CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Busted Using The Brian Williams Journalism Strategy…

Anyone who has spent time following CNN reporting fully understand that ideology drives production content.  And, at times, their little “stories” get unexpected exposed…  Tommy Finnegan strikes again. 

sanjay gupta(Via WFB)  CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who served as a White House fellow before embarking on a career in journalism, has been accused of falsely claiming that he helped perform brain surgery on an eight-year-old while covering the April earthquake in Nepal.

The Global Press Journal reported Tuesday that the girl identified in the CNN report as having undergone a craniotomy at the hands of Gupta never actually received surgery.

In a video that aired on CNN April 28, Gupta appeared next to stretcher-bound eight-year-old Salina Dahal, examining her CAT scan and commenting on her “dire” condition.

“She has a fractured skull, a blood clot, and her brain is swelling,” he said. “Without emergent surgery, she’ll have permanent damage. Or, like so many other earthquake victims, she’ll die.” Later footage showed Gupta, clad in scrubs, appearing to complete the surgery.

However, family and doctors of the young Salina confirmed to the Global Press Journal that she never underwent such an operation. According to her medical records, she suffered minor head injuries and a broken wrist during the quake.

An initial written story on CNN identified Gupta’s patient as 14-year-old Sandhya Chalise, who did undergo brain surgery, but the story was updated to name Salina as the subject of the operation.

A spokesperson for CNN first insisted that Gupta did indeed perform the surgery, later clarifying that he may not have been certain of the identity of his patient.  (read more)

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49 Responses to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Busted Using The Brian Williams Journalism Strategy…

  1. Celtic5 says:

    Sorry to hear this. I really like Sanjay Gupta. The media seems to dirty/destroy everything it touches…… Honor and integrity is dead to them.

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    • This is a Uniparty strategy for lower level people as well. If you go along with their invitations to sin, or their awkward encouragements to lie, they own you. They can take you out at their leisure, as with Lyin’ Brian, or you may spontaneously detonate / be set off by the enemy (us). It’s sad, but you can’t trust the Uniparty, or anybody they own.

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    • Suzy Kiprien says:

      CNN = Clinton National Network.
      As to Gupta, he also does subtle duty work for the pharmaceuticals. Don’t forget, the guy is a doctor. I noticed more than once that he promotes the pharmaceutical industry’s point of view. I quit listening to the guy years ago.

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  2. bob e says:

    a brain surgeon who can’t remember who he operated on ..

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  3. TRONGOD2000 says:

    This makes you look petty. Find real stories if you want to slam someone.


    • Judgy says:

      Hi Tron. I cannot say I KNOW what goes on in Sundance’s mind (I wish! It’s eons beyond my own!). But it just strikes me that maybe he’s commenting more on an epidemic of dishonesty in the media, than on being nasty to Gupta personally. I could be totally off, but he hasn’t, to my mind, written anything snark, or sarcasm-laden. I love his “Whoopsie!” stories when the subject has been proven deceptive more than once or twice. I didn’t think this was that.

      But I also am FAR from a brain surgeon. And I’m often wrong about peoples’ intentions or what they’re saying. I would think this to be a valid, and interesting story–made me imagine what brain surgeons actually DO.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Gupta went there, not to help people, but to film a tv show with him as the star. A little adjusting of the cast should be expected in liberal propaganda productions. Gupta had to follow the screenplay and script. Where is Dr. Kildare?

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    • Ziiggii says:

      go plug back into the Matrix….

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    • ytz4mee says:

      Really? Gupta helicoptered in during OIF and made a big splash and claimed to have performed a few surgeries, and decided to call himself a “Devil Doc”.

      “Devil Docs” are Navy corpsman who eat, sleep, travel and fight with Marines. They are on the front lines with them, and are loved and revered by their Marines for their bravery.
      It was an affront for Gupta to assume this moniker for himself. I was one of many Marine Corps spouses who contacted CNN and at first respectfully asked that he stop referring to himself as a “Devil Doc” and then it got more heated. Gupta’s arrogance and nastiness towards the Marine families who were upset with his appropriation of a nickname of import to Marines was stunning.

