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Heroic Airman Spencer Stone Pictured Leaving Hospital In France…

[…]  Air Force serviceman Spencer Stone, of Carmichael, California, Alek Skarlatos, a National Guardsman from Oregon, and their childhood friend, Anthony Sadler, a university senior, confronted El-Khazzani and wrestled his rifle, a handgun and nine magazines of bullets from him. … Continue reading

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Whoopsie – Trump Hits Bush By Pointing Out Horrible Photo-Shopped Mailer…

(HatTip Nation) This is so bad it almost has to be intentional.  The Jeb Bush campaign sends out a seriously flawed mailer noted here: IOWA: Check your mailboxes today. Mail piece hitting more than 86k households. #conservativeresultsmatter pic.twitter.com/94Qb2hZy5X — R2R … Continue reading

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President Obama Begins The Annual Budgetary Pearl Clutching Routine…

Here we go again.  It’s that time of year when we get to see media elevated President Obama smack around the best the GOP can offer.  Mr. Mumbles and Sir Cry-a-Lot, again to be out maneuvered, out strategized and publicly … Continue reading

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Defcon 3 – Amid Plummeting Polls Hillary Will Interrupt Vacation and Go Back On Campaign Trail….

IRONY – Hillary will cut short her $50,000/week rental vacation to reconnect with the middle class.   You can’t make this stuff up…. WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton will cut short a lavish vacation in the Hamptons to continue campaigning as her … Continue reading

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“Tripwire Alert” – Evidence Now Exists To Show Benefit Of GOPe Road-mapped “Splitter Strategy”….

The RNC is the Republican National Committee – or, put another way, the entire construct of the professional Republican Establishment and those who derive benefit/affiliation from the entity therein, the business end.  (National, State and regional political entities; polling consultants, … Continue reading

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Republican Elites: You Can’t Secure The Border, You can’t Deport, You Can’t Stop Illegal Aliens,….

Charles Krauthammer and George Will continue to showcase their insane alignment with the DC Machine writ large.  You might think of them as pundits, until you realize their punditry is expressed alignment with the policy positions of: John Boehner, Mitch … Continue reading

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Details Emerge – Three U.S. ‘Off Duty’ Military Stop Terrorist Massacre On French Train – Video Moments After Incident….

God put protective angels on that train.  Spencer Stone (U.S. Air Force), Alek Skarlatos (U.S. National Guard), Anthony Sadler (Pittsburg, CA) and Chris Norman (British Businessman).  Amazing heroism… U.S. Air Force Spencer Stone charged a terrorist with a fully loaded … Continue reading

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