’ve watched her numbers go abnormally high to low and then back abnormally high. Out of pattern for norm. Carly certainly is a harpy, interrupting like Ramos Jorgas……terribly rude and snotty. Not an ounce of charm. She’s retired with no one calling on her to do speeches so she has all day to rehearse and memorize data. I can see how she harassed the Board of Directors and Deutsch Bank against the HP Founders to get her way. Very pushy and unlikable. She ranks up there on toxic level with Hillary and Obama.

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    • Tydurd65 says:

      I agree. I think this is completely what Trump meant when he said “Look at that Face!” in the Rolling Stones interview. He says he was talking about her ‘persona,’ not her physical appearance. I can certainly see that.

      Carly isn’t ugly per se. I mean, she’s not really attractive but she’s not what I’d call an ugly woman. But she contorts her face into ugly and weird expressions when she talks. There is no hint of a smile.

      She reminds me of a fish.

      That’s what Trump meant and I know that’s what people saw, even if only subconsciously. Humans are pre-disposed to pick up on non-verbal communication more than we do verbal. Carly’s non-verbals are awful.

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  6. nwtex says:

    Crazy maker –
    Complete 2016 Debate Schedule


  7. Who Won?

    Good grief, nobody, the field is simply too big, anything beyond two people is not really a debate anyway.

    Regardless, it was so much against Trump I feel like it was “the people” who lost, I think a couple of candidates picked up on that and expressed concern, good for them doing so. I realize with such a large field candidates must differentiate themselves somehow but this is not the way.

    I don’t know. My vote is still going to Trump but he needs to get some better arguments and such because I see this thing pulling away from him in the next few months.

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  8. NJF says:

    I’m exhausted….I hope the trim down the u bet of participants for the next one,

    I’m off, night all


  9. Ivehadit says:

    Drudge Poll 12:42pm
    197,581 votes
    330,823 Total Votes
    I’d say Donald did pretty well tonight, LOL!!!!!

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    • three by one says:

      12:45 Eastern


      TRUMP 60.03%  (204,444 votes) 

      FIORINA 15.72%  (53,535 votes) 

      CRUZ 5.47%  (18,633 votes) 

      RUBIO 5.17%  (17,607 votes) 

      PAUL 4.72%  (16,062 votes) 

      CARSON 4.13%  (14,073 votes) 

      CHRISTIE 1.19%  (4,058 votes) 

      BUSH 1.19%  (4,046 votes) 

      KASICH 1.12%  (3,817 votes) 

      WALKER 0.73%  (2,478 votes) 

      HUCKABEE 0.53%  (1,836 votes) 

      Total Votes: 340,589

      Those are huge numbers for a poll on a weekday night after a too long 3 hour debate.

      Time for some candidates to follow Rick Perry’s lead and gracefully bow out.

      Time also to trim the length of the debate.

      Two hours, five or six candidates.


      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Christy should’ve rated higher


      • dixie68 says:

        I really don’t think the RNC will allow Graham, Christie, Paul, etc. to drop out. I am old enough to remember when other countries used the tactics that our present day democrats and republican organizations are using, and they were castigated by the entire civilized world.


  10. Tydurd65 says:

    I think Trump did what he needed to do. He didn’t make any gaffes, he effectively parlayed direct attacks, and he showed humor and actual empathy with the other candidates. Let’s face it, he is in a commanding lead in the polls. There’s not a whole lot more he has to say. The first impression has been made and now it’s simply reinforcing those points.

    For the football fans out there. If your team is up 50-0 at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, are you going to question the Coach if he decides to keep the ball on the ground for the rest of the game and run out the clock?

    Same holds true for Trump. When you constantly attack, you are leaving yourself vulnerable somewhere.

    Trump is a true strategist. Well played, sir.

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    • keebler AC says:

      AGREE! It was wise of him not to pretend he is a foreign affairs expert and risk saying something wrong. It’s not an exam to crib for lightly. Trump also needs to confer with expert military strategists which he has no access to right now regarding Syria and ISIS.


  11. Electric Head says:

    Ha! Before I became a Trumpeteer, I signed up on Carly for America because I really admired her spanking Chris Matthews after that 1st debate. Just got an email from her campaign manager claiming “Carly Wins Again!…Care to donate?” Classy.


  12. Juan says:

    Please … polls like the Drudge poll are meaningless … even worse than a Frank Luntz focus group.

    These 10/11 person ‘debates’ are total crap. Time to cut the number in half. Paul, Huckster, Kasich, Walker, Christie & Bush need to go … unless any of them get a big bounce after tonight or any other drop big time. The ‘kiddy table’ debates should end & the four from tonight deserve zero coverage from now forward.


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  14. Batman says:

    I don’t know if this has already been posted in a comment, but in case not, vote in the Slate poll


    • three by one says:

      Slate numbers at 3AM Eastern

      Who won the Republican presidential debate?

      Jeb Bush

      Ben Carson

      Chris Christie

      Ted Cruz

      Carly Fiorina

      Mike Huckabee

      John Kasich

      Rand Paul

      Marco Rubio

      Donald Trump

      Scott Walker

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  15. jameswlee2014 says:

    Forget the Drudge poll, people will say it was Drudgeites. Time Magazine is Little Pravda. Check out their poll:

    Who won?

    Donald Trump 66 %
    Jeb Bush 2 %
    Scott Walker1 %
    Carly Fiorina14 %
    Ben Carson3 %
    Marco Rubio 5 %
    Ted Cruz1 %
    Mike Huckabee0 %
    Rand Pau 4 %
    John Kasich 2 %
    Chris Christie 2 %

    58738 Votes
    Powered byplaybuzz

    Trump is walking away from the field. Not even close. It’s over.

