500+ Burned, Many Seriously Injured – During Taiwan Rave Concert At Water Park…

A powder which acts like body paint, popular amid rave concert promoters, was sprayed on the confined crowd in Tiawan.  The powder is flammable in high concentrations.  The stage lights were hot and ignited powder.   The result is essentially like blasting a flamethrower onto the audience.

Fortunately the paint powder is highly soluble, hence the desired audience effect of sweat colorizing the crowd; water immediately removes the flammability – but these people were covered in the powder when it ignited.  The immediate audience was engulfed in an inferno.

Tough video to watch:

Print story Here.

Here is the promoters FaceBook page – and you can see below the overall effect of using the colored paint powder:

color play

Here’s another shot of how it’s delivered:

color play 2

Another image (*available at this link) captures a different venue -and a different method– but essentially shows you what the intended effect is. The concert goers appear to like this colorizing psychedelic aspect, hence there are numerous variations to give the audience the colorized appearance.

Obviously, moving forward, the use of powdered paint will be reconsidered in Taiwan.

update-1*Note this page has been edited to add additional information.  A U.S. Company “Life In Color“, operated by a gentleman named Eric Fuller (Vice-President Business Affairs), has expressed concern that their U.S. business model of audience painting would be conflated with the tragedy in Taiwan and suffer negative impact.  Mr. Fuller shares (via email):

♦ “Our paint is Non-Toxic, water based paint.  It’s light on the skin and has no odor and our fans have often described it feels like heavy rain drops.  In the event of a fire our paint would actual put a fire out because it’s mixed with water.  In our nearly 10 years of business we have never had an issue with our paint.

♦ Our company takes every safety measure to keep our events safe on all levels.  I personally hold quarterly meetings with my team to make sure our standards are held to the highest.  We are constantly looking to stay ahead of the curve so we stay out of the headlines and our fans stay safe.

♦ Any event that we use pyro-technics we take every measure possible.  Such as an on-site fire response team and a regulated pyro drop zone that is a certain number of feet from our fans.  Any on stage pyro is closely monitored and never within reach of our fans.  We separate those areas with Concert Barricade and security personnel.”

More about the Life In Color  “NEW PAINT” available here.  Based on ongoing interest – we will reach out to Mr. Fuller, Life In Color, via email and request the MSDS as well as the company specific HACCP manual for U.S. venue use.

Source ResearchEric Fuller (Twitter @dayglowericInstagram:dayglowericBusiness Website: Life In Color

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62 Responses to 500+ Burned, Many Seriously Injured – During Taiwan Rave Concert At Water Park…

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    {Mouth hanging hope} WHO didn’t see the danger of this for a whole host of reasons? I am totally flabbergasted.

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  2. John Galt says:

    Where the herd grazes, the grass is seldom sweet.

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  3. furrcats says:

    It looks like the lake of fire

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  4. Megalon says:

    Holy Spontaneous Combustion, Batman! Ouch times 500. Never was a crowd person myself…

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    • jello333 says:

      I went to plenty of “festival seating” concerts years ago, but fortunately that was before the MOSH PIT phenomenon started… or else I might not be here today to talk about it. 😉


      • jello333 says:

        Oh, and I gotta say this while it’s not totally off-topic:

        Back around the same time as the Gwar concert I talk about in another comment (if it ever shows up), we were at Bumbershoot waiting for…. well actually I can’t recall WHO the band was we were waiting for. But we had gotten there early and caught part of Mel Torme’s show. You heard me right… Mel Torme! 😉

        Anyway, the band that we were waiting for, and that most of the crowd was waiting for, was hard rock, heavy metal or something… NOTHING like Torme. So anyway, during his set, the people in front of the stage decided they couldn’t wait any longer… and started MOSHING. Yep, to Mel Torme “crooner” songs! And the best part was… Mel seemed to LOVE it. He was grinning from ear to ear, and at the end of each song the crowd cheered like crazy, even though they obviously were NOT into his kind of music. It was kinda beautiful, actually. And since Mel died just a couple years later, I am SO glad he got to have that experience.


