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Why I Support Donald Trump – Part 2

People are having difficulty trying to figure out why I’m supporting Donald Trump with such severity.  So let me explain. I’ve already explained the specifics of what is ahead and how ONLY JEB BUSH will win the primary in – … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Here We Go – DEFCON 5 Psy-Ops Activated – Left and Right Apoplectic About Donald Trump…

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy there was one thing most important to do.  When Trump began blowing his competition out of the water, there was one important thing to do.  When Trump, essentially the risk that Trump represents, is attacked … Continue reading

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FBI Alert – Suspicious Middle Eastern Men and Military Probes….

We received a copy of a July FBI alert two weeks ago.  However, out of an abundance of caution, and after careful review of the content, and after reading articles discussing the alert itself, we decided -out of an abundance of caution- … Continue reading

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Obama’s Top Iranian Negotiator Says She Didn’t See Final “Side Deals”, and U.S. Unaware of Content Within Nuclear Agreement…

Well this adds a new twist to the Democrat platform of transparency.  For ObamaCare congress was told “you have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill”. Now, however, it appears the Democrat position has evolved.  For Iran: … Continue reading

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Mark O’Mara MSNBC Interview – Officer Ray Tensing….

Posted without much comment.  Maybe I’ll update or expand tomorrow with thoughts, after lowered blood pressure, maybe not.  Believe me, there’s no comfort -NONE- in knowing you are right, and having it proven over time, when the outcomes are ultimately choices between … Continue reading

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Oh Dear – FBI “Looking Into” Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server…

Apparently the media are running out of thesaurus reference words to obfuscate the illegality of using non-secure private data servers to conduct official State Department business.  Not to worry, they’ll soon come up with new Clinton deflector words.  WASHINGTON POST – The FBI has begun … Continue reading

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