Whoopsie – Baltimore Evidence Includes Transport Van Witness Donta Allen “On Video” Telling Investigators Freddie Gray Was Jumping Around “Like A Madman”…

Oh, how we’ve seen this entire story play out before. Donta Allen 2015, is Rachel Jeantel 2013 !! A prosecution witness that actually deconstructs the prosecution. Now we know why Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby wants to block public awareness of the evidence.

According to Megyn Kelly part of the “Brady evidence” turned over by prosecutors to the defense team in Baltimore includes video of van passenger Donta Allen giving his statement to “investigators”. Watch:

You might have heard Donta mention his attorney in the snippet with Don Lemon in the clip above. His attorney is Paul Gardner; and when you understand the relationship between Donta Allen, Paul Gardner and prosecutor Marilyn Mosby – you cannot help but see the parallels to Rachel Jeantel, Benjamin Crump and prosecutor Angela Corey in 2012.

Both teams, Crump/Corey in 2012/2013, and Gardner/Mosby in 2015, are presenting ridiculously fraudulent cases, assembled upon a foundation of lies, and supported by fraudulent witnesses.  Here’s the backstory on Gardner/Mosby

BALTIMORE — A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post. (link)

Donta Allen statement in search warrant

(HatTip maggiemoowho) Sanford Florida had Rachel Jeantel – a witness on behalf of Trayvon Martin. Baltimore Maryland has Donta Allen – a witness on behalf of Freddie Gray.

Witness 8Baltimore Prisoner from van 2

Donta Allen was introduced to the public, as a witness in the Freddie Gray death, by the domestic partner of Baltimore Deputy Attorney Janice Bledsoe, reporter Jayne Miller (WBAL-TV).

Quickly Donta Allen began appearing on national TV broadcasts. However, just like Dorian Johnson and Rachel Jeantel, Donta doesn’t appear alone. Donta is accompanied by his “attorney”/handler, Paul W Gardner II.

paul gardner main

Paul W Gardner II Esq.

Law firm link Instagram link Twitter link


paul gardner 9 donta allen cnn

paul gardner 7 advocacy

Although it doesn’t appear Mr. Gardner is actually supposed to be representing people in Maryland any longer.

2013 – Paul W. Gardner II, one of Baltimore’s leading entertainment lawyers, was disbarred Feb. 11 [2013] after the state’s court of appeals upheld a ruling that he had overbilled clients and misused money he had received as a retainer.

Gardner, whose clients have included Obama White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi and “The Wire” actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, can’t practice law in Maryland until reinstated to the state bar by the Maryland Court of Appeals. He is managing partner of the Gardner Law Group.

Glenn Grossman, bar counsel for the State’s Attorney Grievance Commission, told the AFRO that reinstatement of the privilege to practice law is possible but only after a process that starts with a petition for reinstatement submitted to the court of appeals.

Grossman said 14 disbarred lawyers have been reinstated in the state in the last 10 years. The average interval between disbarment and reinstatement was “nine to 10 years,” he said.

To be reinstated, a disbarred lawyer must list debts and whether restitution, if necessary, has been paid.

The improprieties the court found Gardner guilty of included having paid his office manager for legal work, though the manager is not an attorney; improperly filing a nonimmigrant work visa application; and charging a woman $25,000 to negotiate a contract between the woman’s son and a rapper. The contract was never executed.

Gardner served as a law clerk for Judge Robert Bell and according to his law firm’s web site, he was a member of the Howard Law Review. (link)

paul gardner 11 mosby and advocacy

paul gardner 3 jamal bryant

paul gardner 2 don lemon

paul gardner 2 anderson cooper

paul gardner 1 sunny hostin

However, as with all ‘tangled webs’ of interconnected networks, Paul Gardner’s representation of the primary witness in The State of Maryland -vs- The Baltimore Six might present an issue for the Prosecuting attorney, Marilyn Mosby.  Here’s Gardner attending a fundraiser for Nick Mosby:

paul gardner 8 nick mosby

paul gardner 10 marilyn mosby

Then again, who is REALLY going to be concerned about a disbarred attorney representing a key witness in a controversial political trial, and who happens to be friends with the State Attorney prosecuting the case?

paul gardner 5 elijah cummings

paul gardner 6 hillary clinton

paul gardner 4 president obama

Some things just never seem to change do they?

