Obama Trade Deal In Legislative Limbo After Crushing Defeat On Fast Track Trade Authority Package…

facepalm-ObamaTAA or “Trade Adjustment Assistance” was a legislative package attached to the “fast track” portion of legislation for President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement Authority.

In essence, TAA was a provision to provide financial assistance for any displaced U.S. workers who were negatively affected by any trade agreement. TAA was attached to the Senate’s bill for “fast track trade authority” which lowers the threshold for Senatorial Consent on any Obama trade deal. TAA was basically attached to, packaged with, TPA to get more support the fast track measure.

However, TAA failed to pass (126-yea, 302-nay):

WASHINGTON […] Only 40 Democrats backed TAA while 144 voted against it. On the GOP side, 158 Republicans voted “no” while 86 Republicans voted “yes.”

The vote against TAA is a humiliating defeat for Obama, who had spent weeks lobbying House Democrats to support his trade agenda in the face of overwhelming opposition from liberal groups and organized labor.

Under the procedure established for considering the trade package, TAA had been packaged with fast-track authority, and a vote against either doomed the total package.

In a slight surprise, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced after the TAA vote that the House would still vote on the fast-track measure, as well as a separate customs bill. (link)

Shortly after the vote concluded, Trey Gowdy announced that the House would still move for a vote on TPA. That measure just passed 219-211.

However, even with the TPA (fast track) approval, the bill can’t move forward without all of its internal provisions winning approval.  Consequently, the bill is in limbo unless the House can reconsider TAA and try to pass it again.

But the size of the margin on TAA’s defeat (126-302) makes any reconsideration seem extremely implausible.

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83 Responses to Obama Trade Deal In Legislative Limbo After Crushing Defeat On Fast Track Trade Authority Package…

  1. remmy says:

    Kill this bill.

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  2. Trigger Nash says:

    Thank God it flamed out. This TPA legislation is an utter disaster in the making. On the bright side, it has enabled me to scratch off many GOP nomination hopefuls from my list of possibilities. Jeff Sessions should really consider running for his immigration stance alone. .

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    • RonK says:

      TAA and TiSA are up next week.

      Sessions: ‘A Vote for TAA Next Week Is a Vote to Send Fast-Track to The President’s Desk’

      Imagine people moving freely among 50 countries to work.


    • Allen says:

      Correction, it didn’t “flame out.” Patriotic Americans got intensely busy online contacting our representatives to vote NO and they listened! WE ARE NOT FINISHED YET!
      Americans are acutely aware the TPP will have sweeping authority over not only trade, but immigration, environmental, labor, and commerce regulations. We will not be “swept” away under any guise of bipartisanship. We will not allow Congress to give up the ability to amend any trade deal that lowers the vote threshold from 61 to 51 with a secret bill Obama shoves requiring less legislative scrutiny than a post office reform! Till now, every past trade bill has proven lopsided, creating greater exports for other countries humongous trade deficits and lost jobs for America! We’ve had enough of Big Business betrayals and Big Government collusion! Keep up the pressure on Washington and demand they stop selling out America! Keep this momentum constant until Obama takes an extended golf trip to another country.
      I have sent the gist of this message to all my state representatives online this morning and I also called their offices locally and in D.C. that is how it works!


  3. sundance says:


  4. hocuspocus13 says:

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    jinxx ♣ xoxo


  5. Allen says:

    I love liberty, I want to keep my liberty. I love freedom, I want to keep my freedom. I believe in the Constitution, I will defend my Constitution, I will keep my Constitution.
    Today is a celebration of those beliefs.
    This weekend, odly or purposely is the 100th birthday of David Rockefeller, creator of the Trilateral Commission . The Bilderberg conference convenes in Austria. I wonder if Obama has to change his travel plans?

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  6. labrat says:

    Keep the pressure on – need to kill the bill DEAD.

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  7. fred says:

    There is a lot of Kabuki confusion going on in this program. There is so much slight of hand going on one must really watch this elaborate program go down. I mean Nancy comes out against and is the hero here. How did that happen. Something fishy there. GOP takes a vote to show they had the votes for a DEM president…something fishy again. Paul Ryan says it’s not over. Yes I believe him and not celebrating in any way. This GOP is just too tricky to trust at all.

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  8. Krazy Kat says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people?!? How can you even think of passing a bill that will obviously take away so many American jobs that it has to have a companion welfare bill for all the people who will be out of work!!!! Just to make it “palatable!”
    We are officially through the looking glass.