        • GrimmTale says:

          The Velvet Fog!
          Boy oh boy, the artists of that era were so different than today, as rock-n-roll is as well. As far as rock-n-roll goes, that genre still has a lot of substance to it, whereas the rap-crap blaring out of speakers today, is something right out of the stone-age! It’s almost as if society regressed 10,000 years and the only music that could come of grunts (as a language) is rap.

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          • jello333 says:

            Yeah, it’s really amazing just how high the percentage of BAD rap/hiphop is. I mean even among my least favorite music, let’s say maybe disco, even that, I’d still have to say maybe 10 to 20% of it is ok. But rap? Maybe, MAYBE 1%… MAX. And I’m not just talking from a musical “taste” perspective. Using ANY measure, it’s mostly horrendous. No lyrical cleverness, originality, intelligence… even purely “entertainment” value…. NONE. Similarly for the music. The ONLY time you hear anything good is when they sample other songs… then sometimes it comes out sounding ok. But most of the rest… repetitive, boring. All in all, I’d just call 99% of rap/hiphop NO TALENT, BORING. Only BARELY has any musical value at all. (Which is why I actually respect the tiny, TINY handful who DO show talent and originality… say Eminem and a few others.)

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            • auscitizenmom says:

              Oooh, isn’t Eminem white??

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            • wowreallytho says:

              LMAO eminem originality! HAHAHAHA


            • Kwhyell says:

              To say you only like 1% of rap is fine; it’s not for everyone. To say 99% of it has no lyrical cleverness, originality, intelligence or entertainment, that’s just an insult and also incorrect. As far as lyrical cleverness goes, good hiphop has some of the most clever lines I’ve ever heard. Yeah it’s easy to hate Kanye and Lil Wayne and 2Chainz, but have you ever listened to 2pac, wu-tang clan, biggie, Immortal Technique, childish gambino? The list goes on. I hated rap as a kid, but you gotta give it a chance, something older white folks are never willing to do.


              • auscitizenmom says:

                You can bet everything you got on that. I find the chanting, stomping around on stage, the posing, the nasty so called lyrics, the beat, all of it offensive. (I’m not too crazy about opera either, in case you wondered.)


              • Jett Black says:

                Ok, it’s only 98% that’s total carp. I listen to a lot of new and older music. Virtually all rap and most hip hop is total trash. It does not qualify as music and whatever minor musical elements it has are merely rip-offs of real musicians’ work. Same with EDM and most of the pop of the last 25 years or so. Recording companies and promoters figured out how to market very effectively to the least common denominators in society and that’s what they’re delivering–the cheapest, crappiest least common denominator BS for a brain-dead, mall zombie public to lap up.

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              • levelplayingfield says:

                they hated rock n roll too when it came out. now a few generations later they hate rap. so I guess a few generations from now the same will happen with some other music… who knows.


  5. TwoLaine says:

    That is horrible! How would you not know this is a bad idea?
    Burns are no fun. Praying for the wounded.

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  6. Tkim says:

    Brings back memories of the Great White concert at The Station where fire killed so many. Crowds plus one bad idea and the destruction upon humans is unbelievable.

    Too much is happening daily; world events like concussive windstorms.

    I pray for victims. I pray for innocents around the globe.

    But I am just so tired. It is like being underwater; how do we kick to the surface yet another time?

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    • Daniel says:

      What you’re seeing is the awesome potential for awareness via the global internet. This stuff has been going on for a very long time. You just get to know about it more than you would otherwise.

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  7. ctdar says:

    Frightening, when you think what the future will hold if the next step is taken by the bad element.


    • Daniel says:

      And people are all scared of “gun control”? I once had to internet-debate a fool who claimed guns can kill hundreds of people in milliseconds. A gun, even a fully automatic rifle with one of those 100rd dual-feed drum magazines, can’t do what this horrific accident did.

      And if someone went back in time while this was being planned and told them, “Don’t do this! It’s unsafe!” Do you think it would have stopped them?


      • ctdar says:

        Before you spout off Daniel you should reread my comment and what it inferred.
        no where did I say “Don’t do this! It’s unsafe!” People are gonna do what they are gonna do. Innocents be damned.
        It’s those that intentionally want to create mayhem & mass murder use of these kind of products is the worry.


