Sanctuary City Crime Wave Exposed – Thousands Of Illegal Alien Felons, Including Child Rapists, Considered “At Large”…

Full source report pdf embedded below:

(Washington DC ) Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reacting to congressional fears of a new crime wave from illegal immigrants, has revealed that some 1,800 released by “sanctuary cities” last year were charged with 7,500 new crimes, including rape and child sex abuse.

UAC middleschoolers 2

What’s more, most, or over 1,000 of the illegals facing criminal charges, are still free, according to an ICE report to Congress.

The October 2014 report detailed the release by 276 sanctuary cities of 8,145 illegals held on criminal charges from January to August despite requests to “detain” them for ICE which would consider deporting them.

Deep in the report, provided under the Freedom of Information Act to the Center for Immigration Studies‘ Policy Director Jessica M. Vaughan, ICE revealed that:

“1,867 individuals were later arrested 4,298 times … these subsequent arrests constitute 7,491 charges, as most individuals have multiple charges per arrest,” said the ICE report. (read more)

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73 Responses to Sanctuary City Crime Wave Exposed – Thousands Of Illegal Alien Felons, Including Child Rapists, Considered “At Large”…

  1. ftwphil says:

    And El chapo met with the FBI 50 times to eliminate competition from other cartels. No coincidence.

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    • PatriotUSA says:

      The regime probably helped El Chapo escape.


    • Totally Domestic says:

      ? Was El Chapo let out for the specific purpose of shutting Donald Trump up?
      Timing was so perfect.

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      • shirley49 says:

        That is exactly what I thought since Clinton had made a comment to Bush that Trump would be taken care of.

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        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          Chilling. Quote from DC Whispers:
          “Those concerns were said to be given some salve in the form of assurances from Bill Clinton during a personal call he had with Jeb Bush two days earlier. While most of that conversation remains private, Jeb did share with others that the former president reminded the would-be presidential hopeful that, ‘a lot of this Trump thing will be taken care of during your debates, if not sooner.’ “

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      • annieoakley says:

        I thought the same.


  2. Millwright says:

    Just like being back at the job I retired from !


  3. dizzymissl says:

    This is interesting–reminds me of Sundance’s in-depth research:

    Why the Media Hate Trump

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  4. whodoneit says:

    I am sickened and appalled by the blatant disregard of Federal law in the allowance of sanctuary cities to operate. These cities (and, therefore, the states themselves) simply choose to “ignore” the law of the land without fear of consequences or accountability because they are not called on it. Meanwhile – the American taxpayer is sucked dry in order to support those who don’t belong here, forced to endure atrocities perpetrated by them against us (including rape and murder) and basically “welcome” them to come in droves through our ever so “open” border. Are we crazy!

    What the hell good is the “law” if it’s not obeyed? What a joke the law has been allowed to become. What a joke America has become under the rule of anti- American rulers. And 51% of us put them there. For shame!

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    • RJ says:

      “I’ve been to the mountaintop…”

      This goes way beyond shame, it has entered the realm of active ignorance, psychological denial and landed into the world of sado-masochism.

      Take another (really good and intense) look at Obama delivering his “victory” speech with Iran. Note those dark, evil eyes, surrounded by that greying hair, those big teeth (say hello to Miss Red Riding Hood!). See the sparkle in those eyes as he again lies to the world, especially the American citizen. The buffoon Biden stands off to his side missing only the nodding of approval Hillary was so good at when she was a stooge for this black devil.

      Yea, that’s right…”Black Devil” came directly from my mind through my fingertips while typing.

      The eyes don’t lie…

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      blatant disregard for federal law = “secession?” No?
      Who are the violent anti-government radicals now?


    • Matt Musson says:

      Can we set up EPA free Sanctuary cities and states? If we can ignore some laws that we can ignore others.

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    • Les says:

      I’m one of those States’ Rights nuts. Make them Sanctuary States so everybody else who chooses to stay there is clear on what is happening in their state. Sanctuary Cities are BS because everybody in the state has to share the burden/danger/idiocy. A city shouldn’t be able to decide for a state, but the citizenry should be able to decide for a state. Let the liberals have their own states and fund their own aliens and stop the IRS from stealing our money.

      The Feds (also known as “we”) should pay for defense and not much else.