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    • Les says:

      Are the foreign workers going to pay for our social services? How does this make sense in any reality?

      Our grandkids are already buried in debt they didn’t create and didn’t benefit from. WHY even suggest this to our nation? You are right, we are living in some strange Bizarromerica.

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      • doodahdaze says:

        Here is how it works. First we ship all our knowhow to China and Viet Nam so they can set up factories with slave labor. Then all our jobs go with. Once all our knowhow and jobs are over there and the factories are up and running they ship the stuff back over here to sell. But since nobody has a job anymore we have to give them welfare so they can buy the stuff. But since nobody has a job and pays taxes we have to borrow the money from China to give to the new unemployed welfare class. In order to really get the plan going we also import 25% of the Mexican population to do the low skill jobs we sent to China. Pretty simple.

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        • Jett Black says:

          you mean another 25% of Mexico. We’ve already got about that percentage I think. Of course the next step is China and global corporate powers then come back into the U.S. and ram lower wages, regulatory exemptions, etc. etc. down our throats and our people get to work and live just like the peons in China or Brazil. Vive la no difference!

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          • doodahdaze says:

            Transforming the top 1st world Country in to a 3rd world slum is the goal. That way all the billions in the 3rd world slums will feel better about it.

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    • smiley says:

      they are counting on the “low intelligence” of Americans to not give a wit about this.


      • doodahdaze says:

        They are crooks of the worst kind. Instead of going out and helping people who need it the go on a TV set and pontificate about people who are down and out and really need hands on person to person help. Nothing could be move vile as they rack up millions off the backs of poor citizens. Al Sharpton is a blowhard who should be under a jail. Same with the NAACP rich leaders and the Crumpster. They are horrible disgusting reptiles IMO.

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    • doodahdaze says:

      One bill makes you larger
      The other bill makes you small
      But the one that Boner gives you
      Doesn’t do anything at all

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  9. jetstream says:

    The TPA vote now tells us who all the traitors are, who are willing to cede the power of the People’s voice to give the Executive sole fast track authority and throw over the constitutional balance of power.

    We have just been given a second chance to prove that the people of this nation will use our voice to be worthy of the Lord’s blessings. This constitutional Republic will not succumb to the rule of tyranny. More people must learn about this NWO grab for domination through the TPP so that the bill can finally be defeated.

    Kill the TPP beast!

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    • Absolutely right! They’ve all shown their hands to be traitors right out in the open.
      Let’s hope We the People remember to use these things against them during their campaigns for WHATEVER they are running for – and have spread the truth about this abomination.

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  10. gsmcconnell says:

    I know …. right?

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  11. TRONGOD2000 says:

    Proud of my representative for voting against this. It makes no difference if this is a good bill or a bad bill. It makes no difference if you are for or against it. The bottom line is you are being asked to trust someone who is saying to you, “What is in the treaty is a secret. I can’t tell you what’s in it. Just go ahead and vote for it and then I’ll show you.” IF that was the way things are suppose to be run there would be no need for elections or voting on anything. See how that works?

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  12. True Colors says:

    The american people did not throw Democrats out of congress for the purpose of strengthening Obama and helping to expedite his agenda.

    The american people removed Democrats from power in order to block Obama from pushing his agenda on us.

    When the liberal democrats are against something, they will unleash all hell and fury to stop it. They do not worry if their opponents say mean things about them.

    Republicans are too eager to compromise and sacrifice in order to get along.

    Republicans are almost always playing softball while the Democrats are almost always playing hardball.


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    • Josh says:

      The Republican party has been infiltrated.

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    • Justice_099 says:

      Look at this in the context that ANY republican, and I mean ANY is going to win the next election. Of course the GOP is going to be in favor of all sorts of power grabs because they get that power next.

      That’s what it is all about.


      • Jett Black says:

        They and moreso we would be complete fools to bank on a rethugnican being the next POTUS. Moreover, with these RINOs, it doesn’t really matter what party they claim to be part of–they’re still authoritarian, at least psueo-progs. No matter what party is in power, their power needs to be drastically curtailed. All the fedrool gummint is out of control.


