Austria – Three Killed, 30 Injured as Bosnian National Drives Into Crowd Then Begins Stabbing…

(UK Independent) […] More than 30 pedestrians, including three children, were hurt at several locations during the rampage and 10 victims were in hospital with serious injuries. One patient was in a critical condition on Saturday afternoon.

austria 1austria 2

The driver, identified by police as a 26-year-old Austrian man of Bosnian heritage, has been arrested. He works as a professional driver and is married with two children.

Police are not currently investigating terrorism as a motive and the suspect is believed to be suffering from mental illness.

Witnesses recounted how the man drove his vehicle into crowds apparently at random, sending pedestrians and cyclists crashing into the windscreen and rolling over the bonnet.

Dr Sea Rotmann, who was nearby, told Sky News: “I had a friend who was there and she saw people flying through the air. She saw bodies lying there, it was absolute chaos and mayhem.

“Apparently the guy was attacking two elderly people with a knife and then attacking police with a knife when he got out.”

Police said the stabbing happened outside a grocery shop, where a man was seriously injured and a woman wounded less severely.

The incident started at around 12.15pm local time (11.15am BST), sending screaming shoppers running into shops for safety.  (read more)

Obama mass shootings

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52 Responses to Austria – Three Killed, 30 Injured as Bosnian National Drives Into Crowd Then Begins Stabbing…

  1. freepetta says:

    Ahhhhhh peaceful Muzlims at it again. But But But 0bama wants us to welcome “Moderate” Taliban. Whatever that is.

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  2. Chip Bennett says:

    But you see, it is only gun violence that matters.

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  3. Obama’s response:

    “It’s time for Austrians to take a serious look at ‘Knife and Vehicle Violence’. ”


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  4. James F says:

    Given the choice, I would much rather be shot with a bullet than stabbed with a blade, especially one that was already full of blood from other people.

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    • Patricia Cate says:

      LOL! I imagine if you were being stabbed to death, worrying about other people’s blood on the knife would not be at the top of the list of worries.

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      • QuadGMoto says:

        In the heat of the moment, yeah. But upon reflection I can see his point. Knife wounds are usually more survivable than bullet wounds, unless you become poisoned by the other person’s blood, such as by a disease or clots resulting from varying blood types. With modern medicine gun shots are surprisingly survivable, and don’t come with the extra risk of blood borne complications.


  5. The fact that his name hasn’t been released suggests he may be a Moslem.

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  6. R.S. HELMS says:

    Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    And it was mass violence … but no gun to blame

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  7. ZurichMike says:

    Obama said that these things don’t happen in civilized countries other than the US.
    I loathe Barack Hussein Sotero Obama with the heat of a gazillion exploding supernovas.

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    • sundance says:

      “Rivkin Project”

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    • jello333 says:

      And to think the big reason I voted for Obama in ’08 (NOT NOT in ’12 of course!!) is that I thought he would try to hold people accountable for illegal and unconstitutional actions over the previous 8 years. Not only did he NOT do so, he actually proved himself far worse, far less honest, far more arrogant, far more DANGEROUS to this country and the world. So yeah, as much as I still dislike Bush, I prefer him any day over Obama!

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      • EdWatts says:

        Well, if a few million people like you had seen past his skin color and not voted for him in ’08, he wouldn’t have been running in ’12, either!


        • jello333 says:

          HUH? Who said anything about skin color? That had nothing to do with why I voted for him. As I said, the main reason was the (obviously misplaced) belief that he was gonna do something about the illegal/unconstitutional stuff that had been going on. I assumed McCain would continue the Bush agenda (which we’ll never know) and assumed Obama would not (which his has X10).


      • rmnewt says:

        “hold people accountable for illegal and unconstitutional actions over the previous 8 years”
        Maybe Im now numb to illegal and unconstitutional acts, but at some point, I’d love to hear about which acts you are referring to. Given BO’s previous record as thin as it was, you must have had a serious case of wishful thinking. Sadly, I dont think anyone should be surprised at BO’s performance.


    • GracieD says:

      Hey ZM! Long time no see! How are you?


