Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Defrauded State Dept. – DOJ Refuses To Prosecute…

Nice to be able to defraud the U.S. Treasury for thousands of dollars, and then feign ignorance blaming your husband’s record keeping, and get away with it.

Huma and Hillary in Tanzania(Via Daily Mail) Federal investigators targeted top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin last year after they learned that she was paid for time she didn’t work during the former secretary of state’s time in office – but Abedin blamed her husband, the disgraced former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner.

Abedin, who was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff for four years, explained a series of inappropriate overtime payments, excessive hours, and repeated leaves of absence as the products of Weiner’s poor record-keeping. She was even paid for eight hours work on the day she was in labor.

‘My husband handles all of the finances,’ she told FBI agents and inspector general investigators in October 2014, according to The Washington Times.

[…]  She said she only learned of the payment after being contacted by investigators two years after her departure. “I did ask my husband to look up our bank statements, and we did have a deposit,” she said during her interview.

She also acknowledged it was likely she did not fill out the required form when she went on a two-week vacation to Europe in 2011 while she was pregnant — a trip she called a “Babymoon” in emails and her interview.

The failure to file the form resulted in her having excessive vacation time cashed out to her in the lump payment upon leaving government, investigators concluded.

“You are 100 percent right on the Babymoon. I don’t recall. One hundred percent right. I don’t recall filling out any paperwork saying I was taking leave,” she told the investigators. “I’m not even going to blame it on my pregnancy brain.”  (read more)

Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin

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46 Responses to Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Defrauded State Dept. – DOJ Refuses To Prosecute…

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    Oh Hillary…what next…have you seen the undercover videos about Hillary’s Presidential Campaign workers committing “voter fraud”

    A must see movie…get the popcorn and enjoy 😎


  2. oldschool64 says:

    This is such a wonderful marriage. I hope it last forever.

    And what the H3LL is a “babymoon”?


  3. Judgy says:

    I’m sure that Hillary would feel that Huma should be completely ENTITLED getting paid for 8 hours of labor. Who cares who pays for it? Poor thing DESERVES it (maybe along w/ hazard pay for being with Anthony Weiner). After all, there’s a “War on Wimmin!” “Wimmin! Wimmin! Wimmin! Wimmin and GIRLS!”.

    I do kinda love that Huma threw her perv husband “under the bus”, but I guess that’s assuming there’s even a “bus” to be thrown under. Is she even going to have to pay the money BACK? Will this even get one-tenth of the current heart-attacks going on over “Facegate”?? No?

    Poor Huma. I’m sure she must’ve emailed the forms in, right? But, THEN. Or maybe she filled them out while using her hubby’s cell, but they “went missing” when he did his weekly Contraband Erasing. I’m sure Huma is a PILLAR of virtue! It couldn’t be anything logical, like “Birds of a (dishonest) feather…..”, right?

    This sucks, but it won’t even REGISTER unless TRUMP brings it up. Maybe we should hope that he’ll call HER ugly tomorrow…..??

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    • The Fighting Man says:

      Judgy–I’ve also seen it written as “womyn”–those WOMEN are crazy. The origin of “women” is “weaving men” in Old English. As opposed to “weaponed men” which was men. Too bad the academics don’t bother with the root of our mother tongue any more.


      • Judgy says:

        Thanks for that! I’m a huge “word nerd”, love learning stuff like that! Btw, I realize most T.V. is utter crap, but the History Channel has a TERRIFIC series about the derivatives and origins of various words, “America’s Secret Slang”. Besides just the “learnin’ ” parts, which are entertaining ENOUGH, they also have a slightly less judgmental version of “Watters’ World”, where they get people to guess how we came by some of our oddest terms.

        Maybe you’d like it? Anyone who sees how much “fun” language can be is a kindred spirit in my book!


  4. BabyBoomer says:

    As a side note, Hillarity claims that she paid Humdinger out of her own pocket for all personal work that Humdinger performed. It appears that Humdinger didn’t report THAT income on her IRS tax return. Now for we mere peons, that “omission” would = tax fraud. And since employers must report an employee’s income as well as employment taxes withheld, I guess that would mean that Hillarity would be a part of that fraud/lie as well. Concerning Humdinger’s number of hours worked on the government dime “confusion” (no doubt Hillarity is truly sorry for this confusion, too)… I know, since I have worked for the government, that all time sheets must be signed by a supervisor. And that supervisor would be none other than Hillarity. Oh what a web we weave when we first begin to deceive.