  5. Ziiggii says:

    Man, I hope this makes it into the Trump campaigns hands! This is the death nail on this issue…. next? Let’s change the discussion again.


  6. canadacan says:

    Well that really sets the cat among the pigeons ,I hope.
    Those faces represent unbelievable primitive evil.

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  7. dizzymissl says:

    This will make your head explode:

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  8. jakeandcrew says:

    This makes me so angry!

    This is on Obama and Jeh Johnson, most of all, this is their fault – they are letting these criminals roam freely through our country, terrorising and brutally attacking our children, pillaging our homes, and killing innocent people! And they just let them go to do it.again!

    Sidenote – And Obama just let over 40 felons go free? Oh, don’t worry, we’re told, they’re not violent. Besides, Obama has given, or will be giving them a stern talking to, warning them they need to make better choices. Better choices – like the choices the illegal aliens in the article made?

    Yeah – “1,867 individuals were later arrested 4,298 times….these subsequent arrests constitute 7,491 charges…”

    7,491 crimes committed by people who were in jail, and unbelievably, let go. 7,491 crimes committed by people that SHOULD NOT even be here in the first place. And as hard as it is, look at what some of.those crimes were:

    ICE also detailed the worst of those subsequent crimes, including rape and child sex abuse:

    • Los Angeles, Calif.: On April 6, 2014, an alien was arrested for “felony continuous sexual abuse of a child”. After release, the alien was arrested for “felony sodomy of a victim under 10 years old”.

    • San Francisco, Calif.: On March 19, 2014, an illegal alien with two prior deportations was arreste;d for “felony second degree robbery, felony conspiracy to commit a crime, and felony possession of a narcotic controlled substance”, After release, the alien was again arested for “felony rape with force or fear”, “felony sexual penetration with force”, “felony false imprisonment”, witness intimidation, and other charges.

    • San Mateo County, Calif.: On February 16, 2014, an individual was arrested for “felony lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14”. In addition, the alien had a prior DUI conviction. Following release by the local agency, the individual was arrested for three counts of “felony oral copulation with a victim under 10” and two counts of “felony lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14”.

    My God, what are we allowing to happen to our children?

    What’s more, most, or over 1,000 of the illegals facing criminal charges, are still free, according to an ICE report to Congress.

    Congress’ reaction to this? They’re “concerned” –

    The “executive summary” noted that Congress is “concerned about the public safety risks the declined detainer population raises,” and it blames new laws in California and Connecticut for sparking the explosion in sanctuary cities and counties in 43 states. The policy, and the Obama administration’s decision to not fight local and state governments, have come under fire in Congress.

    Congress needs to DO something! We know it’s Obama’s fault. We don’t need an investigation (that will never result in anything), or a pointless hearing (where politicians just run their mouths for the cameras and never accomplish anything). We know who’s fault it is!

    Congress needs to STOP IT from happening! This cannot be defended, by anyone. If today’s Congress has ANY smidgen of resemblance to what it was intended to be, they will use the power they’ve been given by the Constitution, grow a pair, and stop this slaughter by Obama!

    Good grief! We can’t last until the next election if someone doesn’t do something to stop Obama.

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  9. woohoowee says:

    Hey Don Lemon,

    Just like Donald Trump said: “Sombody’s doing the raping.”

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  10. David In TN says:

    They are now starting to whine about a “backlash against immigrants.”


    • The Fighting Man says:

      Then we need to hit them with: “Not at all. Productive, law abiding folks who want to come LEGALLY and bring value with them are always welcome to join us. People who are concerned over foreigners are exclusively concerned with ILLEGAL ALIENS.”


  11. emet says:

    Before 911, nonenforcement of immigration was accomplished by underfunding the INS, putting in an idiot as INS Commissioner, and discouraging agents from enforcing the law (eg imprisoning INS SA Joseph Occhipinti). Now with the growth of DHS, the manpower and technology is sufficient to attain a high degree of compliance. But our leaders and their handlers dont want it, rather they want the illusion of enforcement.

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  12. emet says:

    And one of the sneaky things the WH did was blame the INS for letting the hijackers in, when the mistake was nonexistent screening by State Dept consular officers. Once those visas were issued, there was nothing INS could do, unless for example one if the hijackers admitted that he was coming to seek employment, or was intending to immigrate

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  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump was right and only one of the few that is willing to say what most of us already knew!!