        • Daniel says:

          I’m pointing out that even in accidental form, there are far worse things than firearms when people want to do massive harm. This is the kind of event which people and point to in the next “gun control” discussion.


          • Tc says:

            So the daily occurrence of horrific accidents at nightclubs outweigh the the daily occurrence of horrific accidents of guns? This argument is so toolbag it hurts.

            Funny enough I bet people do change the way they party from this story to avoid this accident in the future… can the same be said about guns? This equation is so clownshoe it hurt me to type this. How are the two remotely related?

            The nightclubs will change, the gun owners will not.

            ps: who cares if ‘non-thinking’ people rave? You obviously must be the Second Coming if you are allowed to judge people’s free time so harshly. Go home, you’re typing tons yet saying nothing at all.


            • Rational Db8 says:

              Guns are used successfully for self protection somewhere between 800,000 to 3 MILLION times EVERY single year (the estimate varies depending on the study, but all are by quite reputable researchers). The number of gun accidents is utterly miniscule in comparison. Just to pick a year for an example: For 2009 the CDC figures show 18,735 firearm suicides; 11,493 firearm homicides; and some 554 unintentional firearm deaths..

              What’s more, the areas with the most stringent gun control laws are in fact some of the very worst in terms of gun related homicides and shootings. A number of mass murderers are known to have actually chosen specifically to avoid areas where they know some of their intended victims may be concealed carry holders, opting instead to choose “gun free” zones, where they can shoot at will without much worry that anyone will return fire.

              Research also clearly shows an inverse relationship between increased gun control laws and violent crimes including homicides – and that holds true pretty much anywhere – entire nations, regions of a nation, or major cities – including in the USA. In fact the worst mass shooting by a lone gunman was in Norway in 2011 that left nearly 67people dead, all done by the lone gunman Anders Breivik – and Norway has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. On the other hand, Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world – adults of sound mind are required to have a firearm, and yet they have one of the lowest homicide rates in the world.

              Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. And unfortunately if they’re determined to do so, they find a way whether guns are legal or not.

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      • Saint Jimmy says:

        Not true.. If that paint cannon was the gun you just described, the violence and tragedy would have been equivalent, if not in injury than fear; this was a horrible accident. I’ve seen raves turn to disaster before but never like this. The worst I saw was Winnipegs Skrillex warehouse after party; 90% of the “partygoers” were actually (** ****) wall to wall Triads selling seriously polluted ecstasy, and this kandy kid rave party turned into a ****** gang war; the destruction was similar. A lot of people I knew stopped going to raves after that. But in retrospect; the place was full of ****** Triads.. Of course it got bloody.


        • ytz4mee says:

          Note: My first impulse was to not approve this comment because of the profanity embedded in it. Instead, I edited out the profanity and approved it. Reading through your comment, I fail to see how you feel the use of profanity was necessary to make your point or communicate your concerns. Please note, going forward, if you continue to insert profanity into your comments, they will go directly to trash.

          Admin YTZ

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  8. doodahdaze says:



  9. Plain Jane says:

    Heavenly Father, Healer of all things. Please heal the physical and emotional wounds of those hurt during this incident and all incidents of fire and incidents of purposeful fire bombings. We ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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  10. Daniel says:

    I don’t know. I have always held that these “raves” are a massive herd of non-thinking people. It’s not a concert. It’s merely a primal, ear-destroying thing that is… well… completely alien and even offensive to me in the sense that it is disorienting and chaotic. That drugs are most often involved just makes it worse. To me it’s the worst kind of mass stupidity.

    So to see them use flammable materials and spray it all over people, essentially without consent and without any particular concern over what sort of harm it might cause. Inhalation by itself is probably pretty dangerous on its own, and what chemicals are in this stuff? I know China is pretty bad about lead based paints — how about this stuff? Taiwan isn’t China but the people aren’t really so different. And to not know it’s flammable?? Well 🙂

    Mass stupidity.

