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CNN GOP Prime Time Debate – THE MAIN EVENT – Open Discussion Thread

“Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” !! The Second GOP Debate “Top Tier” Begins at 8:00pm – All pundits expect the lower supported field to pile-on primary frontrunner Donald Trump. The future of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden hang in the … Continue reading

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The One Percent Debate – Open Discussion Thread – 6pm Eastern

The first debate takes place at 6:00pm Eastern.  It contains the “One Percenters” – the four GOP Candidates who are polling around one percent:  Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and George Pataki. CNN is hosting the debate and carrying … Continue reading

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Amid Migration Crisis – Hungary, Germany and Austria Close Borders – EU Nationalists Happy, Globalists Furious…

[Hungary] On Monday, Hungary closed the last remaining hole in the 175-kilometer (109 mile) fence it has been built along the southern border to Serbia, one of the final stations on the Western Balkan route to Europe that has been … Continue reading

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Texas Teen Takes Briefcase Clock To School – Creates A Stir….

The media is so full of obfuscation with this story it’s quite funny. If you were to read any of a number of articles (EXAMPLE HERE) about Ahmed Mohamed and his “clock” he brought to school, you’d never quite get … Continue reading

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General Austin: Only “Four or Five” U.S. Trained Rebel Fighters Remain in Syria…

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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The Modified GOPe Strategy (Road Map) – The Full Monte…

Now that Donald Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into the GOPe Splitter Strategy, we are able to look at their modified objectives.   Keeping in mind the overall Road Map, and the commitment of all the interested parties therein, we … Continue reading

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