  14. moogey says:

    In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill designating California a “Sanctuary State”.
    Now that California has defined Same Sex Marriage as legal, oh sorry, now that California has designated Sanctuary Status as a legal right, how long will it take for the Supreme Court to order all other states to recognize ‘sanctuary status’ immunity for illegal criminals?


  15. Lea says:

    By the rate SCOTUS is helping to fill Obama’s bucket list, they could make that decision by the end of this week!


  16. TwoLaine says:

    The Border Patrol’s job is not to stop illegal immigrants!

    Judicial Watch Obtains Videotape of Border Patrol Sector Chief Decrying Illegal Immigration Enforcement.


  17. TwoLaine says:

    I’ve been putting together a Virtual Cemetery for the Victims of Illegal Aliens in the USA. The Story of Danielle Bologna and her family was one of the most egregious in San Francisco history. Half of her family was taken in a heartbeat. The rest are in witness protection, and it will NEVER be over for them.

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  18. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Folks, I am not an expert on this issue. However, I have one concept to share: the issue is a matter of “lawlessness.” I hope you see that, and get the chance to bring it up in everyday conversation, or in communications with elected representatives and so on.

    A friend of ours from church is disabled from work. He still tries, but for various reasons, which are apparent once you get to know the guy, are valid. He scraped money together to get him a little car. He struggles to carry insurance.

    He lives of of his social security, which he was finally awarded about 2 years ago.

    He is driving down the road minding his own business. A car driven by an illegal immigrant hits him. An officer shows up.

    The officer just lets the illegal immigrant go. The illegal immigrant has no insurance, of course, and “booking” him, under one of his identities, would be fruitless – the guy would not appear for any subsequent court date, etc.

    So, there is nothing to be gained since lawlessness there is no way to hold this one person accountable for his property-damaging offenses against on of the vulnerable, down-trodden, of-little-means citizens our laws ought to be striving to protect.

    Generally, each person on the planet ought to be a citizen of at least one country, so he or she has some governance under which to be accountable. We can figure out the various twists this system has – extradition, and so on, but we cannot simply have lawlessness, with Sudanese pirates sailing around accountable to no one.

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    • smiley says:

      that exactly defines these sanctuary cities : they provide sanctuary FROM THE LAW.
      the laws simply are not enforced and do not apply to ILLEGALS living there.
      its ok for them to (a) break laws entering this country, and (b) to continue to break laws within the protected sanctuary no-zones.

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      • annieoakley says:

        That is exactly what it is. The entire State of Colorado is a Sanctuary for these illegals. My DIL was rear ended by illegals and they fled. Their garage window was shattered in the middle of the night by one who was caught because he was drunk and cut himself. He is still running around town free as a bird. Stitched up on our dime too.


  19. archer52 says:

    Yep. Dealt with them all the time, but not in the numbers other cities had. We could catch them isolated and run them off. THIS WILL NEVER GO AWAY!!! It is cancer, a nation killing cancer.

    And it scares black gangs and black people, which is why anyone promising to clean it up will get votes.

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    • The Fighting Man says:

      I saw a plea on YouTube from a black leader in South Central LA. He was speaking before some group of politicos. You should have heard what that poor man described. He said the illegals from points south move into black neighborhoods in droves. Once they reach a tipping point, the illegals throw Molotov cocktails through the black people’s house windows, burn their vehicles in their driveways, beat their kids up, steal anything they can carry, and make the neighborhoods so unsafe that the black people are afraid to go outside for being killed in a drive by. This country owes its citizens of all ethnic stripes to forcibly remove these criminal foreigners living here illegally and restore domestic tranquility to our beloved America.

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      • And yet… the average black lo-fo will continue to elect the very same politicians who are advocating in favor of amnesty.

        What did PT Barnum say?

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        • archer52 says:

          they vote the free stuff. It is a calculated risk they take. sadly for them the numbers will get worse and worse. They will become the second minority in the US soon, behind whites and Hispanics. And more and more Hispanics are controlling liberal cities. Especially in California and they are very “La Raza” mindset-ish.


  20. thesouthwasrght says:

    You can bet that when American citizens deal with this problem, in a decisive manner, then you will see some federal action. Action with very loose ROE, btw.


