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BOLO – Another Previously Deported Illegal Alien Rapist On Run Following Rape of Texas Teen…

TEXAS – An illegal alien is on the run after he was accused of raping a Texas teen. Police say Jesus Atrian sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl with Down Syndrome in her home in Pearland Monday afternoon. KHOU reports Atrian … Continue reading

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Whew, Close Call – Emergency Injunction Against New EPA Water Regulations… (ruling pdf included)

Just in the nick of time.  A federal judge today blocked the Obama administration’s water pollution rule mere hours before it was set to begin implementation.  Under the new EPA/Obama regulations puddles, ditches and all rain accumulation geographies come under … Continue reading

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A New Anthem For “Crazies”, “Whack-O-Birds”, “Hobbits” and “Vulgarians” Toward The RNC/GOPe – All of It

A message to the RNC, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Jeb Bush, and media water-carriers George Will, Chris Wallace Stephen Hayes, Charles Lane, Megyn Kelly, Charles Krauthammer, and the entire political GOPe team. Brilliant ! GO HERE for EXPANSION

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New National Poll – Donald Trump Continues To Dominate, Rand Paul Total Collapse – Full pdf data included

The latest Quinnipiac National Poll shows Donald Trump solidly in the lead of the GOP candidates with 28% (same poll July 30th was 20%).  GOPe candidate Jeb Bush continues to shrink with 7% support (same poll July 30th was 10%).  … Continue reading

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“Tripwire Alert” – The Backstory To The Eric Cantor Endorsement….

The GOPe alignments begin.  Perhaps faster than would have been anticipated, in large measure because of the success of Donald Trump against the Jeb Bush professional political machine. A Game of Thrones Former House Majority leader Eric Cantor will endorse … Continue reading

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Disturbed Killer – Police Search Vester Lee Flanagan’s Apartment….

As the police, and media, go through his background it becomes obvious this killer benefited from and overall fear of political correctness that surrounded those he encountered….  However, it is unfortunate how the PC frozen media will never report on … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and Ted Cruz To Hold Joint Anti-Iran Deal Rally in Washington DC…

WASHINGTON DC – Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will jointly host a rally at the Capitol in the coming weeks to protest the nuclear deal with Iran, Cruz’s campaign said on Thursday. A date for the presidential candidates’ … Continue reading

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