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Hackers Follow Through – Publish Ashley Madison “Cheater” Customer Details – 15,000 Are Government/Military Email Addresses…

32 million users of the cheating website now potentially exposed.  Contract and business lawyers (morality clauses), divorce lawyers, corporate lawyers etc. will have a field day…. And the potential for blackmail is exponential. (Via Wired) Hackers who stole sensitive customer … Continue reading

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The GOP Consulting Class Is Becoming Seriously Unhinged….

Beyond the previous examples of DC’s chattering class punditry: George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Dana Perino, Charles Lane, Bill Kristol et al, and their on-air splodey head moments -which are continuing with the speed of an interstate covered in … Continue reading

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Ed Henry: “Did you wipe the server”? – Hillary Clinton: “What, with a cloth or something”?… (video)

3 Sources say an effort was made to wipe Clinton's hard drive. FBI is optimistic it can recover some data. –@REspositoNBC @PeteWilliamsNBC — Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) August 18, 2015 As unbelievable as this seems apparently Hillary Clinton was not prepared … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman Teams Up With Targeted ‘Muslim Free’ Gun Shop Owner…

There’s a video at the bottom of the outline.  This discussion thread is posted without comment or opinion; choosing instead to share reports as they appear in alternate media venues. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments…. “George … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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New CNN/ORC Poll: Trump Dominates Growing Support – Jeb Bush Shrinking Further… (Full Poll Data pdf)

In as much as the latest CNN-ORC Poll reflects the same overall national trend of support, Trump the biggest winner, it also reflects a profoundly changing landscape for Jeb Bush as the biggest loser.  Jeb Bush sinks to 35/57 favorable … Continue reading

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Trump Proposes To Triple The Number of ICE Agents – Here’s How You Pay For It….

Donald Trump has proposed an ambitious plan to protect the Southern U.S. border, and deal with the illegal alien crisis. One of the attack approaches of the plan’s detractors is to state there’s no visible payment mechanism. Let’s look at … Continue reading

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