      FWIW Gupta is in my Big Book of @ssholes.

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      • Les says:

        This made my blood boil and stomach feel sick. Devil Docs give families happy endings, or if that isn’t possible, they give families back some precious time.

        Thank you for voicing your displeasure and for understanding why some nicknames can only be earned. This isn’t a matter of pettiness, it is a matter of honor.

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    • littlelaughters says:

      I, for one, appreciate when a liar is called out. I don’t like being lied to; it’s why I won’t listen to anything obama has to say.

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    • mikayla825 says:

      His blog, his prerogative. Who died and made you king?

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    • Spar Harmon says:

      Slamming is not the point. There is a set of dots here which may connect with others leading to those moments when a larger picture begins to emerge. Bits of truth do bigger truths make — Confucius say

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    • manickernel says:

      I don’t see where Gupta is really at fault here, what I do see is CNN taking video and heartrending interviews and intertwining two stories to spin for dramatic effect. THAT is petty and dishonest.


      • Les says:

        I do. From what I have read:
        1 They didn’t ask him to help, Gupta asked to help to make himself look like a hero
        2. Gupta didn’t do the surgery, he assisted (at his own request) the real surgeons to get some good footage
        3 Gupta made CNN change the story. CNN first reported it with the correct patient, but Gupta made them change the name of the patient to that of an 8 year old girl
        4 Gupta either wanted to be a hero by saying he operated on a young child, or he’s a complete idiot for barging in on an operation when he didn’t even know who the patient was (if you don’t know who the patient is, you don’t know what the patient’s condition is, that effen dangerous in ANY country)
        5 Gupta is either a liar or an idiot. So should he not be a journalist or not be a reporter or not be either one?


  4. dginga says:

    So, how many neurosurgeons do you think there are who go to college for eight years then spend another 10 – 12 years in specialized training in order to have the skills to PERFORM brain surgery, then give up one of the highest paying, most prestigious jobs in medicine for a White House “fellowship” (isn’t that just a low paid gig like an intern?) and a “career in journalism? Off the top of my head I’m thinking…. none?

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    • bofh says:

      “Doctor” Oz – transitioned himself from highly reputed cardiac surgeon to slimy pitchman and media whore. It happens.


  5. Judgy says:

    Okay, I’m not a brain surgeon (nor a rocket scientist, nor Einstein). So I’m asking, “Is it possible to perform surgery on the brain of a 15 year old, but to mistake her as an 8 year old?”. And in emergency conditions, such as those they had in Nepal, would he have been briefed on her age, and any other defining characteristics? Or do they just shove him in front of a basically sheeted-up person, and go “Okay. Fix her brain!”…….??

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    • doodahdaze says:

      He asked them to “let him help” for his show. Why did they need a CNN production crew in the OR?? Think about it.


    • libby says:

      Maybe rocket surgery, being as complex as it is, one can confuse helping an 8 y/o child empty their nasal passages (helping them blow their nose) with relieving cranial pressure on a 15 y/o?

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    • cohibadad says:

      An epidural hematoma simply requires removal of the skull (usually thin temporal bone) and removal of a clot and coagulating an arterial bleeder. It doesn’t require visualization of the brain. In other words, there is no exposure of brain and only limited identifying information. But there is a huge IF in this. It would require someone to have done all the preparation for him, which tells me that if he was in on a surgery of a child, whether 8 or 15yo, he was just there “participating”. If you walk in to “help”, you could easily not tell the difference between vastly different aged patients, because it doesn’t really matter and someone else is taking responsibility. If he was actually doing the work, setting up the patient, confirming correct side, correct site, etc., then he would know the difference between an 8yo and a 15yo IMO.

