Good Grief – The Media Lies, AGAIN, About Donald Trump’s Illegal Alien Enforcement Proposals – Completely Manufactured Claims…

Sweet Mother of Hades this is getting beyond absurd.  Another entire media cycle consisting of completely manufactured nonsense projecting their determination of ‘what is’ against the reality of ‘what isn’t’….

Media LyingHaving watched an entire media cycle of punditry pontificate about Donald Trump proposing to deport “by force” 11 to 42 million illegal aliens we find ourselves shaking our heads at how little the MSM think of the viewing audience.

NO-WHERE in Donald Trump’s proposal does he say, or advocate for, the mass “rounding up and subsequent deportation” of millions of illegal aliens.   He never said it, he never proposed it, and it doesn’t exist in his presented Border Solution and Illegal Alien proposal.

It just doesn’t exist, yet the media claim it to be so….

The media, all of them, including Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, The FIVE, Dana Perino et al, along with Anderson Cooper Inc, run the segment of Donald Trump responding to the Chuck Todd question about Obama’s illegal DACA “dreamers” amnesty program, and the 2 million “dreamers”.  Wherein Trump was responding to the hypothetical presentation of NBC Chuck Todd, about what would the “dreamer” classification be if their amnesty would be rescinded.

They would be what they are, ILLEGAL ALIENS.

And as such they would be subject to the same standard of all illegal aliens.  Yes, that means the potential for deportation.

However, what Trump did not say, yet what he is being claimed to have said (by projection) is that he would immediately deport all 11 to 42 million illegals.  Although, it would be OK with me if he did, he never said that.

Don’t believe me?  WATCH FOR YOURSELF:

Trump replied to the question, as Todd interjected the deportation wording, by saying the families should be kept together, and if that means deported through the existing system  as a family, then so be it.

But the sheer manipulated construction of how the media is now framing Trump’s position, is beyond obtuse to a level of intentional LYING.

The MSM take that soundbite with Chuck Todd and then completely make up a claim that Donald Trump is advocating for the forced rounding up and deportation of ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. A totally manufactured claim.

Trump has called for the deportation of CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS, immediately.  Which is just plain common sense.  That’s actually President Obama’s claimed position too.

It does not go unnoticed this MEME is being promoted at the same time that Donald Trump spent all day sitting amid a potential pool of jurors unable to articulate his own accurate position. Yeah, funny that – huh?

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Trump’s primary high level spokespeople were absent from the talking punditry as this took place.

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Ann Coulter is not booked to counter the preferred distribution narrative.

It doesn’t go unnoticed by those who understand how these penthouse New York media decisions are constructed.

All the media need to begin a narrative out of loin-cloth that doesn’t factually exist in the first place is a complete media cycle to advance a manufactured construct.

See how they roll?


trump winning 2media

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218 Responses to Good Grief – The Media Lies, AGAIN, About Donald Trump’s Illegal Alien Enforcement Proposals – Completely Manufactured Claims…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    Doing the Trump.

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    • barbi says:

      He got his start as a dancer. Walken is one weird dude.


      • Yeah, in some ways his style reminds me of a Woody Allen, but one who is actually funny and has talent.


      • coltlending says:

        Was in a small elevator with a guy who looked the spitting image of him at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, just he and I till a bellhop got on a couple of floors down.

        The smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath in six months and he looked like he hadn’t left his room in that long.

        Not a friendly chap either. When I get in an elevator and someone is there, I say, “Hi”, he just stood there silent and kept pressing the 1st floor button, as though it would make the elevator get there any faster.

        I didn’t realize it was him (if it was) till I took a good look at him thinking, “Damn that guy stinks”.

        I ignored him from there on.


  2. Prescient11 says:

    Has anyone read politico piece on frank luntz? He should be barred from doing any media work while trump is in the race.

    This is ridiculous.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      He has zero credibility. He too is a paid shill.


