“Disparate Impact” Again – New York Teachers Test Ruled Discriminatory – Minority Educators Failed….

Disparate Impact is the social justice legalese term when an innocuous process or qualification standard disqualifies minority applicants at a higher rate than non-minorities.

‘Legal work status’ for employment eligibility is another insane example of applying “disparate impact” rules. Because, as the theory applies, Hispanics are disqualified from employment at a greater rate than non-Hispanics -when employment eligibility is reviewed- it is therefore unlawful to use a standard of a social security number check (for eligible employment authenticity) when considering job applicants. 

Holder+Duncan+Address+Youth+Violence+Chicago+xjeTGo8gtb9lIn essence, this is why progressives don’t like “card-check” systems; and, in a more broad sense this is why President Obama tried to institute employment eligibility in his Executive action last fall. 

Any qualification standard that adversely impacts minorities more than non-minorities is considered racist; the same applies to testing candidates. 

(Via Daily Caller) A federal judge in New York has struck down a test used by New York City to vet potential teachers, finding the test of knowledge illegally discriminated against racial minorities due to their lower scores.

At first glance, the city’s second Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST-2) seems fairly innocuous. Unlike the unfair literacy tests of Jim Crow, LAST-2 was given to every teaching candidate in New York, and it was simply a test to make sure that teachers had a basic high school-level understanding of both the liberal arts and the sciences.

One sample question from the test asked prospective educators to identify the mathematical principle of a linear relationship when given four examples; another asked them to read four passages from the Constitution and identify which illustrated checks and balances. Besides factual knowledge, the test also checks basic academic skills, such as reading comprehension and the ability to read basic charts and graphs.

Nevertheless, this apparently neutral subject matter contained an insidious kernel of racism, because Hispanic and black applicants had a passage rate only 54 to 75 percent of the passage rate for whites.

Once their higher failure rate was established, the burden shifted to New York to prove that LAST-2 measured skills that were essential for teachers and therefore was justified in having a racially unequal outcome. While it might seem obvious that possessing basic subject knowledge is a key skill for a teacher, District Judge Kimba Wood said the state hadn’t met that burden.  (read more)

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58 Responses to “Disparate Impact” Again – New York Teachers Test Ruled Discriminatory – Minority Educators Failed….

  1. Horsesoldier says:

    The dumbing down of America continues unabated.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      I did not do the “read more” part, did it mention how Asian’s scored on the test or are we only talking certain minorities in the eyes of judge Kimba?


      • dginga says:

        I tried to “read more” but the web page has been taken down.

        Not surprised it was Kimba Wood who decided expecting school teachers (all allegedly COLLEGE grads) to be able to pass a high school – level test was racially discriminatory. She is a favorite of the Clintons.

        In my experience with public school teachers, expecting a math teacher, for example, to have a basic grasp of the English language is apparently too much. In fact, if my kids’ teachers were any indication, expecting a high school ENGLISH teacher to have a basic grasp of the English language is too much to ask.

        As for the law, employment tests will only pass muster if the employer can prove that ALL of the skills tested are required for the job. It is a pretty tough standard to meet if you end up in court, and it almost always ends up being considered discriminatory against minority candidates, except Asians. Can’t think why…


        • Bryan K says:

          In the “read more” it was suggested that those that failed the tests might be “entitled” to back pay. I am just glad I am old enough not to be around that much longer. Good luck folks.

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          • MrTea says:

            They already did that in the police and firefighter cases, plus they must promote the dummies up the chain as if they had been hired at the time they failed the original test. Appropriate that DiSleazio presides over this degeneracy.

            The worst residential fire in recent US history killed 25 people in Oakland CA for just this reason. A demoralized fire dept. ridden with “setaside” policies had just been saddled with an inexperienced out-of-town chief just so they could have a black guy in charge. Somebody–never was revealed who–failed to leave a watchman at a known hot spot in the worst fire danger conditions ever–result was a catastrophe, dead firemen and civilians. Web search for “Oakland Hills fire”.


    • doodahdaze says:

      The more dumb, the better. Who else is going to vote in marxism?

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    • Sharon says:

      America has already been dumbed down.

