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Sanctuary City Crime Wave Exposed – Thousands Of Illegal Alien Felons, Including Child Rapists, Considered “At Large”…

Full source report pdf embedded below: (Washington DC ) Immigration and Customs Enforcement, reacting to congressional fears of a new crime wave from illegal immigrants, has revealed that some 1,800 released by “sanctuary cities” last year were charged with 7,500 … Continue reading

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Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby’s LEO Family Background Shows History of Drug Use, Terminations and Deception…

What’s that they say about apples and trees?… Things that make other things make sense – Oh boy, it looks like Marilyn “By-Any-Means-Necessary” Mosby has some serious issues in the background of her family and their life of crime while … Continue reading

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Tragic – Parents Lose Custody Of Adoptive Daughter After Waco “Twin Peaks” Incident…

‘All your children are belong to us’. – Perhaps someday they will turn this entire fiasco into a Lifetime Movie.  The totalitarian government response to the Twin Peaks shooting apparently has no boundaries.  Tragic, ridiculous, and desperately tragic. MIDLOTHIAN — The … Continue reading

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Trump Takes Lead In National USA Today Poll – Trump 17% / Bush 14%…

Also, Donald Trump is second in the latest New Hampshire poll.  This is critically important.  The roadmap to defeat the GOP five-state plan in Florida would be entirely possible if Trump can defeat Jeb Bush in New Hampshire prior to … Continue reading

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Floridians In Melbourne Show Up To City Council Debate On Confederate Flag…

A City Council referendum on banning the confederate flag was held tonight in Melbourne Florida (click the video): BREAKING: Ban on Confederate flag dies. #Melbourne. pic.twitter.com/ib70av8gyu — Ryan Hughes – WFTV (@RHughesWFTV) July 14, 2015 A whole bunch of “Florida … Continue reading

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Follow-Up On Donald Trump Election Bid -VS- The Professional GOP Machine…

There has been a considerable response to the recent article: “Why I Support Donald Trump’s Campaign“, which has led to a larger conversation about the current cause of the problem for our body politic.  That expanded conversation deserves further explanation. However, before going into … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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President Obama Lies About 24/7 Iranian Nuclear Inspections In National Broadcast….

Here’s the first provable lie.  (Video prompted 03:20) […]  That means this deal is not built on trust. It is built on verification. Inspectors will have 24/7 access to Iran’s nuclear facilities. (transcript) TRUTH: … Negotiators failed to meet the standard of … Continue reading

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Oh.My.God. – National Planned Parenthood Director Caught On Tape Trafficking In Baby Parts….

In an explosive undercover sting a Planned Parenthood executive is taped selling body parts from aborted babies.  The video was obtained by the Center for Medical Progress and first reported by Live Action News. Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director … Continue reading

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Breaking – U.S. and World Powers Reach Deal With Iran – God Help Us All…

BREAKING NEWS: Iran, major powers have reached a historic nuclear deal – Iranian diplomat — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) July 14, 2015 Marking an achievement sought for years, Iran and six world powers reportedly have agreed to a deal that … Continue reading

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