UPDATE: CONFIRMED !! Kentucky Cop Killer, Joseph Johnson-Shanks, Is Ferguson Activist “Jay Mile High”…

Here’s the basic storyline:

jay milehigh 3[Kentucky State Trooper]  Joseph Cameron Ponder, who was 31 and had been on the force less than a year, was conducting a traffic stop Sunday night around 10:20 p.m. on Interstate 24 when the driver fled, Kentucky State Police said in a news release.

A chase ensued with the suspect stopping abruptly, causing the trooper’s vehicle to “make contact” with the rear of the suspect’s vehicle, the news release said.

The driver then fired several shots into Ponder’s police cruiser, hitting him several times. Ponder was taken to a hospital, where he died shortly before midnight, the release said.

The suspect, 25-year-old Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks of Missouri, ran away and was found hours later in a rural, wooded area, said Trooper Jay Thomas, a state police spokesman. Johnson-Shanks refused to drop his weapon and was shot by officers, and he later died at a hospital, Thomas said.  (read more)

Here’s where things get really interesting.  Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks is the same guy who was active in Ferguson ’14 and posted his actions on FaceBook as “Jay MileHigh (JayCardinal)” .

update-1UPDATEIt’s Confirmed If it’s the same guy, he was deeply involved in the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent protests, riots, looting, arson, etc.  and even attended the funeral and graveside services for Michael Brown.

jay milehigh 7

jay milehigh 6

jay milehigh 5jay milehigh 4

jay milehigh 1

jay milehigh 2

Joseph Johnson Shanks is “Jay MileHigh” the BLM Activist.

jay milehigh 8jay milehigh 3

jay milehigh 9jay milehigh 10


update-1  […]  Johnson-Shanks’ criminal history in the St. Louis area includes an arrest during a St. Louis County traffic stop April 10, 2013, in the 1600 block of Talisman Lane. Police said he sped off from the officer but was later arrested and given a summons for “interfering with a police officer by flight.” Police also found suspected marijuana in the car, which resulted in a summons for drug possession.

St. Ann police booked Johnson-Shanks on Aug. 5, 2014, on an outstanding warrant issued by Bellefontaine Neighbors police. He was then transferred to the St. Louis County Jail on Aug. 10, 2014, on the outstanding warrant for “interfering with a police officer” and on a failure to appear warrant from a previous charge of property damage. Police said the property damage warrant was issued after Johnson-Shanks was accused of shooting a BB gun into the front windows of a home in the 11000 block of Red Barn Court, near his home.

And police said Johnson-Shanks was wanted at the time of this death for questioning in a May 18 theft of $900 in lottery tickets from a BP gas station at 12095 Benham Road, not far from his home. Police said he was seen on surveillance video at other gas stations claiming winnings on some of the stolen lottery tickets. (link)

If you find his twitter – Screengrab EVERYTHING !

ponderVictim Kentucky Trooper Joseph Ponder

Saint Louis-Post Dispatch Article

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153 Responses to UPDATE: CONFIRMED !! Kentucky Cop Killer, Joseph Johnson-Shanks, Is Ferguson Activist “Jay Mile High”…

  1. Ziiggii says:

    Video with several pictures of Joe being taken out of the woods on a stretcher


  2. mormonsarechristian says:

    When will those advancing the false narrative that Michael Brown had his “hands up” tell the truth? The DOJ investigation exonerated Officer Wilson. How many policemen must die because many minorities still believe that myth?


  3. shipley130 says:

    What the police need to do is simply put a repossession order out on the cars and all other property that these people own when they take actions that would normally cause a policeman to give chase. America has been very generous to criminals for far too long. It really is time for tough love.


  4. Sniffy Pop says:

    He was arrested in St Ann and so was Michael Brown. That is the next town over from me. For some reason, that place seems to be a focal point for these Thugs


  5. Manfredi Argento says:

    Why don’t we ask Mayor DeBlasio an interesting question: What would you do to prevent an avowed foe of cops from killing a cop like a loose canon like Shanks. Would you detain him for possession? Would you stop and frisk him? would you run his profile through criminal computer data bank?²


    • John Hoerschgen says:

      Johnson-Shanks received justice. Obama and his Dept of Justice leaders are thugs and they are responsible for each and every one of the deaths of law enforcement officers. Furthermore, because they refuse to make a public appeal to stop the killings of law enforcement officers, they are also responsible for the harmful actions made by these perpetrators and the destructive outcomes it has on their lives, too.

      They are responsible for ruining the lives of these persons by their passive support of their behavior. Essentially, they are using them for their own twisted agenda.


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