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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…


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Marilyn Mosby Sticking To “Hacker Claim” For Her Racist Cop-Hating Social Media Display – But Few Are Buying It…

Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller followed up with the Baltimore State Attorney’s Office to see if they are continuing the Dindu Nuffin claim, they are: The Daily Caller – Despite growing skepticism that her personal Twitter account was hacked … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Stalker To Deploy “Stand Your Ground” Defense – For Shooting At George Zimmerman…

Matthew Apperson will use a “stand your ground” defense in the charges against him. I shall defer comment until after the ridiculously biased presentation within the article, as notable within this editorial construct of Rene Stutzman: […] What happened between Apperson and Zimmerman … Continue reading

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Subsidized Broadband – The Obama Phone Program Applied To Internet Access….

…Annnnnd now you see the ideology behind “Net Neutrality”, government funded internet access – to insure equality in access distribution.  It’s another form of redistribution and spreading the wealth.  Bottom line = Government Control. ♦ 16% of your current phone bill … Continue reading

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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted – Allegedly Paid Someone $3.5 Million To Conceal Sexual Misconduct From Earlier Work As Teacher/Coach…

Allegedly Dennis Hastert was being blackmailed by a victim of his past.  Surfacing now are reports that while he was a teacher and coach in Illinois, prior to congress, he sexually molested a victim.  That victim blackmailed him.  The blackmail was … Continue reading

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First 100 Days: Can The Next President Really Cut the Size of Government?

From the Trifecta team at PJTV:

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Wow ! Carly Fiorina Absolutely NAILS Her Response About Dealing With ISIS….

This is the second time Carly Fiorina absolutely nailed a succinct answer to a complex foreign policy issue.  Within her response she cuts right to the heart of the problem the rest of the MSM and professional political class don’t want … Continue reading

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