Daryl Parks and President Obama

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69 Responses to Whoopsie – Baltimore Evidence Includes Transport Van Witness Donta Allen “On Video” Telling Investigators Freddie Gray Was Jumping Around “Like A Madman”…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    All roads lead to Howard Law School.

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  2. dizzymissl says:


    Whoopsie indeed!


  3. maggiemoowho says:

    Freddie Grays, God Brother said that Freddie was perfectly fine when he was taken away, so he clears the cops on the bikes. The state has nothing on any of the six accused, just Marilyn Mosby’s delusional story that she made up in her head. Crooked Prosecutors need to be held responsible for their crimes against innocent people. How many people are sitting in a prison cell because of people like Corey and Mosby.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      Regarding Mosby….This brings to mind a quotes from the movie….”The Color of Money”

      ……”It’s like a nightmare, isn’t it? It just keeps getting worse and worse.”


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    • truthseekerr says:

      Kent Hovind is sitting in jail for 9 years because a young judge Margret Casey Rogers doesn’t like a Christian and is making an example. NINE years for structuring. She said it “was worse then rape”. Liberal judges in the USA are creating a disaster.


  4. James F says:

    Donta is such a character.

    If a white film maker where to use a character like him they would be criticized for exaggerating racist stereotypes.

    A black film maker would be hailed as a comic genius for creating such a character.

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  5. dizzymissl says:

    Wait till the medical examiner hears about this. Talk about egg on her face.


    • jc says:

      They’ll ask if she took it into consideration before concluding it was homicide. I suspect she’ll say ” no”. They’ll ask if she had an opportunity to see it before reaching her conclusion and another “no”. They’ll ask if a prudent ME shouldn’t take all relevant evidence into consideration before reaching a determination. And her answer will be a very quiet “yes”.

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  6. archer52 says:


    Hear that? That is the sound of a case taking a dump! been on both sides of it. Unmistakable sound.

    Now we’ll see her keep trying but it is over. The cops stand pat and refuse to give an inch. Let her make the case.

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  7. Mr.Right says:

    My take is that Mosby still win by loosing. So for her, everything is going on fine.
    This case was an opportunity to advance her personal gain that she couldn’t pass.

    Remember is about perception, not facts.

    When this case falls appart she will be the only champion to have dared to fight the racist police department. (forget about the black cops in the lineup, those are uncle toms)

    she will get backing from all pro black organization and move up the ladder.
    Maybe even get “M. Mosby could be my sister” in an Obama speech…

    She cant lose in today’s America, simply because she is black and against the police..

    BTW, all of us that criticize this case are racist by definition…. after all “Its in our DNA”, right ?

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  8. rd says:

    This interview with Donta and the other exculpatory evidence needs to be broadcast far and wide in Baltimore. The people in Baltimore need to understand that Freddie Gray was not murdered by the police. There will be enough agitators stirring up trouble without the media joining in. The political race baiters need to turn down the mob. Otherwise this will turn into the LA 1992 riots all over again.

    (The LA riots did not start until after the LA Police were acquiited in the first Rodney King trial.)


    • Daniel says:

      Belief has already settled in. It won’t change the minds of those who already believe in the narrative.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Armie says:

        I tend to agree with Daniel. The previously hidden footage that showed Rodney charging Powell finally came out at trial. It’s the primary reason the jury didn’t convict. And it had absolutely no impact on public perception.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

          I saw the very first airing of the King video. It showed him charging the officer and trying to run to the other side of the car. The video was immediately clipped, leaving that part out. Next showing did not show King resisting. Bogus!


    • lourdes says:

      The truth is that the facts don’t matter. The truth doesn’t matter. The people of Baltimore don’t need to understand anything they already know that the racist police did it, and all white people must pay. That’s it!


