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Justice Department Orders Website To Turn Over Names of Commenters…

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS (Via Vice)  The Department of Justice has ordered libertarian website Reason.com to turn over the information of six commenters after they made threats against the federal judge who presided over the Silk Road trial. Ken … Continue reading

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Secretary John Kerry Recovering – First Picture Since Injury…

On Sunday May 31st Secretary of State John Kerry was in a bicycling accident.  It was reported he broke his femur (upper leg bone).  Today the first picture of him, since injury, surfaces via Twitter. Source “Feeling good a week after surgery. … Continue reading

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Head of U.S. Marshals Service Resigns Amid Investigation Of Domestic Surveillance Programs…

An underreported story today comes amid the resignation of Stacia Hylton, the head of the U.S. Marshals Service.  The timing of the resignation could not be more transparently tied to a growing investigation into domestic surveillance programs operated without oversight, and … Continue reading

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The Facts Behind The McKinney Pool Fiasco – Part II

Here’s The Story of The McKinney Pool Fiasco – Part 2 The Origin – The woman who organized the event in McKinney, Texas is named Tatiana Rhodes (or Tatyana Rhodes).  DOB 04/02/1995, she is 20-years-old. Most of her social media accounts … Continue reading

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Egypt Demands Answers From U.S. Ambassador Over Secret Meetings Between White House and Muslim Brotherhood…

It’s no secret the Obama administration is ideologically favorable toward the Muslim Brotherhood.  Conversely, it’s also an open secret that President Obama does not like Egypt’s secular leader Fattah el Sisi or the principles represented by Sisi’s framework of governance for all Egyptians. However, … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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McKinney Mob: After action report – Same song, different verse ….

It would appear that the BGI Narrative Weavers are still singing from the same sheet of music. Going through media reports it appears that familiar actors and entities have quickly inserted themselves into the confrontation, deliberately driving a local issue … Continue reading

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