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It’s Not 3D Chess – Candidate Donald Trump Has Three Audiences…

GOP Candidate Donald Trump has three distinct audiences for his message: The 1.) The Electorate; 2.) Wall Street, and 3.) The RNC machine. One audience, the electorate, is a friend, the other two are potential foes. Each audience requires a … Continue reading

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Excellent Article – “See Something, Do Something”…

Excellent Op-ed in USA Today by Glenn Reynolds: “See something, do something” (excerpt) […]  Stone was cut by the attacker behind his neck, and his thumb was nearly sliced off as the man was wrestled to the ground by the … Continue reading

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Louisiana Trooper Shot in Head During Traffic Stop – Witnesses Stop Shooter’s Escape….

Prayers for the family of the seriously injured State Trooper.  Facebook: Update 8pm/EST – Video of shooter being taken into custody HERE – LOUISIANA – A Louisiana State trooper is in serious condition in a hospital after a traffic stop … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Explains “Taxes”, “Middle Class”, and Perspective on “Campaign Donations”….

There’s a narrative being pushed about Trump being willing to accept donations for his presidential campaign from big business interests. Within the interview (today) below you can hear his own words about that. Additionally Donald Trump speaks about taxes, hedge … Continue reading

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Delivering Their Best – American Heroes Give Press Conference In France… (video)

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Scarlatos speak to reporters for the first time after thwarting a terrorist attack:

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Donald Trump At The Republican National Convention 1988…

2015 GOPestablishment Pro-Jeb Bush Republicans continue to make false claims about Donald Trump and his historical political affiliations. Here’s video of Donald at the RNC convention in 1988. Enjoy:

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Media Report – RNC Threat To Trump: Make Pledge Or Be Banned From Debate…

Watch video. Your thoughts?

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