    • benzy says:

      As others have said already, the truth won’t make a difference to the “true believers” in the BLM movement and their staunch followers. We all experienced that during the lead up to the George Zimmerman trial. As each piece of actual evidence was released, the “Trayvonites” would find one excuse or another to discount what was real. We heard that the photos of Zimmerman were “photoshopped”. That the doctor was paid off (bribed). That the two lie detector exams were “rigged”. I even had an extended discussion regarding the video of one of them in which the “Trayvonites” repeatedly said that Zimmerman said just the opposite of what had actually been said, even though the actual video was posted just above the conversation and could be referenced. Once the BLM “version of events” has been imprinted, no amount of truth or video or testimony will change the mind of the “true believers”. They will tell us that the truth is the liar


    • Akela says:

      rd – AND they were acquitted because they were improperly charged. They were RE Charged under federal civil rights violations, not the original state case.


      • Armie says:

        Yep. And, in a post verdict interview, after convicting two of them, the federal jurors said the footage we’d been shown ad nauseam depicted a legitimate use of force. They convicted because it restarted after Briseno “held Rodney down with his foot”.


  9. Sentenza says:

    So, she’s basically completely poisoning her own case?


    • Daniel says:

      Just as in the other cases such as the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, the narrative has to settle in as belief and reality for the people they wish to initially motivate. (The pro-black, anti-racist, anti-white) Later, they need the truth to come out in order to motivate the opposition and just about everyone else.

      This is and always has been about creating those divisions as well as massive civil unrest, violence and destruction. The calls for “federal police as national law enforcement” is just one among their purposes. (And given the institutionalized hiring practices favoring black people and even black felons in government, it’s not hard to see what that would mean.)


  10. Has anyone seen this?
    found on #blackliesmatters


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  11. Millwright says:

    I think Mr. Right might have a good sense of the eventual outcome. This might well work out to be a win/win for Mosby. IAC, I’m amazed at the FG case players multiple links to DNP’s mavens and heavy hitters all the way to 1600 PA Ave. No, I don’t look to see these photo-ops on Sixty Minutes !


  12. Daniel says:

    “By any and all means necessary.” That is code used by the BGI. Listen for it now and into the future. I keep hearing it not just from Mosby, but from just about every participant in the BGI.

    It’s not like I expect Mosby to be charged with anything, but it seems to me that this is malicious prosecution of the police. I think they have a strong civil case though I can’t say what case they would have criminally.


  13. pspsst says:

    So…………Freddie Gray had a little competition, a second black dude being arrested, and had to up his game. Seems to me, Donta Allen getting attention was the catalyst for the final knock about in the cabin to hurt himself. You knew Freddie was already trying this tactic by grimacing and limping, which was disproved by an orthopaedic doctor saying he couldn’t have sustained spinal damage from the first encounter, and his being able to turn his head fine and climb aboard the van. The continuance of the first tactic results in the last – where Freddie went too far having only his head and his legs to knock about. The legs can handle the knocking against the wall. But not the head and neck.

    Cannabis accelerates the speeding heart rate effect of heroin. Heroin alone may not be sufficient to cause respiratory problems like shortness of breath (which is often a side-effect but not life threatening) but combinations of other drugs with opiates augment the problem.


    • Kitty Smith says:

      Heroin doesn’t speed up the heart, it slows it. It also causes shallow, slower breathing, which is ultimately the most serious effect of an overdose.

      Heroin impacts the autonomic nervous system of the brain by suppressing and eventually stopping primitive autonomic functions. Breathing continues to slow and become more shallow, and then ceases as edema builds up. Then the heart stops and that’s it.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Armie says:

        Around here, that shallow breathing is not infrequently first perceived as non-breathing by initial responders.

        Liked by 1 person

      • pspsst says:

        Sorry, I should have been clearer.

        Cannabis due to increasing heart rate and pulse sequelaespeeds ups the effect of heroin or any other drug in the system. Drug abusers might take the two together thinking it will prevent heroin’s depressive effects on the heart. Did Freddy take cannabis first or after the heroin – we don’t know. More heroin than cannabis but both in tandem would wreak havoc on the heart – end result is irregular heart beat and unpredictability.


  14. aprilyn43 says:

    When this trial doesn’t go the way the BGI and other Blacks want it to, expect more and bigger riots! Expect more murders too! And I seriously hope every non-white individual gets out of Balitmore before they become a victim or worse DEAD!
    This is not going to turn out well!


  15. inspectorudy says:

    Black lies matter!


