President Obama Admits He Still Doesn’t Have A Strategy Against ISIS – Nine Months After First Making Same Claim…

On August 28th 2014 President Obama said:  “We still don’t have a strategy against ISIS

Today, June 8th 2015, Nine Months Later, President Obama says: “We don’t yet have a complete strategy to fight ISIS“:

How many rounds of golf has President Obama played in the last nine months?


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22 Responses to President Obama Admits He Still Doesn’t Have A Strategy Against ISIS – Nine Months After First Making Same Claim…

  1. doodahdaze says:

    I doubt people realize just how bad of a president we have. It is worst case.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      First video.. “So that the American people are part of the debate.”



    • smiley says:

      by accident, I listened to this yesterday, and had to stop what I was doing to get a good look at him, the delivery was so awful.
      I don’t think I have ever heard such shameful incompetence & fumbling for words like this, before.
      the constant hand gesturing lately and shifty eyed stammering is a clear display of betrayal body language.
      it gets uglier by the day.


  2. Look, the guys been busy trying to get illegals benefits and legal status. How could he have found time for that pesky JV squad?

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  3. Horsesoldier says:

    He doesn’t have jack period.


  4. kafir says:

    “Republicans better not call my bluff”. Number one rule of bluffing: don’t tell your opponent you’re bluffing.

    Number one rule of war: DON’T TELL YOUR OPPONENT YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN

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    • Guest says:

      Unless you’re secretly on their side. “Go for it boys! I’m not going to do much to stop you.” And we know terrorists are flooding across our borders as well, thanks to Barry. Now why could that be?

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  5. OP says:

    Empty suit…destroying the world…

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  6. mcfyre2012 says:

    Interesting response from our “Commander-in-Chief” … considering that the Pentagon has plans for virtually every contingency scenario in every country on the globe.

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    • when is someone in the DOD going to finally get in front of a camera and say what everyone is already thinking…that this man is out of his damn mind? is it so inconceivable that WE…the united states of america could have a head of state that is completely unhinged from reality…i know this kinda stuff normally happens to y’know those “other” countries like oh i dunno….present day iraq…iran…syria…n. korea…1930s era germany, japan, italy

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  7. i cannot f’n believe he said that to the ENTIRE WORLD….AGAIN….and speaking as a retired military vet this man and his entire administration makes me sick to my stomach…it is going to take DECADES to undo the absurd amount of damage this asshat has managed to accomplish in nearly 8 years to this once great country. describing him as delusional does not even begin to scratch the surface of this man’s state of mind.

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    • tappin52 says:

      The trouble is that he has been allowed to do so with all of the checks and balances necessary to stop a runaway administration sitting dusty and unused in the back of some closet in the Capitol. Gutless, unpatriotic congresspeople are to blame for not corralling this beast. The judiciary is not blameless, either.


  8. Doktor Bill says:

    He has a plan, it’s working perfectly.

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Six-plus years in and he doesn’t have any policy against anything – except civilized behavior by thugs and the Constitution, those he’s steadily working on..


  10. MaryfromMarin says:

    No, he doesn’t have a strategy AGAINST them…

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  11. Allen says:

    He gets nervous under pressure. He hates criticism. He’s the first to claim credit and the last to accept blame. He’s the President of the United States but he just can’t remember that damned State Farm jingle…..


  12. bertdilbert says:

    ISIS is supposedly winning in Syria. We were trying to replace Assad because he was a brutal dictator. We replaced Saddam in Iraq because he was a brutal dictator. We replaced Qaddafi because he was a brutal dictator… And we are going to replace all that with ISIS, probably far worse than the problem we claimed.

    Don’t you just love US foreign policy?


  13. Crystal says:

    Is this all being done to help Iran in increasing its Caliphate throughout the Middle East and North Africa or is it to help out Bari’s buddy Erdogan (Turkey) reestablish the Ottoman Empire?


  14. pbunyan says:

    Almost everything Obama says is not only untrue, but almost always the exact opposite of the truth. This is another example of that. They do have an ISIS strategy. It started years ago.

    Some main examples of Obama’s strategy to aid and abet ISIS include: (1) pulling all troops out of Iraq, but leaving a lot of weaponry behind for the radical Islamists to take control of, (2) using the American military to help the radical Islamists take over Libya and the massive wealth from its oil fields, (3) funneling even more arms to them (including aircraft killers) through operation zero foot print, (4) performing theatrical military strikes that either have no effect on or actually help the radical Islamists, (5) taking out the great Satan, by destroying its the economy and fostering and encouraging civil unrest.

    I’m sure that Obama and crew are doing a lot more for their radical Islamist allies, but those few examples came to mind quickly. Yup, they have a strategy and Obama’s denial of said strategy only proves it.


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