      What’s happening now is a formal acceptance/imposition of the lowest common denominator, thus making it illegal to use lack of knowledge, judgment, or skill as a measure by which someone isn’t given specific jobs or responsibilities that, in the past, generally required knowledge, judgment, and skill.

      When the ignorant and unskilled have obtained all of the jobs they are now denied (on the basis of their ignorance and lack of skill) it won’t eliminate their basic complaints (of disrespect and exclusion) because those who actually have knowledge and skill will still be actively achieving better jobs and levels of responsibility in areas where the Dumb Authorities have not imposed their sense of order, in a barter-based economy if no where else.

      Those who achieve will continue to achieve.

      Those who have skills will continue to use them.

      Those who are responsible and dependable will continue to benefit from those characteristics.

      Indeed, everyone will suffer in the meantime in the economic and social displacements that are unavoidable but those who know how to do stuff will continue to do it, and will still be hated because of it.

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  2. Attorney says:

    Finally, I am speechless. What a hideous country we are becoming.

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  3. shitunes says:

    People speaking on behalf of their race saying they can’t compete. That’s the nice way of activists saying “Our race is incompetent”.

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  4. joanfoster says:

    Judge Kimba Woods was appointed Attorney General by Bubba Clinton and was found to be avoiding the so called “nanny tax” during confirmation hearings. She was never confirmed. Instead, we got Janet “shoot’em up at the O.K. Corral” Reno. Another white Eric Holder. If the State of NY had an ounce of gumption they would take this to a higher court, but that’s not likely to happen.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I was just reminded of a ’60 Minutes’ story back in the early Clinton era where the not-quite hoary whores did a story on how the NYX public school system was teaching young AA children that they were kidnapped from a land where they were all princes and princesses (elite socialism?) and flew around on magic carpets. For true – bet they’ve buried THAT piece under the new WTC.
      So, why do we need teachers, especially minority teachers, who teach the White Man’s justified reasoning for oppressing the peoples of color? I’m sure that the various unimpeachable groups (NoI, La Raza, ISIS, et al) all have teaching primers on US perfidy and minority oppression that any modern educational grad, especially those from enlightened and progressive teaching intuitions, only have to open and read (much lower failure rate there, probably only around 65%).,

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      • MaryfromMarin says:

        We are educating our own executioners.


      • Sentient says:

        Magic Carpet Land still beckons, although what really awaits is Lassa Fever and Boko Haram.


      • MrTea says:

        There’s a catch. These people, aside from being a collection of “dumb as a box of rocks” and a lot of potheads who don’t read much of anything, avoid math and science. Like, so bad that now there are “critical race theorists” who write papers saying that logic itself is racist. These groups are going-going-gone (other that actual immigrants from Africa like the pharmacist I met today). This is the hard-core reality underlying the astounding lack of blacks and Latinos employed by the Googles, Facebooks, and Apples (when you get to Intel it’s basically ALL whites and Asians). But they will get promoted up the chain into administration anyway.
        One manifestation will be to basically finish off the metro public schools for what’s left of the middle class. Currently in Silicon Valley itself the Asian technicals are fleeing the formerly good publics (adequate to produce Jobs and Wozniak) for ultra-expensive privates, not coincidentally as the publics turn majority-Mexican.
        There’s a monument to all of this. Remember the story of Jaime Escalante, the teacher who taught the barrio youth calculus, celebrated in the film “Stand and Deliver”? You can go look at the web site for the school where that happened–Garfield High–there is not apparently any calculus class there at all anymore. And the math teacher they do have is…Chinese.


        • czarowniczy says:

          Academics writing about things academic do so as they are incapable of doing much more – try getting an academic to change a tire or dig a hole. A Berkeley physicist I can listen to – a Berkeley philosopher is a waste of irreplaceable life. I had undergrad profs in a conservative college in the late 60 who were spouting the latest ‘race’ philosophy, especially how only whites could be racist as only those with The Power could oppress and be racists. The U let the classes stand as they were nice ‘relief’ classes where students with a heavy courseload could go for a few Zs and an easy credit. Problems start when the gullible start internalizing and believing this BS.
          In parallel to these progressive courses was a makeover in the education department. Students wishing to become elementary and secondary teachers were thrust into a new teaching paradigm (then) that emphasized cooperation vice competition, personal esteem vice personal accomplishment, personal social growth vice absorption of real knowledge – and most of the classwork could be done from home!
          I don’t think it’s a coincidence that about the same time the US reached its zenith as far as educated students go – when Estonia and Poland outrank the US students in basic studies you know there’s something wrong.
          Where are the conservatives? Why aren’t there bands of them out marching in the streets waving green, LED fair trade torches and OSHA-approved, child-safe pitchforks? Progs are out there demanding more education of students on US ingrained racial perfidy. They are out there demanding more education on the insidious effects of catastrophic climate change caused by US capitalistic practices. Who’s out there raising nine kinds of hell about the US ranking 17th in educational performance?
          People being hurt in the conservative sphere run to the liberal side and ask the government to do what they’re too ‘busy’ to do – protect them from the government. Too busy to help their kid with their homework (honestly, a lot of these parents are 80s gen and can’t do it themselves) or spend the $$$ to get a tutor. The parents idolize the empty Hollyork model – sending kids to dance and acting class instead of science and math. I live in the woods and the dance/gymnastics business in my town of 2800 is doing a landslide business. Of all of the things we don’t have we do have a ‘little theater’. Guess how many Silicon Valley candidates are coming out of here?
          People can make a difference. There were a few active parents who heavily dealt with what we thought was a non-performing elementary school my grandson attends. We were up everyone’s butts from local to DC and just learned that, mysteriously, the district announced the schools principal and many of its teachers were being ‘reassigned’ for the next school year.
          If you’ve read some of my other posts you know that I’m no stranger to social promotions, saw them in the military and Federal civil service for decades. That’s a hard nut to crack as the ‘need’ for a workforce in private and public sectors that’s ethnically/gender/other-able balanced vice ‘the most competent it can be’ is now officially a mater of cultural doctrine. Changing that’s going to be a real job, especially since the white Americans who were targeted for employment punishment will not be a majority soon. then again that might work as whites start suing for minority rights in employment.
          Chinese math teacher eh, proves my point that the Asians will probably be the savior of this country. There was a period when the Vietnamese were new to the New Orleans area that every year for over a decade when the spring honor student lists were printed in the newspaper the largest group of them was Vietnamese. Prior to that a C+ was considered an honor student in some schools.


  5. Mr. Right says:

    What is next ?I see a lot of Black people in sports, specially basketball, but not many Asian …
    Do we lower the bar so more Asian can play basketball , because right now it seem like the rule of this sport is favoring one race over another? Shouldn’t the government intervene to help us all ?

    On that note, I would love to see the failure rate from the DMV… Maybe the government can make some special modification so all race/gender/etc.. pass in equal number on the first test.


    • smiley says:

      “shouldn’t the government intervene to help us all ?”
      that’s what they are pretending to be doing when, in fact, they are Equal Opportunity Offenders.
      this is reverse discrimination applied against the qualified, talented, educated, documented, vetted, distinguished, experienced American citizen….of any race.
      and, like “indirect racial profiling”, or whatever its called, and all the other ridiculous, contrived hogwash they are forcing on us, under The Race Card, it is a complete Dead End.
      destined to fail.
      FAILURE is the new normal.

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      • Dixie says:

        That was a pretty complete summary of the situation.


        • smiley says:

          these are pretty much the same people who, in the 60s/70s, were radical leftist activists, anti-police, anti-White establishment, anti-Viet Nam, anti-everything American.
          they are still swinging the same hammer , and have by now run the Civil Rights Movement totally amok.
          its not even about “race” or “minorities”…..or “fairness”, “justice” blah blah blah.
          its about The Agenda.
          and The Agenda is all about (a) control and (b) no dissent.

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    • dginga says:

      No, because whites and Asians are not protected classes under AA law. A white person or an Asian can try to claim the discrimination is for age or gender, religion (except Christian) or sexual orientation (except straight), but they have no standing for racial discrimination.


    • benzy says:

      Based on this judge’s ruing, it would seem that the NFL can no longer run passing drills or 40 yard dashes in the “combine” where the team evaluate prospective college players as to their NFL prospects. Likewise, no “shoot arounds” for the NBA. And those tests where they assess how high a prospect can jump are out as well. NASCAR can no longer require prospective drivers to actually get in a car and take a few laps so they can see how they handle the car, track and speed.

