Hillary Losing Ground To Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders – The Democrat Party Has Moved Further Left….

Moonbats within the DNC, the “Occupy” crowd, have been working diligently for years to push the Democrats toward their socialist utopia.   In turn this has pushed the Democrat party even further toward the land of the Moonbats.

For the Dem’s with visions of multi-cultural pot-smoking circles, filled with sustainable tree and sand-smelt worship, their uptwinkles are reserved exclusively for Bernie Sanders.  Hillary Clinton, down twinkles.

suspected-moonbat(The Hill) It may be time for Hillary Clinton to take the challenge from Sen. Bernie Sanders more seriously.  Sanders is surging in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

The Vermont Independent has drawn huge crowds of supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire, and pulled within striking distance of Clinton in some Granite State polls.

“This is not a protest campaign,” Sanders declared at a breakfast with reporters in Washington last week. “This is a campaign to win.”

He’s also a powerful presence on social media, where supporters are eager to share news about his campaign.

While Clinton remains the runaway favorite, the strength of Sanders’s challenge — particularly in the states hosting the first two nominating contests — is starting to get attention.

“Primary voters in New Hampshire are looking around,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “They at least want to shop around a little bit before buying. Based on that alone, it’s probably time for the Clinton campaign to take Sanders seriously.”

Hillary Clinton moonbatOne of the problems that the Sanders surge poses for Clinton is that Democrats say there’s a risk in taking him head on.

Doing so could rally his supporters, alienate liberals the Democratic nominee will need in the fall of 2016 and elevate Sanders as a challenger.

“They’re not going to go after him publicly, and it’d be wrong to do so,” said Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, who worked on then-President Clinton’s 1996 reelection bid. “She needs to keep slogging along and make the kinds of policy arguments that will eventually make some of the uniqueness around Sanders dissipate.”

Meanwhile, Sanders has begun sharpening his attacks against Clinton — and she has started to move toward Sanders on at least one issue.

Clinton on Thursday said she would vote against giving President Obama fast-track authority, which would make it easier for the White House to negotiate trade deals. That came after weeks in which Sanders bashed Obama’s former secretary of State for not taking a clear position.

Democrats close to Clinton aren’t sounding the alarm over Sanders just yet. They believe he has a low ceiling of support that doesn’t extend beyond the anti-establishment contingent.  (read more)


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25 Responses to Hillary Losing Ground To Avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders – The Democrat Party Has Moved Further Left….

  1. doodahdaze says:

    The perfect election 2016. Sanders v. Trump

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  2. FTA:

    And Sanders does not have Clinton’s name recognition.

    LOL That might be a GOOD thing for Sanders, since recent polls (in other states) show that many Dem voters view Hillary as being “Dishonest and Untrustworthy”. Many lo-fo Dems might simply decide to vote for Sanders as an “Anti-Hillary” vote, with little regard for (or knowledge of) his Socialist leanings. Heck, in this day and age it seems that many Dems actually WANT a self-proclaimed Socialist in the White House.

    Clinton holds a 19-percentage-point lead among women…

    And WHY is that? Is it strictly “gender loyalty”, fanaticism to see a woman (any woman) in the White House, or do her positions on key issues that women voters deem “important” actually resonate with the women in New Hampshire?

    Clinton also has a nearly 2-to-1 advantage among seniors in the state

    This is another point that baffles me. Are these “senior citizens” or High School “seniors”? /s
    On what issues does Hillary’s campaign resonate with “senior citizens”?


  3. Lou says:

    not sure it’s further to the left of a political spectrum. Sanders did vote against the bank bailouts which the Original Tea Party was formed to promote (not bailing out the banks). I’d rather see him than Hillary, but I believe it will be a landslide for Republicans.


    • Lou says:

      he’s also against Obama’s trade pact. he’s more of a Protectionist which our country was founded on (Alexander Hamilton). Article 1 Section 8. I’ve debated this point with Stella many times, and she claims Annenberg has a liberal agenda, but I disagree. Regardless, Alexander Hamilton wrote specifically on this matter in his Report on Manufacturers thttp://www.annenbergclassroom.org/page/article-i-section-8

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    • doodahdaze says:

      The GOP is going to nominate a major RINO. Jeb Bush. Clinton will clean his clock. JMO.

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  4. Sharon says:

    In ’08, The Gang What Worshipped obama The Gray selected him before he had won a primary.

    She never saw it coming. She and Billy and many others were shocked at how obvious the dems were. Dems didn’t care if everyone knew what they were doing – they weren’t going to be denied their pretend-black, pretend-American, pretend-president. And so it was that they were not…….

    Then he makes her his Secretary of State. Ah! Her new launch pad.

    And now she’s out-flanked on the left by Bernie Sanders who’s a hundred years older than she is?

    It’s kind of funny.

    What goes around comes around, Hillary.

    Your comeuppance is going to be spectacular.

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    • canadacan says:

      I must reluctantly admit that Sharon, IMO, is a bellwether on certain things.This is one of them and it gives me a weird kind of hope.


  5. I heard this morning Hillary will run a left of Obama campaign, that’s worse than I initially expected, but not surprising.


  6. 2x4x8 says:

    when Democrats lose white working poor, like Kentucky, West Virginia and Arkansas its a bad sign


    • Lou says:

      reminds me of this excellent documentary. Eastern Kentucky coalminers back in the 70’s risking their life everyday, and usually dying with black lung. Today, families on welfare do better than these hard workers.

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  7. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  8. texan59 says:

    Not that long ago, I would have bet any amount of money that we couldn’t get any more to the left than we were. So glad no one ever took me up on it. I see old friends on social media and I recoil at the drivel they put out there. It would take something so far out there that I can’t even fathom for me to be shocked today. 🙄

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  9. HH (@hch242) says:

    “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.”

    “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

    Nikita Khrushchev.


  10. MaryfromMarin says:

    When I look at Clinton and Sanders–two old white people with incredible baggage and rhetoric so stale it’s nearly ossified–I wonder just what/who the Dems have hidden up their sleeve. They can’t possibly be placing ALL their bets on one of these two.


  11. She Said says:

    Everyone in my social circle [twenty-something types] is gunning for Sanders and has been since he appeared on the fringe of possible candidates. No one under 30 has anything but love for Socialism— or rather, their idea of Socialism. As if this time we’ll somehow get it “right” instead of murdering thousands. SMH.


  12. John Galt says:

    Natural consequence of the intentional destruction of the economy. Strange that the GOP is on board.

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  13. Dean says:

    Ah, the media. The Morning Consult poll which the Clinton-haters on the left and the right are salivating over ALSO shows Sanders being buried in Iowa–losing ground not “surging”. Yet that has not been pointed out on this website as well as the MSM.

    Ah, the media.


  14. TeddyOn20th says:

    Is that a young Hillary Clinton in that picture?

    Now that’s scary. Because she looks pretty good there. Beware, young men: your wife could turn from that first picture into that second picture in just 40 years. That is terrifying.


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