    • The Fighting Man says:

      Leaderless. Byzantine. 4th Gen. Like the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan when they beat the snot out of the Soviets. People tend to be rather proprietary about their home turf when push comes to shove.


  21. emet says:

    Some Border Patrol trivia. The Border Patrol was originally under the Dept of Labor, because it was concerned with protecting American jobs

    Our border with Mexico was not too bad until maybe the 1980s. In fact the officers at the ports of entry were not even armed until 1978. The Customs/DEA crackdown in Florida pushed smuggling groups to route thru Mexico
    When JFK tried to enforce integration at Old Miss he found out that there were no Federal officers to do it. Nationwide there were only about 300 US Marshals, mostly decrepit political appointees who served as baliffs. JFK turned to the Border Patrol and later the BOP, swearing them in as Deputy Marshals.


  22. annieoakley says:

    It is an invasion now and nothing less. Trump is correct and even mentioned they are coming from the ME too and want to kill us. Why does Obama want to take our guns?

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  23. Jersey Beach says:

    Quick! Go tell you know who and the other person running for president to go hand out some more teddy bears and soccer balls to these poor, poor children. That will solve all the problems and these cities will become prosperous once again. Just like the old days. :/
    My original post is stuck in moderation. It may or may not appear.


  24. waltherppk says:

    “Sanctuary Cities” are La Raza / Mexican Drug Cartel underwritten and sponsored criminal conspiracies, and they are CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES for which every enabling criminal partner operating under color of law in the U.S. EVERY single one of these RICO human / drug trafficking “sanctuary cities” CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. These criminals who are “public officials” should be put in jail and the illegal aliens they have enabled to illegally reside in the U.S. should be deported. If they have an “anchor baby” they should take their anchor baby with them when they leave. If there are 10 million or 30 million of them, then Adios to all of them yesterday. If they want to file an appeal let them file it at a U.S. Embassy in the home country where they are legal residents AFTER they are deported and returned to whatever country it is from where they came. End of story. They should have to fill out an immigration application and if they have previously ever entered the country illegally the answer to their application for immigration should be just one answer …No.

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    • waltherppk says:

      When racketeering involving human trafficking is called what it is and prosecuted for the SERIOUS crime it is, with sentences starting at about 10 to 15 years in a federal prison to give the guilty time to think about it and reflect on the error of their ways, then all the BS about any needed “immigration reform” will come to a screeching halt. There is no reform needed of immigration law or policy, what is needed to remedy the CRIME that is called an “immigration” problem is law enforcement actually enforcing the law and putting criminals in jail. STOPPING illegal “immigration” which actually isn’t immigration at all, is actually stopping criminal trespassing done by criminals putting their feet where their feet are not legally allowed to be..Now there’s a thought huh, what a novel idea that law enforcement should be actually enforcing the LAW. Law enforcement agents get paid to do a job and if the “professionals” can’t do that job then get some talented amateurs who can.


      • And there’s something to be said in reference to the upside-down-thinking process used by some local (city) administrators when they argued to create these “Sanctuaries”.

        In some (and probably many) locations, the argument was something like this:

        “We need to stop turning folks over to ICE because (by doing so) we have created an atmosphere of mistrust between the undocumented immigrants and the community. They (the undocumented) don’t want to call police, out of fear of being reported to ICE”

        But here’s the kicker: The federal program which the various cities were rebelling against (“Secure Communities”) didn’t track the victims or witnesses of crimes, but only received the biometrics (fingerprints) from those who were arrested for committing crimes. Yet, some local nutjobs (like Michael Nutter in Phila) decided to stop complying with the federal program. Which means once the local authorities were done with the perps, they were returned to the streets to further victimize their neighbors.

        Does THAT make any sense at all? Even by the wildest, most convoluted thinking, I can’t think of a single scenario where a stronger bond can be established between local police and their particular Hispanic community if criminals are not deported after serving their sentences for breaking local laws. If anything, by resisting “Operation Secure Communities” these so-called “Santuary Cities” have created an environment that is even MORE dangerous for the undocumented immigrants they are claiming to protect.