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  6. nivico says:

    And of course the next step:

    The minority teacher applicants who failed the LAST-2 test will sue NYC…

    …just like the FDNY minority applicants did.

    And the city will settle the case for gabillions of millions of dollars.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Nuttin’ new here. Those of you who were in the Army back some many moons ago remember the infamous ‘SQT’ tests. They measured a soldier’s knowledge in his/her assigned field at his/her rank/grade level. Idea was that, for example, all infantry sergeants should have the same minimal skill levels at the same ranks. Too low and you needed retraining and if the test scores were high enough you were qualified to be advanced to the next rank/grade and learn more after mastering the lower level skills. Sounds great, eh? Worked until the post-draft, post-Vietnam Army where there were…ummmm…adjustments to recruiting qualifications to meet goals. Wasn’t long before the usual suspects across the entitled spectrum were failing SQTs in numbers even the Army couldn’t bury. Retraining and extra training weren’t working sooooooo – enter progressive Carter-era muddle-managers and – poof – SQTs were dropped and soldiers’ skills were entirely based upon the soldier’s supervisor’s subjective grading on a performance report. Suddenly Private ‘X’ gets a glowing performance report from Sergeant ‘Y’ who wants his olive drab butt long gone and he’s promoted and someone else’s problem.
    Enter Reagan and revanchist, non-PC military leaders who want a more objective way to measure solders’ skills and . whammo – the evil and racist SQT is back, bigger and more badderer than ever. You may have guessed it – same failure results in the same quarters but this time they have a cadre of leftover progressive who fight objective measurements tooth and nail. Poof – SQTs out again and back to the subjective ‘I’m gonna make my problem your problem’ performance report.
    I got parts of my body in a wringer when I was ordered (finger in face, frothy spit delivered ‘YOU WILL DO THIS!!!!!) to take Sergeant administrative clerks into a room and ‘test’ them in a logistics field as many times as it took for them to pass the SQT test at a level a professional in that field would have taken years to learn. Our numbered Army higher HQ wanted more persons of deprived stature in the logistics positions and they couldn’t be promoted until they achieved a passing score. No problem with them as supervisors, the soldiers under them who’d been in the field for years and were denied a fair shot at the position would make sure the work was done.
    BTW, revanchists in the Army are once again fighting to have an objective way of measuring soldiers’ skill reinstated….heeeeerrrrrreeeee we go again.

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  8. waltherppk says:

    That pesky bell curve is sooooooo racist, says all the likely eighty-fivers who test positive on ANY litmus test for stupid. I know, since they aren’t smart enough to be teachers, maybe they can be community organizers or administrators.

    Houston we got a problem, pedal to the metal affirmative action has just hit a speed bump where
    the teachers don’t know yet what their more bright and motivated high school students know already. Pick any above average student and have them take the same test their presumed to be fit aspiring teachers have failed. See how that works out for meeting the burden of proof.

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  9. Dem’s don’t really want free thinking people, they only want people they can fully control ( at some point ) eventually they (Dem leadership ) will turn on themselves in the future, ( if the plan goes unchecked) .. Bait & switch, smoke & mirrors.. Illegal immigration is sought by the Dem’s to wage war on peacefull people that work & abide by laws of the country & state. Those whom believe in our country’s heritage & founding principles… One problem the current leadership is seeing is the continued fall out of these race riots, where by they burn, steal & destroy the very homes & business that serve them.
    Since that’s not nearly enough destruction they continue to kill each other ( enemy of my enemy is my friend)
    The Dems choose killers & criminals as the foundation of the party.. Need we say anymore? We too must come together not just in spirit but in action.


  10. itsy_bitsy says:

    Actually, we do know why the minority teachers fail these tests. It is all about affirmative action, just as this court ruling states. The problem with affirmative action is that is assumes that minorities graduate from high schools, and colleges with pretty much the same grade span as whites. This, however, is not true! Blacks graduate from high school with, many times, little more than a 6th grade education. They are never held back because they fail to meet class standards. They are instead pushed along to the next grade level and eventually right out of high school with a diploma some probably can’t read! They KNOW they don’t have to meet standards! They KNOW they will not be “failed” and they KNOW it’s because of their race! So schools hire them, because they CAN’T NOT HIRE THEM! Once they’re hired they can’t be fired! And that leaves us right back to the subject of this article!!