    I get it. These people didn’t expect to get set on fire. They were just there to “have fun.” But how much of your safety and personal well-being are people already giving up at these events? From where I sit, it’s a tremendous sacrifice of safety for all manner of reasons.

    The other day I saw one of those “meme” graphics which displayed that now iconic image of the hipster woman in the rastafari cap. It said “EATS VEGAN BECAUSE IT’S HEALTHY TAKES ACID FROM STRANGERS.” So yes, to me it’s THAT level of stupid.

    To be fair, I’m not willing to cross that line which suggests that these people deserve the Darwin rewards they have earned. Not quite that far. But these raves are not quire what one would call a controlled or safe environment any more than the Texas A&M bonfire where people got killed by a giant pile of burning logs falling onto them.

    I drive to work with the intent of making it there without so much as a scratch on my car’s paint. I wake up early so that I don’t have to worry about being late. I am early to work so I can ease into the day, see what’s on the calendar and develop a plan for how the day will work out. If I arrive at work stressed out from the “competition race” of seeing how many of the limitless cars I can put behind me? What’s good about that? And yet people are risking their lives needlessly just by driving with the attitudes they have when doing something as simple as driving to work?

    I’m not “old.” I have just never seen the point in ANY of that. Not risky driving. Not risky fires. Not the complete surrender which is attending these raves. And in addition to the drugs in the air and everywhere, there’s this apparent risk of fire.

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  11. dalethorn says:

    It’s an accident as long as nobody spiked the mix. But there is potential for otherwise.


  12. dan says:

    Guess they’d never heard of grainery explosions.


    • sevenwheel says:

      Well they have now. Hopefully other rave promoters will take notice and not do this in the future. What a disaster! Very sad!


    • Jett Black says:

      Yep, grain elevators are exactly what I thought of. Living next to the Mississippi River, I’ve been within “earshot” of a couple in my lifetime and they are awesome, terrifying, horrible for anyone too close, and wholly preventable, as was this.


  13. yankeeintx says:

    Natural News is claiming this was a covert Gay Pride event.


  14. franker01 says:

    You know, the world just gets stranger every day, doesn’t it?
    Back when I was a kid the only thing we ever heard about that part of the globe was Quemoy and Matsu.
    Now we got Explosive Giltter and we have to figure out if it is Gay or not?
    To the Moon. Alice, and in a Handbasket!


  15. Good job reading that MSDS that I am sure says “KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT” just wow. Insane.


  16. jello333 says:

    Does anyone remember Gwar? Back in the mid 90s, my two (then teenage) sons convinced me and their mom to go to a concert. I’ll admit it was pretty cool, and overall I’m glad we went… quite an experience. But now, looking back on it, I’m like… WHOA.

    For one thing, the place was relatively small and WAY overcrowded, and the band used tons of special effects, including some with open flames. Sooo…. thinking The Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island about 10 years ago. For another thing, they sprayed all kinds of goop (some dry, some wet) into the crowd. Which is why my wife and I made sure we were in a balcony section, so we’d be less likely to get soaked. But now after this thing in Taiwan, I’m wondering if some of the stuff they sprayed might not have been flammable. I mean I was certain (and still am) that the liquid stuff was not… but now I’m really wondering just what WAS the powdery stuff.

    So anyway… for a number of reasons, I guess we should consider ourselves lucky?


    • Buffalo Bob says:

      GWAR uses food coloring and water.


      • jello333 says:

        Yeah I assumed as much, but not all of it was straight liquid (at least at the show we saw). Some of it had more of a thin jello (ha!!) consistency, and sometimes they even threw/blew stuff that wasn’t wet at all… powdery.