  13. I like how they don’t like the vote, they wanna throw the results away and have a do over… Paul Ryan is like Casper , a complete see threw…


  14. So, the TAA would have allocated funds for the retraining of people who lost their jobs as a result of the TPA.

    Retraining for WHAT? If there are fewer jobs as a result of the TPA, what’s there to retrain for? This sounds like just another crock of baloney, just like when Obama promised to make Healthcare affordable, but really just made Health Insurance mandatory.

    There’s not enough smoke, or large enough mirrors, to conceal what these crooks are doing.

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    • Krazy Kat says:

      “Retraining” has become synonymous with passing the buck till people forget.
      “Hey! You! Congress! You killed my job!”
      “But we retrained you for a better, 21st century workforce job!”
      “But there are no jobs!”

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    • fred says:

      They are also counting on the illegals to pay back taxes and get in the back of the line learn English and come out of the shadows. Yeah right Paul Ryan…. we are so on to your BS Kabuki program at least change the show around a little. OK just like the WWF where Mickey Rourke takes the ten count and throws the match. That’s Boehner. Counts the silver later then looks for a new alibi for his fans why he keeps losing.


    • doodahdaze says:

      This plan is on par with the Obama ISIS strategy. Only Rube Goldberg understands it.


  15. Allen says:

    Take that, Barry. No, take a nice, long golf trip to a far off distant country….for, say…the next 16 months!


  16. i’m gleefully happen for many of the same reasons listed above that this bill did not make it….but most assuredly the one reason alone that brings tears of joy to my baby blue eyes is that by its failure to pass…..IT PISSES OBAMA OFF!! has he called a presser yet to stomp his feet in front of the cameras???

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  17. Jersey Beach says:

    Time to take a break from all the crazies. I’m sure there will be more come Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone. 😉


  18. Arkindole says:

    Worth revisiting…


  19. jetstream says:

    TAA – financial aid grants for displaced American workers. DEFEATED
    TPA – fast track authority for the President to make economic decisions without Congress. PASSED
    TPP – the actual trade agreement between 12 countries encompassing 40% of world trade, unlimited ‘living’ agreements, international tribunals, international crony corporatist control over local regulations and policy, pharmaceutical companies bonanza, generic drug crunch, and more. PENDING
    TTIP – trade and investment deal with the EU with a corporate bill of rights and mass immigration. PENDING


  20. bitterlyclinging says:

    You take your victories, small as they may be, whatever way you can get them.
    Barack Obama cannot be trusted with any extra executive latitude whatsoever
    Keep in mind one of the Marxist’s favorite adages “The Capitalists will happily sell you the rope you intend to use to hang them with”
    Comrade Barack thought he almost had a brand new length of rope in his grasp


  21. IrishMutt says:

    Wasn’t the TAA itself an obvious harbinger of bad things to come from passing the TPA/TPP? Sort of like handing out Pepcid and Pepto Bismol to diners ahead of a meal?

    I realize this is a fleeting victory, but it feels like the best thing that’s happened in a long, long, time.


  22. carterzest says:

    Thank you, God!

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  23. Terry in GA says:

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Ace has the best explanation of the whole mess today. Must see blog of today (IMO).


  24. Daniel says:

    I know better than to believe anything good about this. We have seen a lot of dirty things already — things passed in the middle of the night and such. Wait for it.


  25. Aslan's Girl says:

    I am so thankful for this good news today. I am gobsmacked! God works in mysterious ways by having the Dems help in this.

    I am also thankful that Rick Perry came out against this:


    I just cannot understand Cruz and Walker supporting it. Rubio and Jebbie are RINOs so no shock, but Cruz?

    Here’s Ace’s EPIC take on this, read the whole thing where he explains things to Cruz:


    Pat Robertson had a good take on this yesterday, too.


  26. woody says:

    If there is a bill that would provide financial assistance to US workers displaced by TPP, that should be proof enough that the bill would harm US workers. Congress basically agrees that the bill is damaging to US workers but would rather not help US workers. TPP will probably still pass.

    Another procedural trick I think I’ve witnessed is pols changing their vote as time expires. Perhaps to appear voting against an unpopular bill in line what the public wants, both left and right leaning voters, then changing their vote to satisfy their lobbyist donors. Could anyone verify this?


  27. This is the url to the list of who voted and how on the Trade Act of 2015


  28. czarowniczy says:

    Well that’s a kick in the butt for any post-presidency Obama Foundation fundraising. Maybe those Mexican cartels he’s been arming can show him how to raise funds by kidnapping rich folks…oh wait, that’s on his agenda now.


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