Cleveland “Black Lives Matter” Protest Crowd Fire Shots At Police During Suspect Chase…

Very, VERY disturbing…..

(Via Associated Press)  Shots were fired Sunday at Cleveland police officers in a foot chase of a suspect near the site of a boy’s fatal encounter with officers last year, police said.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters Sunday afternoon that officers responded that morning to a report of six men waving guns and a man at the scene fled police when they tried to question him. The chief said the man pointed a gun at police and an officer fired four rounds without hitting the man, who continued running.

A number of unidentified people then began firing at officers from behind as police continued chasing the man, who was apprehended a few blocks away, Williams said.

No one was shot, but the man who fled was treated at a hospital for what appeared to be a small puncture wound to his stomach, Williams said.

“We believe that wound occurred while the suspect was jumping fences,” Williams said.

The chase occurred not far from where 12-year-old Tamir Rice was fatally shot in November by an officer. That racially charged case sparked outrage around the country. The boy was black; the officer is white. A grand jury is to decide whether charges should be brought against the officer.

Dozens of people gathered nearby Sunday as police investigated, and they yelled angrily at officers. The crowd’s anger eventually eased. The anger appeared to have been triggered by unsubstantiated rumors of police wrongdoing, Williams said.

“Rumors like this get going and then people get upset because they think police are trying to cover up something, which is not the case,” he said.

Police found the handgun they believe the man pointed at officers and apparently threw through a window into a vacant house, Williams said.  (read more)

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71 Responses to Cleveland “Black Lives Matter” Protest Crowd Fire Shots At Police During Suspect Chase…

  1. benzy says:

    No longer content to simply shout obscenities at police and grab at and surround officers trying to conduct regular police business, the crowd of anarchists now decides to go on the open offensive. Did this latest escalation of the FTP movement surprise ANYONE?

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  2. partyzantski says:

    This is unsurprising.
    They are operating in reinforced fire team size, armed with pistols.
    This is going to get a LOT worse before it gets better, IF it gets better 😦

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    • Rurik says:

      It can and will get better. Just as soon as we recognize and admit we are dealing with a guerrilla war, and fight it accordingly. To quote Cicero – In war the laws are silent. Know your friends and know your foes. Treat accordingly. We did not start it.

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      • canadacan says:

        Perfect I love quotes from Cicero .

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        • sulli159 says:

          The best: Describes out present administration perfectly:
          Marcus Tullius Cicero

          “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”



    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Part, yes fire team size, I predict this will happen: police officer gather, local gang shoots in direction, 2-3 officers give chase, other officers move to external blocking positions. The 2-3 officers, move down a street, then ambushed, or severely wounded and captured. Now you fill in the rest. I think this will be the trigger point for the long hot summer and beyond. These criminals are becoming emboldened. Thoughts

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  3. aprilyn43 says:

    New BGI Rules:
    * Wear A Bullseye
    * No Chasing Suspects


  4. Millwright says:

    I continue to be amazed such a small segment of the lawless black population get so much media exposure while millions of black americans living and prospering go unmentioned. At present rates there’s liable to be some major gunfighting this summer. When the black blood flows in even greater torrents, lets do our best to lay the responsibility at the doorsteps of such ‘innocent’ organizations as FTP, NBPP, BGI et al and all the professional agitators stirring the pot.

    Thankfully no officers were harmed in this incident. And hopefully the cowardly back shooters will be winkled out and prosecuted.

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  5. Kitty Smith says:

    I’ll be interested to see how this chief conducts himself in terms of loyal support for his officers.

    I’ll also be interested to see if there’s ever going to be ANY outcry from the good citizens of these cities, if there are any, that is, or any with any guts anyway.


  6. jello333 says:

    You know, these scumbags are making it really hard for me to sympathize even in a case where there’s an obvious unnecessary tragedy. I mean I think the circumstances around Tamir Rice’s death are horrible, and very much SHOULD be investigated to the fullest. But I REFUSE to align myself with these… these “protesters”. And it’s even more disgusting that they pretend this is about race… “that racially charged case” as the story claims. I guess EVERYTHING is racial now, eh?