    • dginga says:

      Itsy, years ago Thomas Sowell of Stanford wrote a book called “Inside American Education.” In his research he said that, in general, the college students who major in Education have the lowest SAT scores (they beat only student athletes) and the lowest GPAs of any other students on campus. He said this was proven repeatedly across campuses. Because most school districts require teachers to get a Masters degree in order to get tenure, he checked rekative GRE scores. Again, Schools of Education had students with the lowest GRE scores. Over the years I have met many people who have PhDs in Education (or EdD degrees, depending on the major field) and again, none of them are exactly rocket scientists. This is not to say that there are not some smart, dedicated teachers out there. There are. But there are also a whole lot of idiots.


  11. dginga says:

    You know, this isn’t the first time that school districts have tried mandatory knowledge testing for public school teachers. Over the years there are always large number of teachers of all backgrounds who fail the tests, and the teachers unions usually go to court to have the testing banned. Usually the minority teachers have the highest failure rates, but frankly, you can’t claim the test itself us racist unless NO minority teacher can pass it. I wish the burden of proof was on the union or on the failing teachers themselves to prove the test is discriminatiry, but instead the burden of proof is on the school district to prove that every teacher MUST be able to pass the test in order to do their jobs every day.

    One of my neighbors recently went back to college to get a teaching certificate so she could have a second career as a teacher after a successful career in banking. When she took the teacher certification test for the state, she said there were more questions on the test pertaining to how much mulch they should have on the playground that there were that were knowledge based or subject matter.

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  12. Mentalist says:

    I would like the judges who rule tests like those in this case as discriminatory against “minorities” (translation: blacks and depending on the circumstances, sometimes Hispanics) to point out the exact questions which only whites and Asians (notice how they are rarely included in the “minorities” category) are supposed to answer correctly, but not blacks and Hispanics? Even in the Ricci v. DeStefano case that went before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, one of Justice Sotomayor’s colleagues asked her this exact same question with no response.

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  13. Murse says:

    Several millennium from now extraterrestrials, after having picked over the carcass of our planet and to find the smartest life-form to be a cockroach, will be shaking their bulbous heads in incredulity as to why the smartest among humans came to accept regression to the mean of the most stupid among the species. This will seem even too absurd for them to accept.

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  14. mws59 says:

    So this judge, District Judge Kimba Wood, is clearly stating that minorities are too ignorant to pass this New York City teacher’s test. Perhaps the minorities should do something unheard of in the minority community. Study for the test.


  15. Jill says:

    Why not test new teachers by having them take the same tests as required by students such as the English Language Arts (ELA) & Mathematics Tests


    There is no way you can win in this matter…
    Progressives attack teacher qualification exams as racist, but then complain that minority students don’t get qualified teachers.

    When exams like this are called racist it is because black teachers have lower pass rates. The usual solution is to dumb down the tests until everyone passes. Then you get articles like these:


    “A new study by Education Trust-West, an education reform advocacy organization, has found that poor, minority children are consistently stuck with the worst-performing teachers.”


    “The Center for American Progress in Washington issued a report recently on the distribution of teachers within public schools which was deeply disturbing, even if not surprising. At the bottom line they found that public schools in high poverty areas were three times as likely to have teachers ranked as ineffective, and in public schools where there were greater percentages of minorities, teachers were two times as likely to be ineffective. Essentially, that says that public school administrators are allowing the gaps between rich and poor, white and non-white to create great systematic, permanent gaps in our populations, particularly in our cities.”

    Next step will be to transfer the teachers who pass the entry tests with high marks to the schools with the highest minority enrollment. All others will be sent to the schools with the least minority enrollment where the students will teach the teachers or, better yet, teach themselves.

    How come all the judges in the Southern and Eastern District of New York, where Kimba Woods does her magic, are white?