        • jello333 says:

          I think the goal was probably to get the fans all wet and goopy and THEN throw the dry stuff so everyone wound up all… well, coated I guess. It was pretty disgusting riding home on the bus with the kids that night (even though, as I said, my wife and I mostly stayed “clean”). 😉


  17. jello333 says:

    Okay, I just posted a fairly long comment and it went POOF. So I tried to post again, and got the “duplicate comment detected” notice. So not seeing ANY comment, I tried to post it again (with a couple words changed), and again nothing showed up. The reason I’m pointing this out is that in case both of those comments DO eventually show up, I want to apologize for the double-posting! 😉


  18. lourdes says:

    Meh, raves. These “parties” are not the peace love and gooviness of the 90’s now it’s just about the Benjamin’, dimepiece sluts, making it clap, rap crap and house dace-electro, lots of drugs, many pedophiles, rapist, mid-life crises types and underage girls. Like I said MEH, RAVES! ARE FOR DUMMIES. If you go and get raped or burnt it’s kind of on you for going to these trashy fly-by-night parties. They squeeze as many people into the premises as they can, even if it goes thousands over the fire marshal limits, They squeeze every last bloody coin out of your pocket on tickets at the door, food, drinks drugs, and prostitution. They set up for the night, rake in the money and then run sometimes running out on paying the venue, the “talent” and other expenses. And for what, to be cool for one night, to get banged for one night, to get burned for one night; in more ways than one. Young people are so gullible, I’m glad I’m not full of piss and vinegar anymore. All that money shit I could have owned a yacht and a mansion in Naples Florida, and a custom built closet full of LV, Gucci and Fiorucci.


  19. Bryan says:

    First of all why the fuck would they use any kind of flammable substance so my people at these shows smoke even when it’s inside and there is no smoking and they know that I’d a lighter was lit on near anyone with this stuff on them they would ignite!!!


    • sundance says:

      A few thoughts. #1) under normal use small amounts of paint powder heavily disbursed is not flammable, only in highly concentrated amounts does it become combustible – hence when the BIG BLAST at the end put a high concentration quickly into the immediate atmosphere it became flammable.

      (comparative: Cremora or “powdered coffee creamer” is similarly combustible; you can make a gun powder fuse out of powdered coffee creamer just like you can out of black powder – throw a teaspoon of coffee cream on a lit candle and you will see what happens)

      #2) The product is essentially a dried and powdered (hence aerosolized) version of liquid body paint. Which, if you read the MSDS, will show you it too is flammable when concentrated.

      #3) regardless of #1 and #2, you should also think about the fact that even if it never ignited, and created the current issue – the aerosolized products are still inhaled by the audience (and potentially toxic depending again on the concentrations).


    • Jett Black says:

      The powder, itself, may not be considered flammable, but when it gets atomized into the air at a sufficient concentration, in very basic, non-sciencey terms, it forms a blend with oxygen in the air that will explode. Grain dust of flour, by itself, isn’t particularly flammable, but atomize either into the air and introduce an adequate ignition source–you’ve got a bomb. If it’s in a giant bulk grain silo, it’s a gargantuan bomb: http://www.google.com/cse?cx=016636522102858506191%3Atu3kga_2wxc&ie=UTF-8&q=grain+dust+explosion&sa=Search#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=grain%20dust%20explosion&gsc.page=1


  20. sundance says:


  21. Sharon says:

    This is one of those venues for which lack of self-preservation instinct is a pre-requisite for participation.

    One time at Dodger Stadium in the early ’80s, two sons and I decided to stay after for the fireworks show. Fans were invited onto the infield to sit on the grass for that. Access to the infield was obtained by walking, along with ten thousand other people, under a route that led us through a restricted (20′ wide or so) tunnel-enclosed area that extended for about 50-75 feet.

    Never again. I was fully aware during the sixty seconds or so while we were enclosed there that we would have very little chance of emerging in one piece if anything unexpectedly caused fear or anxiety in the packed group.

    After the fireworks ended we waited a considerable time until our passage back through that space would not be experienced in shoulder-to-shoulder conditions.

    I won’t ever ride a subway either. I will not put myself in a situation where almost all survival decisions are in the hands of others. May have to someday but until then – ain’t gonna do it.

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  22. Maxx says:

    Would be nice if these articles would explain more about how the festivals in North America don’t use powered pain like this event did. I feel horrible for what happened to the people here… and steps should be taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again. But too many people are freaking out about the paint festivals that are aware of the dangers and are not using such a dangerous powder, but are using a water based paint instead. But hey, let’s freak everyone out.


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