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UPDATE: Memphis Cop Shooter Tremaine Willbourn WANTED $10,000 Reward Via U.S. Marshals….

 6:00 p.m.  Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong held a press conference at 6 p.m. today to update the search for the suspect who shot and killed Officer Sean Bolton. Here are the quick takeaways: · Suspect and driver fled the … Continue reading

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Here Comes The ObamaCare of Energy Sector Regulations – Obama To Unveil EPA Regulatory Carbon Tax Program Tomorrow…

Here comes the beginning of the second holy grail goal of the Obama administration. This one comes with guarantees of billions for Chicago Jesus and his ideological co-horts. Get ready for “Carbon Trading” in the U.S. energy sector along a similar … Continue reading

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Navy Denies Any Charges Against Naval Officer During Chattanooga Terrorist Attack…

Contrary to numerous accounts there are no charges being considered against t. Cmdr. Timothy White. We made some inquiries several days ago after the Washington Post article alluded to the possibility of White being held accountable for possession of a … Continue reading

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Whaaambulace Alert – Hipster CEO Who Paid $70k To Every Employee Regardless of Merit Sees Company Now Collapsing…

This story is the personification of the ‘Everyone-Deserves-A-Trophy’ ideology expanded to the larger economic model. Hipster CEO socialist dreams run smack into the reality of common sense.  When you pay people the same, regardless of performance, the top performers leave and … Continue reading

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Loretta Lynch Embeds Federal Agents In Baltimore To Help Control Embarrassment of Growing Crisis…

The transparency of motive is brutally obvious.  As Baltimore suffers the worst explosion of gun/homicide violence in 40 years, the race-based professional apologists have to move quickly to avoid the consequences from their own insufferable policy/agenda failures. BALTIMORE – After … Continue reading

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Sketchy Wall Street Journal/NBC National Poll Sets Stage For Final GOP Debate Qualifications….

The Wall Street Journal and NBC have published their last national poll prior to the debate qualification cutoff. However, there’s something considerably afoot with the entire construct of the debate field. In addition, this poll is sketchy at best, because … Continue reading

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Crony Hiring – Emails Show Senator Tom Harkin Pressing Secretary Hillary Clinton To Hire His Daughter…

(Via Daily Caller) Emails released Friday show former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton and other State Department officials discussing how to go about helping a powerful Democratic senator who was asking for a job for his daughter in the agency … Continue reading

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