      • judyw says:

        “paid shill”. YES! and I used to really like his presentations and worse I believed them! One really good thing about the Trump campaign is that it is really “flushing them out” and will only continue to focus and shine the light on those who are now a bit laid back in a state of shock. 🙂


  3. White Hispanic ? says:

    All networks and news outlets have been lying about lawfull gun owners for decades. Armed citizens who stop crimes are ignored or worse , vilified . Remember NBC intentionally cut up Zimmermans 911 call to fit the agenda.The P C Trend now is to report a crime , but if suspects are not WHITE then NO description is given. Thugs are now called ” youths ” or ” Teens ” or “urban kids ” ……………TV is DEAD.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    Yes, and how many of the ‘if it comes over my smartphone it must be the truth’ generation’s going to research the media’s manufactured crap? There’s too much self-indulgence and manufactured entertainment to pursue and consume to be dealing with bothersome things like keeping track of the foxes in the hen house. Why, to question the folks they’ve been manipulated into electing would question their competence – if they were smart enough to vote for them (if they even bothered to) back then why would they have to 2nd guess their actions and choices now?
    At some point the media/political jenga game they’ve been playing will come down on them and they’ll desperately be looking to the media for some salving explanation for why it hurts so much.


  5. doodahdaze says:

    My research shows that Trump is right and the rest are wrong. He should issue this statement.
    “The 14th Amendment does not now,and never has, granted birthright citizenship to children of illegal aliens born in the USA.”
    He will be 100% legally and constitutionally correct.

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    • crispyjoe says:

      Until a federal judge rewrites the Constitution… again. 😢


      • doodahdaze says:

        All federal judges are bound by the constitution. They can only rule on whether a law passed by corngress is, or is not, constitutional. There is no legal argument to make that the 14th amendment grants birthright citizenship to an illegal alien. But….the plenary powers of Corngress allow congress to do so and it has. Corngress is where it came from and no corngress is bound by a previous one. The law passed by the GOP controlled corngress in the past giving birthright citizenship is constitutional but is not a 14th amendment issue. It will not take a repeal of the 14th amendment to change it. Only a corngress with the will to do it.

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        • I’m sorry, but your comment left me just a tad cornfused. Are you saying that our judges need to simply stalk through the leaves of the Constitution and decide if our laws comply with what is written there? Amaizing. I can hardly believe my ears…


        • LAAtty says:

          “The law passed by the GOP controlled corngress in the past giving birthright citizenship is constitutional but is not a 14th amendment issue.”

          Wow, hate to be harsh but you’re completely wrong! There has never ever been a law or statute passed by Congress, much less a GOP-controlled Congress, that granted citizenship to illegal aliens born in the US. It IS indeed a doctrine that’s derived from the 14th Amendment, as interpreted by the Supreme Court in cases such as Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). This has been the law since the 19th century, the concept of citizenship based on jus soli – birth in the U.S.

          The way to change this is to have the Supreme Court overturn its precedent and reinterpret the 14th Amendment so as to not automatically grant citizenship to an illegal just because he or she is born here. Or to amend the 14th Amendment. Historically, Congress has, by law, naturalized certain groups of persons to become citizens (such as those born in certain unincorporated territories). So, Congress has the power to do the affirmative, but to do the negative and pass a law declaring that the 14th Amendment will not be interpreted as to grant citizenship automatically to an illegal, you’d probably run into separation of powers issues with the Supreme Court, or that constitutional amendments can only be amended by another amendment (but there’s room for argument). I’m an immigration lawyer, not a constitutional lawyer! 🙂

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    • doodahdaze says:

      Not only interesting but prima facia proof that Judge Napolitano on FOX is a paid shill and has no credibility. He knows damn well the facts but spouts lies on national TV.

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  6. Colt Lending says:

    A couple of weeks ago, in the down town Loop of Chicago there were a couple of 23-25 year-olds with a video camera asking people on the street what they thought of Trumps comment on McCain that the media blew out of proportion. They asked me if the comment bothered me.

    The interviewer and the camera person were black. I mention that because statistically in Chicago, there is a huge likelyhood both the cameraperson and the person asking the questions were liberal and Obama voters.

    The mic had 32 on it, but I don’t think it was the FOX affiliate WFLD. I didn’t ask but it appeard to me they may have been local T.V/Film school students.