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    • VegasGuy says:

      “And it’s even more disgusting that they pretend this is about race… “that racially charged case” as the story claims.”

      Don’t know if you have seen the investigation reports on Tamir Rice as yet.
      The photo associated with Rice shows a very young & innocent looking “kid”.

      The investigation report shows that Tamir Rice, age 12 YO, was 5’7″ and weighed 195 lbs.

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      • OP says:

        The Cleveland hood rats are testing the water for the POST NBA games….if Sacremento wins Tuesday night…


        if it goes to the final game on Friday…doesn’t matter who wins…


        Cleveland’s looters all stirred up….the basketball game will be the spark…the media will again justify and spin it.


        • benzy says:

          I can guarantee you that “sacramento” will NOT win a single NBA playoff game this year (or any year in the foreseeable future). Cleveland is playing against the Golden State Warriors who are in Oakland, CA not Sacramento.

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          • OP says:

            My bad…I meant the Warriors…and my prediction still sticks…thanks for pointing out I referenced the wrong CA team…it’s a Monday!


    • Academy City says:

      Unnecessary tragedy because the little darling was terrorizing a park with a very real looking gun, shoving it in people’s faces and then grabbing it from his waistband in the presence of two officers who only had split seconds to make a determination to end a threat? Sorry, but the video is painfully clear what happened and didn’t necessitate much of an investigation. Obvious threat was obvious.

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      • I.m sure “the little darling” was learning how to rob people is why he was waving his gun around in peoples faces.


      • Director says:

        I’m pretty sure that gun rights were squeezed out if existence in the UK because the government had no Equal Opportunity method of legally keeping guns out of the hands of the various “lil darlings” that they knew were going to be breeding out of control within 20 years. Lil darlings that they were both importing and breeding via welfare.

        It’s sad. In the 1980s I remember playing Army with very realistic looking replica toy guns FN, M16, UZI stuff and that sort of innocent play is a complete No-no today. I don’t recall mass shootings until the late 80s and until the drug related killings in Manchester (largely blacks as it happens) until the early 1990s.

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    • Kitty Smith says:

      The one who should be investigated is Tamir’s legal guardian. Mom, I guess. Why was her son waving around an Airsoft pellet gun replica with no orange tape on it in an open public area? Why wasn’t he being supervised? Why hadn’t he been trained to follow police orders instead of reaching into his waistband for a very real-looking replica of a gun, that no doubt being the reason he acquired it in the first place?

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  7. justfactsplz says:

    I agree this is not going to get any better, only worse. In Brevard County in Florida tonight a State Trooper was shot but able to return fire. Details are still sketchy at this time. It happened a little while ago. Obama built this animosity towards police officers along with his pal Holder.

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  8. libby says:

    Peaceful protestors I tell you.
    They are only shooting at cops.
    Brave and courageous according to the communist news network

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  9. Justice_099 says:

    My biggest fear what American citizens will begin demanding in response to this chaos.

    We have shown repeatedly that we are more than willing to sacrifice freedom for safety.

    I see a power play for federalization of the police force. I see intentional undermining of the police in an effort to get them to stand down and increase the chaos.

    Throughout the history of America we have convinced ourselves that we are protected by tyranny because soliders, police, etc… would not turn against the citizens because they were made up of the citizens.

    So, the police are the very last line of defense against tyranny. They are the ‘soldiers’ most close to the people.

    Is it any wonder why the government would be trying to destroy them?

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  10. BitterC says:

    Smells like an ambush to me. The ” 6 men waving guns” were the bait. Thankfully, no officers were injured, but imagine if they had shot and killed the guy they arrested?


  11. Ctmommyl says:

    Brave and courageous, don’t you think?