      • ZurichMike says:

        Hi, Gracie! Doing well. Lots going on: sold old apartment, bought, renovated, and moved into new apartment, and then two days later started a new job, which involved a week-long trip to the US (just got back). No rest for the weary. Or the wicked. 🙂

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  8. Be Ge says:

    Guns, knives or SUVs don’t kill. People do. Abongo and co do not want to agree upon this simple fact. It really is all about the people. Because of this circumstance, similar groups have similar violent death stats. Austria, relatively “unarmed”, has about the same per-capita violent death rate (0.6/100k p.a) as much more “armed” (heck yeah, those swiss sturmgewhers are so much better than AR-15s, and almost everyone who is to serve in the army — which is most of the male population — is to have one at home) neighboring Switzerland (0.7/100k p.a.) Likewise, relatively unarmed (that was before the Russkie invasion of 2014) former soviet republic of Ukraine had about the same murder rate as former Soviet republics of Moldova or Estonia, which have relatively lax civilian gun ownership/carry policies — and the figures happen to be about the same as pre-deBlasio BigApple (5 — 5.5 / 100k p.a.) The “safest” areas in the world in terms of your chance to die a violent death are in South East Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China all have their murder rates below 1 murder per each 100 000 residents per annum, reaching 0.2 in .HK and 0.3 in .SG, figures 15-20 times lower than our American nation-wide average murder rate between 4 and 4.5/100k p.a.). Yeah, those are huge “gun-free zones”, but then people originally from those places also happen to be the least “murderous” population here in the US — with their kill rate below 1 per 100k p.a. That pacifism level is pretty constant, despite of all the guns and all the “violence propaganda” on the TV and computer screens.

    G-d rest the victims in peace, and deliver us from the murderous commietards, who claimed 100M+ souls during the last 100 years.

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Well now, just over 70 years after the formation of the 13th SS Handschar division by another Austrian Moslem admirer this should have just a little irony attached


  10. georgiafl says:

    Obama recently scolded Europe for not integrating its muslims, blaming their violence on that and not having jobs. He says the same about his African American criminal drug users and dealers.

    Problem is, neither group is employable due to character, addictions, attitudes, sense of entitlement, demands, etc.

    Who wants to hire people who will shoot you or behead you if you try to correct their behaviors or stop them from stealing?


  11. jello333 says:

    Mr. Barack has said countless stupid things over the years, but this is right up there with the best.


  12. FatherJon says:

    It’s like those zombie movies of the 50s. People who have become infected with the virus from some out of planetary alien force, answering the call to attack, on the streets, in the ‘burbs, anyone at all, strangers, uniformed people, all over the world it’s happening.

    But hey, that kind of sums up the external force controlling these morons, isn’t it?
    It’s not Hollywood anymore. It’s a guy in medieval dress in Iraq, using an antediluvian interpretation of a sacred book, commanding his followers and co-religionists to become assassins in their home towns.

    Coming to a town near you!


  13. William says:

    I am so sick of the overuse of the word “terrorism.” It is overused and also misused. It is overused in that many incidents that are plain murder or attempted murder, the authorities, for whatever reason, political or not, have to interject the word into their response. It is misused because there are incidents that clearly would warrant the label “terrorism,” but are not. The exclusion or ruling out of terrorism from an incident in some cases seems to be done for political purposes, such as diverting curious eyes away from what may actually be terrorism and harbinger to more grave future. The use of the word terrorism or the rule out of it is in sync with the word hate-crime. A charge of terrorism and/or hate-crime is a political weapon.


    • georgiafl says:

      Let’s not use the word ‘terrorism’ – let’s just call this event Typical Moslem Modus Operandi.

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    • EdWatts says:

      The “terrorists” have won! I recall the 1960’s, which were, of course, before “skyjacking” was invented…there were no metal detectors at airports — or anywhere else — and, if the possession was otherwise legal, there was no problem with a fellow carrying a gun upon his person if he flew. Likewise with fences around schools, “pat-downs” at sporting events, background checks and waiting periods to purchase firearms, and on and on.

      We have sold our liberty for a [false] sense of security, and, as Benjamin Franklin warned, we deserve neither.

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  14. Lee Jan says:

    Lord help us survive the rest of his term in office.

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  15. Be Ge says:

    Guns, knives or SUVs do not kill, people do. Violent death rates are always a function of the state of mind of the people — above anything else. Lefty rabidness in disagreement with this simple idea is simply amazing.

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    • Be Ge says:

      G-d rest in peace the victims and deliver us from the commies, who have claimed 100M+ souls during the previous 100 years.


  16. Mr. Right says:

    From the news, this man was a muslim and seem to follow the attacks in France.

    Those where terrorist attacks… I’m not sure how Austria can claim immediately after the fact that this was not.

    I guess Europe to ban cars… way too dangerous in the wrong hands.


  17. Plain Jane says:

    I cannot find much info on this. Does anyone know if there were any American travelers killed or injured?


  18. William says:

    The officials over there are saying the usual: no link to terrorism; it was an isolated incident; the man had psychiatric problems.

    No terrorism, no hate crime. Nothing to see here. Move on folks!


  19. rmnewt says:

    so why didn’t their cops just shoot him? No doubt ours would have done the Indiana Jones deed.


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