    Anyway, they asked me if I was bothered by the “Hero” comment attributed to Trump, did it bother me, could I vote for him?

    I stated mater-of-factly, besides what you may think of Trump, one way or the other, sure, he’s a bit of a showman, but you cannont deny with his recent financial disclosure that he is a producer. He’s got a body of work where he has built things and what we need is to bring back manufacturing here because nothing creates jobs over a broader skill set then manufacturing. Everybody can’t be a rocket scientist. We need jobs.

    They brought up McCain again and I just said, Mr. McCain has his own baggage, look it up.

    As I walked away, I overheard the person with the mic say to the camera person, “That was good”.

    ‘Doubt it will ever or has ever aired. But I may have laid a seed in those two kids minds.

    Dana Perino said the other day, and I paraphrase, some of the manufacturing jobs we lost are never going to comeback. She said this in the segment where Watters and the rest of them were cackling how absurd Trumps immigration plan was (as they proposed it).

    As I watched that I thought, “Why not? How do you know and if you’re right Dana, why are you going out of your way to project it’s absurd to stop the surge of illegals that depresses wages and increases crime and the unemployment among legal citizens?”

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    • Les says:

      “Dana Perino said the other day, and I paraphrase, some of the manufacturing jobs we lost are never going to comeback.”

      And insurance rates are never going back down. And new taxes some voted for us aren’t going away. And not-truly-disabled persons will always get that check. And part-time jobs will never go back to full-time.

      Once you lower a standard, or give away your money, it doesn’t revert. We are going to have to find a way to deal with this in the real world. I’m waiting to see if it is addressed.


  7. BenY says:

    How refreshing to have a site where facts are held to a higher standard than bias and deceptive reporting.

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  8. California Trumpeter says:

    look at this msnbc live poll on birthright citizenship EVEN ON MSNBC about half agree w/trump.


  9. Jersey Beach says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels


  10. doodahdaze says:

    And now it comes out that all the Top Secret intelligence traffic between the Obama agencies and the SEC of STATE were running through a server in the closet of a bathroom in a loft apartment. Where was the secret service when they were guarding it….in the tub? Nothing this stupid has ever been done before by a Sec of State. Her only possible plea is insanity.


  11. Lou says:

    I’M ALL FOR ROUNDING UP IMMIGRANTS. take Florida back.


  12. Lou says:

    if they can’t speak English SEND THEM BACK!

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  13. jackntx says:

    Don’t go squishy on us, Donald. Americans can be engineers, too


    • Meyer says:

      Oh gees, my world just deflated. Is he backtracking on his proposal???????????


      • bnlynds says:

        He said a few days earlier that if we educate them at our universities, we ought to “get something” out of them and not lose their talent to their home country. IT’s a two-sided sword.

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        • Meyer says:

          Sounds like an all or nothing kind of tweet. Does he realize how many foreigners come to school here? How many schools there are that are not ‘great’.? That schools market to foreigners because it is big dollars in their wallet? That there are state colleges and community colleges vying for foreign students because of the money and not talent? That foreign students get fast-tracked green cards if they obtained a graduate degree here? That there is a significant difference between graduate schools, i.e. Phoenix U.

          I hope he clarifies his tweet because it is freaking me out!

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          • Don’t let it freak you out. This is how America got a lot of great legal citizens before the Dems corrupted the system. These people are a negative Cloward-Piven term. We would essentially be exacting a tax on educating foreigners. Trump is BRILLIANT.

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    • JeremyR says:

      We also need construction workers and farm laborers. Many of the places the illegals flock to are the ones Americans avoid. When was the last time you heard of a doctor who was here illegally?
      I want the illegals identified, sorted, the ones who work we keep, the ones who don’t, or are criminals (more than illegally here), should be sent packing. If they are collecting welfare, food stamps, or any kind of benefit from tax dollars, they or their home nation should repay the Treasury. Kids? The Constitution says “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, not in violation of the laws thereof.
      I see several options, give the kids citizenship, but make them go home with mom and dad, but allow them to return on their eighteenth birthday, Or we can be pricks about it just say NO. We could make them wards of the state too.