  12. SlavicVillageGirl says:

    I first caught this on Deray’s twitter while it was happening. I don’t do twitter but I’ve been trying to figure out who are the bigger agitators here and check in on them. Here’s the curious thing- the original tweet that there was a police shooting at 87 & Detroit came from one of our very own newscasters. Even the one to Deray. I woke up this morning and that tweet seems to have magically disappeared from everywhere. Wish I knew more about these things. Wish I could channel my inner Froggie!!


    • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

      Looks like I need to find a great Chinese restaurant that’s not downtown. Almost got mugged last year near Bo Loong when I had to park on a side street.


      • SlavicVillageGirl says:

        I have to make a trip downtown tomorrow to the Treasury Dept. and to go transfer a deed. My reward to myself will be Chinese at the Tower City spot. The teryaki chicken is about the best I’ve ever had.


  13. lorac says:

    It is past time to get these savages under control and to hold the media accountable when they report outright lies in the news. We need to take back America before it is to late.


  14. maggiemoowho says:

    I want to know why everyone who attended that protest wasn’t arrested, locked up and held on a million dollar bond. (Waco, Tx)

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  15. stormzx says:

    “Cleveland municipal court judge Ronald Adrine announced Thursday that he found sufficient evidence to charge the police officer who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice with murder – ”


    • JB from SoCal says:

      As discussed here in an earlier post, Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine has done spoked, and what he has declared “don’t mean sh*t,” to put it bluntly.
      This black municipal judge will now go back to fining stop sign-runners, now that he’s made the News of the Day Newsreel.


      “The affidavits were filed using an obscure Ohio law that allows any citizen with knowledge of the facts of a case to formally ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant.
      “Adrine did not order the officers to be arrested. The judge can’t issue a warrant unless a criminal complaint from a prosecutor exists, according to the opinion.”

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  16. archer52 says:

    This is the sixties/seventies all over again. I lived this once. Then we got over it. now it’s back.

    Thanks Barack you as**ole!

    What I can’t get is where they think they are going to go when the wheels come off? The moon?


  17. nivico says:

    Here’s another interesting wrinkle in the civil case:

    On Monday, June 1 a federal judge ordered that the civil case be put on hold for 60 days to allow ample time for the criminal investigation to be completed. The officers had argued that it was a violation of their 5th Amendment rights to be forced to have to answer questions in the civil case while the criminal investigation was still underway. The judge agreed with the officers and further commented that the civil case was premature.

    “… Daryl Parks, another one of the Rice family’s attorneys, said after the hearing that, “we’re glad the court is moving things forward.” …”

    Barely a week later on June 11, however, the Rice family attorneys were back in court. Now in front of a municipal court judge with the sham probable cause hearing trying to get the officers arrested anyway despite the federal judge’s ruling the previous week.

    Here’s my question… did they violate the federal court order by trying to get a lower municipal court judge to arrest the officers?


    • VegasGuy says:

      “Here’s my question… did they violate the federal court order by trying to get a lower municipal court judge to arrest the officers?”

      IMO, I don’t think so. The Municipal Judge finding is an “opinion” which, under Ihio Law, merely gets forwarded to the DA for further consideration. The Crump move was just to further his cause & keep the case in the forefront. He had a “Judge ” rule on “the nerits”, albiet a Judge with no enforcement authority. Of course, the community won’t see it that way.

      The DA releasing the investigation findings last week indicates to me that the GJ is close to winding up & may not have / will not vote to indict. Similiar to Ferguson, the investigative report was released to “soften” the blow that there will be no indictment, IMO.

      We will know shortly……


      • nivico says:

        There’s just something unethical and sketchy about what the attorneys were trying to do, though…

        Like a child whose mom won’t let him have a cookie, so he goes and asks his dad for a cookie because his dad doesn’t know that mom already said no.

        If the attorneys didn’t like the federal judge’s ruling allowing the investigators 60 days to complete the investigation, their option was to file an appeal in the federal court system.

        But instead they went behind the federal judge’s back, so to speak, and tried to get a municipal judge in the state court system to find probable cause and issue an arrest warrant.