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  6. justfactsplz says:

    Gupta was Obama’s first pick for Surgeon General so I am not surprised at this news. Gupta is overly full of himself. I stopped watching CNN awhile back and don’t miss it one iota. The Kelly File talked about this on the show tonight. Seeing the pictures of the two girls I find it hard to believe you could mistake one for the other. Size alone speaks for itself.

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  7. John Galt says:

    Of course he performed surgery. Brian Williams assisted.

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  8. truthseekerr says:

    WOW. What a liar. If true this is much worse than Brian Williams. Using a little girl in a disaster for popularity is as low as you can get.

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  9. yankeeintx says:

    I’ve just received confirmation:

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  10. franker01 says:

    The only thing I know about this guy is that he seemed to have a never-ending loop on the TV in the Waiting Room of the Doctor’s Office I used to go to.
    It drove me nuts.
    The combination of that and the 2 year old copies of Sports Illustrated (which I found while shuffling through the mountain of Family Life’s and all that other carp) made me hate him all the more and with more intensity!
    I hope he is convicted and receives the maximum sentence for whatever they can possibly pin on him!


  11. I sure wouldn’t want journalist Dr. Gupta to be my neurosurgeon any more than I would want political commentator Dr. Charles Krauthammer to be my psychiatrist. Neither one has practiced medicine in their specialties for a number of years.

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  12. seabrznsun says:

    Tourette’s is a possible answer to the coworker of Pattyloo and the MSM. They just can’t help themselves from saying obscure and obscene things.


  13. Millwright says:

    I guess I can cross Dr. Gupta off my list of potential brain surgeons ! Its possible he was present at some ‘brain surgery’ in Nepal, and its equally possible there was some confusion over patient’s names – what with all the people involved and language difficulties – he might even have assisted on a case. But I suspect Dr. Gupta – and his network sponsors – are ‘gilding the lily’ on this one !


  14. Justice_099 says:

    If I understand this right, he DID help in some surgery, but got the patient name wrong for some reason. Is that the gist of it? If so, that’s not on the level of Brian Williams.


    • Mr. Izz says:

      It isn’t on the level of Brian Williams, but it was deceptive none the less. Gupta was walking with the patient while saying the situation was dire and she needed immediate surgery, then went on to help with a surgery on someone else. It feels lot like straight up presentation, as opposed to actually doing something correct. The situation with the 8 year old was basically all staged.

      It would have been better if this had not happened, and in fact, it would have made him look more honorable if he had said to the 8 year old that everything was going to be ok, and that she’ll be fine, then go on to talk about a patient he actually helped.

      Also, not knowing the name and age of the individual you’re working on doesn’t look good, especially when that is admitted. Perception is a big thing when you’re a major public figure on a major television news network. The perception here sucks.


  15. Tkim says:

    I agree with truthseekerr. Don’t use a child as a prop. And I especially love what ytz4mee said about appropriating the term used for those in the military who really risk life and limb to practice medicine.

    Does anyone in the “news” media simply want to report anymore? Or does the entourage of stylists and make up artists and publicists work like a blow to the head?

    And Sanjay? You know when this kind of story sounds best? Not when one says,”And so I pulled the porch, brick by brick, off of those nuns then gave them CSP until the ambulance arrived!” But when the story makes it from person to person and finally a reporter asks,”So you were the man who saved those two nuns?”

    Of course in today’s climate the man might not simply answer a few questions and then go inside for supper. He might hire a PR firm, write a book– “Heavenly Burden: My Work to Save Two Brides of Christ.” Do the talk show circuit, be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

    But the thing is once a respected surgeon, a millionaire and famous face with everything available to him just can’t help but lie for attention, we know the teens in housing projects can only be more forceful in narratives about cops shooting surrendering felons, as their complicit lying lawyers nod in agreement. Hands up don’t shoot. I graduated with honors. I saved a life as bullets whizzed over my head. They aren’t just lies, they mock and deride this who tell the truth.


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