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  5. shirley49 says:

    These crooks are out there enjoying the fruits of our labor while a Christian woman went to jail over her beliefs. Tell me things are not upside down.

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  6. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Huma Mahmood Abedin wields the power of Islam over the American government.
    Oh, and did I mention the Muslim Brotherhood?

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    • F.D.R. in Hell says:


      • smiley says:

        America was once a very nice neighborhood.
        until the criminal riff raff moved in, took over, and turned it into squalor.
        bad people do bad things.
        they betray and lie and cheat and bully, and sometimes get away with it.
        that’s why they should not be allowed anywhere close, to begin with.
        they are like swine….they will turn and destroy everything in their path…and then wallow in it.
        and call it “progress”.

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  7. JOHN DIETRICH says:

    Blame it on Turbotax.


    • John Galt says:

      I am woman, here me wimper.
      And I know enough to blame my husband and pretend.
      But look how much I gained
      If I have to, I can do anything.


  8. doodahdaze says:

    Muzz+democrat+woman=Get out of jail free card.


  9. TwoLaine says:

    When I read this article earlier this week I was stunned. Mrs. Weiner must get a lot of undeserved $30k checks for her not to notice just one more. And how nice it must be to have your own “timekeeper” that you can also blame for your fraudulent acts. Mr. & Mrs. Weiner fit into a scum sucking category all their own. So much theft. So much fraud.

    Please God, guide us to choose a vessel who will rip out the ugly underbelly of our government waste, abuse and fraud. Amen

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  10. s.c. says:

    Can I make a request for Treehouse people?
    Just a bit more clarity? Sometimes I’ll see posts that just don’t make sense, and I’m probably not the only one who gets disoriented when I’m not sure who is being written about, so I usually just skip the post and I never get the message that person was trying to get across, which is a shame, 99% of the posts here are great!

    My problem is, the nicknames!
    A lot of you have cute little nicknames that you come up with for this cast of characters we read about every day, and many of them are clever and funny, but half the time I don’t know who is being referred to !
    Much of the time I can figure it out thru the context of the post and surrounding posts, but people will often post semi-off topic stuff so the context doesn’t help.
    Again if you call her that every day, it seems obvious to you that “Humdinger” refers to Huma Abedin, but if the person reading the post isn’t 100% sure who and what the subject of the post is, and they’ve never heard Huma referred to as “Humdinger”, how would they understand the post?

    I do it too sometimes, I have the same problem with acronyms it seeems like there are a dozen new ones every week.


    • PreNanny says:

      If someone requires clarity on any post nickname or content all they need to do is ask. If the “author” doesn’t reply another Treeper will . Very helpful group here 😉
      Also,sometimes especially with acronyms one can enter into a search engine to get elongated definition. Hope this helps.


    • Justme says:

      s.c., I agree completely. Part of the difference between conservatives and “progressives” is that conservatives stick to the factual evidence versus the childish name calling of the left, who attempts to provoke emotion. While I hold the entire left in complete disdain, I choose to not participate in the grade school antics of name calling. By stooping to their level, we lower our own position. There are many, many new readers at this site since the beginning of the Republican Presidential campaign, and we want them to stay and contribute, not be turned off by the usual name calling that dominates most internet comment boards. Thank you for pointing that out.


    • Pam says:

      I think lots of us have our own pet peeves. I’ve been here for several years now, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen “Humdinger.” The person who posted this may be fairly new to the site him/herself. Most of the nicknames and the “IDKWYMSGSI’s” (this one doesn’t mean anything) stuff is just what is going around on the internet and twitter. I was a twitter addict for about one year but got sick of the nastiness, so I don’t recognize a lot of the shortcuts.

