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Good Grief – The Media Lies, AGAIN, About Donald Trump’s Illegal Alien Enforcement Proposals – Completely Manufactured Claims…

Sweet Mother of Hades this is getting beyond absurd.  Another entire media cycle consisting of completely manufactured nonsense projecting their determination of ‘what is’ against the reality of ‘what isn’t’…. Having watched an entire media cycle of punditry pontificate about … Continue reading

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Bonded Out Illegal Alien Child Abuser Skips Town – Doesn’t Show Up For Court….

Last week we discussed the illegal alien who bonded out after beating a two-year-old girl near death.  Some people predicted he would skip town and not show up for his court case.  Those people were right, he didn’t. CALIFORNIA – … Continue reading

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Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Tries To Quash Sunlight Before Public Embarrassment…

The Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, filed response motions today in advance of next month’s scheduled hearing. She does not want her investigative team questioned about their activity prior to her Direct Action Charges. In essence she is directly trying … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Trust Deficit…

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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It’s The Mosquito You Don’t Hear That Bites You…

They’ve thrown all the traditional ‘dismissal’ plays at him, with no effect. Perhaps specifically because he holds the ‘nothing-to-lose‘ card much more firmly than those they have opposed in the past. Or perhaps because the electorate is aware of the … Continue reading

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Report: After Trump Iowa Visit GOPe In “Full Freakout Mode” – “This Guy Can Win The White House”…

Donald Trump represents a risk to the establishment power brokers who control DC, the country club republicans are in full meltdown.  The Republicans would rather lose the White House and retain their power than deal with The Donald and lose … Continue reading

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