        • waltherppk says:

          Where the lunacy that inhabits the administrative offices and the streets is headed is a resolution of the problem with idiots by old fashioned vigilantism. When law doesn’t mean anything then people just make up their own as they go, doing what needs to be done. Criminals fear vigilantes and there is a reason for that because vigilantes just get right down to business taking care of business that was a duty shirked by others who may have done a kinder gentler more civilized job of problem solving.


  25. Dave says:

    Mexico’s behavior toward the United States is nothing less than an extreme aggression. Furthermore, sending millions upon millions of Mexicans into the US, insisting that all Mexicans everywhere are still Mexican citizens, and giving dual citizenship to Mexicans with citizenship abroad (from Mexico) are acts of war. Those claiming that Americans are racist for simply insisting that we have national sovereignty and a right to control immigration and our own borders as we see fit are also committing an aggressive act and an extreme provocation. Refusing to abide by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is also an extreme provocation.

    When the Mariel boatlift, Cubans given the freedom to move to the United States, it was quickly realized that Cuba was unloading its undesirables upon the United States. This included felons as well as mentally ill people. Nobody made the ridiculous claim that not accepting certain Cubans was racism.

    They are Spaniards, the Cubans were mostly of Spanish descent. Many Mexicans are partly or completely American Indian, some are not or are hardly at all American Indian, just like many people in the United States.

    Mexicans who are committing acts of aggression against our country should fear that they are risking war. Since our so-called “elites” are at war with their own citizens, this is not the case. Mexicans also need to know that their entire national policy benefits first and foremost, Carlos Salim, the Lebanese “Mexican” and richest man in the world (due to bilking his own countrymen, if a Lebanese guy even considers Mexicans to be his countrymen) who holds extreme monopolies that would not be allowed under American anti-trust laws and who is the principal beneficiary of the Mexican invasion of the United States. V Dare and Anne Coulter have brought the Carlos Salim issue to light. The Phoenicians and Phoenician Carthaginians colonized the Iberian peninsula and profitted from exploiting the resources of what would become known as Hispania, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The Mexicans are wrapping their exploitation by a foreign Arab Lebanese monopolist in the trappings of patriotism.

    Now vicious Mexican drug lords are openly making threats and low-class insults to American citizens with impunity. Mexican drug cartels pose a grave threat to the security of the Untied States. This is exacerbated by the fact that there are 30 million Mexican foreigners in our country. Our own government should consider these and several other Mexican actions to be acts of war and act accordingly. We need our overseas troops back here in North America protecting their own people and defending the borders with deadly force if need be.
    Again, Mexico is committing acts of war against the Untied States of America. In addition, if there are acts of racism occurring, it is Mexican racism against Anglo-Americans.


  26. Dave says:

    I , for one, will boycott Mexico for tourism, international flights on Mexican airlines, and Mexican goods until the Mexican aggression ceases.


  27. Dave says:

    I once saw a TV program about the old “I Love Lucy” show in which a very ignorant commenter, at least on such issues, called Lucy’s marriage to Ricky Ricardo, and Lucy’s real marriage to Desi Arnaz, an interracial marriage. That is ridiculous. Lucille Ball was of English and some Scots-Irish descent (essentially the founding American stock, the colonial stock of the Anglo-American colonies and the United States). She was a European American of English and Scots-Irish ancestry. Desi Arnaz was Cuban and of Spanish (European) descent. That is not a mixed marriage.

    Rejecting invaders of Spanish descent is not racism. What if they are part Indian? Well, many of our American people are Mestizos, too. I bet that many of the readers here are part Cherokee, for example. I can’t even count the number of American Mestizos that I have known. I would imagine that many of them also reject a Mexican invasion.

    For those who claim that Europeans should go back to Europe I have two points. One is a variation on Solomon’s judgement. You people who say that need to send your European part back to Europe. If you are a Mestizo, send your European part back to Europe. Point understood?

    Second, Europe is full of invaders and there is no room for us there. The invaders need to be removed but since I am not a European citizen, it is not my job to attend to those issues. Since my family has lived here for 400 years, I will concentrate on the Untied States of America.


    • BitterC says:

      And I say
      Just because native Americans COULDN’T defend this continent does not mean that we SHOULDN’T

      And to Jose Vargas Citizenship is a birthright. Nothing “earned” about it.


  28. Jersey Beach says:

    We’re gonna need more teddy bears and soccer balls. Time for another GB & TC will meet and greet. :/


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