  16. Cetera says:

    Separate isn’t equal, and together appears not to be equal either. The only way to achieve “equality” is to bring everyone to the lowest common denominator. Even crap flats, and the desire is to have everyone no higher than the water line.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    We are equal in the eyes of the Creator, in that we are created, we are born, we will die, and in between we have liberty and choice to pursue our goals, objectives, and eternal rewards. Man is equal only in free will, and the exercise of that will in acts.

    Races are really nothing more than extended families with long, shared ancestors. Families differ in traits, internal to races, and between races. Some families are taller than others, and some are shorter. Some are stronger, and some and leaner. Some are intellectuals, and some are laborers. All are equal in the freedom to make acts of their will, and all are equal in the amount that God loves them, and those are the only two categories in which any two members of homo sapiens have ever been equal, period. Anything else is foolish, and any attempts to bring about a forced “equality” between any two or more living persons is a grave evil with terrible ends for both the equalors and the equalees.

    The only way you will ever convince any leftist of this fundamental truth, however, is to convert them to belief in God. Without that fundamental building block and commonality from which to understand “the point” of all, you may as well spend your time arguing with the devil. It is a waste of your time, and a completely fruitless endeavor, as well as a potentially dangerous pasttime.

    We cannot fix our country, we cannot take back our country, until there is a reversion and a conversion to basic fundamental truths in religion, philosophy, morality, and ethics. The less we believe in God, the more individuals try to play God to fill the void and “fix” the world. The world was already saved, and can’t be again. We’re here to help each other along in growing in love and virtue, not trying to perfect a fallen nature by unnatural means. We must let God be the Judge, and stop judging individuals and races, both for outcome and for intent.

    God help us all. Be humble, be loving, be patient, be kind. Love your God with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your heart, and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as your self. Be patient with your spouse, and your children. Teach them, talk with them, love them.

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  17. I had many intern teachers do their student teaching with me. Even non minority whites were stupid. I mean the smart ones too. English majors graduate without knowing the great of American and British literature and zip about grammar. They are given women’s studies(not that such not important) and all sorts of Hollywood liberal agenda courses. History majors the same. The history of US film culture ? huh? They know little junior high American and world history level stuff. If it was done by white males it is dirty and not important in today’s curricula. We should teach the basic classic literature and history courses because this gives all people, immigrant and native born ,common denominators with which to identify. We should be celebrating our common values not the diversity which is of interest but with no binding threads. Miami Dade County is already 54 % foreign born and 80% minority – everyone already knows about diversity. Those special studies, Aztec poetry or some other tripe, for instance, is for MA degrees not teaching degrees.

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  18. nimrodman says:

    Here’s some disparate impact for you:

    How to tell age in Prog years

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    • The ugly truth is that a minority teacher is likely to only be satisfactory in their anticipated specialty. Having “extra” knowledge (oh, the pain) is a white / Asian / Uncle Tom thing. But although I despise (DESPISE) “disparate impact”, I can see the logical hole into which Kimba Wood is driving her progressive wedge. A party girl AA who drank her way through community college on her natural math talent doesn’t need to know poetry to teach math for her check. And a poetry teacher who read every book written by Maya Angelou (I’ve read none) really doesn’t have to understand what a linear relationship entails (I am forced to admit from deep in ScienceLand). In a sense, people can be great at a job when they know more than the job, but the truth is that they can be good enough without it. Testing for extra knowledge is a noble but debatable idea, and if the law says good enough is good enough, so be it.

      I just wish they were consistent. How many times have standards been forced to be BELOW the actual job? Far too many.

      I wonder – if NY took actual student test questions based on snippets of actual student readings IN APPROPRIATE SPECIALTIES, and used that to test prospective teachers, they could achieve the same results in terms of specialty qualifications, but the judge’s arguments would fall apart, since they would be testing actual teacher duties. My guess is there would still be disparity, but not as much of one.


      • franker01 says:

        I think there needs to be standardized testing and standardized grading of GPAs, GREs and whatever else and credit given for extra curriculars and special achievements .
        Being of a Favored Race is not a special achievement.
        Anything else is the Government discriminating because of Race and I thought that was supposed to be illegal.


  19. TwoLaine says:

    I suggest we institute the “Everyone Is A Purple Penguin Policy (EIAPPP).
    Problem solved.
    No one can claim disparate impact any longer.
    Call your Congressman tonight, and let’s see this pass unanimously tomorrow.


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