        Granted they weren’t entirely successful and the municipal judge stopped short of actually issuing them an arrest warrant, but surely there must be an ethical violation in what they were attempting to do?


        • VegasGuy says:

          IMO the attempt was to get the DA to bypass the GJ proceeding altogether. Didn’t work. The DA merely took it under advisement.

          But, having filed the motion, and having a “shill” Judge actually review it, put it on the record. The probable longer term strategy, IMO, is to have it as ammunition in the event there is a “no bill”, They will then, most likely, claim that this Judges’ finding was not presented to the GJ and they will claim that it should have been. They will claim that the DA presentation was superficial & that incriminating evidence for probable cause was not presented.

          And of couse, there will be outrage & riots & violence, as well as a cry for justice for a precious 12 YO Black that was “murdered” by White cops merely for playing with a toy.

          Looking at the overall attempts to get an indictment & an arrest, my gut feeling is that they (Crump & Co) believe the GJ will not indict. That is further evidenced by the DA releasing the Investigation Report, which shows that the series of events from the 911 call through the actual encounter, were responded to in a reasonable (by Police standard) manner. Especially when the physical appearance of both Rice (5′ 7″ & 195 lbs) & the very realistic looking “weapon” are taken into account. There was extensive CCTV of the time period showing Rice handling & pointing the weapon throughout.

          There was a report of a person menacing with a weapon. Additional info. provided to dispatch, indicating that the “person” might be a minor & that the “weapon” might not be real was never forwarded to the responding officers by dispatch. The responding officers were expecting ro encounter a person potentially armed, & that is what they did encounter when arriving. A 5; 7″, 195 lb person, with what appeared to be a weapon that was reached for as they drove up.

          So no, IMO, Crump & Co. probably did not violate a Fed. Court ruling. That ruling allowed 60 days for the criminal investigation to be completed prior to any Civil action being initiated. The motion by Crump & Co. was an attempt to get a Criminal action using an obscure Ohio Law. Of course, if they were successful, then a Civil action would occur sooner & one could argue that their actions kinda circumvented the Federal order. So I do see your point.

          But, regarding ethics, surely you know by now that they do not have any whatsoever. It is all about the $$$$.


          • nivico says:


            Activists file motion in appeals court seeking arrest warrants against officers in Tamir Rice case

            CLEVELAND, Ohio – The eight activists, who last week filed affidavits that led a judge to find probable cause for charges to filed against two officers involved in the November shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, are now moving their fight to the court of appeals.

            A motion was filed by the activists this morning in the 8th District Court of Appeals. The group, is asking for arrest warrants to be issued for Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback.

            Last week Cleveland Municipal Judge Ronald B. Adrine found probable cause the two should face charges for the shooting death of Tamir Rice. However, he did not issue warrants for the arrest of the two officers.

            Instead, the matter was turned over to the county prosecutor’s office for review.

            “The Honorable Judge Ronald Adrine failed to perform and it is apparent that no valid excuse can be given for not doing as the statue requires,” the motion states.


  18. Director says:

    I expect we will have Pool Wars this summer.

    Literally the final nail in desegregation efforts.


  19. Will says:

    It is like the sixties and seventies all over, only with a twist. The rats are at the very top. Along with their allies in the media, they create the events then report the official narrative. When and if things slip, they deflect attention with another incident. The Orwellian domestic spying allows them to gauge outrage and anger, so they can fine tune their activities. This Cleveland event (and probable others) will help them rile the troops and set the stage for the horrors at and around the 2016 RNC Convention. Just a theory, mind you…

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    • archer52 says:

      Well said.

      You are right. They are on top. For those of you old enough you remember when the leader of the USSR beat his shoe on the table and said that he’ll destroy America without firing a single shot.

      And here we are.

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  20. nivico says:

    Nice… Tamir Rice’s mother has a criminal record including armed robbery and drug trafficking.

    Kinda makes you wonder now why her son was hanging around the park all day every day with a gun and a cell phone.