  16. Justice_099 says:

    I can’t wait to hear her excuses for not reading and listening to the evidence before charging. I’m sure it will be someone elses’ fault.


    • mrsqt says:

      They KNEW. They just didn’t care.

      Liked by 2 people

    • boutis says:

      She specifically went around the Baltimore PD with her own “investigators”. She specifically did not want evidence that was not pre-planned out to use in a prosecution. She only got one of her prosecutor’s girlfriend to go get a false statement when she heard the Washington Post knew about the homicide detective’s tape. This is what ultimately will lead to her disbarment. Hiding, ignoring, rigging exculpatory evidence by design will bite her. It already is as she is a laughing stock in legal circles.


    • Hendo99 says:

      Justice, did you ever upload any Baltimore City Police radio calls or just the EMS?


  17. mrsqt says:

    You can bet every time the BGI is involved this happens. They KNOW this type of devastating-to-their-scheme evidence exists and yet they still proceed as if it didn’t. They lie, cheat and steal to keep the truth hidden knowing eventually it will come out. Of course we all know why they do it…we call it “keeping hope a lie”. The BGI sheep that are foaming at the mouth will disregard the truth to the bitter end and keep repeating the lies they want – and so desperately need – to be true. Facts be damned. I don’t know what is more infuriating, the fact that they keep doing it or the fact that they keep getting away with it! ENOUGH!

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” ~ Winston Churchill

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  18. mickie says:

    Mosby did a spread in vogue magazine. Annie Leibowicz? did the photos. As great a photog as she is, Mosby’s ugly soul still shines through.


    • Armie says:

      They have new case: murder, rape, arson of a 16 year old girl. They have suspects and Mosby had a news conference this afternoon. Same old Mosby, about 25 charges. I think all she missed was littering.


  19. Chewbarkah says:

    Could Gray have banged his head the way Allen reports without Gray being on the seat? (No.)
    Had Gray been restrained with a seatbelt while on the bench, would that have prevented him from banging his own head on the partition? (No.)

    Mosby planned to confound the jury with the idea that since Gray ended up dead after police custody, the cops had to be at fault, therefore the jury must convict them of something. Allen’s video destroys that gambit. The defense should focus on dismissal, and failing that, acquittal.

    Perhaps in a later civil suit against Mosby, they will establish the obvious: Mosby’s request for enhanced enforcement led to Gray’s arrest, thus to his self-destruction while bombed on heroin and cannabis, and that she persecuted the officers to cover her guilt and save her career. I wonder who advised Mosby to make the request. Hubby?

    Liked by 1 person

  20. John Galt says:


    “And the next mayor of Baltimore is … Baltimore’s 2016 mayoral race could now be the most-watched big-city election of the year. Conventional wisdom suggests that current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake might want to give re-election a second look. The frequent Meet the Press panelist and Democratic National Committee secretary was blasted by critics and residents alike who accused her of being largely holed up in City Hall while West Baltimore blew up.

    Her re-election bid already faced a crowded Democratic primary, with rival and former disgraced Mayor Sheila Dixon, as well as Comptroller Joan Pratt and City Council President Bernard Young. Others being whispered about include Councilman Nick Mosby (District 7) and his wife, Marilyn Mosby, the newly elected and scrappy Baltimore prosecutor who became an overnight sensation for her swift arrests of the six police officers accused of being responsible for Freddie Gray’s death. Marilyn Mosby may have invited the wrath of Maryland’s powerful police lobby, but that plays well to Baltimore’s majority-black voter base, the bloc that counts if she were to run.”

    Freddie Gray related trial – October October 13, 2015

    Baltimore Mayor primary election – April 26, 2016

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  21. Ruckweiler says:

    The slip and fall ambulance chasers are probably salivating over the money to be made off of this.


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  23. dizzymissl says:

    Can businesses sue for damages because police were told to stand down?


    • John Galt says:

      Cute. All this can be blamed on the Mayor in the campaign for the April 2016 primary. The primary decides the election because they won’t vote for any Republican mayor candidate. If Mosby can either get a conviction or stall trial past April, she could waltz into the Mayor slot.


  24. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    It’s the old, “The facts don’t matter — Its the seriousness of that charge that does!”


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