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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Feels Everyone Being Fair To Donald Trump – The GOPe Architecture Continues…

The GOP road map for Jeb Bush 2016 could never succeed without the full participation of the Republican National Committee. The RNC has two roles – Priebus needs to be one part willing, and one part willfully blind. After all, … Continue reading

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FBI Takes Custody Of Hillary Email Server, Thumb Drives, Amid Revelations of “Top Secret” Email Content…

First Hillary said there was no classified information contained within her emails; then the narrative changed to there was nothing classified “at the time” it was on her email server; which later evolved to there was nothing “labeled” as classified … Continue reading

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The GOPe Tripwires Continue – Despite Campaign Trouble Rick Perry Must Be Kept In The Race…

Another predictable tripwire triggered TODAY.   Back in the spring of 2014, when we first discovered the GOPe roadmap for 2016, there were essential elements in the financial constructs of Jeb’s hope for success. One of those constructs was the necessary … Continue reading

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Experiencing Major Technical Issues. May have to shut site down for repair.

FYI having major technical problems.  Trying to source origin of issue to Word Press, or other.  Posting maybe somewhat limited. The problems are similar to what have been encountered with software updates. Other admins seem ok, so could be just … Continue reading

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Ty_Da_Shooter – St. Louis County PD Release Video Of Tyrone Harris With Handgun Prior To Police Shooting….

He DinduNuffin – Tyrone Harris Sr. told The Associated Press his son was a close friend of Michael Brown and was in Ferguson on Sunday night to pay respects. Harris said his son got caught up in a dispute among … Continue reading

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Clintonian Parseltongue – Hillary Clinton Sworn Affidavit About Private Server Emails…

You know the issues.  You are aware of the deception, deceit and basic reasoning for the private email communication network. Here’s the backstory of the Judicial request: Politico Article Here – Discuss your thoughts.

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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