    They claim he was just there to use the free wi-fi… though something tells me that the family doesn’t have an unlimited data plan and the wi-fi excuse can easily be debunked.

    They claim the orange tip identifying it as an airsoft gun was removed when they tried to repair it… which just seems like a convenient excuse. The orange tips are often removed intentionally so that they can’t be distinguished from the real thing during a robbery.

    They found a young man to claim that he had traded the gun with Tamir that very day in exchange for a cell phone… but in his subsequent interview with LE, he now claims that Tamir had borrowed the gun on numerous occasions. Tamir had told others that his mother purchased it for him.

    All things considered, I’m guessing Tamir was involved with drug sales in the park… probably a look out.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      “All things considered, I’m guessing Tamir was involved with drug sales in the park… probably a look out.”

      Probably not far off from the truth.

      It has been reported that Tamir was “large for his age”, frequently wore the same clothes day after day, was in “special ED classes”, was taunted by his peers, and the likes. Sounds, IMO, a social ranking of “retarded” to some degree. And one witness interviewed said he attempted to look “all gangsta like” when handling the toy weapon. Like Moma…Like son.

      Yeah… Moma could have given him an “assignment” to make him feel “helpful” & raise his “self esteem”. As a lookout for his sister, who was suppossed to be “monitoring” him, & says she left him at the park to run an errand at…ready for this….a CVS store. Couldn’t even come up with an alibi that wasn’t drug related….LOL

      Potentially more likely, the sister was off at various points within the park dealing as a street Pharmacist. That would fit the picture better & leave Tamir as the “protector of the territory” that the sister dealt in.

      An indicator to purchasers that drugs could be had. Kinda like…If Tamir is sitting at the swings, Sis is available for dealing. Just hang tight.

      IMO, that makes sense. And when the cops roll up, Tamir does what a retarded 12 YO mind would do…. pull a toy weapon, gangsta style, to stop the police & protect his sister….

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  21. inspectorudy says:

    What is the one element in this entire issue that we all know but cannot speak? Take out that one element and watch the crime rate plummet. And if we close the Southern border the other half of the issue will go away too. Isn’t that as simple a solution as we can think of? But hey, we all know that a solution is not what they are looking for don’t we? They are looking for “Social Justice” whatever the he!! that means.

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  22. Be Ge says:

    First it was “resist we much”. Then “perjure we much”. Then “pimp we much”. Then “shoot we much”. It is fairly obvious what follows next.


  23. archer52 says:

    I am entertaining some really nice kids from small town Ohio. Decent, respectful, etc. They are watching the playoffs and I mentioned I wanted Cleveland to lose.

    They were horrified and I said it is for two reasons; 1. I don’t want to listen to how Lebron is the greatest ever… he’s not even close. He makes this straight in pass and the announcers were going “Wow what a pass.”

    I took the time to show them some Youtube of Larry Bird. They saw five minutes and went. “Yeah, he’s not the best ever by far.” History begins when you are born, especially when you are young.

    I also told them I don’t want Cleveland to burn. They looked kinda funny at me and I said, “If Cleveland wins, they will burn that city down. You watch.”

    You know the Cleveland Pd will just step back and tell the onlookers to try and stay upwind.

    (BTW side note, one of them said that when the Green Lantern was created he was both black and gay. I kid you not. Alan Scott was created in 1940, when being black and gay guaranteed readership. ..Jeez… College…)

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    • jello333 says:

      “I took the time to show them some Youtube of Larry Bird.” Thank You! I’ve talked a bit before at the Treehouse about my history with Larry (I’m the same age, and we lived in the same apt. building during part of his time in Terre Haute). And to this day, I still say Larry is one of the top 3 or 4 greatest all around players… ever. (Only reason I can’t say #1 is because of his shortened career, mostly from back problems.) But as far as TEAM player… I’d rank him #1 for sure.

      (Sorry to go off-topic, but I couldn’t let this pass. 😉 )


  24. moe ham head says:

    stop policing those hoods let them kill each other


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