      I remember when “feckless” started up. It’s having a long run. The new one that’s like cat claws on a blackboard to me is “Yuge!” I’ll be glad when that one’s time to hit the dustbin arrives. 🙂


  11. moe ham head says:

    she is a muslime pig
    of course nothing will happen to her
    and hillary will walk on any and all charges too


  12. Sandra says:

    She trusts her lying cheating husband to handle all of the finances? BS.


  13. Here’s an idea! Let’s bog down our court system across the country and sue the Obama administration for the cost of paying law enforcement investigations and time spent detaining and/or confining these lawbreakers and refusing to prosecute and punish them. Redundancy is redundant, right? Stay in bed, unconscious, and willfully ignorant during the presidential election in November 2016, like the 93 million registered voters in 2012, OK? Prove Obama right again that, “Americans are stupid and lazy.”


  14. Totally Domestic says:

    Come on, let’s get real. Huma is Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood minder. Hillary answers to her.
    Just like ValJet is BO’s Iranian boss. Don’t expect any accountability from those 2, no matter what they do.


  15. flawesttexas says:

    Huma Wiener blames her husband for her finances. She doesn’t seem to blame him for his infidelity


  16. kvoorhees4 says:

    Huma’s husband is Jewish and he was in charge of the finances so hard to blame it on her being Muslim. Probably none of them are all that religious.

    So, Hillary paid Huma for personal work but did not report it to the federal government for Huma to pay taxes on? Same with Mr. Pagliano, the IT guy? He was a state department employee but the State department didn’t notice he wasn’t paid anything? Didn’t send him any tax forms? If he was paid by Hillary privately, he and she would have to pay FICA and Medicare taxes, no? Did she provide him with health insurance?


  17. Gerald carbonneau says:

    I guess White Privilege is real after all with with Huma Abedin (Weiner) as number one example.


  18. Jett Black says:

    Obvious pisslamic/MB plant. Married to an idiot, who’s ruled by his crotch–great cover, never any questions, fair amount of sympathy. Note how <0 got rid of Hitlery and Hummer before activating the Iran plan? Wouldn’t happen with a Sunni pulling strings. This is a glimpse of the “cold” side of the Shiite-Sunni war. Interesting how both want to manipulate the USA for their own benefit, but both also want to destroy us. Like 1940s Germany and Japan and they’ll have to be dealt with in essentially the same way.


  19. keebler AC says:

    Democrats in office like Pantsuit and Stompy operate as if they are CEO’s of private companies not understanding that the money is not theirs to throw away at whim. Trump needs to put accountabilities into the system to ensure that the tax money is not treated as entitlement for lowly parasitic politiicans and their pervert husbands (plural).


    • keebler AC says:

      When Hillary Pantsuit signs off on a kickback payment to her employee, she is giving away someone else’s money, not her own. Big difference. Another reason why federal government needs to be shaved down. Democrats operate as if America is a rich country. It no longer is thanks in part to GWB and in finality by Obama.


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  21. jeff B. says:

    I work for the federal government and Im sorry .. but you don’t “forget” to file a leave form especially when your Time and attendance sheet (T&A) should reflect “sick or annual leave”…. Huma intentionally defrauded and lied on her T&A’s …this is fraud… people in my office have been severely disciplined and fired for Time and Attendance fraud…. smh


  22. BobNoxious says:

    Is that pic of Anthony carrying Huma’s purse real?

    Imagine if you or I cheated on our taxes and tried to use the “my husband keep the books”- especially in a family arranged like the Abedin-Weiner Family where everyone know they each have and handle their own stuff. You wouldn’t walk out of the interview without posting $10k minimum & only if you had a good lawyer.

    This is infuriating and really highlights the one set of rules for a Clinton & the real set for everyone else. You’d think the FBI would be all over a high powered DC aide who happened to be married to one of the Top 5 Perverts in DC.

    And the icing on the cake is Huma is still claiming she did nothing wrong in accepting the money!!! You’d think the fact that she’s already admitted to “forgetting to fill out proper paperwork” with a clear head (no made up pregnancy brain- whatever that is) should be enough to do her in and at the very least proves she’s not entitled to the money- and that she knew it and took it anyway.

    This has everything from fraud to the brutal lying to an FBI agent. As if we needed any more proof DOJ political under O is just a political arm, this seals it. Hurry up Jan 20, 2017.


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