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    • archer52 says:

      nope. Never over. He has to weather a lot more. Cult of personality helps when one side is all about it – democrats from Kennedys to Obama to Clintons.

      Republicans are flightier.

      Trump could say or do something that screws him up. In politics, unlike business, there are no bankruptcies and do overs. This is the big enchilada.


  16. nwtex says:

    I like this look 🙂 The man is focused like a laser beam.


  17. mpmp2015 says:

    CNN debate was 3 hours long….thank goodness Trump was there, if not, it would have been a boring stat-filled debate.

    My thoughts:

    1) If the amount of applause and memorable lines are the measure of debate success, Carly won hands down. She got a bump from her first debate and she will get another bump from her second debate. She was a bit annoying trying to get her talking points through like a mac truck and had a sour puss face on all night. Nonetheless, she got significant traction and attention for doing so.

    2) Rubio knocked it out of the ball park on foreign affairs. I got to give him props for that. Though he looked uneasy and nervous when delivering his answers. May be too much pressure to be perfect.

    3) Christie did much better than anticipated, but too little too late. He should have ran in 2012 prior to Bridgegate.

    4) Conservatives Cruz, Carson, Huckabee didn’t help or hurt themselves. Status quo for them.

    5) Walker had the least amount of air time and didn’t make good use of it. I think he’s toast.

    6) Paul demonstrated his libertarian streak, but I’m not sure he helped himself a whole lot. Being pro-pot is not exactly the position you want to highlight in Republican primary.

    7) Kasich did worst than anticipated. Look, he’s going for the “compassionate conservative” vote, of which there are VERY few Republicans of this strain. He’s basically a right leaning Democrat.

    8) Bush had a lot more energy this go around, but if the replays of his performance is him saying he smoked pot, that is not going to turn around his campaign. Then he fell flat on getting an apology from Trump on behalf of his wife that didn’t go over so well. Trump wasn’t going to apologize. He tried to go for the jugular with the casino license issue in Florida that Trump wanted years ago, but that fell flat as well, because many believe with a $130 million PAC war chest, Bush is still bought and paid for by his donors.

    9) Then there’s Trump…I’m going to be brutally honest. He was clearly on the defensive all night given the fact that all the other candidate were asked to respond to his previous insults or positions. Hard to play offense if you are only doing defense when it was your turn to speak. I think right out of the gate setting the tone in the beginning and painting and image of Trump with his finger on the nuclear button was the GOP establishment question to really hurt his image. Time will tell how much this tactic would work.

    Trump was good at counter-punches, but as the debate wore on, it was pretty obvious that the other candidates had a lot more meat and substance to their answers and Trump probably purposely (and wisely) did not jump into the fray to offer an opinion in case his facts were incorrect. So kudos to Trump for not handicapping himself with a gaffe and going into a detailed debate with others that have more facts at hand. It was the Trump show to the extent that he had the most speaking on air time, but I’m not sure he had a whole lot of memorable and quotable lines. The moderators made sure that his responses for the most part were defensive in nature. Trump knew he was going to be a target going into the debate, so he basically threw the first punch randomly at Rand Paul in the beginning just to serve as “notice” to the rest of the field that he was going to fight fire with fire. Kind of like a convict going into a new prison, he would beat up some random prisoner in the first hour just to serve notice to the rest of the prison that he was not someone to be messed with. I think that move worked well (but awkwardly) to the extent that the rest of the field did not attack him out of the blue except when answering the moderators questions about Trump’s previous comments. Bottom-line, since Trump was the big target everyone wanted to take down and they were not able to do it last night, by default he “won” by virtue of not imploding. He will maintain his lead, but I do think Carson will be losing a little steam and Carly gaining momentum, but at the expense of other GOP establishment candidates.

    Go Trump!!!

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  18. It was obvious that CNN wanted to ambush Trump by the meaningless question addressed to Trump’s opponents. These questions were bait to initiate fights.But the end result was a trivial, schoolyard brawl.
    CNN prides itself that they have the upto date news and commentary.
    They didn’t offer the viewers any important policy discussions.For example,.
    This is a country stuck in a stagnant 2% max growth with 28 million unemployed American
    Sidelined since 2008 .This group has basically given up trying to get jobs since there are so new few jobs being created.They are not participants in the economy and are not counted in the unemployment rate of 5.1%. (actually approx 35%)
    What about young Black unemployed …approx 30%
    What about the war on Police?
    Shame on CNN!!


    • jello333 says:

      And there was a potentially HUGE decision coming just hours after the debate, that they could have really gotten into all kind of interesting tangents about. That being the decision by the Fed on whether or not to raise interest rates (for the first time in something like 8 years). The markets were laser focused on that decision, which has all kinds of US and world economic implications. (By the way, no raise AGAIN… maybe December?) Asking a question about that could have really drilled down into each candidate’s knowledge of a pretty complex and multi-tentacled subject. But noooo…. can’t have that.


  19. Backspin says:

    I expect the G.O.P to do as it always does , Ignore the WILL of We The People – Change the rules last minute , and Deny Trump the nomination. He is not one of ” The Big Club “.


  20. e.g.g. says:

    It is not over. There is still one year to go. The Democrats don’t debate until October.
    Trump needs to get his smart people and start to get answers on foreign policy and other things. Honestly I don’t care if he does not have an answer, at least he is honest about it. Other politicians don’t have answers either but say what they know the people want to hear. But some people want concrete answers now, which I don’t understand.

    Anyway, some people from Iowa were interviewed and said if Trump gets the nomination they will not vote for him. Wow. I really have lost faith in American citizens. These non voters would rather another communist, Sanders, win the election than support Trump, a fighter for all Americans. I don’t understand that mentality.


  21. citizen817 says:

    Just do it. Feels like I’m waiting for the first takeoff at Cape Canaveral for the moon landing


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