With First Debate Hours Away New Polls Show Trump Dominating In Dixie….

Infectious positive broad-base “crossover” support can’t be purchased.  The enthusiasm for change is growing exponentially.  The “Salty Girls” exemplify:

The Western Center for Journalism points out that Donald Trump enters debate arena today with incredible polling data from the South reflecting the grassroots disgust with the Republican Establishment and professional political class:

donald-trump[…] Now, with the first GOP debate only hours away and Trump poised to lead the Republican pack onto the Fox News stage in Cleveland, a new poll finds that “many rank-and-file Republicans see Trump’s blunt and unpredictable style as an asset” and not as a potential liability. The Reuters report is based on the results of a new poll that gives the Trump candidacy yet another big boost:

“Most Republicans believe real estate mogul Donald Trump will positively influence Thursday’s first presidential debate, saying his presence will challenge the establishment and open the party to new ideas, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.”

This positive polling for the brash billionaire adds extra luster to Trump’s shine among a growing portion of the GOP electorate that is cheering on The Donald as he takes on not just his GOP rivals, but also the Republican establishment and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The Weekly Standard points out other new voter surveys that give Trump additional momentum and credibility heading into the primetime TV face-off that will likely draw many viewers curious to see how Trump handles the evening.

Noting that the American South has generally been a region you could call “Establishment Country,” The Daily Caller blog by Michael Graham points out that the wealthy New York businessman could be whistling Dixie as he strides confidently onto the debate stage. The numbers cited in the article are based on fresh polling by OpinionSavvy/InsiderAdvantage:

“In Georgia, The Donald’s 30 percent is nearly double his closest competitor, Jeb Bush…. Next door in South Carolina, Trump is at 31 percent, while home state Sen. Graham is at a modest 7 percent. In Alabama, Trump is at a gasp-inducing 38 percent,” writes Graham.  (read more)

Excerpt from the Weekly Standard:

The South used to be “Establishment Country,” where a Dole or a W. could go to rescue a stumbling candidacy after setbacks in Iowa or New Hampshire. But Gingrich’s South Carolina win in 2012 proved that the southern firewall had been forever breached.

It’s hard not to focus on the fact that in both Georgia and South Carolina, Donald Trump has as much support as Cruz, Walker, Christie, Fiorina, Kasich, Paul, Rubio, Jindal, Perry, Graham, Pataki and Santorum combined. But it may be more important—and problematic—that the “conventional wisdom” choices like Walker and Rubio are polling so poorly. Forget how far behind Trump they are. Walker and Rubio combined don’t even match Ben Carson’s numbers. They’re losing to Huckabee (read more)

That sound you just heard is Steven Hayes and Bill Kristol’s heads doing a simultaneous ‘splodey.

Also, the Trump Campaign Gear is now available:

trump campaign gear


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  1. Sandra says:

    I love how they amuse each other !


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