  14. Jill says:

    Jurisdiction Stripping: Congressional authority over the Supreme Court:
    “Congress may define the jurisdiction of the judiciary through the simultaneous use of two powers.[1] First, Congress holds the power to create (and, implicitly, to define the jurisdiction of) federal courts inferior to the Supreme Court (i.e. Courts of Appeals, District Courts, and various other Article I and Article III tribunals). This court-creating power is granted both in the congressional powers clause (Art. I, § 8, Cl. 9) and in the judicial vesting clause (Art. III, § 1). Second, Congress has the power to make exceptions to and regulations of the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. This court-limiting power is granted in the Exceptions Clause (Art. III, § 2). By exercising these powers in concert, Congress may effectively eliminate any judicial review of certain federal legislative or executive actions and of certain state actions, or alternatively transfer the judicial review responsibility to state courts by “knocking [federal courts]…out of the game.”

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  15. kastabroad says:

    I wouldn’t trust cable news sources as far as I could through them. Not that standard sources are A LOT better but in my experience not as drastically polarized as the cable news outlets.
    With regards to the video w/Chuck Todd: Mr. Trump did say “They have to go.” that can ONLY mean mass deportation, and likely force may be needed in some circumstances.
    I don’t like it – and would prefer for it not to happen. But some effort needs to be put on our neighbors to the south, especially Mexico to get it’s house in order. Our nation appears to be narrowing it’s focus on a handful very polarizing ideologies that are complicated to negotiate even without the issue of illegal immigration.
    PLUS! I want to see how the American economy reacts to having find Americans workers for seasonal labor. Needing to rely on migrant workers questions the nations ability to be self sustaining. Would it mean a return to more family farms? Would it strengthen our farming communities?

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  16. inspectorudy says:

    I like trump’s position on illegals but he did say “They gotta go” to Chuck U Todd. I do not know what he meant but they gotta go but to me that indicates they would leave. And then he said “But I would bring the good ones back as soon as possible”. Sounds like to me he wants them all gone. Hey I’m for it 100% but I didn’t get offended by the msm like you did when they are right, which isn’t very often. I know they lie but when they stumble onto the truth I just go with it.


  17. Realist says:

    Its not just that Big Media fabricates, misdirects and lies on a regular basis – They certainly do all of those things – Its about those who own and control Big Media. The discussions need to begin focusing on those who install and retain these venal, self-serving aparatchiks in their Big Media positions. Do any of these aparatchiks represent YOUR viewpoint? Ever? Or do they just constantly lecture and hector you that, if you continue to insist on being heard and your interests represented,, you ahd also better be prepared for thpse same Big Media operatives of the Ruling Class to continue to attack, demean and accuse you of the most vile motive possible.

    The Ruling Class line (spewed by both journOlista and RINOLista) serves the very same Ruling Class masters, masters that are themselves utterly venal and hungry for POWER and for a permanent siphon into the federal treasury.

    And do not misunderstand, this isn’t just some nebulous stealth campaign to impose libcult (leftist) dogma by attacking the successful. A real system of free enterprise by its very nature has a minimum of cronyism. Our current system is rapidly morphing from simple corruption of cronyism to a very real fascism. Is the Donald for real and will he try to put things right? I don’t know, but can he possibly be any worse than The One, Obamesiah?


  18. Ray says:

    DT Would be over the top if he called B.O. a “mulatto” every time he refers to him.

    Which should be often.

    Oreo would work also.

    Muslim will work.

    Marxist is accurate.

    Bathouse Barry works as well.

    Well, what ya waitin’ for ????

    As for the “Hildabeast” :

    Go for the throat, draw blood, and bite down as hard as you can. HOLD. Repeat.


  19. Bill Bower says:

    They cut the video to hide the crime


  20. coltlending says:

    Manipulators always slice and dice slivers of truth in the cocktail the use to put you under with to have their way with you.

    They’re really getting desperate.

    How I hope it’s a Trump landslide and the Congress is held or is taken by Right minded America so these pukes are silenced if only for a second and the younger generation is shown how full of it they are and what a minority they actually are.


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